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The machines used in the mining industry are AFEX supplies many of the largest
some of the largest and most expensive pieces of mines in North and South America
heavy equipment available. To protect their capital with our reliable, low maintenance,
equipment, mine operators want a fire suppression fire suppression systems. The systems are
system that is effective and automatic. Since a commonly installed on loaders, dozers, drills,
down machine can cost thousands of dollars a day graders, trucks, and excavators. They are
in lost production, they want a system that is low available in many sizes and configurations
maintenance and easily serviced. to meet your needs, including our 125 lb.
tanks and dual agent (dry and wet chemical)
AFEX knows the mining industry and understands
systems, perfect for larger machines such as
the demands of your operation. Our fire suppression
haul trucks and hydraulic shovels.
systems are purpose built to withstand the everyday
abuse your machines experience. They are rugged, If you are serious about protecting
reliable, and easily serviced in the field with your equipment against fires, then you
common hand tools. In the event of a fire the system can rely on AFEX, as a specialist, to offer
discharges automatically, saving valuable seconds you the best solution.
crucial to limiting the damage to your machine.


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Stainless Steel Tubing Distribution Automatic Detection System
The AFEX system is widely The AFEX sensor is a single-pole, single-throw, switch
known for its rugged stainless steel that activates automatically when the sensor reaches the
construction, designed to be as sturdy pre-set temperature. The case is laser welded to form a
as the machine it’s installed upon. The tubing hermetically sealed housing and can be encased in various
is nearly maintenance free and avoids costly and types of brackets or enclosures for ease of mounting.
time consuming hose replacements. Each unit is manufactured to meet or exceed critical
Tubing, unlike hose, does not twist or tangle commercial, industrial, and military specifications and
among the many existing hydraulic lines. It then inspected by hand to ensure proper operation.
provides a clean and organized appearance
Circuit Monitor Panel
that places the nozzles in fixed positions to best
reach fire hazards without interfering with routine The AFEX CMP uses both audible and visual alarms
maintenance and operation of the machine. to alert the operator to system conditions and can also
activate external alarm devices. An operator controlled
Conical Discharge Nozzle delay function is provided to prevent unwanted system
The AFEX nozzle delivers a conical discharges and an optional engine shutdown switch is
discharge pattern for broad distribution available to reduce the risk of fire reignition.
of the dry chemical agent, creating a The design uses solid state electronics rather than
“total flooding” system and maximizing area microprocessors to make the monitor resistant to false
coverage. The integrated spring-loaded hinge alarms and interference from EMI, RF, and unregulated
keeps the nozzle clear of debris (without the need voltage. Power is accessed from the equipment’s battery,
to constantly replace blow-off caps) and directs so no additional batteries are necessary.
the dispersion of the agent towards the hazard.

A vehicle fire suppression system is not a finished product until it is installed. Therefore, proper installation and
maintenance are crucial to ensure long-term reliability and effectiveness of the system.

AFEX knows heavy equipment and the hazards that put it at risk. AFEX distributors share the same special knowledge
required to effectively protect heavy equipment against fire risks. Unlike our competitors, all AFEX distributors are
experienced with vehicle fire suppression systems and heavy equipment.

When choosing a vehicle fire suppression system, choose AFEX for the quality of design and choose AFEX distributors
for the quality and reliability of their service.

Let us introduce you to your local AFEX service provider. Call us at (919) 781-6610 or email