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Title of my project is ‘Multimedia Gallery’. My project is basically a web portal which stores Audio and Video files and user can listen audio or watch video on a web portal. Today in fast pace of moving world it is very Important for one to Entertain himself as well as improve his knowledge. This Project would be very handy in such requirements. This project is developed for all individual who likes to spend time on Youtube like websites that supports video library. User has to Register himself/herself to take benefit of this portal for that he/she has to give some charge.

Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451

Enroll.No.: 092816514 &

promotion. This is a place where one can get the complete range of products to make their dream construction. Conventional methods are very confined and restricted. tiles and flooring materials. It was a saying that when we have not what we like.: 092816514 & . ‘Kabita Enterprises’ is an organization known as one of the renowned outlet of marble products at Muzaffapur. The features are very less and a slighter possibility to explore. vains tiles and chequred tiles etc. The pricing policy of the organization is based on profit optimization rather than profit maximization. The organization also receives order from different dealers through agents. Marbles. which manufactures the product like Tiles. The ‘Hind Mosaic & Designed Tiles’ is manufacture the product like mosaic tiles. In general terms it is known as legacy system. achieving and maintaining competitive advantage is the underlying principle for every business around the world. Since.No. It brings raw material from Rajsthan and Jaipur and manufacture it as per the customer requirement. ‘Kabita Enterprises’ is a trading outlets which is responsible for selling the products. Due to its rapid growth it became difficult for the organization to perform and control its functions. Which have two outlets. They consider that and optimum level of profits over a long period as a more sound objectives of pricing than maximum Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll. Because. ‘Kabita Enterprises’ and ‘Hind Mosaic & Designed Tiles’ is a broad organization of their concern area. But the proposed software is miles away from these petty things. It has also dealers and agents to promote their products in the market. Stone chips etc. Where as ‘Hind Mosaic & Designed Tiles’ is in fact a factory. we must like what we have. At this juncture system needs to change their traditional method to manage their complex business function. It also maintains employee records. It maintains dealers record. The same thing it is happening in existing system. and proper distribution of products related to organization. which is to be developed for manufacturing and trading company of marble. Main activities of the organization are to appoint sales representative for selling. The first one is ‘Hind Mosaic & Designed Tiles’ and the other is ‘Kabita Enterprises’.Multimedia Gallery 2 Introduction Multimedia Gallery is software. It prepares agents’ commission report and dealers commission report as well.

Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll. Price is fixed to the capacity of people because they always try to increase their sales.: 092816514 & .No. At the time of fixing the price of their products the commission of dealers and agents are also considered. which is dependent on the public image and reputation of the organization.Multimedia Gallery 3 profit in the short term.

every time about what is happenings in the organization and I am always ready to make right decisions. which affect the efficiency of company work. I will try to reduce the pitfalls of ‘Kabita Enterprises’ and ‘Hind Mosaic & Designed Tiles’. So. Our main objective is not only to reduce the manual work but also to overcome from the limitations & shortcomings present in the existing system and to provide a user-friendly environment and good software to help Managers in Decision Making.Multimedia Gallery 4 Objective As far as the existing system of the proposed organization named ‘Kabita Enterprises’ and ‘Hind Mosaic & Designed Tiles’ is not automated. to know the records of different Agents. The objective of this project is to develop software with the help of which Managers of the said company can say “I know every thing. agents. and customers. So that organization can provide the best service to their concerned individuals like employees. Owing to this reason organization has to face problem. dealers.: 092816514 & . Dealers etc. in this project.” Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll. to get right information at right time. As we know that the dayto-day paper work is problematic works.No.

having the properties of built in data types and a set of permitted operators. which is being developed. While taking C#.The ability to create an abstract representation of a concept in code. which are also types of classes now. The technique of creating new data types that are well suited to an application to be programmed is known as data abstraction. all . And all our code hast to appear in a class of some sort.NET Program.NET handles polymorphism with both late binding and multiple interfaces. In fact. Object Oriented Programming is at the core of C#. Object Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm in its own right and on the other. • Encapsulation.NET that it is best to understand its basic principles before we begin writing even simple . Object Oriented Programming is so integral to .No. At present. • Polymorphism. Object Oriented Programming is emerging from research laboratories and invading the field of industrial applications. you make its code and data internal and no longer accessible to the outside except through a well-defined interface.NET. On the other hand SQL Server gives the database consistency.NET programs are to at least some extent object oriented.: 092816514 & .NET with C# as a front end and SQL Server as a back end. it is a set of software engineering tools which can be used to build more reliable and reusable systems. Visual Basic. even if we are using a module or structure.Net it gives the strong support of Object Oriented Programming System technology. reliability and strong RDBMS supports. comes under both OOPS and RDBMS category. All object oriented programming languages provide mechanisms that help us to implement the object-oriented model.Multimedia Gallery 5 Project Category The software. It consists following supports: • Abstraction. for modeling a real world object. Just about everything we do in . It provides ability to create user-defined data types. In other words. Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll. The proposed project based on ASP.Encapsulation is all about the separation between implementation and interface. This is also called data hiding.This is all about creating procedure that can operate on object of different types.NET involves objects in some way-even simple variables are base on the visual basic object class. when you encapsulate and object.

