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The defination of filtration is the removal of solid particles from a fluid by passing the
fluid through a filtering medium to produced the solid deposited. The concept of filtration is
used in plate and frame filter presses which are widely used throughout the chemical industry.
Usually a plate and filter press consists of alternate solid plates supporting filter such as a
filtering fabric in a form hollow frames with the pupose to facilate the filtration of the slurry.

Moreover, the function of plate and filter press is for clarification of a liquid or recovery
of solids only. The principle of the plate and frame filter press is fundamentally the same as it
was when first designed, the principles of these plate and frame filter presses which are their
alternating flush plates and frames and the filtering means are basically alike. The slurry enter
the frame by pressure and flows through filter medium. Next, it passes through the feed channel
to all of the chambers formed by adjacent plates and frames where the filter means stop
suspended solids and allows only the clear liquid to go through to the discharge channel,
leaving the solids in the chambers. The figure 1.0 shows the process flow of plate and frame.

Figure 1.0: Plate and frame process flow