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Web Article Evaluation



Article/Source 1 URL

Criteria Grade Comments
Goal 5 Goal is to introduce, explain and illustrate DDC.
User friendliness 5 Links to contents is readily available at the top part of the page.
Design 4 Page too long.
Navigation links are provided. The website has a sitemap and search engine. However, the page is too long and
Navigability 4
there are no links provided on each segment to bring you to the top.
Information about the author/organization, contact details and feedback page are provided on the page. OCLC is a
Authority 5
respectable organization in the field of library and information studies.
Dates 5 Site’s copyright date is 2010.
Content 5 Provides comprehensive information about DDC – from history to structure, to summaries. (consistent to the goal)
Links 4 Link to download pdf file is not working. The page did not load.
Handicapped Access 1

Article/Source 2 URL

Criteria Grade Comments
Goal 5 Goal is clear – to introduce DDC, its creator Melvil Dewey, its structure and use.
Top of the page seems welcoming but as you scroll down, many images and font colors do not seem to help (a little
User friendliness 3
Design 2 Position of images and choice of font colors appear confusing to the viewer/reader. It’s hard to distinguish links and
plain text because of the choice of font colors.
Navigation links are visible but the choice of font colors makes it confusing (as to which is a plain text and which is a
Navigability 2
Authority 1 The reader wouldn’t know who the author is unless you will figure it out using the URL. (Middle Tennessee State U)
Dates 1 No date of creation nor update is visible on the page.
Topics discussed meet the goals of the page. Topics are organized (history, structure). Check up exercises are
Content 5
Links 5 Links are relevant and some even direct to authoritative sites like OCLC.
Handicapped Access 1

Article/Source 3 URL

Criteria Grade Comments
Goal 5 The title clearly states the goal of the page – to teach students/library users how to use DDC.
User friendliness 5 Page looks welcoming, contents are well-presented.
Design 5 Contents are organized through links. There are no distracting elements on the page.
Navigability 5 Links were effectively used to help in navigation.
Authority 5 Information about the author/library is visible (contact information)
Dates 5 Site tells when it was updated.
Content 4 Content meets the goal, but somehow limited (does not discuss structure of a DDC number).
Links 5 Links are useful and they were used effectively to organize the contents.
Handicapped Access 1