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Free of burdens. Free of worries. Living in the now.

Fearlessly taking risks, not of bravery

but of naivete. A new start and a blank open mind and an adventurous heart. The
Fool is a child sampling life. Spontaneous. Endearing. Exploring where his whims take
him. Anything is possible. But he might be in danger of stepping too close to the edge of
the cliff. He may be looking at the stars when he should be watching his step. He may be a
likely victim to trickery and deception. An easy target for bullying or usury.
Traditionally, also a suggestion of careless and excessive sexuality. This card more than
any other represents the subject, experiencing the influences of the diverse cast of
characters in the Tarot deck.
Foremost, the victim of recklessness. Reversed, the Fool falls from the cliff. After his
painful landing, he may shy away from risk taking, become suspicious or fearful. But,
sometimes read as the exaggeration of the negative aspects of the upright position. Even
greater excesses or irresponsibility. Foolish choices. In some context, also seen as a call to
accept responsibility and quit acting the Fool
Element – Air
Zodiac – Uranus

Revelation. Positive transformation. Progress. Understanding that which is already

known. Appreciating what’s already available. Clever. Focused. Diplomatic.
Interesting. Note the symbol of infinity representing the heights of achievement possible.
The Magician is the facilitator of the Tarot deck. Enabling the subject to utilize their
talents and abilities to better advantage. A salesman who sells you on yourself. At his
worst, a bit conniving and manipulative. In readings where the Magician represents the
subject, heightened communication skills and persuasiveness is suggested. When
representing another, pay close attention. Remember that although the Magician is usually
an agent of progress and growth, he is also capable to trickery and deception.
Low self-esteem. Problems communicating. Options are lacking. Progress is difficult, and
opportunities overlooked. Sometimes overconfidence or poor planning that obscure
understanding. Inability to utilize the tools available. Reversed, the persuasive powers of
the Magician may result in self-deception. Traditionally, a con man, user, phony. Also,
take care to protect against head injuries.
Element – Air/Earth
Zodiac – Mercury

Surprising and unexpected revelations may be coming. The High Priestess card represents
illumination, knowledge and truth. She is eminently feminine, mysterious, secretive, and
intuitive. Moody and aloof. Knowing all, but expressing her secrets by measure or
through symbolism. Yet she is a powerful advisor. A well of knowledge, but only a cup
at a time is dispensed. This card may represent the subject, if female, or the object of the
subject’s desire, if male. Also, perhaps a suggestion for introspection or meditation.
Traditionally, she represents knowledge, modesty, and discretion.

Passion, indiscretion, immodesty, promiscuity, seduction, betrayal, revealing secrets to
cause embarrassment and hurt, rather than to share knowledge. Selfishness or
shallowness. The High Priestess card reversed may also be a warning to pay heed to
feminine health issues.
Element – Water
Zodiac – Moon

Birth, Growth development, nurturing. The Empress is a good mother. Fruitful,

benevolent, loving and caring. A person of station deserving respect. When seeking
answers about oneself, the card
Indicate motherly worries about people or projects. It may raise the question of too much
mothering or over protectiveness. It also may be a reminder to the seeker that patience and
persistence are necessary when nurturing growth. Traditionally, fertility, wealth, marriage,
a female family member.
The opposite of nurturing and caring. Disregard for others. Abandonment of those who
need care. Perhaps an indication to learn to be a better nurturer or caretaker. Traditionally,
infertility, poverty, lethargy infidelity.
Element – Earth
Zodiac – Venus

The Emperor represents power, stability, and leadership. Fatherhood. A person to be

counted on, trusted and respected. The character and will to keep the ship on course.
When seeking answers about oneself, the card might also indicate that introspection is
suggested, and decisions may need to be made on whether the benefits of leadership are
worth the sacrifices.
The Emperor represent s immature and controlling behavior. Demand for power but lacks
character. This may also negatively affect a family or organization who rely on the
Emperor’s leadership. If the Emperor is dethroned the empire will be affected
Element – Fire
Zodiac – Mars

Once known as the Pope. A good and benevolent influence. Helping the subject
understand the correct path. A priest, rabbi, or a guru. One who enlightens. The
Hierophant represents learning and living by the rules of society and of spirituality. But in
some contexts, inflexible and unyielding. Unwilling to accept deviation from the
conventional. Traditionally, merciful, forgiving, kind, respectable, dutiful. Represents
joining and accepting. Sometimes interpreted to suggest marriage.

Rejection of traditional morals. A renegade. Anti-establishment Breaking the rules.
Thought to represent excessive stubbornness, stodginess, inflexibility or conformity. My
way or the highway. Could suggest divorce. Also perhaps warns of respiratory infections,
cold or flu.
Element – Earth
Zodiac – Taurus

Following your heart. Trust. Relationship. Responsibility. Commitment. Partnership and

cooperation. May indicate a love affair, but more so has to do with making good decisions.
Recognize difference between love and infatuation.
Relationship problems. It could be Romeo and Juliet, passionate lovers kept apart. It could
be discontent resulting from a poorly considered marriage. The unhappy consequences of
bad choices. May mean hiding of breakups or divorce.
Element – Air
Zodiac – Gemini

Triumph, mastery. By achieving with careful planning, hard work, and boldness. With
force of will and harnessing forces to work in unison. Self-control, confidence,
commitment, effort and focus to produce success. Overcoming obstacles. Often related to
travel. A trip or a move may be in your future. Traditionally, journeys, exploration,
conquest, control
Difficulty or failure coordinating disparate forces. Lack of control, lack of confidence,
rashness, indecision. Sometimes warning of stress related illness. Also possibly vehicle or
travel problems.
Traditionally accidents, defeats, delays
Element – Water
Zodiac – Cancer

Mastery focused inward. Force of will. Self-control. The courage, confidence and
persistence to follow through to the successful conclusion despite difficulties. Harnessing
one’s own talents and strengths. May represent providing a calming influence on others.
Traditionally, fortitude, patience, perseverance, endurance. Sometimes, love of animals.
Not in control. Unable to harness inner forces. Extremes of anger or timidity. Avoidance.
Cowardice. Unable to break bad habits or overcome addictions. Traditionally anger,
tyranny, weakness, cruelty, impatience. Sometimes a warning of health problems related
to anger agitation, high blood pressure.
Element – Fire
Zodiac – Leo

Introspection, spirituality. Looking objectively at the world around. Learning for the sake
of learning. Stepping back from the fast pace of life for awhile to take stock of where you
are. It may be time to consider the lessons of the past. Increasing knowledge for the sake
of doing so. A need for space and time alone. Possibly a wise confident or tutor. A
beacon of knowledge. Traditionally, wisdom, reserve, meditation, secrecy.
Antisocial. Withdrawn. Senile. Lost in the dark. Maybe a victim of betrayal. Perhaps fears
of growing old or being alone. This could be a warning to think more objectively. Also,
beware of false or ignorant teachings. Traditionally, reclusiveness, isolation, loneliness. Be
conscious of diseases related to aging.
Element – Earth
Zodiac – Virgo

