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Name: Cristy M. Boquel Teacher: Mrs.


Course and Year: Fourth Year BSBA Subject: FM 8

1. The Asbestos companies as a whole are held morally liable or responsible about
the ill effects of asbestos exposure in the eyes of many people. But on the other
hand the people behind the Asbestos Companies do not have any care to the
people living in the area where the asbestos companies are situated. As long as
they can get profit out of it, then they go on. And on the side of the people living
there, it is unethical for they will give them problems and for the future to come.

2. Yes, nothing was illegal on the act of Simpson and Brown, but their actions and
decision is subject for criticism, it is because they were interfering in giving
additional information about the asbestos and it is the right of the people to know
more about this. So that they can avoid the necessary things not to have any
symptoms or even got sick for the reason of asbestos. They should give medicines
to the people living in the area to help them not easily get sick.

3. If I were a stockholder in Raybestos-Manhattan or Johns-Mansville, I would not

approve of Simpsons and Brown’s conduct, for they are selfish. They always think
for their own good not for other’s good, they prefer to have money than a
community. For them money is the prime motivator….They don’t even think for
the best of the people living in the area they only think of their own good.