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Expected Questions
Descriptive Questions

1. Define ‘Industrial Dispute’? When does individual become industrial dispute?

2. Discuss Lock – Out. Whether notice is necessary before declaring Lock- Out?
What are the in sequences of illegal Lock – out.
3. Discuss the privileges and immunities of available to a registered trade union
Act, 1926.
4. Section 11-A of the industrial Disputes Act, 1947gives discretionary power to
the labour court, industrial power to the labour court, industrial tribunal and
National tribunal to give appropriate relief to the discharge workmen’.
5. Define ‘ Employer’. What are the employer’s liability for compensation under
the Employees compensation Act, 1923.
6. Define ‘Benefits’? Discuss various kinds of Benefits under the Employees
state Insurance Act, 1948.
7. Define ‘wages’. Discuss the object and scope of payment of wages act 1936.
8. Discuss the provision of the industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act,
1946 relating to the certification of standing orders.
9. What do you understand by ‘Trade Union’. Discuss the procedure for the
registration of Trade Union.
10. Discuss the availability and objects of the E.P.F. Act, 1952.
11. Explain the main provisions of Equal Remuneration Act, 1976.
12. Discuss the main objects of maternity benefit Act, 1961.
Short Type Questions
1. Explain the provision regarding the prohibition of child labour under Child
Labour Act, 1986.
2. Distinguish between total and partial disablement.
3. Distinguish between lay- off and retrenchment.
4. What are the disqualification of for receiving bonus under the payment of
bonus act.
5. What are the permissible deduction under the payment of wages Act, 1936.
6. Write a short note on the Employees provident fund scheme.
7. Write salient features on Indian Maternity Benefit Act 1961.
8. Explain the main provision of Equal Remuneration Act 1976.
9. Distinguish between ‘Strike’ and ‘Lock-out’.
Very Short Questions
1. What is general fund of trade Union?
2. Explain concept of living wages.
3. What is Industry?
4. When a female works can can claim maternity Benefit.
5. What is minimum wages?
6. Explain lay – off.
7. What are the consequences of illegal lock-out?
8. Can registrar refuse the registration of trade Union?
9. What do you mean by personal injury?
10. Define child-labour.
11. What is award?
12. Whether educational institution is an ‘industry’.
13. Discuss the concept of ‘No work No Pay’.
14. What do you mean by ‘lock-out’.
15. Who is employer?
16. Describe minimum bonus and maximum bonus.
17. Whether the dispute between a single workman and his employer is an
Industrial dispute.
18. What is available Surplus under the payment of bonus Act?
19. What is allocate surplus in payment of Bonus Act?
20. Define ‘Strike’