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A very good morning to all the students, parents and all the respected dignitaries

here. It gives me immerse pleasure to welcome you all to the orientation day
program by modi institute of technology. This is a much awaited event in every
students life. As it gives the returns to the efforts put in by them.

Modi group of institutions, due to its innovationism, dynamism and persistence for
seeking and adopting innovative methods to improve the quality of higher
education, has now established itself as one of the leading engg colleges.

Now i would like to call upon our beloved principal DR. vikas soni sir, a visionary
with rich experience in the field of academies and industry, an engineer, an active
social worker and who played a prominent role in development of educational
institutions on to the dais.

Next i would like to call upon our vice chairmen sir ----------------whose inspiration
and vision is guiding us to climb hero heights in the field of education, on to the

Last but not the least the most awaited, I would like to invite our chief guest -------
------ whose presence makes the entire program glorious, he is the man who
motivates the younger generation trains them to develop their personality by his
unbeatable skills. I request sir to please come on to the dais.

I request all the dignitaries on the stage to please step forward to begin the lamp
lightening ceremony.

Now i request our principal DR. ------------ to deliver his valuable speech

Thank you sir for wonderful speech.

Now i request our vice chairmen sir to deliver his valuable speech to addressing
Thank you sir for wonderful speech.

Now i request our ----------------------------------------to deliver his valuable

Thank you sir, your thought provoking address set perfect platform for our college.

Now I request our chief guest ---------------------to take this program forward with
his valuable speech

Thank you sir for wonderful speech.

Thank you

Now I request ----------------to propose vote for thanks.

The department of Applied Sciences & Humanities attempts an integrating human

values and social concerns with professional education. It has grown into a full-
fledged and dynamic department. The Department currently offers courses in
several subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Literature and
Linguistics. The Department is having well-equipped laboratories of the concerned
subjects including Language Lab where communication skills and other foreign
languages are being taught to enhance the overall development of the students.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2013. Mechanical

Engineering is one The Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT Kota aims
at conveying the state of the art awareness and talent to the students. Thus,
developing the students into the outstanding Mechanical Engineers, Scientists,
Entrepreneurs, and Academicians. Such core engineering branch that can transform
any innovative concept into reality.
The Department of Electrical Engineering/Electrical and Electronics Engineering
is one of the largest Departments on the campus, which consist of students, faculty
and technical staff. It offers an undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering
and Electrical & Electronics Engineering since its starting. Industrial visits and
guest lectures are periodically arranged for the students of Electrical
Engineering/EEE Department. EE/EEE Department has contributed considerably
towards the growth of the MIT Kota.
The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established to meet the
demand for well-qualified computer professionals and was conceived in the year
2004. The program focuses on theoretical computer science as well as software and
application development. Department has well qualified and vibrant faculty
dedicated for the betterment of the students. Most of the students passed out are
well placed or have opted for higher studies. The department has provided a well-
equipped computer lab with latest computer softwares. The Laboratories are
installed with broad-band internet facility. The annual intake of the department is
sixty students. The department ensures that program objectives are constantly met
and learning outcomes are monitored through periodical test and assignment.

Today with a deep satisfaction , we conclude that ''there is no alternative to hard

work and dedication at this institute, we not only give our students the best but also
make sustained efforts to inculcate in them and tough mindset that is determined
and passionate for success and that too whole at the same time maintaining focus
on social responsiveness.

As all the good things come to an end.

""In ordinary life we hardly realise that we receive a great deal more than we give
and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich,

Thank you all.