Unexpected good luck. Raises. Promotions. Prosperity may be coming. Good news about
health issues. As always, good luck becomes better for the prepared and the proactive, but
this card also represents providence. Traditionally fortune, good health, advancement.
Ups and downs. Instability. Unpredictability. Apparent good fortune may not turn out to
be so good after all. After finally being promoted to the white-collar job, the job is
downsized. Traditionally negligence, inconsistency, speculation, cruel fate. Possibly might
suggest fluctuating health issues such as allergies or weight gain.
Element – Fire/Water
Zodiac – Jupiter

Truth Balance Fairness Equality. Doing the right thing, even if it is not desirable. The card
speaks of getting what one deserves and acting in fair and just ways. Perhaps a past
injustice will be corrected. Can represent courts or the legal system. It’s a lesson to be fair
and honest with oneself and others. It could indicate winning a court case. Or suggests the
seeker should pay attention to promises, debts, and obligations. Traditionally balance
harmony equity integrity fairness.
Injustice, Imbalance, Unfairness, inequality. Not looking at the situation objectively.
Disregard for what is right. Failure to be honest with oneself or others. Unfair or
excessive criticism. Possible legal problems. Inappropriate or severe application of the
law. Traditionally bigotry, intolerance, false accusations, abuse of the legal system.

Greater understanding. Sacrifice. Humility. Introspection. Acceptance. Contemplation.

The card is about opening one’s mind and overcoming preconceptions and prejudices. A
card of meditation and revelation. A card of faith and trust. To disengage and look at the
big picture. Others point of view may be a better way to look at things. Maybe what
seemed so important isn’t when you stop and think about it. Traditionally selflessness,
wisdom, suspension, entrancement, devotion, submission, intuition, regeneration.

Pretty much the direct opposite. Stubbornness. Refusal to see others point of view.
Narrow mindedness. Distrust. Unwilling to sacrifice or compromise. Traditionally,
selfishness, procrastination, irresponsibility, lack of faith.
Element – Water
Zodiac – Neptune

Transformation and rebirth. A stern unwavering messenger heralding change that is

inevitable and is coming soon. This is a card of new beginnings. Old habits and lifestyles
are shed for new and better ones. Traditionally, transformation, mortality, destruction,
deterioration. Also may represent intense sexual experiences
Something that should die but won’t. A cycle that should end but keeps repeating.
Resisting or delaying change. Unable to move on after a tragedy. Possibly may represent
something that was lost but now has returned. May be a dangerous relationship.
Traditionally, stagnation, immobility, pessimism, destruction.
Element – Water
Zodiac – Scorpio

Moderation. Balance. Harmony. Synergy. Merging apparently opposite elements to create

a whole greater than the individual. Adapting to the environment. Promoting, directing, or
managing to create something from the efforts of many. Keeping emotions under control.
Traditionally, moderation, adaptability, economy, unity, discretion, management,
accommodation, and temperance.
Out of balance, disharmony. Unable to cooperate or compromise. Traditionally, discord,
bad combinations, lack of cooperation, conflict, competition, emotional outbursts, bad
Element – Fire
Zodiac – Sagittarius

Excesses and extremes. Careless and unrestrained sexuality. Drug abuse. Alcoholism.
Obsession. Perversion. Giving in to temptations. Exploring one’s deepest fantasies and
desires. The Devil helps us unleash the repressed animal instincts we all have inside. Look
closely at the card... This Devil is not Satan, this is Pan, the Greek Goat God of Pastures
and Shepard’s, known for his extreme appetites. And look at the chains around the necks
of his "captives". The chains are so loose they could easily remove them. It is not by force
the Devil holds them, it is by their own choice. He does not want to steal their souls, he
wants to teach them to explore their inner selves. They could remove the chains and walk
away at any time, but they choose to remain on the Devil’s leash. This card not only
represents extremes of hedonism, addiction and self-indulgence, but in some cases the
opposite extremes of repression and abstinence. It is really a lesson on balance, teaching
that extreme behavior impedes achievement, progress and growth. When representing a
person in a reading, the Devil is someone powerful and persuasive, likely a controller or
manipulator, but also perhaps a teacher. Traditionally, violence, disease, force,
drunkenness, passion, bondage, self-destruction. When looking at one’s physical
wellbeing, be alert for physical or emotional abuse, addiction, or sexually transmitted
Most often, escape from the bondage of self-destructive behavior. The subject is likely to
realize the damage they are doing and start down a more constructive path. Traditionally,
liberation, recovery, understanding, virtue. In a few cases, though, the Devil reversed can
represent succumbing totally to obsession or addiction, which explains the darker
traditional meanings of pettiness, lust, bondage and bewitchment. In health matters, the
Devil reversed suggests recovery from illness.
Element – Earth
Zodiac – Capricorn

The Tower is probably the most feared card in the Tarot deck. Unexpected catastrophe.
Turmoil. Upheaval. It seems likely that the authors meant to warn of consequences for the
hedonism described in the Devil card. You are sitting snug and happy in your castle tower,
seemingly safe from the dangers below. Suddenly, a bolt from the blue smashes into your
life, casting you out of your secure world. The image on this card is quite clear.
Complacency is shattered. Stability is gone. Comfort and confidence are distant memories.
But in some ways this card is not entirely different from Death. It also represents new
beginnings, not by choice but by necessity. The Tower card brings us back down to earth.
In a few situations, it is also suggested that this lightning bolt could represent the
electricity of irresistible passion or true love striking the seeker. Traditionally, calamity,
catastrophe, ruin, cataclysm, punishment.
Not much better than upright. Illusions of solving the problem without really doing it.
Perhaps a temporary truce, but the war goes on. You may think you have smoothed things
over, but catastrophe and turmoil are waiting for you around the corner because you have
not really addressed the underlying problems. Traditionally, disruption, oppression,
subjugation, persecution.
Element – Fire/Water
Zodiac – Mars

The Star represents hope for the future. The water is being poured from the jugs to
replenish the land and sea. Rejuvenation will come, although perhaps not just yet. Though
doors have closed, windows will surely open as time passes. Traditionally, hope,
inspiration, faith, promise.
A lack of hope, at least for the present. Opportunities are absent, and troubles persist.
Traditionally, disappointment, instability, poor choices.
Element – Air
Zodiac – Aquarius

