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Enjoy a healthy new day...the delicious Yoplait way!


Week 4, halfway point! Today, Yoplait and nutritionist,

serving size to what you’re actually eating. Having more or
less means that you’re taking in more or less nutrients than
Daily Values are suggested amounts because they are
only estimates. The values will vary depending on your
Franny Mahfood of The Heart Foundation of Jamaica have
indicated by the label. individual calorie needs based on your age, height,
more delicious and healthy meal ideas but first we’ll learn to
gender and medical situation.
decipher food labels. You need this information to help you Daily Values (DV) are the recommended daily amounts of
on the path to good health! So let’s go…. each key nutrient. % Daily Values specify the percentage of Calories are the units used to measure the amount
that total amount, per serving. With three exceptions, the of energy in food. They are supplied by three nutrients -

{ Nutrition Facts Most packaged foods display

Nutrition Facts on the label.
This shows the amount of calories and nutrients per
Daily Value for vital nutrients indicates the daily minimum,
so we really need to make sure we get at least 100% of each
carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The %DV on food labels is
based on a 2,000 calorie diet. A general guide to calories is
to balance our diet. To simplify, try to incorporate at least that fat has 9 calories per gram and protein and carbohydrate
serving size as a percentage of your daily values and is 6 servings of protein, 6 servings of starch, 3-4 servings of fruit have 4 calories per gram. Fiber contributes no calories
helpful in making healthy choices, balancing your diet and and 3 servings of dairy in your daily meals. You can use the because it cannot be digested, so we subtract the grams of
ensuring you’re consuming all the nutrients you need. menu guide below to find examples of what a serving size is fiber from the total carbohydrate.
The Serving Size is indicated on the nutrition facts as for your favourite foods.
Your fat intake over the course of a day should be about 30%
a standardized serving based on units, like cups or pieces The exceptions are fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Daily Values of your total calories. With only 100 calories and zero from fat,
and the number of portions. Healthy eating involves of these nutrients are actually upper limits, meaning we Yoplait LightTM is a delicious and convenient source of energy.
controlling portions. Compare what the label designates as a should eat less than 100%DV. * All information included provides general guidelines to achieving health goals; health targets vary from person to person and persons should
consult with a medical practitioner to determine health targets applicable to them based on personal and family medical history and goals.

FRANNY’S Prepared by
Franny Mahfood,
MEAL CORNER Nutritionist

Good nutrition is essential to your health and a balanced

diet is key! Plan your daily meals by making choices from the D AY 1 D AY 2 D AY 3
food list below or use the sample menu plan. You can BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKFAST
exchange any item within the same food group– each item 2 slices whole grain bread or small bagel 1 cup cornmeal porridge 1 1/2 cups high fiber flaked cereal with 1 cup
represents one serving. 2 tbsp yogurt cheese with low fat milk low fat milk OR 1 cup YoplaitTM Yogurt
PROTEINS (6 SERVINGS) 1 grapefruit Add sugar, cinnamon and 6 oz fruit Juice
Vege burger 1 patty Yogurt Cheese - Line a colander with cheesecloth. nutmeg to taste SNACK
Saltfish: 2 tbsp Put YoplaitTM Yogurt in cheesecloth, set over a 1 cup fruit salad 1/4 cup nuts
Beans, cooked: 1 /2 cup bowl. Cover and place in fridge for 12 hours,
Mutton lean: 1 oz
SNACK 1 ripe banana
drain bowl and scoop yogurt cheese into a bowl.
1 thin slice bun LUNCH
BREAD/ STARCHES (6 SERVINGS) SNACK 1 ounce low fat cheese
Oatmeal, cooked: 1 /2 cup Sandwich - 2 slices whole grain bread, 3 ounces
Coconut water or other fruit
Breadfruit: 1 slice LUNCH oven roasted turkey slices OR ham, slices of
Potato, white: 3oz (infrequently) LUNCH 1 cup callaloo rice tomato, lettuce, pickle (optional) with 2 tsp light
Pasta, whole wheat: 1 /2 cup Chicken kebab skewer (with cubed onion, 3 oz baked chicken mayonnaise
FRUITS (3-4 SERVINGS) tomatoes and sweet pepper) 1 cup mixed salad greens SNACK
Grapefruit: 1 /2 fresh 1/2 cup brown rice 1 tbsp salad dressing
Raw carrots sticks, radishes and YoplaitTM Yogurt dip
Grapes: 15 1 cup salad greens
SNACK Dip - 1/2 cup YoplaitTM Yogurt Original plain
Papaya: 1 /2 cup 1tbsp salad dressing
Mango: 1 small
1 YoplaitTM Yogurt Original 2 tsp light mayonnaise
SNACK Cherry Pomegranate 2 tsp lime juice
VEGETABLES: UNLIMITED (CHOOSE DIFFERENT COLOURS) 2 tbsp hummus dip with raw vegetables (6 oz cup) 1 tsp dried dill weed
Vegetables, steamed or microwave-cooked: 1/2 cup Salt and pepper to taste
Raw Vegetables (broccoli florets, celery, cucumber sticks DINNER DINNER
or zucchini strips): 1 cup Red peas soup with sweet potato and 1/4 large steamed bammy DINNER
Raw salad greens: 1 cup lean meat (trim all visible fat) 4 oz steamed fish with 3 oz yam and 1 green banana
DAIRY (2-3 SERVINGS) 1 cup salad greens pumpkin, carrots, chocho 3 oz chicken baked (optional), (4 hours prior to
Almond milk: 8 oz 1 tbsp salad dressing and okra cooking marinate chicken in YoplaitTM Yogurt,
Rice milk: 8 oz ginger and thyme)
YoplaitTM Yogurt Nonfat, Plain, style or artificially sweetened: 6 to 8 oz
1 cup steamed string beans
Veggie cheese: 2 oz Frozen YoplaitTM Yogurt Smoothie - 1 cup watermelon
1 cup salad greens
1 cup low fat milk
FATS (3-5 SERVINGS) 1 tbsp salad dressing
1 /2 cup plain YoplaitTM Yogurt
Peanut Butter: 2 tsp
Margarine: 1 tsp
1 cup fresh fruit SNACK/DESSERT
Ackee: 3 pieces
4 cubes ice in blender with milk, yogurt 3 whole wheat crackers
Sour cream: 1 tsp (infrequently) Mayonnaise, light: 1 tbsp and fruit until smooth. 1 oz low fat cheese

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Q. I have been told that I shouldn’t combine certain foods groups in a given meal such as protein and carbohydrates
at the same time. Is this a myth? Sources: Weight-control Information Network, an information service of the National
A. Most food groups can be eaten together but portion control is key in order for your digestive system not to get overloaded. Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) (
Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital (
In every meal you should always try to eat from at least 3-4 food groups to get the vitamins and minerals needed. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (