Tanner Strickland Wuthering Heights Essay January 20, 2010

Internal Conflict That Accentuates a Theme The driving force behind someone¶s actions, have you ever wondered what they are, whether it is passion, anger, or any other emotion? Brontë¶s Wuthering Heights is a story about two people¶s love that tears apart both their family and another family that lives a few miles away. The two main characters,Heathcliff and Catherine, while trying to obtain each other, show no regard for the other people in their life, their whole existence being consumed with trying to be with one another, and those that get in the way are left in the wake of their destructive passion. Brontë utilizes dramatic internal conflict between characters to develop the prevalent theme of the novel, passion overcoming reason. Throughout the story Edgar and Heathcliff constantly quarrel over their one true love, Catherine, though Edgar does end up being with her, it doesn¶t stop Heathcliff from striving to rekindle the relationship that they had when they both lived at Wuthering Heights together when they were younger. When Heathcliff comes to Thrushcross Grange, Edgar intervenes in the conversation that Heathcliff and Catherine are having. Edgar proceeds to challenge Heathcliff because he feels that he shouldn¶t have to deal with Heathcliff¶s company in his own house. ³This is insufferable!´ he exclaimed. ³It is disgraceful that she should own him for a friend, and force his company on me´ (Brontë 83). Edgar enters the room and strikes Heathcliff, giving in

I'll cry myself sick´ (Brontë ). though his actions are much more of an extreme than Edgar¶s. and against his better judgment. ³He seized a tureen of hot apple sauce. go.´ (Brontë ).´ answered Mr. the first thing that came under his gripe. and dashed it full against the speaker¶s face and neck´ (Brontë 42). that starts from the beginning and doesn¶t finish until the . Edgar¶s proposal to Catherine was purely impulse and in that way. and then blames Nelly for her not telling him of Catherine¶s current state of being. ³I desire no further advice from you. knowing that Heathcliff could floor him in one punch.Strickland 2 to his emotions rather than thinking through the situation. ³Well. and you encouraged me to harass her. Catherine and Heathcliff have the most turbulent relationship in the novel. and how he had then pestered her even more and making her worse off than before. Afterwards. This dispute commenced after Catherine hurt Nelly. Edgar after his argument with Catherine. And not to give me one hint of how she has been these three days! It was heartless! Months of sickness could not cause such a change. Though they had a multitude of physical altercations. causing a lot more damage than what Edgar did. Heathcliff immediately took it as an insult and relied on raw emotion to guide his actions. from the unrefined behavior that they both exhibit. learns of Catherine¶s state. and Edgar saw Catherine¶s true colors then tried to leave. his judgment was clouded and unfortunately for him it turned out for the worse. ³You knew your mistress's nature. Linton. Heathcliff¶s brash actions occurred after Edgar made an observation of Heathcliff¶s hair while attending a dinner party. if you please . Catherine made the statement to try and coerce Edgar to stay with her. their disagreements also entered the verbal plane. he later professed his love for her. Heathcliff also shows emotional tendencies. Edgar and Catherine¶s throng of verbal squabbles become a main source of her ³fits of passion´ that also drive her to her own undoing and her ultimate downfall.get away! And now I'll cry .

´ (Brontë ). only to contract a near-fatal disease that during its course leaves her bedridden and spiteful to anyone that dares to try and approach her. Heathcliff and Catherine together both pushed one another to do completely irrational things and followed instinct and their zeal for each other. Catherine shows a spurt of raw sentiment for Heathcliff. after his abrupt departure from the house. After locking Cathy and Nelly inside Wuthering Heights. ³She got steeped in the shower of yesterday evening. . and sits outside in a torrent of rain. Cathy displays these traits when she consorts with Heathcliff. though he was penniless and devoid of any form of money-making racket. though the author never tells of what Heathcliff does after removing himself from the house.Strickland 3 entombment of Heathcliff¶s beloved. Cathy attempts to obtain the key that Heathcliff is holding. ³I wouldn't eat or drink here. ³He had listened µtill he heard Catherine say that it would degrade her to marry him. after having being forced to greet Catherine as a servant would a person of higher status. Heathcliff flees to his chambers to try and veil his emotions that Hindley had stirred up.´ replied the boy. as to escape from Wuthering Heights and Heathcliff. Young Catherine gained her mother¶s trait for being head-strong and pushing the envelope when it¶s only making it worse for herself. ³I shall not bear it!´ (Brontë ) Heathcliff. if I were starving. Heathcliff¶s passion drives him to run away from the one person he cares for to try and amass a fortune that could compete with Edgar¶s. and I couldn¶t prevail on her to stir. ³I shall not. finding his tongue at last. and kept worsening for Heathcliff. denies the formal greeting that Catherine extends to him. Following this scene. ³Give me that key: I will have it!' she said. as to draw attention away from Edgar. and then he stayed to hear no further. and there she has sat the night through. and even worse off after she beats the malady and recovers.´ (Brontë 59). pending his demise. and onto himself. A setting depicting Heathcliff escaping the confines of Wuthering Heights.´ (Brontë ).

whether it be in her favor or not. ³I've given over crying: but I'm going to kneel here. and doing what she pleases no matter the consequences. and acting purely on raw passion. Cathy¶s father is dying. and I'll not take my eyes from your face till you look back at me! No. Catherine shows a perfect example. don't turn away! DO LOOK. leaving her in a melancholy state. and for her efforts received buffets from Heathcliff. by not listening to reason. In this way Brontë portrays internal conflict between characters to develop the prevalent theme of the novel. As Cathy is pressing Heathcliff for permission to return even if only for a day she forgets what kind of person her jailer is and he then promptly denies her request. . of inheriting her mom¶s trait for being head-strong. At this time. passion overcoming reason. Cathy is pleading that she be allowed to return to visit Thrush Cross Grange to visit her father before he dies. and sentences her to Linton¶s chambers. All the characters in this book lack reason when it comes to doing what is most sensible. and instead proceed in a fashion that is based solely on emotions. at your knee.Strickland 4 But instead of quitting after Heathcliff had issued a warning. and I'll not get up.´ (Brontë ). Cathy instead continued to pursue the key.

Wuthering Heights. Emily. 1996 (Print). New York: Dover Publications. Inc.Strickland 5 Works Cited Brontë. .

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