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Yoga Syllabus 2018-19

Coach Anne Ewald

Website: or BLEND Yoga
Phone: (512) 841-1133

Physical Education’s Program Mission Statement

Austin ISD’s Health and Physical Education Departments educate students to become lifelong
learners of health and wellness by participating in activities that develop behaviors which encourage
healthy decision making, appropriate social skills, and lifelong physical fitness in and outside of the
educational setting.

Yoga Scope and Sequence– Yoga is a semester long course that will introduce the basics of yoga,
its poses, its history & philosophy and an introduction into mindfulness and breathing for stress relief.
The course will focus on these fundamentals, as well as incorporating varied physical activities and
health and wellness lessons in order to help build students’ passion for self-care and fitness.

Yoga Course Description

This class is created to introduce middle school students to the basics of yoga postures, mindfulness
techniques, relaxation methods to help manage stress and become healthier through movement and
breathing. Through yoga and mindfulness, the goal of this course is to improve students’ overall
health and wellness now and ultimately carry these skills forward improving their physical and mental
health throughout their lives.

Students will be able to:
 Demonstrate understanding of basic yoga skills
 Acquire yoga and mindfulness terminology
 Develop immediate and long term benefits of yoga
 Achieve a higher level of both physical and mental health
 Create, practice and implement a yoga sequence to improve overall fitness for
themselves and others
 Experience the benefits of mindfulness and breathing as a form of stress relief and
 Demonstrate skills for a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity, proper nutrition
and stress management
 Values physical activity and a healthy and balanced lifestyle
Course Topics

1st Six Weeks

 Explanation of curriculum, policy, procedures, rules, safety, dress code, expectations, grading
 Introduction to self-awareness, self-acceptance - keeping your body safe
 Daily beginner-level yoga sessions
 Introduction of mindfulness - science & history
 Guided mindfulness activities
 Introduction of yoga - history & philosophy
 Study of beginning yoga poses- standing & seated poses and sun salutations
 Practice - Vinyasa flow
 Calisthenics and cardio workouts
 Fitnessgram
 Health Lessons

2nd Six Weeks

 Daily beginner-level yoga sessions

 Breathing lessons - importance, proper technique, physiology
 Yoga sequencing - focus on seated, standing, sun salutation poses
 The body - terminology
 Study mindfulness with aromatherapy
 Intro to yoga poses - balancing poses, backbends and twists
 Partner support/ advanced safety techniques
 Pair Share - working with partner creating sequence practice
 Calisthenics and cardio workouts
 Health Lessons

3rd Six Weeks

 Daily beginner-level yoga sessions

 Stress relief for test taking
 Intro to yoga poses - hip openers, heart openers, remaining varied poses
 Study restorative yoga - Yin Yoga
 Yoga sequencing – all semester poses
 Calisthenics and cardio workouts
 Fitnessgram
 Health Lesson
 Project Presentation - Yoga Teach the Class!
 Final written exam
Required Materials
Students will be required come to school on B days in appropriate attire for yoga and
athletics. One of the differences in being part of this yoga class is that we will not be using
locker rooms. ***It is important for all students to “dress out“ (for yoga: come to school in
appropriate attire).

 Yoga pants preferred or athletic shorts of the student’s choice or sweat pants. All shorts must
be in compliance with the Kealing MS dress code. No short shorts!
 Comfortable tee shirt – long or short sleeve - Kealing MS dress code compliant
 Athletic shoes (that can get dirty and “creased”) and socks No sandals or flip flops!
 Sweats, jacket, warm ups can be worn over the uniform when the weather gets cold.

 1 - 3-prong pocket folder with 2 pockets

1. Students must keep their safety and the safety of others in mind at all times.
2. Follow the direction of the teacher for all activities to avoid injury.
3. In the event of an accident, students must report it to the teacher immediately.

Illness and Injuries

1. Students must bring a written note from home excusing them from participation.
2. If student is unable to participate in physical activity for a period of more than 3 days, a
doctor’s note will be required.
3. If a student is injured during PE class, they need to report it to their coach.

Grading for each six week period

Physical Education grades will be based on:
1. ACTIVE Participation 40%
2. Dressing Out/Prepared for class 25%
3. Written Assignments 15%
4. Assessments/Projects 20%

1. Come dressed appropriately and ready to participate to your full ability everyday
2. Respect yourself and others at all times
3. Follow instructions
4. Be responsible for yourself and your actions
5. Use safety precautions at all times
6. GUM IS NOT ALLOWED IN YOGA CLASS. Points will be deducted from participation grade.
7. Cell phones should be turned off and stored in backpacks at all times.

1. Verbal warning 4. Reflection time
2. Conference with student 5. Office referral
3. Phone call home
Yoga Teacher:
Anne Ewald 512-841-1133

Physical Education Department Head:

Coach Brynie 512-414-2718

You may reference any PE policies and information on the AISD website:

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