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Jimmy Carter
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Edward Brooke
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Barbara Lee
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CIaudine Schneider
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Kenneth AdeIman
Dir., US Arms Ctrl &
Disarmament Agency,
Reagan Admin
Peggy LampI
Fmr Exec. Dir., Nat'l
League of Women Voters
WiIIiam Lacy CIay, Jr.
U. S. Representative
Irene Natividad
Fmr Pres, Nat'l
Women's Political Caucus
Pat Schroeder
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Gordon H. Smith
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AdeIaide E. KimbaII
WiIIiam CIinger
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Jessica Arrigoni
Board Chair,
Project Vote Smart
WiIIiam Proxmire
Fmr U. S. Senator
John HageIin
Fmr Pres. Candidate,
Natural Law Party
Mary Dent Crisp
Fmr Co-Chair, Nat'l
Republican Party
Newt Gingrich
Fmr U. S. Representative
Sonia Jarvis
Fmr Exec. Dir., Nat'l
Coalition on Black Voter
Brent SteeI
Political Scientist
Political Scientist
Richard KimbaII
Project Vote Smart
(and 30,000 other Americans)
September 27, 2010 Adelaide Kimball: 406-859-8683
Steve Ìsrael, a candidate for the 2nd Congressional District in New York, has
attacked his opponent, John Gomez, with information he knows to be false and
used Project Vote Smart's name to give his accusations credibility. This kind of
negative campaign activity deliberately deceives voters and is precisely the sort
of tactic that the Project attempts to counter with its factual database. By using
the Project's name to give credibility to these attacks, Steve Ìsrael is cheating
the public out of their need for trusted, abundant, accurate information.
Vote Smart prohibits the use of its name and programs, including the Political
Courage Test, in partisan political advertising. All candidates in New York have
been notified of this policy in writing. Additionally, this policy is posted
prominently on the Project Vote Smart website.
This kind of behavior occurs in less that 00.05 percent of all races nationally. Ìt
is our policy to condemn this misuse of Project Vote Smart's name and
reputation and to alert the public to any misuse of our name or programs for
negative political activities.
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