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UWCO Accountability Map

Community Result: People in crisis have access to emergency food, shelter and financial assistance.

Community Conditions Strategies Description Performance Measures

Potential Community
FirstLINK received 116,997
Level Indicators
emergency food requests in CY 2006 These are programs that link
and 139,869 requests in CY 2007.
Food stamp recipients in Franklin
Access: People have 24/7 access potential participants to services in
Service including documentation of
County increased from 81,402 in to a coordinated system of crisis the community through a coordinated
crisis or issue and appropriate referral
2001 to 130,233 in 2006 or 60 services referral process, or, directly if the
percent. point of access also administers the
The Mid-Ohio Food Bank (MOFB)
reported 736,023 food requests to its
crisis intervention or stabilization
network of 133 pantries in 2007, an service.
increase of 6.2 percent. A food
request equals 9 meals.
MOFB reported industry donations
dropped 8 percent – or 1.27 million
pounds – in 2007. Federal These are systems or programs that Resolution of crisis:
government food support dropped 20 provide for the resolution of a crisis ~ Minimum three day supply of
percent. situation in the short-term2 food –or- meals provision
MOFB reported that more than Intervention: People are
193,000 people were served through ~ People seeking shelter receive it
sheltered, receive food or receive
its pantries in 2005 – an increase of ~ Financial assistance prevents
44 percent since 2001. short-term financial assistance to 2
Definition of the short-term may vary from something from happening
Ohio Department of Jobs & Family resolve an immediate crisis. one program to another and from domain to
Services data shows 28,833 people domain but is generally defined in terms of
on public assistance and 93,510 days or weeks.
people not on public assistance
received food stamps in Franklin
County during fiscal year 2006/07.
The average issuance was $106 and
coupons totaling $155,528,787 were
FirstLINK received 37,866 requests
These are services that divert
for shelter/housing in CY 2006 and Linkage to resources made that help
48,115 requests in CY 2007. Stabilization: People who use individuals from crisis services and
stabilize the household
CSB provided more than 336,000 crisis services are linked to prevent use in the future. These are
nights of shelter through its partner
programs, services or systems highly coordinated and integrated
agencies in 2006/07. Limited reoccurrence of use of crisis
that stabilize them so future crises with access and intervention services
Emergency shelter use dropped from services
8,890 in 1995 to 7,766 in 2005. The do not occur.
number of families decreased from
1,168 to 678. The number of single
men decreased from 4,013 to 3,935.
The number of single women
increased from 935 to 1,201.
The YWCA Family Center reports the
number of families served in 2006/07
increased to 744 from 679 in
2005/06. CSB reports that 20 percent
of families used 60 percent of
emergency shelter resources