Identifying Magic Items

The following system was created for progressively identifying magic items. It allows the 'identify' spell to be used as a cantrip and with increasingly more valuable gems to gain more and more information on items. It also creates a profession for identifiers and uses knowledge(arcana) as a way of recognizing magics as well. DM's guide has categories for Minor, Medium & Major these will be a base point for where to categorize items, stacking enchantments will push things upward. Ultimately much of this will be DM discretion, but this will serve as a rough guide.

Item type/ Value Minor Medium Major Artifact /15,000 GP 40,00 GP and up

Identify Spell No material component 100 GP gem 500 GP gem 1,000 GP gem 3,000 GP gem

Profession Check(identifier)/ Knowledge (arcana) DC 25/30 DC 30/35 DC 35 /40 DC 40/45 DC 45/50

DC are based on the assumption of always taking 20 as someone studies an item carefully over a long period of time - at a certain point with high level items it will get VERY difficult to find someone who would recognize them. I like the idea of identify being almost a cantrip for more mundane magics - it should be (IMO) - it makes the mage a more valued member of the team So the party mage blows the cantrip (if you got em use em) and you learn the first layer, but know there is more - then you start burning up gems in progressively greater value (and a lost day to get the spell back) - each day you are bummed you don't know the WHOLE story but excited that it is even better than you anticipated

... 500 gp pearl/profession 35/knowledge appraise 40: this is a +3 sword with an extra 1d6 fire damage. not cursed. but very powerful 100gp pearl/profession 30/knowledge appraise 35: this is a +3 sword.. but there is more to it than that..pretty much the first time she made kobold kabobs she'd have a sense of the fire enchantment... if it gets annoying then we can change the rules so the cantrip would reveal the level of pearl necessary (but that seems tooo easy).this seems like it would be fun. hmmm. quite possibly she could develop a reputation as an Ogre slayer without ever knowing (just lucky I guess) it was the sword. but not the +'s or the fire damage and certainly could go years (and slay many ogres) before the nature of the ogre enchantment was known. guess it worked) it is a +3 flaming sword w/1d6 fire damage that does double damage against Ogres Realistically the wielder of the sword would have probably picked up on the fire enchantment long before the first pearl . forged ages ago in the heart of volcano Brisadoor in an attempt to help free the Dwarven lands of the ogre menace (what ogre menace you ask?. but it seems to be hunting something 1000 gp pearl/profession 40/knowledge appraise 45: This is the legendary Ogre Conqueror... I like that idea .. In practice this will work something like this cantrip/profession 25/knowledge appraise 30: this is a very strong magic sword. .) ..

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