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The distribution of the products

The distribution of the products is key for any business owner. Knowing this would
mean having a balance between time and budget or disappointing customers.
What do we need to consider when choosing the mode of transport?
• The budget must be the most important factor in your decision making

• Transportation speed, if the expiration date of the products is greater than the
Travel time.
• Transportation of dangerous products, institutional guidelines for the
Transportation of these must be followed.
• Insurance of the products, in case they are very expensive.

To choose the transport must analyze the type of load: perishable, dangerous,
fragile and cost.
Considerations for choosing the right transport mode:

Should be the most important factor in the decision-making.

Transport speed and the time of delivery of the products:

If you
haveperishable items, send them by sea, more than three months is a badidea.
Carrying products that can be classified as hazardous, there are several guidelines
that must be followed, and contact the branch of Department of transport
dangerous goods

Put and size:

Choose the right transportation for their products mode depends on the size and
the urgency of your shipment damage during transits fairly common, usually is the
responsibility of the supplier ensure shipments are properly packaged and labeled
to reduce the risk.
Road transport:
Road transport is cheap comfortable and flexible but the disadvantage are not eco-
friendly, and may be subject to weight, dimensions of load and occasionally to long

The railway transport

: It's fast and eco-environment has high load capacity, however it can be very

Air transport:
Air cargo is undoubtedly the fastest way to transport their products over long
distances, but is expensive and limited weight is not very ecological.

The maritime transport:

In comparison with air cargo ship their products by sea is relatively economical,
especially if you send large volumes. However it is quite

Inflexible and slow, there are relatively few ports and probably should make
arrangements to transport their products inland.
Commodity: mercancia

Load: carga

Supplier: Proveedor

Thinking: Pensando

Unimpressed: Poco Impresionado

Unlucky: Desafortunado

Voyage: Viaje

Wrong: Incorrecto
Aerial: aéreo

Railway: ferrocarril
Consider: considerar

Insurance: Seguro

Land: Tierra

Payloads: Cargas Útiles

Reliable: De Confianza

Schedule: Programar

Shipping: Envío

Speedy: Rápido

freight: flete

Vessels: buques