for example. columns. tuning. Back up.Multimedia Gallery • 6 Inheritance. and aggregates. even before we start adding code or customizing the new form. which are the units of packaging. SQL Server supports the hosting of the . The idea here is that if we were to create. SQL Server provides a suite of tools for managing all aspects of SQL Server development. These tools provide three mechanisms to aid in database design: the Database Designer. and restore complete database applications. To help create these objects. data types. a class for a specific visual basic form and then derive a new type of form from that class. the database administrator creates database objects such as tables. and the view designer The integrated Query Editor provides a simple graphical user interface for running SQL queries and viewing the results.No. The Query Editor also provides a graphical representation of show plan. the SQL Server Management Studio provides access to visual database tools. and versioning of application code in . thee derived class will inherit all the base class’s functionality.NET. keys. querying. While designing a database. triggers.NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) inside the SQL Server process to enable database programmers to write business logic as functions. indices.: 092816514 & .Inheritance allows us to derive new classes from other classes. and administration. The ability to run application code inside the database adds flexibility to the design of application architectures that requires business logic to execute close to the data and cannot afford the cost of shipping data to middle-tier process to perform computation outside the database. Deployment of application code inside the database provides uniform way to administer. the steps chosen by the optimizer for query execution. relationships. constraints. Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll. Application code is deployed inside the database by using assemblies. the Table Designer. and views. deployment. stored procedures.

S.No. Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll.NET with C#” as a front-end and SQL Server as a backend will be used. Crystal Report Visual Studio 2008 Language Used To develop the proposed project “ASP.Multimedia Gallery 7 Tools/Platform Hardware Specification Microprocessor RAM HDD Motherboard CD-ROM Monitor Keyboard Mouse : : : : : : : : Pentium IV or Higher 512MB 40GB 865 INTEL Original 700MB Color Multimedia Optical Software Specification Operating System Application Technology : : : Any Windows O.: 092816514 & . (Xp or Latest) MS-Word 2000.

accurate and reliable so that the profit maximization motive of the organization can be achieved. The purpose of automate the system is to make the proposed system efficient. marbles and stone chips. Finally the new complete product will be best option for the organization and its function might be better and user friendly for those individuals who will have to interact with the system. It is specified by the organization about existing system is that it is very difficult to know information about the employee and products in the efficient way. Due to this reason the organization wants to get new automated system. Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll.Multimedia Gallery 8 Problem Definition and Requirement Specification The proposed organization named ‘Kabita Enterprises’ is one of the renowned trading organizations in the field of marble and tiles sales works at Muzaffarpur. Where as the ‘Hind Mosaic & Designed Tiles’ is known as the renowned company in the field of tiles and mosaic products manufacturing. agent information. So that organization manager can analyze the system in sort span of time and on the basis of reliable information he can take strategic decision. which is to be developed. Since the organization has two branch and they need to exchange the data so in future networking option will be added so that it can work in LAN environment to minimize the problem of official document which is very time consuming in manual way.: 092816514 & . product and official account information. So there are lot of way to deploy the system. dealer information. The system defines that after completion of the software it can satisfy the requirement of the organization. is very nice and it has great future scope. The Scope of the organization’s proposed software. Such as employee information. This is supposed to be known as the best place where one can get quality product like tiles.No.

A tabular form is maintained where rows indicate the task with milestones and columns indicate duration.Multimedia Gallery 9 Project Planning and Scheduling Gantt chart This chart represents all the activities and the amount of time that will require during the product development period.No. TASKS Requirement Gathering Design Design review Coding Quality Assurance Testing Build July Aug Sep Oct Fig1: Gantt chart Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll.: 092816514 & .

