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For your PhD, MSc Thesis and Research Manuscripts

Dear Scientists/Researchers

I have many years of experience is publishing, editing, writing scientific papers for high
impact International journals. You can check out all my publications in Google Scholar

I would like to offer my services to edit your articles and your student theses (final year
project, MSc and PhD) in the field of Chemistry and the Physical Sciences. I shall make
sure that your writing is scientifically and grammatically sound before submission to the
journals and help make the best impression on those who read it. Mistakes shall be
corrected and your document will sound as direct as possible. Your manuscript shall be
edited to correct the grammar, improve the language and format to meet the intended
journal’s style. I shall also improve the overall clarity and organization of your

A 25 page A4 size document, typed double spaced will be returned, after editing within
seven days. Each manuscript will be returned showing all editing changes according to
‘track changes’ format in Microsoft Word and another copy with all the track changes
removed for your convenience.

Rates will be per 1000 words, so you may include all the diagrams and tables. No
charge will be made for references and addresses.

Please send your manuscript/thesis chapter to my email address to obtain the quote.

Full confidentiality will be assured.

Thank you.

Dr. Farook Adam, DPhil., MMIC, PKT.

Bismillah Editing Services