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New Strategies for Functional Final Test of

Multiple MEMS Sensor Types Within One


Authors Name: Stefan Binder

Company Name: Multitest

Present Date: 09.09.2010


1) MEMS Market Requirements And

Resulting Test Platform Requirements

2) Platform Solutions For Mechanical

Stimulus During Test
• Singulated device test

• Strip test

• InCarrier test

MEMS Market
MEMS for automotive apps MEMS for consumer electronic
• Airbag activation with hi-g accelerometer • Motion game controller low-g accelerometer
• Navigation with gyroscope • Mobile navigation with gyroscope
• ... • ...
Business Characteristics: Business characteristics:
-High & predictable volumes -Fast ramp capability for extreme high volumes
-Long process certifications -Flexibility for fast package change requests
-Typically 3-temperature-test -Cost efficiency at test and calibration via
loosened device and test specification
-Tight specifications typically only ambient test requirement
for test and calibration

MEMS Packaging Trends
Multiple MEMS applications X axis
3 axis
within one package Y axis
3 axis
Z axis Accelerometer
• Physical test requirements Accelerometer Pressure &
for various mechanical stimuli Groscope
• Reliable package tracking ...
X axis Microphone
between the different tests is Gyroscope

key for the sensor calibration Y axis

3 axis
• COT (Cost of test) is skyrocketing Z axis
Gyroscope Gyroscope
(Invest & test times & yield loss)
• COT is getting to a critical limit to hinder this trend

ÎTest handler platform shall support

multi-application mechanical stimulus
with a modular architecture
to reduce the required handling cycles
MEMS Test Platform Requirements
1. Universal standard handling platform
2. Ambient and Tri-Temp capability
• Consumer and
• Automotive test requirements
3. Convertibility of the MEMS stimulus
• Rich application portfolio (for different sensor types)
• Combination of various stimulus applications within one test run
4. Convertibility of the package type
• Robust handling of << 3x3 package sizes
• Capability to test chip scale packages
5. Supporting highest test parallelism > 60 CS
6. Reliable package tracking

Æ Increase the return of invest

Æ Reduce the cost of test Chip Scale Package

Platform Solutions

1) MEMS Market Requirements And

Resulting Test Platform Requirements

2) Platform Solutions For Mechanical

Stimulus During Test
• Singulated device test

• Strip test

• InCarrier test

Standardization at Singulated MEMS
Standard Standard
Gravity test handler MEMS test module:
MT9320 or MT9928
• MEMS stimulus
• Singulated during test
device handling
tube to tube • Configurable for multiple
MEMS applications
• 4 Contact sites -Accelerometer high g
(suitable for automotive) -Accelerometer 3 axis
-Yaw-Rate (Gyro)
• Temperature -Pressure
conditioning -Magnetic Rotating Stimulus
(-55°C to +155°C
at +/- 3°C accuracy) • Fast Package
• Fast package
(with MT9928)
Standardization at InMEMS
InMEMS = MEMS strip test solution on InStrip

InMEMS test module:

• MEMS stimulus
during test for whole strip

• High parallel test

Standard (600 to 1200 signal lines)
Platform InStrip • Configurable for multiple
(strip test handler) MEMS applications
1. InFlip =
• Temperature Accelerometer 3 axis
conditioning 2. InPressure =
(-40°C to +135°C) Pressure test
3. InGyro = 6 DOF motion
• Fast package 4. InMagnet
• Fast Package conversion
InMEMS Application Roadmap
InMEMS Test application Status
InFlip 3 axis low g accelerometer Available since 2005
2009 development:
4rd generation = 1200 signals parallel

InPressure Pressure MEMS test Available

up to 20 bar since 2006

InGyro 3 axis gyroscope test & Q3/2010

3 axis accelerometer test 6 DOF Inertial Sensor Test
InMagnet 2 axis magnetic sensor test 2010 (3 axis test in 2011)

InPhone MEMS Microphone test Q1/2011

InFlip test module
InFlip test = 3axis accelerometer test, low g

Combined two axis

of leadframe
Rotation Alpha-Axis
Electrical connection
via flexible wiring
from the DUT board
to the ATE
DUT-Board Indexing

InFlip specification: Rotation Beta-Axis

• 2 Axis, +/- 185° rotation angle both
• 600 / 1200 contact pins parallel
from DUT to ATE (soft docking)
• Rotation speed: 180°/s
• Rotation accuracy: +/- 0,1°
• Temperature range: -40°C .. +125°C (at 600 contacts)
• Sub-indexing of strip in one direction (test complete rows)
• Full angle and Index control from ATE via GPIB (IEEE 488.2)
InGyro 6 Axis Motion MEMS Test
6 Axis Motion MEMS Test = 3 Axis Gyroscope + 3 Axis low g Accelerometer

