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Technical Proposal

Project Name Access Control System
Client Name DANA GAS
Document Version 2.2 Date : 25/11/2014


The goal of this project is to deploy the Access Control System to secure the door
access and monitor the same for three floors in Conjunction with existing CCTV

This project will be performed by Cardz Middle East Projects Division.


The tasks required to complete the implementation of customized software are
as follows

 Installing the Access readers at each door
 Installing the Control Panel in the server /IT room of each floor
 Installing the DVR to connect with the Existing cameras and the Control panel
in the Server/IT room
 Making the required connection from Access readers to the controller by
pulling required cabling
 Making Connection of the existing Electromagnetic locks with the control
 Installing one push button or Door release at reception at one floor.
 Installing portable desktop reader to enroll contact less cards (MIFARE)
 Installing portable desktop reader to enroll fingerprint
 Installing Buzzers/Beeper at each door for notification as defined
 Pulling necessary cables to connect all devices
 Video phone
 Installing the Access Control software on the client provided server

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 Installing the application for Time and attendance
 Installing the application for DVR and its functionality with the Access control
 Installing the Manual over ride switch at each floor
 Commissioning, Training, knowledge transfer is a part of the proposal.
 Scope of work excludes any civil work like Wall chipping, painting.
 Hardware warranty is covered for one year from the delivery and Service
support would be free for the first year.
 Currently existing locks are being used with the system ,however it wouldn’t
cover warranty from CARDZ.


Cardz Middle East is glad to propose our Smart and Secured Access Control system

All the modules of the solution share a common architectural platform and are fully
integrated with the proposed CCTV system
The following are the key areas below:

Access Control System:

1. Access Card readers
 There will be total of 22 card readers covering 11 doors from three floors of
the building.
 Each door will have In and Out reader to secure the access from both the
ends of the door.
 Out of 22 Access card reader there will be 4 readers w which is capable of
reading access card (Mifare) , Fingerprint and also Pin factor with touch
screen at the entrance
 Rest of the 18 reader occupying the same 11 doors will be equipped with two
factor authentication i.e. (fingerprint + card)
 The cards proposed will be used for accessing the doors and same cards will
be working for printers which is equipped with an existing readers
 The cards provided is a combi card with two chips A Mifare chip which work
on the access readers and a HID prox chip which works on the three existing
 Each floor will have one control panel to accommodate different number of
readers of that particular floor.
 Three floors will have three control panel fixed in the server room connection
to three different switches on the respective floor.
 All Three controllers connect using TCP/ IP protocol witin the client network
making three floor readers and controller communication possible.
 All three controllers will be connected to a host system (Client server ) which
will be having the security system software installed on it.

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 This software will manage all control panels and all the access readers for
detailed monitoring, controlling and reporting functionality as explained in the
 The software is a web based software and can be accessed using any PC
depending on the number of users.
 User roles can be defined ranging from Admin rights to Normal user.

 The electromagnetic lock available at each door is controlled by the Control
panel and the functionality of locking and unlocking can be defined from the
software itself.

 The access of any card holder or finger print or pin can be monitored or
controlled using authorized level and can be deactivated or deleted at any
time from the system making it unauthorized.

 A manual over ride button will be provided using a break glass unit which can
be activated manually by breaking the glass to open up all the doors at once
in case of emergency or fire.

 At the Reception there would be one push button to open the main entrance
door. For example : to open door for visitor

 Door open too long or Door open without an authentication can be monitored
and reported through a Buzzer notification.

 The access readers are equipped with battery backup an

 All the readers connects to the control panel using Wiegand protocol

 The Software is installed on SQL database provided by the Client.

 The system is completely compatible and Integrated with the
Active Directory

 The system has the capability to be expanded and Integrate with other
system in future.

CCTV Integration

 There are total of six cameras (All analog) which will connect with our
proposed new DVR.
 The cameras along with the DVR is capable of taking picture or Video for any
type of event which can be defined accordingly Ex : Door Open or
Unauthorized Access etc.
 The event, picture and the video can be retrieved from the access control
software itself as its integrated.

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 Please refer to the manual provided for more details.

Time and Attendance Integration

 The module and the basic software with the reports are integrated with the Acess
control security system software with the help of a license .
 Time and Attendance procedure, functionality and reports are explain through the
manuals provided.
 Any future customization on any format and special functionality may incur additional
development cost and purely depends on requirement.

Equipment List

Access Control System

Device Type Function Manufactured Quantity

MA J-Dual Access card reader Card +Finger Print France 18

Morpho Sigma Bio Access card reader Card + FP + Pin France 4
Touch Based
Galaxy Controller Control Panel-8 Door Logical Circuit Board USA 3
Accommodates readers
Digital I/O board Emergency Inputs Accommodates Break USA 1
Galaxy Software Security system Monitor ,control, USA 1
Software report, notify etc.
Discovery DVR 16 4 TB channel DVR Accommodates analog USA 1
Morpho Smart Optic Portable Desktop Enrolment finger print France 1
reader reader for Admin
Mifare Encoder Portable Desktop Enrolment card reader France 1
reader for Admin
Smart Card Contact less Cards Cards used for USA 200

Buzzer SH504 Notification for Event Taiwan 11

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 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 / Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
 SQL Database Server
 RAM 6 GB
 Network

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VI. Project Schedule

Date Time Duration Permission

Service Level Agreement


Payment Terms: 50 % on Order confirmation /
50 % on delivery

Delivery: 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order

Warranty: 12 Months
(AMC Excluded)

Customization: Any customization requirement other than mentioned will be
considered as new request and fresh proposal will be submitted
for the same.


Deliverable: Statement of Work

Proposal Approval Terms:

1. I have read and understood all project specifications as documented in the


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2. I believe that this proposal is an accurate reflection of all projects

Goals, requirements and deliverables.

3. I understand and accept all Terms and Conditions.

6. I understand and accept estimated project costs.

Company Name Signature Date

DANA GAS Mr. Richard Helwani

Cardz Middle East LLC Mr. Mohammad Sameer

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