Mystery. Nightmares. Dreams. The fears that grow in the dark. Secrets. The Moon lights
the gateway between the physical and metaphysical, the conscious and subconscious
realms. Entering the Moon’s world is frightening but can also be revealing and
inspirational. The Moon suggests creativity and intuition. Possibly psychic revelations.
Utilize the inspiration. Perhaps write or paint. But also respect the dangers lurking in the
dark. Beware of deceptions and phony people. The subject must be very careful to avoid
hiding their fears behind alcohol or drugs, as the Moon indicates increased vulnerability to
these self-destructive behaviors. Traditionally, hidden enemies, deception, illusion, danger,
terror, lunacy, plots, dreams.
The upright Moon is not a comfortable card, but the reversal in ways is more frightening.
Although it indicates less danger of external hidden enemies and deceptions, it suggests
heightened fears or denials. Perhaps overly emotional or delusional behavior. Irrational
and intense fear could cause psychological problems. The wildness and chaos of the dark
may be getting out of control. This is also a card of travel, in a different sort of way. It is
said to sometimes portend Astral Travel, the experience of consciousness traveling outside
of the body. When looking at health issues, the Moon represents sleep disorders, mental
illnesses, drug overdoses and coma. Traditionally, inconsistency, instability, fantasy,
ambush, fraud, usury.
Element – Water
Zodiac – Pisces

The Sun is a happy card. Bright children enjoying a beautiful new dawn. Emergence from
the darkness of the night into the light of the day. Radiance. Energy. Success. Prosperity.
Clarity of thought, enhanced by previous trials, but also fueled by youthful optimism.
Pessimism is overcome. Depression fades. New ideas. Creativity. Enthusiasm merges with
experience. Sometimes suggests a marriage or childbirth. Traditionally, revelation,
enlightenment, success.
Not entirely the opposite, but something obscures the clarity of the upright aspect. Refusal
to open one’s eyes to the possibilities. Most likely this will be a temporary delay. The
enthusiasm and abilities are there, but the focus is clouded. Ultimately, the clouds should
clear up. Traditionally, lesser happiness, passion, pride, misunderstanding. The prize is
right there, but to attain it, cynicism must be overcome.
Element – Fire
Zodiac – Sun

Resurrection. Accepting the past and throwing off its burdens. Forgiveness, especially of
one's self, but also of others. Major decisions which may result in major lifestyle changes.
Traditionally, renewal, awakenings, repentance, change.
Resurrection. Accepting the past and throwing off its burdens. Forgiveness, especially of
one's self, but also of others. Major decisions which may result in major lifestyle changes.
Traditionally, renewal, awakenings, repentance, change.
Element – Fire/Water
Zodiac – Pluto

Realization. Attainment of major goals. Reward. Recognition. Triumph. The World card
speaks of understanding the big picture. Everything falls into place. The end of the Fool’s
Journey, but the beginning of other journeys. Now it is time that all the knowledge and
experience can be used to do great things. A card of travel. Perhaps you are a diplomat on
a mission to negotiate treaties, or a business leader opening new markets. The World
indicates understanding, success and achievement. Traditionally, completion, fulfillment,
perfection, promotion, honors, good health. A good omen for successful childbirth.
Not an opposite meaning so much as a delay. The tools seem to be there, but the
successful completion is yet unattained. Perhaps fear of what lies beyond is preventing
completion. Sometimes thought to represent hollow or halfhearted efforts. A person with
great credentials resting on their laurels. Travel may be delayed or interrupted. Combined
with the wrong cards in a reading, The World reversed could represent failure or serious
problems. In health matters, The World generally represents good health and successful
childbirth, unless negatively influenced by other cards in a reading, in which case it can
suggest skeletal or orthopedic problems. Traditionally, inertia, stagnation, obstacles,
failure, imperfection.
Element – Earth/Air
Zodiac – Saturn

New beginnings, new thinking, new opportunities. New friends and co-workers. The
excitement of starting new projects or new jobs. As the Aces represent beginnings, and the
Wands represent inspiration and mental energy, this card in particular represents new ideas
and plans. Traditionally, creation, invention, energy, birth, adventure.
Postponements, deferrals, cancellations. Difficulties getting started. Loss of work or social
contacts. Perhaps the time is not right to start that new project. Lack of energy.
Traditionally, decadence, perdition, fall, clouded joy, abandonment, possibly a difficult

Choosing well and following the chosen path. Though hard work will always be
necessary, achievement of success is likely.
Unable to choose the best path. Indecision and uncertainty. As a result, success may not
come anytime soon.

Strength, boldness, effort, commerce, discovery. The ideas and energy of the Wands are
taking tangible form. The wheels of enterprise are in motion. The entrepreneur watches
his ships full of merchandise sail off on what he hopes will be a successful voyage. Travel
may be required to bring the operation to fruition. Traditionally, trade, negotiations,
enterprise, travel, audaciousness. Cooperation in business.

Delays or interruptions. Problems making the plans work. Difficulties with the voyage.
Lack of cooperation from others. Expected rewards may not be forthcoming or may
require exceptional efforts. Traditional meanings include distrust, misfortune and
treachery, but also the end of trouble and toil. Be on guard for partners with ulterior

Success. Rewards for one’s hard work. A good harvest after a long season of caring for the
crops. Celebrations. Fairs. Harvest festivals. Time to relax and enjoy the company of
friends and loved ones. And also, to give thanks. There may be partnerships in formation,
business or personal. Sometimes thought to suggest matrimony. A good first step toward a
prosperous life. Traditionally, community, reunion, gatherings, relaxation, prosperity.
Not very different from the upright aspect. The foundation for success has been laid, and it
is time to celebrate that achievement. But something may be missing. Perhaps the subject
does not quite appreciate what they have achieved, or the blessings they have been given.
Perhaps they are not quite yet ready for partnership or marriage. Perhaps they are a bit
insecure and don’t fully recognize their own abilities. Traditionally, pleasure,
advancement, beauty, but the pleasure is hollow and the beauty is tarnished. This card is
known as a good omen for recovery from illness and for healthy childbirth.

Competition. Contests. Contention. Struggle. Others will not just stand aside. The lesson
of the Five of Wands is that it is necessary to deal with competitors to achieve success.
Walking away from the contest will result in loss. Learn to work with the opposition for
mutual benefit or strive to rise to the top. Be open to the ideas of others, but also alert to
their self interests. Also, maintain self-control and avoid anger. The traditional meanings
suggest victory in this struggle: gain, riches, abundance, happy marriage.
Walking away from opportunity to avoid the struggle. Fear of competition. Alternatively,
litigation, dispute and trickery by the opposition are likely if the contest continues.
Traditionally, lawsuits, fraud, persecution, harassment, delays. But a favorable outcome is
suggested if one stays in the game.

