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7/22/2018 TNEA 2018

Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission 2018



B.Arch. (Certificate Verification)

Vocational Vacancy Positions

Special Reservation Category (In-person
Counselling - Phase-III) Schedule

List of Available Colleges under Sports Quota
for Phase-III Counselling

Guidelines for Online Counselling

Awareness to the Candidates and Parents 1/6

ac.php#schedule 2/6 22 REGISTERED USERS LOGIN User ID * Email Address https://www.7/22/2018 TNEA 2018 Awareness to the Candidates and Parents (webpdf/AWARENESS TO THE CANDIDATES AND (webpdf/PROC_FEE_SELF_FINANCING.CFF / Engineering / Fees / 029 / 2017.pdf) LIST OF TFCs (webpdf/TFClist. Announcements Rank Login Download Round Schedule (https://www.pdf) PROC.pdf) College Particulars ( July July Round 1 Round 1 Payment Starts 21 Payment Ends 24 July July Eminent Sports Person Round 1 Choice Entry Starts 25 Counselling Phase-III (webpdf/

08.08.00 pm) (upto 5.08.2018 28.2018 04.7/22/2018 TNEA 2018 Date of Birth * dd/mm/yyyy Captcha* captcha LOGIN Forgot Password? (forgot.2018 24.08.2018 13.08.2018 18.2018 02.2018 09.2018 09.2018 (upto 5.07.2018 14.2018 (upto 5.2018 08.08.2018 07.2018 24.00 pm) (upto 5.2018 08.2018 (upto 5.08.2018 12.2018 12.00 pm) Candidates https://www.08.00 pm) 11.08.tnea.08.2018 14.08.2018 19.2018 20.2018 pm) (upto 5.2018 5 4 125 04.08.2018 04.2018 03.2018 3 150 29.2018 20.00 pm) (upto 5.07.2018 03. on or Upto From To From To on From To on before 27.2018 Eligible (upto 07.2018 1 190 21.07.08.php#schedule 3/6 .2018 2 175 25.00 pm) All Remaining 17.08.00 pm) 30.08.00 pm) 01.2018 28.2018 29.2018 (upto 25.00 pm) (upto 5.php) ACADEMIC COUNSELLING ROUND SCHEDULE Publication Final Reporting Aggregate Add & Locking of Choices of Confirmation of Initial Payment Allotment for Mark Range (3 days) Tentative Tentative Allotment Round Publication Admission Allotment No.

pdf) Remaining Download Eligible Candidates (webpdf/R5. MARK Download >=125 AND <150 (webpdf/R4.php#schedule 4/6 .pdf) AGGR.pdf) Candidates who got admission to Medical Counselling should submit their Medical Allotment before confirmation of Tentative Allotment at TFC' AGGR. MARK Download >=175 AND <190 (webpdf/R2.pdf) AGGR. The candidate who did not pay the initial deposit (by online / DD and Registration at TFC's) within the initial payment time are not eligible for Online Choice Entry.7/22/2018 TNEA 2018 Candidates The Candidates who wish to submit the initial deposit through Demand Draft (DD) should submit the DD during initial payment time at TFC's and Register. MARK Download >=150 AND <175 (webpdf/R3.pdf) GUIDELINE DOCUMENTS Guidelines for Online Choice Entry English Tamil (webpdf/GUIDELINES (webpdf/GUIDELINES https://www. MARK Download >=190 AND <=200 (webpdf/R1.tnea.

pdf) (webpdf/ Procedure (  5/6 .pdf) Choice Preparation Sheet English Tamil (webpdf/ 56YhNkdM) CONTACT Website Email Helpline (https://www.pdf) (webpdf/PDF_Preparation_Sheet_Tamil.7/22/2018 TNEA 2018 (webpdf/GUIDELINES (webpdf/GUIDELINES FOR ONLINE CHOICE FOR ONLINE CHOICE ENTRY_ENGLISH.pdf) GUIDELINE VIDEOS (https://www.pdf) Guidelines for Choice List Preparation English Tamil (webpdf/ rel=0) 56YhNkdM) v Online Counselling v Choice List Preparation Minimum Cut-off Search (https://www.

E/ B. https://www.5 lakhs engineering aspirants get themselves enrolled into engineering colleges of Tamil Nadu. Copyright 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Designed and Maintained by Ramanujan Computing Centre. The site is best viewed in latest versions of Chrome. Government / Government Aided Colleges and seats surrendered by other Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu.tnea. The counselling is for the seats of Anna University. Anna University is conducting Single Window Counselling for admission to B. Firefox and Edge Anna University. Chennai-25.Arch degree courses since 1997.php#schedule 6/6 .7/22/2018 TNEA 2018 headset_ 1800 425 9779 ABOUT TNEA Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission (TNEA) is the process through which more than 1.