: 092816514 & . All modules keep their own importance. A simple analogy would be to look at the project as a wheel and the individual modules are the spokes to the wheel.Multimedia Gallery 10 Analysis Zero Level DFD of the system User/ Administrator Password Not Ok Ok Register User Verification Selection Search Option Key-Word Employee Information Search Module Option Upload Audio/ Video Module Video Browse Module Audio Browse Module Creation/Updation Creation/Updation Creation/Updation Creation/Updation Administrator Information Report Report Generation Data Modules Description The proposed software on ‘Multimedia Gallery’ contains four main modules. These modules are as follows: 1. User Information Module: Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll.No.

Upload Video/Audio File : The module will provide the user to upload the video or audio files to the server. 2. 3. Browse Video/Audio File: As this software demands this module will keep the list of audio and video files and play them online whenever user wants to play it. According to these modules and colleted information following tables are to be created :1.: 092816514 & DECIMAL PLACE Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 . 4. Report Generation Module: This module will generate different types of reports to help the administrator in decision-making. LOGIN – This table contains the details of user’s login information. User or administrator can manage the uploaded files. ATTRIBUTES (1) ID (2) USERNAME (3) PASSWORD DATA TYPE INT NVARCHAR NVARCHAR LENGTH 5 15 15 Enroll. This Module will authenticate user for the project and keep the user specific information.Multimedia Gallery 11 This modules keeps information about user. these uploaded files is available for all users to watch. User would have to register them to the software before entering this software. The structure of the file is given below. Data Structure As per the requirement of the Portal we have created four modules.No.

The structure of the file is given below.: 092816514 & . The structure of the file is given below. AUDIO – This table contains the details about Audio files stored in project. ATTRIBUTES (1) ID (2) FIRST_NAME (3) LAST_NAME (4) EMAILID (5) PHONE_NO (6) FORGET_PASS_Q (7) FORGET_PASS_A (8) PLAN (9) DATE_OF_REG (10) DATE_OF_BIRTH DATA TYPE INT NVARCHAR NVARCHAR NVARCHAR NUMBER NVARCHAR NVARCHAR NVARCHAR DATETIME DATETIME SIZE 6 50 50 15 10 100 100 20 DECIMALPLACE 2 3. Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll. VIDEO – This table contains the details about video files stored in project.Multimedia Gallery (4) VALID_TILL (5) ROLE (6) ACTIVE DATETIME NVARCHAR INT 15 1 12 2.No. ATTRIBUTES (1) ID (2) DESCRIPTION (3) PATH (4) TITLE (5) CATEGORY (6) USERID (7) SIZE (8) VIEWS (9) UPLOAD_DATE DATA TYPE INT NVARCHAR NVARCHAR NVARCHAR NVARCHAR INT NVARCHAR NUMBER DATETIME SIZE 5 MAX 100 100 30 5 10 10 DECIMAL PLACE 4. USER – This table contains the details of User’s Profile. The structure of the file is given below.

QUERY – This table contains the details of query made by user to the Administrator. Account Information Module: This module has five sub-modules as given below. which do the different activities related to the account record maintenance of the organization: Sales Order Sales Invoice  Bill Transaction Module  Item Transaction Module  Product Master  Agent Area Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll.: 092816514 & 1. .No.Multimedia Gallery ATTRIBUTES (1) ID (2) DESCRIPTION (3) PATH (4) TITLE (5) CATEGORY (6) USERID (7) SIZE (8) VIEWS (9) UPLOAD_DATE DATA TYPE INT NVARCHAR NVARCHAR NVARCHAR NVARCHAR INT NVARCHAR NUMBER DATETIME SIZE 5 MAX 100 100 30 5 10 10 DECIMAL PLACE 13 5. 2. The structure of the file is given below. ATTRIBUTES (1) ID (2) USERID (3) MESSAGE (4) POST_DATE (5) READ DATA TYPE INT INT NVARCHAR DATETIME INT SIZE 5 5 MAX 1 DECIMAL PLACES Process Logic 1.

5. In this module sixteen different types of report will be generated to help the Managers in Decision Making and also reduce the paper work about which existing system had to bother.No. EL.Multimedia Gallery 14  System Definition In every given module the users have option to View. Modify & Delete records of dealer. In SALES & BILLTRN table DL_CODE is present as foreign key to help commission report generation. Modify & Delete records of Employee in this module. Dealer Information Module: In this module a table DEALER is created where DL_CODE (key field) helps in different Dealer Report generation. Modify & Delete the records of an Agent. Add. Agent Information Module: In this module a table AGENT is created which contains every information about Agent of the organization. Product Master contains all sort of details related to products of proposed organization. CL & BONUS have some value depending on which certain internal calculation is being done. Report Generation Module: With the help of this module the actual goal of the proposed project on Enterprise Management is achieved. 3. User can View. AG_CODE (key field) is present in the table AREA to calculate Agent area report & Non-agent area report.: 092816514 & . 4. Add. Employee Information Module: In this module a table EMPLOYEE is created which will contain every information about Employee of the organization. In this module user can View. Add. Excise Duty. CL and Bonus with the help of which every important calculation in the software is done. Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll. Employee list and Employee Monthly Salary Sheet will be generated with the help of this table and SYSDEF table were EL. Modify & Delete the record in the data file. Agent area module helps in the Agent & Non-agent area list generation. Add. In this module user can View. Sales Order & Sales Invoice keeps the record for helping in calculation of Commission Report. 2. System definition module has a table SYSDEF that contains status and value of Postage.