Known as the Victory Card, the Six of Wands celebrates overcoming previous challenges,
and suggests that future victories are coming soon. Study the card and note that the
horseman is surrounded by his troops. This is not only a card of personal victory, it is a
card of team victory. The leader has achieved his success with the help of his followers,
and without teamwork, it would not have been possible. Traditionally, good news, hope,
desires, expectations, fulfillment.
The opposite. Victory is not forthcoming. Likely due to dissension or disloyalty on the
team. Problems working together with subordinates. Distrust. Disharmony. Betrayal. The
leader perhaps makes his followers feel that he thinks he is above them, causing
resentment. A warning to appreciate the efforts of those working with you and find to a
way to let them know that you do. Traditionally, infidelity, disloyalty, betrayals,
After achieving success, it will be necessary to fight to stay on top. There is no room for
complacency, but there is need for perseverance. The subject’s dominating position helps
assure their ultimate victory, but only if they continue to make their best efforts. The
Seven of Wands speaks particularly of the business world, but might also have
implications for sport or other competitive endeavors. Traditionally, commerce,
conferences, gossip, profit, advantage, competition.
Defensiveness. Withdrawal into fortifications. Fearful or lacking the energy to continue
the competition. Possibly losing composure or poise in the face of contention.
Traditionally, indecision, embarrassment, doubt, anxiety.

Acceleration. Enthusiasm. The pace of life quickens. The Eight of Wands card has been
described as Arrows of Love and Falling in Love. Perhaps the subject is, or soon will be,
in a new, exciting relationship. Perhaps new business ideas are fueling excitement and
productivity. High speed travel is possible, perhaps a journey by air. In any case, utilize
the energy and enjoy the ride, but avoid carelessness. Traditionally, activity, swiftness,
haste, great hope, progress, direction, new love.
Arrows of Love become arrows of jealousy. Arguments, disharmony. Delays. Setbacks.
Things may be stalled, or alternatively, the frantic pace was too much and mistakes
resulted. The new ideas may not have been so good after all. Traditionally, Internal
dispute. The sting of conscience. Quarrels, discord, regret. Be wary of meddlers or
outsiders that may cause marital strife.

Anticipation. Suspension. Possibly hidden enemies. This warrior has come a long way,
overcoming many challenges. He is on the verge of completing his quest. But he knows he
must pause, perhaps from exhaustion, perhaps to protect himself from danger. He has the
tools and the skills to defend himself, if necessary. The real danger that he faces is
accepting less than he has earned. The Nine of Wands teaches us that we must see the
quest through to it’s conclusion. Analyze the situation. Get some rest if possible. Prepare
defenses and consolidate the position, if necessary. But don’t end the quest. When rested
and prepared, finish what has been started. Traditionally, delay, estrangement,
adjournment, prudence, experience.
The position may be indefensible. The warrior may be too tired to continue. Perhaps the
necessary will or energy is lacking. Surrender or abandonment may be the only apparent
options. It might be time to find help, or if none is forthcoming, withdraw from the
engagement as prudently as possible. When looking at health issues, the Nine of Wands
could suggest mild but chronic illness that saps energy. Traditionally, obstacles, adversity,
calamity, barriers, sluggishness.

The burden may be too great. Atlas holding the world on his shoulders. Great
achievements have been made, but the job is not getting any easier and weariness may be

setting in. Perhaps it is time to take a breather for a while. But don’t give up. Persistence
and determination will bring success. Traditionally, betrayal, oppression, gain, fortune.
The opposite of working too hard. Irresponsibility. Broken promises. Lack of dedication.
Traditionally, treachery, intrigue, difficulty, unexpected problems.

A message. News of the new and exciting. The Page of Wands, also known as the Princess
of Wands, suggests enthusiasm and zeal. When representing a person, this card likely
means a youth with vigor and ambition, working hard to achieve a goal. It also speaks of
excitement and dedication for projects or hobbies. Traditionally, surprising, exciting,
consistent, faithful and helpful.
Pretty much the opposite of the upright aspect. Bad news. Lack of interest or rejection of
new projects. Unwilling to help others. Prone to tantrums and rashness. Delinquency.
Traditionally, unstable, inconsistent, unfaithful.

Bold, passionate, exciting, spontaneous. The Knight, or Prince, of Wands is a fiery force in
relationships. He begins new projects with excitement and creativity. But follow-through
is his shortcoming. He is easily bored and prone to move on before things are finished.
Although a loyal friend, he is not inclined to relinquish the variety and excitement he
craves for a permanent engagement. As with all the Knights, a symbol of travel,
suggesting long trips overland by highway. Traditionally, flight, separation, distance,
abandonment, emigration.
The reversed Knight of Wands is not outwardly so different from the upright. But he is of
lower character, at least for the present. Still bold and spontaneous, but more prone to
bully or abuse. Egotistical, impatient, thoughtless and uncaring. Perhaps he might pursue a
woman he isn’t really interested in for the amusement of conquering her or breaking up a
relationship. Traditionally, estrangement, division, rupture, strife. Possibly car problems or
other negative issues affecting travel. Whether upright or reversed, the Knight of Wands
suggests departure. Enjoy the glow while you can, he may not be around very long.

Creative. Passionate. Bold. Confident. Determined and energetic, but charming. A natural
leader. The Queen of Wands’ characteristics often lead to the performing arts. She could
be the entertainment director on a cruise ship, perhaps a movie star or an advertising
executive. Independent and courageous, she is likely to firmly reject any efforts to rein her
in, as her black cat warns. But she is also a loving, loyal mother and partner. Her passion
for achievement may sometimes lead her to become a bit more involved in her children’s
affairs than she needs to be. Traditionally, friendly, honorable, charming, understanding, a
lover of money who is likely to succeed in business.
Spitefulness. Intolerance. The reversed Queen of Wands presents a couple of possibilities.
Most commonly, her fire and boldness are exaggerated, while her compassion and loyalty
are diminished. This queen may be impatient, jealous, cruel and vengeful. She may be
short tempered and think nothing of using her substantial resources to exact unjustly

severe revenge for some minor slight. If she is angry at her partner, she may punish him
with infidelity. In some cases, however, her energy may simply be drained and she could
become withdrawn and unable to sustain her usual workload. Traditionally, the meanings
are dependent on the card’s position in the layout, and swing from obliging and
economical to deceit, jealousy and infidelity.

