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Lecturer :
Module Code : CT012-3-3-CSM Computer Systems Management
Handout Date : Week 2
Due Date : Week 12
A. Project Description

The module lecturer shall select a company.

You will need to research the company’s Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology
(IT) developments in journals, research papers, articles, magazines and websites.

You will certainly need to go far beyond your lecture and tutorial notes to carry out this
assignment effectively. You should state clearly any assumptions, give references for any
information sources you use, justifying any assumptions and recommendations you make.

Your assignment is to produce a research report aimed at a mixed readership, in terms of level of
technical and managerial knowledge.

1. Group Work (40%)

This section will consist of 2,000 words, addressing Learning Outcomes 1, 2 and 3.

Company Strategy
a) Provide a description of the company’s background, business model and business strategy
b) Analyse the current IS and IT strategies and describe how it contributed to item a) above
c) Provide a critical assessment based on your findings of items a) and b)
d) Conclusion

2. Individual Work (60%)

This section will consist of approximately 2,000 words, addressing Learning Outcomes 2 and 3.

Environmental Analysis
Building on the work done in group work
a) SWOT is an analytical framework that can help your company face its greatest challenges and
find promising new markets. Carry out a SWOT analysis on the company’s product or service
to determine the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats.
Recommend solutions based on Porter’s Competitive Advantage Strategy as a result of your
analysis above.

b) Your company now plans to expand to a new overseas market. Critically examine the
technology challenges of global systems. Study any possible security threats that may occur
and recommend solutions to overcome the security threats.

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B. Performance Criteria

Group Component (40%)

Fully Partially Not Performance Criteria
Distinction (31 – 40 marks)
 
All credit criteria fully met
  
Produced professional group report with in-depth research
  
Group analysis and critical thinking clearly evident with original ideas
  
Excellent quality documentation that adheres to Harvard Referencing
Credit (21 – 30 marks)
  All pass criteria fully met
   Citing and referencing are accurate
   Conforms completely to Report Guidelines
   Group work has Company Strategy, Analysis, Critical evaluation in detail
   Adequate research undertaken with understanding, analysis and critical thinking
   Group Conclusion ties the research’s key ideas
   Satisfactory documentation with minimal grammatical mistakes and spelling errors
Pass (0 – 20 marks)
   Basic research demonstrated in understanding strategies
   Demonstrate basic skills in analysis, evaluation and assessment
   Conclusion attempted with basic understanding of key ideas
   Shows an understanding of the standard Referencing format
Individual Component (60%)
Name Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4 Student 5
All areas addressed
Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No
(20 marks per criteria

Original Ideas and

Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not
Critical Thinking

Research &
Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not

Presentation &
Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not Fully Partially Not

Additional Comments

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C. Marking criteria

Demonstrated comprehensive research with detailed evidence. High level of analysis performed,
exceptional and thorough knowledge and understanding displayed with regard to application. This
includes analysis and evaluation of facts followed by results of evaluation. Documentation
presented in a professional manner, following proper sequencing and flow. Displayed evidence of
critical appraisal.

Adequate research conducted with fair detail of evidence presented. Moderate level of
understanding, analysis and knowledge displayed. Some level of relevance included in terms of
application. Moderate level of analysis and evaluation of facts followed by results comparison.
Good level of documentation presented. Some level of reflection was evident in the
documentation. Moderate level of critical appraisal.


Low level research conducted. Some evidence of research displayed. Basic level of understanding
and knowledge analysis displayed. Satisfactory level of documentation. No evaluation and
analysis of facts, no results comparison performed Satisfactory or low level of reflection
displayed. No level of critical appraisal demonstrated.

D. Report Guidelines

a) Line spacing: 1.5 lines

b) Font Size: 12 (except titles and headings)
c) Font Type: Times New Roman

E. Submission

Details of what is to be submitted:

a) The assignment should be bound as one with both the group and individual reports.
b) An electronic copy (CD) should be submitted with the report .
c) Every group member is required to present their assignment (5 minutes each).
d) Submission deadline:

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