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Aug. 21, Tues.-​ Freedom Gate Bible Study.

Please see Steve if you would like to help out
Gehman Mennonite Church with buying groceries or leading the Bible study.
Physical Address: 127 Witmer Road Reinholds, PA 17569 Aug. 22, Wed.- ​Youth Group Bible Study will meet at the church at 7 p.m.
Mailing Address: PO Box 842, Adamstown, PA 19501 Aug. 23, Thurs.- ​Jr. Youth Bible Study will meet at the church at 6:30 p.m. for a daffy
717-484-4548 supper. Please let Darla know if you are attending. 717-471-9519 Aug. 25, Sat.-​ 7 a.m.-12 p.m., Woodcrest Retreat's Benefit 3D Archery Shoot, Thirty 3D
Ministry Team Target Course, Archery Supplies, Door prizes. Hot Brunch and Speaker at 10 a.m. Adults:
Phil Horning – Lead Pastor – (church: 717-484-4548) (Home: 717-208-4424) $25,Under 16: $15. Bonus Shoot 12-3 p.m., additional fee. Please call 717-738-2233 or go to
Travis Sauder – Associate Pastor (717-271-1811)​ ​for more details and to register.
Todd Carvell – Associate Pastor (717-572-8622) Proceeds benefit the summer camp ministry.
Steve McCosby – Deacon – (717-336-8275)
Sept. 9, Sun.-​ The J-Tyme Singers ( Javan & Joyce Horst & Family) will be at Red Run
Mennonite Church beginning at 6:30 PM. The plan is to have this event in the Grove
Let's walk with Jesus...personally, locally, and globally. 
(weather permitting) . Please bring lawn chairs. Feel free to invite others who may enjoy this
time of Gospel & Blue Grass worship.
Show me your faith that doesn’t cause you to do good deeds. And I will show you my
Sept. 13, Thurs.-​The next Community meal at Trinity Lutheran Church in Denver. A sign up
faith by the goods deeds I do.​ ​ ​James 2:18b (NIRV)
sheet to help with the meal or donate food items is in the narthex. Any questions, please see
Loretta Gockley. Thank you for helping to Walk with Jesus Locally.
Prayer 8:15 AM
Sunday School 9:00 AM
-Anyone interested in participating in ​“Bible Quizzing for Fun” is invited to meet in the
Worship Service 10:00 AM
fellowship hall this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. We will focus on Matthew 3 & 4 (ESV). Anyone is
welcome to participate!
August 19, 2018 -If you would like to be added to the​ Church and Sunday School Nursery schedules, please
contact Karen Sauder by August 19. Thank you!

Hymn of Praise Doug Musselman
Offering Darlene McCosby Happy Birthday!​ Carl Eberly on Thurs. and Jim Martin on Sat.
Worship in Song Worship Team
Message:​ Matthew 7:12 Love Languages Phil Horning
Hymn of Response Doug Musselman
Sharing Time/Pastoral Prayer Phil Horning

Greeters Travis & Carolyn Sauder
Church Nursery Heidi & Shelby
Sunday School Nursery Steve & Darlene

Next Week:
Greeters Matt & Shelby Kanagy
Song Leader Sylvia Eberly
Offertory Karen & Autumn Sauder
Message Travis Sauder Find more church and ministry related info at​​ under the "Resources" tab
Sunday School Nursery Sylvia & Kelly and labeled "Online Church Bulletin Board"
Church Nursery Lucy & Roxanne

The offering for August is for Freedom Gate Groceries and for budgeted items.
Offering last week: ​$2960.56
Attendance last week: ​98