The Kingdom of Wands symbolizes energy, inspiration and desire. The King of Wands is
a natural leader who has no doubt that he is in charge. Courageous, charismatic, generous.
His ambition drives him ever onward toward greater achievements. His confidence, energy
and enthusiasm infect those around him. He greatly enjoys social events and is a loyal
friend. As a parent, he is more likely to lead his children by influence and inspiration than
with discipline. He enjoys starting new projects but does not always finish up.
Traditionally, honesty, integrity, talent, genius.
The reversed King of Wands can be intolerant, impatient, overbearing and domineering.
He may be childish, selfish, short tempered or jealous. He might lash out at those he
believes are not paying him enough respect. Another facet of this reversal may be the
King’s abdication. Perhaps the responsibilities of leadership are more than he can handle.
If looking at health related issues, pay attention to circulatory problems and be cautious to
avoid head injuries. Traditionally, excess, exaggeration, severity.

Contentment. Abundance. Fertility. As the Aces represent new beginnings, and the Cups
represent love, emotion and family, it is not surprising that the Ace of Cups suggests the
start of new relationships, or perhaps family relations growing closer. This card also
sometimes portends marriage or childbirth. Traditionally, feasting, opulence, good news,
birth, kindness, love.
The opposite of upright for the most part. Relationships in decline. Possibly pretense of
affection for underhanded reasons. A hoped for relationship fails to gel, perhaps because it
is one sided. When looking at health issues, be wary of digestive or reproductive disorders.
Traditionally, erosion, instability, sterility, falseness.

Love, friendship, harmony, union. Relations between the sexes. Sincere and mutual
affection. A card of balanced and equal relationships. Possibly a card of engagement and
marriage. For established relationships, it may mean a reconciliation is coming or has
occurred. Traditionally, love, attraction, passion, kindness, betrothal, partnership.
The opposite. Relationship problems. Disappointment. Disinterest. Disharmony.
Imbalance. Perhaps divorce is on the horizon. Lust without love. Infidelity is possible.
Traditionally, jealousy, conflict, separation, illusion.

Successful conclusion of the matter. Perfection. Happiness. Fulfillment. Joining with

friends and family to celebrate the good times. Traditionally, merriment, victory,
fruitfulness, achievement, abundance.

Not so much opposite as feeling the consequences. A hangover from all the celebration.
The results of overindulgence. Possibly growing weary of the party scene. Traditionally,
excess, overabundance, conclusion, accidents.

Boredom. Blessings taken for granted. Daydreams of something newer and more exciting.
Perhaps a warning to either appreciate what there is, or move on. Care should also be
taken to avoid escapism through alcohol or drugs. Face the situation at hand and deal with
Taking actions to alleviate the boredom or pursue the daydream. Moving on. If good
things unappreciated are being left behind, this might not represent a favorable result. If
the past situation was unsatisfying or unhappy, moving on may be the best choice.

A card of loss, but the loss is not total. Three cups are empty, but two are still full. What
remains deserves appreciation. The Five of Cups suggests that it may be time to move on
from mourning or self pity. It is a lesson on resiliency. Traditionally, quarrels, separation,
sacrifice, regret. There is also a possibility of inheritance.
Two different outcomes may be suggested by the reversed Five of Cups. Traditionally, the
subject moves on from mourning and renews connections with family and friends. The
opposite interpretation is that inverted, the remaining cups are emptied and nothing is left.
Perhaps ultimately, this card represents self-determination. Eventually, inability to move
forward after a loss will result in further loss and deterioration of other relationships.

Nostalgia. Tender moments from childhood, remembered. Trust, security and forgiveness.
Memories of happy times and simple pleasures may influence present actions. Perhaps it is
time to make up with a loved one after a disagreement. Perhaps the subject is courting or
being courted. A face from the past may return. Traditionally, antiquity, memories, aging,
longing for the past.
Struggling to break free of old emotional bonds. Rejecting past trauma. Moving on from
bitter memories. Focusing on the present and the future. Disillusionment. While the Six of
Cups reversed is often described in contemporary interpretations to mean difficulty letting
go of the past, traditionally the meanings were more optimistic: regeneration, better times,
renewal, future prospects. Perhaps in either aspect, a lesson to treasure the special
memories, but avoid becoming their prisoner.

Temptations. Choices, perhaps shrouded by deception. Once chosen, the cup may not hold
what was expected. Patience and care are advised. Think well and consider what is right
before choosing.
Avoidance. Disinterest. Insecurity. Lack of motivation. None of the cups look tempting.
This card warns of loss of hope. Help may be needed.

Take a hard look at current situations. Decide whether things are worth continuing.
Changes of employment, residence, relationship or lifestyle may result. Walking away
from that which is not in one's best interests. Leaving the comfort zone behind and risking
the unfamiliar to achieve greater things.
The risk fails. Greater things are not achieved. Return to that which was not worth
continuing. Inability to escape from the unsatisfying or unproductive situation, and now
things seem worse.

A card of joy. Wishes and hopes come true. The answer to the question is positive. Things
are going the way they should. Creativity and achievement are at a high. Be sure to enjoy
the moment.
Your wish will not come true. Things are not going the way they should. A card of
frustration and difficulty.

Love. Fulfillment. Happiness. Harmony. Closeness of the family. Popularity and

acceptance. The Ten of Cups represents the pinnacle of emotional well-being.
Traditionally, community, esteem, reputation, contentment.

Alienation. Unhappiness at home. Disappointment in the community. Overwhelmed by

family demands. Separation anxiety. It suggests relationship problems, children going
away to college, possibly waning friendships. Traditionally, insult, irritation, pettiness,
anger, sorrow.

A message regarding love or relationship. Possibly news of an engagement or pregnancy.

The Pages commonly represent children. The Page, or Princess, of Cups is the
affectionate, sensitive, loving, but vulnerable child. When the subject is an adult, this card
may suggest that they are feeling some of that sensitivity and vulnerability. If the subject is
a child, as with any child they will achieve and develop best in a supportive, nurturing
environment. But this child may need a little bit of extra recognition and appreciation.
With it, they can achieve great things. Traditionally, helpful, innocent, loyal, studious.
Bad news about love or relationship. Oversensitivity. Overcompensation. Needy of
reassurance. Possibly prone to use sexuality and seduction to attract or retain friendships.
It may also represent a person who has been hurt in the past and is withdrawn as a result.
When the subject is a child, it may suggest imaginary worlds and imaginary friends.
Traditionally, weakness, heartache, adoration, supplication.

A gentle, caring lover and friend. Sensitive and affectionate. A writer of poems and songs.
Thoughtful. Chivalrous. Creative and artistic. Prone to be a dreamer. The Knight of Cups
may suggest a proposal is coming. If the context is personal, perhaps it is a good time to

focus on artistic and creative endeavors. As with all Knights, a harbinger of travel. In this
case, the travel is over water. Perhaps a cruise or a river rafting trip. Traditionally,
seduction, charm, proposal, attraction, union.
Repressed or hidden homosexuality is possible. Fear of commitment. Moodiness.
Cynicism. Withdrawal. Insecurity. A musician who doesn’t show up for his concert.
Evasive. Unhappy. Impossible to please. Beware of travel over water. Traditionally,
cheating, trickery, treachery, slander.

