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eI o14 SECTION A. ‘Study the information below and fil inthe blanks with correct answers. Telit maktumat di bawah dan jawab soalan seterusnye What How « destroying properties in schools « breaking up tables and chairs + drawing graffi on walls ~ smearing the walls ~ waiting rude words Why Steps to overcome ~ungratefil with school community educate to understand angry with teachers and friends ~eivic consciousness should be taught in school « vandals should be given counselling Vandalism is @ social problem. It includes destroying properties in school and (1) which costa lot of money to repair. Pupils let out their fiustration by vandalising things in schools such as breaking up fables and_——chairs, smearing =the. == school walls, and (2), Some ofthe reasons are frusteation with teachers and friends or ©). No doubt teachers try to do their best for the students, but the vandals do not appreciate them, ‘These problems could be put under control by educating students to understand that teachers are ‘to guide them better in their education. Vandals should be. @ and be taught of the (5) (10 marks) ou ou SECTION B 1) Study the poster given below. Baca poster di bawah. CANTEEN DAY 2018, SATURDAY, 2 JULY 2018 9.00 am: ~5.00 pm. BRIGHT FUTURE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. (Objectives: To saise fund to build a SelF-Access Learning Centre and a Science Garden FOOD BOOTH ‘CINEMA TIME You can buy ‘You can watch Fantastic movies -various selection of homemade food reasonable prices Pacific [Sam 10am. ‘APD -serumptious, tasty and finger licking food | | Rim Room Rise Up 10am —1130am | School al TiaSam—100pm, | Music TOO pam = 5.00 pam. 2.6 Bp HE HAUNTED HOUSE ‘THRILLING FLYING FOX, ‘You will experience ‘You can feel the being in darkness excitement goose bumps, eerie -bird’s eye view ‘hil challenging yoursel? buildup self confidence Based on the information above, lst 3 attractions inthis event. (3 marks) on 4 ous ii) Your schoo! is having a Cantven Day. Based on the poster given, write # message to your ‘cousin inviting him / her t this event. Write your answer between S0 and 80 words ‘erdasarkan poster yang diberi, anda dimsnta menulls sam pesanan kepada sepupu anda ‘menjempu dia menghadintHarl Kantin yang diadakan. Jawapan anda mestilah antara SO dan 80 (patah perkataan (12 marks) os