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Parent Involvement Parent Communication

Opportunities Opportunities
 Parent Teacher Conferences
 Meet the Teacher  Email
 Telephone Calls
 Work Room Volunteer  Progress Reports and Report
 PTO Committee Participation Cards
 Red Ribbon Week  Parent Orientation
 Campus Advisory Team (CAT)  Parent Information Night
 Parent Orientation  Wolfe Newsletter/eNews
 School Carnival  Student Planners
 Tuesday Folders
 Family Fitness Night
 Individual Notes
 Literacy Night  School/ Grade Homepage
 STEAM Night
 Book Fairs Wolfe Elementary
 VIPS (Volunteer in Public 502 Addicks-Howell Road
Schools) Houston, Texas 77079 Title I
 KEYS Mentoring Program Phone Number: 281-237-2250
 Class Parties
 Homeroom Parent School Website Compact
 Field Day 2018-2019
 Watch D.O.G.S.
 Junior Achievement Katy ISD Home Page
 Spirit Nights W.E. believe an effective school is a
 Gingerbread House Week result of families and school staff
 Parent-Teacher Conference School Mission Statement working together to ensure that
 Color Run We work collaboratively with children are successful. This
 Classroom Reader families and the community to compact is a voluntary agreement
ensure that every student has the educa- between parents, teachers and
Wolfe Stars students that forms a partnership
tional foundation to grow as a learner,
We are bright with shared accountabilities and a
We are brilliant and building confidence in a safe, nurturing
promise of commitment to help your
We shine in everything we do! and inclusive environment.
child be successful in school.
School Vision
We empower, encourage, and prepare our
students to share a positive legacy.
Wolfe Elementary
Parents Will:
 Foster within their child a
Faculty and Staff Will: positive attitude towards school.
 Promote cultural sensitivity and
non-violent conflict resolutions.
 Provide high-quality curriculum and
instruction in a supportive and  Ensure regular school attendance. Students Will:
effective learning environment that  Ensure their child arrives on time  Have a positive attitude toward
enables the participating children to and prepared with homework and school and learning.
meet the state’s student academic supplies.  Make every effort to do my best
achievement standards.  Monitor assignments to check for to learn.
 Provide a safe and positive school understanding.  Complete assignments and return
environment in accordance with the  Sign and return promptly all homework on time.
Katy District Safety Initiative. papers requiring a signature.  Show respect for myself, others
 Communicate regularly with parents  Attend parent/teacher and property.
regarding their child’s progress. conferences.  Work to resolve conflicts in
 Provide parents with opportunities  Support school activity. positive, non-violent ways.
to volunteer, participate and observe  Volunteer in classroom/school.  Ask for help when I need
classroom activities.  Ensure school is aware of any assistance or do not understand.
 Provide parents with reasonable special circumstances that may  Read independently outside of
access to staff for consultation. affect child’s performance. school everyday.
 Hold parent/teacher conferences  Promote positive use of  Give to my parents/ guardians all
during which this compact will be extracurricular activities. notices and information received
shared.  Stay informed regarding child’s by me from my school every day.
 Involve parents in planning, education and communicate with  Ensure that my teacher is aware
reviewing and improving school the school by prompting reading of any notes or information sent
involvement policy. and responding to notices. from my parent/guardian at the
 Ensure that my child gets beginning of each school day.
adequate sleep and sound