A mother figure. A good woman. Loving and giving. A nurturer and healer. Romantic,
artistic and creative. Often psychic or intuitive. Excels as a muse, helping others realize
their talents.
Excessively needy or clingy. Manipulative. A person who projects nurturing and care, but
with hidden motives of control. A sensitive person who could possibly fall victim to
addictions or depression.

The Kingdom of Cups includes relationships, feelings, emotions, the heart. The King of
Cups is a good and decent man who cares deeply about others. He may be an artist, pastor,
pediatrician, perhaps a teacher. He treasures his family and gives his all for their welfare
and happiness. His weakness could be that he is too forgiving or soft hearted with family
members. He will not be soft hearted or weak if they are threatened, however.
Participation in community improvement or charitable organizations is possible.
Traditionally, fairness, honesty, integrity, consideration, supportiveness.
Oversensitivity may result in emotional withdrawal due to feeling underappreciated.
Possibly prone to escapism through alcohol or substance abuse. Also, this individual may
use the loyalty and affection of others against them, perhaps coercing an abused child to
keep their abuse secret, perhaps developing a friendship to swindle the supposed friend.
Traditionally, dishonorable, double-dealing, injustice, vice, scandal, corruption.

A sharper mind. A clearer focus. A new birth of energy. Developing and following
through on new projects. There may be some questions or uncertainties, but the energy of
the sword will cut through the red tape. This card is sometimes thought to suggest surgery,
and often thought to represent "the pen". Therefore, it is a particularly good omen for new
projects involving writing. Though the card represents ambition and determination, it is
also a card of fairness and justice.
Pretty much the direct opposite of the upright aspect. A bad omen for new projects. A lack
of ambition. Difficulty focusing thoughts or making plans. A warning to avoid taking on
too much. As this card often represents writing, reversed it may represent writer's block, or
lack of creativity. The need for compromise is indicated.

Foremost, a suggestion that the subject is the agent of compromise. A diplomat keeping
the peace. However, remaining neutral causes internal conflict and doubt. Difficulty in
making decisions may result. It may prove valuable to join forces with a likeminded
person. Keeping the peace will be a short term task and will lead to personal growth.
Lack of compromise. Breaking the peace. Taking sides. Perhaps even fueling the
hostilities., treachery lies or phony people may also be suggested.

Swords through the heart, just as it appears. Heartache. Hurt feelings. Cruel and cutting
words. Pent up anger or resentment released perhaps in the waning moments of an
unhappy relationship. Looking at health related issues, the Three of Swords suggests that
surgery might be necessary. Traditionally, removal, absence, delay, division, separation,
hatred, incompatibility.
Where the upright Three of Swords suggests conclusion and clearing the air, however
hurtful that might be, reversed this card implies lingering pain and frustrations. Perhaps
the subject’s partner is blatantly unfaithful, but they continue the unhappy relationship.
Perhaps the person in question cannot overcome past trauma and continually dwells on it.
A warning that this emotional torture must be confronted at some point, or it will only
grow more severe. Traditionally, alienation, loneliness, insanity, confusion, disorder.

Tranquility. Introspection. Meditation. Prayer. Resting. Healing. Temporary withdrawal

from stress and strain. Traditionally, solitude, exile, retreat, banishment.
Awakening. Recovery, perhaps from illness or possibly from emotional trauma. The
painful lessons learned will not be lost. Greater caution will be exercised in the future. The
time for resting has passed, or perhaps rest is not possible at this time. Traditionally,
circumspection, economy, cautiousness, foresight, sympathy.

Dynamism and determination overwhelm kindheartedness. The victor believes he is right

and honorable, but has little compassion or empathy. Victory at what cost? Are those
former friends walking away beaten and intimidated? Short term victory that may result in
long term loss. Depending on the context, possibly an indicator of abuse. A lesson that you
can never win with some people, and sometimes you just have to walk away.
The reversal of this card does not really result in a reversal of the meaning. The outcome
may be the same, or perhaps result in a deadlock. If victory is won, it may be a hollow
victory haunted by regret. And similar battles are likely to continue. Making peace is the
best alternative. Also, traditionally read as a bad omen for a new partnership or enterprise.

Journeys by water. Perhaps for pleasure, but more likely the Six of Swords metaphorically
suggests traveling away from previous confrontation and turmoil. The journey will take
the subject to a place of greater harmony on the far shore. What is left behind is also
significant... this card suggests moving on from naive or erroneous ideas toward a state of
clearer understanding, improved communications and greater knowledge. Traditionally,
expedience, passage, travel, voyage.

Unwilling or unable to leave the current situation behind. Feeling trapped or perhaps
fearful of the journey. Communication problems. Misperceptions. Travel may be delayed
or interrupted. Also, a warning of possible danger from water. Be wary of storms,
flooding, children around swimming pools and other water hazards. Traditionally,
confessions, disclosures, publicity, unwanted marriage proposals or declarations of love.

Gaining advantage by stealth. Taking calculated risks. Possibly spying or deceptiveness

for strategic reasons. Sometimes an elopement is suggested. Often interpreted as a
forthcoming journey overland, which may be made in secret. Also could suggest a
clandestine affair.
Lack of confidence or perhaps guilt prevent risk taking. Possibly taking stock of previous
actions and working to right past wrongs. Working for forgiveness. Also a warning to be
wary of others secretly working to gain advantages.

Trapped. In bondage. Imprisoned in a cage of swords. The blindfold makes finding the
way out difficult. But these swords and this blindfold are usually metaphorical. The
blindfold may be self-imposed. It may be fear or insecurity that is keeping the subject
locked up in an unpleasant place. They may be overwhelmed with worries that prevent
them from seeing the situation clearly. With boldness and courage, escape is possible.
Depending on the question and the influences of the surrounding cards, however, the Eight
of Swords in some cases may actually represent legal judgments resulting in imprisonment
or injuries resulting in hospitalization. Traditionally, accident, calamity, bad news,
violence, crisis, censure, conflict, illness.

Unfortunately, not a complete opposite. While small successes through hard work are
suggested, it will require persistence and ingenuity to break free, and there will be ups and
downs along the way. Traditionally, opposition, misfortune, danger, difficulty,
overcoming past treachery.

Isolation. Depression. Negativity. Desperate sorrow. Bad dreams or trouble sleeping.