Multimedia Gallery 15 Reports Proposed software gives the organization ultimately most empowering management implementation. Owing to this reason. Hence the illustration of information about the existing system is important to inform the manager. A system can be used gainfully and optimally only when it is understood well.No. These reports are as follows: 1.: 092816514 & . Agent report 2. new automated system of ‘Kabita Enterprises’ generates sixteen different types of report. Agent wise dealer report 3. Market wise dealer report Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll.

Non agent area list 11. Employee report 7.No. After automating the system from existing manual system of the proposed organization. so it is quite essential to protect the system from any unsolicited incidence. Agent wise monthly commission report 15.: 092816514 & . Agent wise area list 10. Security implies the quality or state of being secure. Code wise dealer report 5. Product report 8. Agent wise yearly commission report 16. Name wise dealer report 6. its all information become computerized so it is very essential to protect the system from unauthorized user as well as database sleaze. that is. Monthly sales registers Security Mechanism Security encompasses a set of measures taken to guard against theft. Brand wise commission report 13. Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll. Since the database and information regarding any organization is very precious. crime. and espionage or sabotage. attack. Employee’s salary report 9. a relief from exposure to danger and acting so as to make safe against adverse contingencies.Multimedia Gallery 16 4. Agent wise dealer wise commission report 14. Monthly sales quantity list 12.

Only the authorize user can use the system who has authorized user id and password. To protect from unauthorized user.Multimedia Gallery 17 Any computer-based system that manages sensitive information or causes actions that can improperly harm for individuals is a target for improper or illegal penetration. Penetration spans a broad range of activities: hackers who attempt to penetrate systems for sport. the proposed software can take the shape of “Real Time Information System” which is under consideration in the ‘Kabita Enterprises’. But provisions will be made in the software so that in future agent or customer will take the Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll. So that in case of unwanted database corruption system can be recovered from back up. which has taken for the system. So it is quite impossible to login the system by unauthorized user. In spite of all idealistic talk. Only some change will be needed to make this software fit for Multi-user Environment. Future Scope and Enhancement Future scope of the project can be expected as follows:  With some changes.No.  At present the agents appointed by the company is dealing with the marketing of all products of ‘Kabita Enterprises’. the security measure. it has been suggested that the system has to create a back up of every day transaction in separate compact discs.: 092816514 & . So far as the database securities are concerned. disgruntled employees who attempt to penetrate for illicit personal gain. is very valuable. password protection is being used.

Jonathan Crossland.No.NET 2003 By Thearon Willis.  With some changes the. proposed project software can be implemented in any Manufacturing based organization to automate the manual system. Bibliography In development of any software books play very important role. I went through the following books that that helped me to prepare my project: 1. Beginning VB.  In future this project support distributed database rather than centralized database. which will give the system a drastic support through which database information will be more secure and fast accessing in multiuser environment. In future this software can also be used in the automation of marketing related works as Medical Sales Representative Performance Measurement.: 092816514 & . This software can also be used in the future to generate Commission Report in the areas like Insurance System. Banking System etc. Visual Basic . They guide us very well and are very useful & helpful for generation of new ideas and better preparation on any topic. Through these facilities employee as well as customer can achieve the relevant information anywhere any moment around the world.Multimedia Gallery 18 advantage of E-Commerce so that one can take the advantage of emarketing any time any moment around the world. 2.  In future this project support networking through which it may be connected to Internet. Richard Blair from WROX.NET Programming Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll.

Multimedia Gallery By Steven Holzner from Black Book 3.: 092816514 & . SQL Server NIIT Books. 19 Developed By: Piyush & Deepak 092817451 Enroll.A Practitioner’s Approach By Roger S. Elements of System Analysis and Design By IGNOU Blocks 6. Pressman 5. Object-Oriented Modeling And Design By IGNOU Blocks 4. Software Engineering .No.

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