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Leadership Seminar

January 12, 2018

Emcee Script

*Ladies and gentlemen please settle now, the program will begin in ___ minutes*


J: To formally commence this program, we are asking everybody to please rise for the
prayer, and remain so, for the singing of the national anthem which will shortly follow.


J: Please be seated.

J & M: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, and welcome to the 2017 Leadership

J: And to give us the welcome address, we are pleased to have on stage, Miss Sheena
Cuizon, President of the JPIA MSU-IIT chapter. A big hand for her please.

M: Thank you Sheena, So, this afternoon’s program is noteworthy for us future CPAs.

J : Exactly! That’s because apparently, gathered among us to address, and discuss

important aspects in improving our ability to lead and enable our peers to make wise
desicions as leaders and students, are two very remarkable guest speakers.

M: On top of that, they will also tackle real-life challenges, and oppurtunities, that
students face on campus at present, that will equip them for life after college.

J: And, besides our speakers, we could never overlook another important group of
people in the audience this afternoon, without whom this program will be less
meaningful, and of course, that is US-- the students. We are here in this university
because there will always be a circumstance today or tomorrow that will prompt us to
stand up and lead.

M: So, without more ado, let’s welcome our first speaker for this afternoon… Professor
Marlo Novino. Sir Marlo is currently the Faculty Coordinator for Community
Engagement of iDEYA: Center of Innovation and Technopreneurship, the first
Technology Business Incubator in Mindanao where he actively facilitates
entrepreneurship and innovation-related activities in key areas in Mindanao. In addition,
he is a consistent mentor of the MSU-IIT students in various national competitions such
as the Philippine Startup Challenge.

J However, before this, he was a corporate slave doing employer branding activities for a
leading fast moving consumer good company in the country who then unchained himself
and joined the very fascinating world of teaching. This work-life balance advocate
teaches management, marketing, and entrepreneurship during weekdays and wanders on
long weekends. Moreover,Professor Novino, who also loves art and music, is fully
committed in placing Iligan City and Mindanao in the global innovation map.
With that, I ask you to give your full attention to Prof Novino and help me in welcoming
him to the stage. Sir.


J: Thank you ________. Well, that was indeed an enlightening discussion. Let’s give
Professor Novino a well-earned round of applause please!

M So at this point there will be a 10-minute snack break, Also guys, Now is the time to
raise some questions or points that you need to clarify to Professor Novino .

J: As snacks are distributed along the seats, if you wish to raise some questions, please
go that area there, take the mic and ask your question.


M: Thank you so much ma’ams and sirs, ____________. At this point, we move on to
the second final speaker of this afternoon’s leadership seminar

He is a faculty member of the Department of Psychology of MSU IIT since 2011, and
graduated BS Psychology from the same institution, Magna cum Laude. He was awarded
as one of the teachers in his college with the highest teacher’s efficiency rating in 2015
before he started his graduate studies in Ateneo de Manila in 2016, majoring in
Counseling Psychology. He also headed the Student Services Area of the Psychology
Department in the 3rd and 4th level of the AACCUP Accreditation of CASS.

He was the Regional Champion for the National Statistics Office Regional Oratorical
Contest in 2008, and has written oratorical pieces and trained oratorical and interpretative
reading contenders for 4 years. All of those who train under him bag either of only two
positions, champion or first runner up.

He bagged first runner up in the recent Maharlika 2017 Northern Mindanao model
search, was Mr. IIT 2010 first runner up, and is currently signed as a model in “The
House,” a beauty camp in Cagayan de Oro. He has coached and handled pageant
candidates for his college since he became a faculty member of IIT, aside from being
invited as judge for various literary and musical events in and out of the Institute.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Erik de la Seña of MSU-IIT Department of Psychology.

J: Thank you Sir Erik. le



M: Thank you sir for patiently answering the queries and addressing the concerns of the
students. So guys It was an honor for us to listen to these speakers let’s give

J: Exactly, so as a profound way to express our gratitude, we would like to call to the
stage ___________ to hand to the speakers their tokens and certificates.

* Certificates and tokens are distributed to speakers*

M: Thank you______ We would also like to extend our thanks to the JPIA officers, the
socio civic comittee, and everyone who helped organize this event.

J;So to formally close this program, we are pleased to welcome to the stage Professor
Michael Bation, the JPIA adviser, for his closing remarks.

M:Before we__________

M: Thank you sir! and that concludes our program. We hope that you both enjoyed and learned
something significant from this afternoon’s Leasdership Seminar. This has been Mary
Ann Warguez

J: And John Hilbert Cagaanan. Your Masters of Ceremony. Thank you for your cooperation
and support.

*reminders/announcements* *ADD ADD*

Enjoy the rest of the night everyone!


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