Overwhelmed by worries. Though the problems are serious, it may be time to start looking
for solutions rather than focusing on past events. Traditionally, delay, disappointment,
despair. In some contexts, this card is thought to suggest the possibility of miscarriage or
The struggle to overcome depression and pessimism. The flame of recovery could be
starting to flicker. It may not be easy, but this reversal might signify the first and most
difficult steps have been taken. Traditionally, struggle, doubt, shame, rumors, defiance.

A card of endings. Hopes dashed. A battle lost. Things are as bad as they can get. Not
particularly a warning of physical injury, though. Betrayal, false friends, or a need to be

alert for enemies may be suggested. Most likely, it is time to end this struggle, take stock
and move on to new things.

Since things can't get any worse, they are going to get better. Windfall profits or
unexpected kindnesses may be received. However, gains and successes may be temporary.
In reverse, this card means not entirely the opposite of it's upright aspect. It may be a
warning of ups and downs along the way for a time.

Alertness. Readiness. Espionage or surveillance. Studying the situation. Possibly

defensiveness. Awaiting something with expectation. Often this card foretells the coming
of an important message regarding a difficult or complex issue. Perhaps the message
contains the solution. In the upright, the news is often good. Also, note the sword carried
by the Page. Caution with sharp objects such as scissors or knives is suggested.
Reversed, the Page is not someone to confide in. Often a liar or a gossip. Transitory
communication problems are suggested. Errors in written documents, hesitation or
difficulty speaking may occur. It may also represent someone who has been mistreated as
a child and feels beaten down and insecure. Nevertheless, the Page reversed can be spiteful
and cutting. This aspect also represents important news, but in this case it is less likely to
be good.

Determination, will, perhaps anger. Leading a life and death charge into harms way. This
Knight believes he is right. He is not prepared to accept less than victory. Although he is
equipped with outstanding intelligence and wit, he must be on guard against
impetuousness and impatience, which are his weaknesses. He craves action, and may be
prone to start fights for the excitement of it. He is brave, but he can also be a bully. At his
best, he may be the hero of the battle. At his worst, he may be the cause of the war.
Upright, this warrior is hard to stop and is likely to win the victory.

When reversed, the Knight of Swords still strives for victory. But in this aspect, a dark
side presents itself. Bravery may replaced by treachery, intelligence supplanted by
cunning. The reversed knight may connive and backstab to have his way, or his revenge.
The reversal could also indicate fatigue or futility, a letdown following his explosive
charge. Depending on the context of the reading, this card reversed may also be interpreted
as impending troubles with air travel.

A woman who has been tempered by loss and sorrow. A strong, honorable, independent
person. Demanding of herself, she is intolerant of others who are less demanding of
themselves. Meeting her expectations may be difficult. Highly intelligent, she generously
shares her knowledge. A great communicator of logic and fact. Behind her cold exterior,
her intentions are good. But she can be hard to get close to. Traditionally, sadness,
separation, widowhood.

The reversed Queen of Swords is not altogether the opposite, but her sorrows and
disappointments may have left her bitter. Her intentions may not be so honorable as when
upright. She might take solace in watching others endure sorrow. Her exceptional
communication skills could be used to hurt others. Paradoxically, the reversed Queen
could also suffer from problems communicating. When looking at health issues,
respiratory problems due to allergy or pollution are possible. Traditionally, spitefulness,
wickedness, maliciousness, deceit, vengeance.

The Kingdom of Swords embodies character, principles, intellect and communication.

Honest, strict, intelligent, the King of Swords is fair and balanced, but unyielding. When
representing a person, he might be a judge, military officer, police officer or physician.
Someone of high ethics who backs his words with actions. This card may suggest critical
analysis of literary or legal documents, or technical writing. Traditionally, judgment,
command, authority, law, militarism, power.
The reversed King of Swords may take strictness to the extreme. He may be
unsympathetic, uncaring, heartless. Excessively harsh penalties could be based on anger or
vindictiveness. Possibly blind conservatism that blocks progress. In some cases, this
curmudgeonly behavior might be a result of oncoming senility. Uncertainty or inability to
make decisions could also be suggested. Traditionally, cruelty, perversity, inhumanity,
barbarity, evil intentions.

The seed of success. Opportunities are available. A better job. A promotion. Perhaps a
windfall profit or an inheritance is on the way. With increased prosperity will come
increased responsibility. A card of good fortune but remember that the seed requires
cultivation to bear fruit.
There may also be treasure in the reversal, but in this case it is more likely to be buried
than shared. Greed. Selfishness. Holding on tightly to riches. Possibly so enchanted by the
pot of gold that it is only clutched more tightly as the palace around it deteriorates into
disrepair from negligence. Fortune that does not bring happiness. Alternatively, the
opportunity does not come. Anticipated prosperity is not attained.

Juggling, just like it looks. Keeping things in balance. Look past the juggler to the ships
out at sea. He is working hard to keep things going until his ship comes in. He may need to
spend some time with his partner or his family, to try and balance his life a bit better. His
ship is in rough seas, but things will work out well for him if he doesn’t drop the ball.
Traditionally, obstacles, agitation, trouble.
The conflicting demands are too intense. He cannot maintain balance any longer. He drops
the Pentacle. He may try to cover up the problem with false gaiety. This aspect may also
suggest that the subject’s work involves the written word, perhaps advertising or
journalism. Traditionally, writing, letters, paperwork, messages, financial problems, false
Craftsmanship. Profitability. Recognition. Partnership. Good planning. Advancement
through skill and effort. Working well with others to achieve success. The Pentacles
represent down to Earth matters of business, employment and finance. This card signifies
rising to a higher level in the material world. Passage from apprentice to journeyman.
Traditionally, nobility, renown, glory, distinction.
The opposite. The result is unsatisfactory. Perhaps the subject’s efforts are ignored or
unappreciated by superiors or customers. Perhaps their work needs improvement. Perhaps
the problems are due to poor performance by co-workers or partners, but the result is the
same. Traditionally, mediocrity, weakness, pettiness, laziness, waste.

Focused on money, business interests and material possessions. Developing structure to

secure and perpetuate wealth or power. The Four of Pentacles is known as the Miser Card.
This greed is driven by fear of losing what has been gained through previous labors. It
may be time to relax a bit and perhaps share just a little of the wealth. Traditionally, surety
of possessions, inheritance, investments, success in business.
Financial instability. Unable to hold on to money. Poor investment choices. Gambling.
Wasteful spending. Previous gains are diminished or wasted. The stress of maintaining
things may be too great. Perhaps a deliberate choice is made not to be a miser.
Traditionally, hinderance, loss, suspense, delay, opposition.