1. True 3 axis cardanic module
2. α + β axis:
- angular orientation of strip
- contact with 1200 pins
- tester resource board
3. γ axis:
- vertical gyroscope drive axis
- 3 axis simultanious stimulus with
α + β at 45° position
InPressure Test System
InPressure = Pressure test for MEMS strip on Instrip

InPressure Test Specification

• Maximum Pressure: 20 bars
• Temperature Range: -40°C ... 135°C
• Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2°C
• Temperature Uniformity over strip: +/- 2°C
• Max. parallel signal lines: 1000
• Coaxial lines: 36
MRS Magnetic Rotating Stimulus
MRS Magnetic Rotating Stimulus
• Stimulus axis x+y
• Test Parallelism Octal site
• Magnetic field at device on request
• Speed range 1 ... 6500 rpm
• Speed accuracy (av. over 360°) +/- 0.1%
• Angle accuracy +/- 0.01°
• Tester communication TCP/IP
• Additional trigger lines
• (Error, Position, Speed)

InCarrier© Singulated Device Carrier
Singulated IC Test InStrip© IC Test

advantages of
Singulated and
InStrip IC Test

Applied for
InCarrier© Basic Technology
• Sheet-metal Sandwich architecture
• Spring layer is clamping the devices
registering them precisely like on a
• 2D dot code
providing ID for
device tracking

InCarrier© Examples

SO Device in InCarrier © BGA 64 in InCarrier ©

InCarrier © in
standard slotted
strip cassette
(cassette is shown
open; different shutter
types available)

QFN 2x2 in InCarrier ©

InCarrier© Dimensions and Robustness
InCarrier© dimensions:
• Standard ASIC Application
- 100 mm x 300 mm
- maximum 256 devices (depending on device size)

• MEMS Application
- 65 mm x 215 mm
- maximum 144 devices (depending on device size)

System Robustness: InCarrier© with Accelerometer

• The InCarrier© has a guaranteed life cycle of 10 k loading / unloading and test cycles.
• Handling Robustness: Applicable shocks to loaded InCarrier© w/o loss of devices:

- Depending on device size and InCarrier© design

- Example QFN 2x2: 3,000 g can be applied under a clamping force of 0.15 N
- Shocks created during handling:
> Handler transport system: 100 g maximum
> Cassette handling by operator: 300 g

InCarrier© for Fine Pitch Devices
Field proven device registration Contact imprint
LGA 3x3, 0.5pitch
in the carrier matrix with
on InCarrier© .
resulting contact accuracy:

Singulated devices with pitches of

0.5 mm and 0.4 mm can be
contacted very reliably and up to
256 devices in parallel Contacting with about 32 µm offset
in the InCarrier© InStrip system. socket and device tolerances to be added
32 µm
Mercury contact

Device to Socket Position 99.7% Probability 250 µm contact ball

3 * σ [µm]
device to InCarrier fiducial 30 device body
fiducial to contact unit (InStrip) 12
total (quadratic addition) 32

InCarrier© Process

Untested devices in
JEDEC tray, tube, Untested devices in
bulk, wafer frame InCarrier™

Tested devices in
JEDEC tray, tube, Tested devices in
bulk, tape & real InCarrier™


InCarrier© Process

InCarrier© Process
tray tube


soak contact Creat
wafer ring InStrip+(InMEMS) Handler
e map
lead frame


Unloader tray

Multitest Solution

Licensed Partner
InCarrier© Process Options
tray tube

Burn-In using
MT InCarrier™ sockets

soak contact Creat
wafer ring InStrip+(InMEMS) Handler
e map
lead frame

Product Marking
(Laser mark)
Unloader tray


InCarrier© Singulated Device Carrier
• InCarrier© - Advantages
versus strip and singulated device test:
– Robust Test-Handling
– Smallest packages down to 1x1 mm
– WLP, WSP, CSP Test
– Highest Parallel Test
– Temperature Test
– Various MEMS Test Applications
– Burn-In / Bake Option
– Test is Final Test Î 0 PPM
– Full Traceability Î 0 PPM
– Re-test with same tool setup
– Kit-less handler
with standardization of carrier size
– Independence of assembly lead-frame layout
• InCarrier© - is overcoming the constraints of strip test
Thank you!

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