Financial problems. Job loss. Poverty. Hardships related to money. Frustrating and
difficult, but not permanent. Lessons that the road is not always smooth. Traditionally, the
Five of Pentacles also suggests loyal partners supporting each other through these
A turnaround. After hard work and thought, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting
brighter. Perhaps unexpected good fortune. Reversal of negative trends. The traditional
interpretations of this aspect are darker, however. Traditional meanings include confusion,
anarchy and discord. Possibly those who stood by each other during the lean times may be
less faithful when the material situation improves.

Benevolence. Generosity. Charity. Sharing. Exchanges of money for admiration.

Exchanges of energy to achieve balance. The Six of Pentacles may be about helping
others, but it may also be about receiving help. You might be the benefactor, but you
might also be the recipient. Perhaps the subject is freeing themselves from the burden of
debt, financial or otherwise. Perhaps they may receive presents, bonuses or inheritances in
the near future. If offered gifts, accept gratefully. Traditionally, gifts, gratification,
prosperity, philanthropy.

Lacking the resources to help those in need. Problems paying off debts. Ingratitude. Offers
of help turn out to be tied to greater obligations. Possibly a warning to avoid giving loans,
there is a good chance they will not be repaid. Traditionally, greed, jealousy, selfishness,

The day to day tasks associated with enterprise. Cultivation. Caring for the crop. Waiting
for the harvest, but not idly. Pruning, fertilizing, watering. The hard work and patience
required to make things grow. Doing the routine things, it takes to stay on the road to
Anxiety results in poor quality work. Apprehension about competitors fuels rash decisions.
Harvesting before the grain is ready. Working hard for little return, often as a result of
impatience. Perhaps insufficient resources are available to do the job properly.

Apprenticeship. Craftsmanship. Conscientious and thorough study or work. Focusing on

doing it right. The Eight of Pentacles also suggests conscientious and thorough behavior in
one’s personal life. Perhaps the subject is diligently adhering to an exercise plan, a healthy
diet or a savings plan. Traditionally, candor, practicality, employment, commissions,
Overworked. Underpaid. Unsatisfying jobs. Lack of effort or lack of interest in work.
Perhaps boredom or poor training lead to frustration and substandard performance.
Unemployment may result. Problems saving money or paying bills are also possible.
Traditionally, hypocrisy, usury, unreliability, insincerity, lack of ambition.

Financial independence. Prosperity. Affluence. Comfort. Good health. Possibly a new

home. Perhaps a luxurious vacation. Reaping the rewards of all the previous hard work.
Traditionally, safety, prudence, success, accomplishments, thoughtfulness, property,
Still a card of property and money, but the Nine of Pentacles reversed may signal threats
or dissatisfaction. The subject may be uncomfortable with the trappings of their situation.
Possibly boredom with inherited wealth. Perhaps the wealth was ill-gotten and there is
guilt. Perhaps their property is threatened with damage by vandalism or natural disaster. A
warning to exercise great care and diligence in real estate transactions. Beware of
swindles. Traditionally, trickery, deception, cancelled projects, betrayal, deceit, theft,
storms, disappointment.

The achievements of a lifetime. That which is permanent and may be passed on to future
generations. The family business. Fortune. Heirlooms. Estates. But also traditions,
ancestry, the family name. Wanting to ensure the security, comfort and preservation of the
family. This card may be an indication of a coming inheritance, perhaps as the heir, or
perhaps as the executor. A card of stable wealth, and a card of heritage.

The reverse of the upright meaning. Members of the future generation care not for family
traditions or ancestors. There is no inheritance, or it is wasted by spendthrift heirs. Greedy
family members battling and bickering over the estate, only to find it consumed by debts
and taxes. Also, the reversed aspect may represent alienation from the family.

A message about health, business or finance, likely good news. Also a suggestion to pay
close attention to business matters. The Page, or Princess, of Pentacles is the down to earth
child. Analytical. Pragmatic. Hands on. An engineer and a builder. Serious about learning.
Serious about money. This is the child who opens a lemonade stand or mows lawns by
their own initiative. Traditionally, scholarship, concentration, apprenticeship, work.
Bad news about finance, business, or health issues. Overly materialistic. Obsessed with
acquisition. Probably a cheapskate when it comes to spending on other people. Only
interested in getting paid, not in doing quality work. Possibly problems studying or
understanding assignments. Traditionally, dissipation, degradation, luxury, meddling.

A person of integrity. Someone who can be counted on. A closer. Dependable. Self
sufficient. Conscientious. Persistent. The Knights represent travel, and this Knight in
particular suggests travel over natural terrain on foot or by off-road vehicle. Traditionally,
interesting, attractive, beneficial, important, helpful, successful
A workaholic. Focused on advancement and success in the material world, while ignoring
the emotional and aesthetic elements of life. Turned inward, perhaps due to excessive
devotion to a pursuit such as writing, exercise or meditation. As a result, uninterested in
others and apparently boring to them. However, some see this aspect more in the
traditional light... burned out, inactive, unwilling to work hard. Traditionally apathetic,
stagnant, indolent, discouraged.

A prosperous woman. Resourceful. Fastidious. Conscientious. Perhaps a business owner,

or a driving force behind a business. In control of her surroundings and her family.
Generous and caring. Confident that she knows the right way to do things. She works hard
to ensure the welfare of her loved ones, the quality of her environment, and the success of
her ventures. Traditionally, opulence, security, freedom, luxury, sincerity.
The reversed Queen of Pentacles is the opposite of upright, for the most part. She is not
generous. She may be insecure and possessive. She may have problems getting things
done. She may not pay much attention to the needs of others. She may not be very
concerned about her environment. Possibly indicative of financial issues. When looking at
health questions, be alert for dietary or digestive problems. Traditionally, suspicious,
uncertain, vengeful, apprehensive.

The Kingdom of Pentacles is the Earthly. The practical and economic facets of life. The
King of Pentacles is a leader in monetary matters, and possibly in environmental matters.
When representing a person, he is likely to be involved in finance, and to be successful in
the business world. A shrewd investor, but interested in value as well as profits. A lover of
the finer things, but pragmatic about their acquisition. Perhaps a bit possessive about the
people in his life. Steady, stable and dependable. Generous about providing guidance to
others. Traditionally, courageous, intelligent, intellectual, loyal. Mathematical aptitudes.
Reversed, the King of Pentacles may become a cheapskate or an exploiter. He may be a
business owner who underpays his employees, cheats on taxes or operates dishonestly.
Perhaps a slumlord. He may be overly conservative, thereby impeding or preventing
progress. He may view people simply as resources. Also, there may be financial problems.
Mathematical aptitudes, dependability or pragmatism could be lacking. As the Pentacles
represent the Earth, this reversal could suggest environmental carelessness or usury.
Traditionally, vice, weakness, ugliness, perversity, corruption, disorder.