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English Headword Classroom language
alphabet and answer ask questions check complete correct eight eighteen eleven fifteen find five four fourteen listen look match nine nineteen numbers one read repeat say / lfəbet/ /ənd, ən, nd/ / ɑ nsə/ / ɑ sk kwestʃənz/ /tʃek/ /kəm pli t/ /kə rekt/ /eit/ / ei ti n/ /i levən/ / fif ti n/ /faind/ /faiv/ /fɔ / / fɔ ti n/ / lisən/ /lυk/ /m tʃ/ /nain/ / nain ti n/ / n mbəz/ /w n/ /ri d/ /ri pi t/ /sei/ Alphabet und antworten Fragen stellen korrigieren vervollständigen korrigieren acht achtzehn elf fünfzehn finden fünf vier vierzehn hören schauen passen zu neun neunzehn Zahlen ein, eine lesen wiederholen sagen l'alphabet et répondre poser des questions vérifier compléter corriger huit dix-huit onze quinze trouver cinq quatre quatorze écouter regarder assortir neuf dix-neuf les nombres un (une) lire répéter dire The English alphabet has twenty-six letters. I bought two things in a shop today – a pen and some paper. I asked a question but he didn't answer – I don't think he can hear me. You can stop me and ask questions at any time. The students did the exercise. Then the teacher checked their answers. Complete this sentence: 'Two and two make – .' The teacher corrected our papers and gave us marks out of 100. There are eight bottles on the table. My cousin is eighteen years old. My sister is eleven years old. Kate is fifteen years old. David cannot find his car keys. We have five toes on each foot. A square has four sides. My brother is fourteen years old. Robert listens to the radio every morning. When we want to know the time, we look at a clock. I want a blue tie to match my shirt. There are nine people in my family. My friend is nineteen years old. Write the numbers 1 to 20 down the left-hand side of the page. There is only one train to London today. Robert reads the newspaper every morning. ‘I didn't hear what you said. Could you repeat it, please?’ Peter says ‘Goodbye’ to his mother when he leaves his house.




Example Sentence

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English Headword
seven seventeen six sixteen talk tell ten the thirteen three twelve twenty two work in pairs write

/ sevən/ / sevən ti n/ /siks/ / sik sti n/ /tɔ k/ /tel/ /ten/ /ðə, ði, ði / /θ /θri / /twelv/ / twenti/ /tu / / w k in peəz/ /rait/ ti n/

sieben siebzehn sechs sechzehn reden sagen zehn der, die, das dreizehn drei zwölf zwanzig zwei paarweise arbeiten schreiben

sept dix-sept six seize parler dire, raconter dix le, la, les treize trois douze vingt deux travailler à deux écrire

Example Sentence
There are seven days in a week. Julie is seventeen years old. Robert goes to work six days a week. Maria is sixteen years old. Susan and her friend are talking about their holidays. ‘Can you tell me the time, please?’ – ‘Yes, it's ten o'clock.’ We each have ten fingers and ten toes. There is a white cat in our garden. The cat is very small. There are thirteen people on the bus. Tom has three sisters. There are twelve months in a year. There are twenty students in our class. Lisa has two brothers. Work in pairs, one reading out the answers and the other writing them down. Susan is writing to her mother in Bristol..

Module 1
act out am am I am not American are are not (aren't) are you are you from Argentina Argentinian / kt aυt/ /m, əm, m/ /əm ai/ /əm nɒt/ /ə merikən/ /ə, ɑ / /ə nɒt, ɑ nt/ /ə ju / /ə ju frəm/ / ɑ d ən ti nə/ / ɑ d ən tiniən/ durchspielen (ich) bin bin ich (ich) bin nicht amerikanisch sind bist nicht/sind nicht bist du/seid ihr bist du aus, seid ihr aus Argentinien argentinisch jouer (je) suis suis-je? (je) ne suis pas Américain, -ne We're going to act out the conversation between John and his father. ‘Are you cold?’ ‘Yes, I am.’ Am I the person you are looking for? Are you Spanish?' 'No, I am not! I'm Portuguese.' Tom Cruise is an American film star.

"être", 1è, 2è et 3è pers. pl., Maria is from Spain. Helen and Kate are from England. présent "être", 1è, 2è et 3è pers. pl., The English are often not as friendly as the Australians. forme nég. présent "être", 1è, 2è et 3è pers. pl., Are you Peter's sister?' 'No, I'm his cousin.' forme interr.présent Are you from the same part of Russia as Vassily? venez-vous/viens-tu? l'Argentine Argentin, -ine Argentina have a very good football team. When Argentina scored the winning goal, the Argentinian spectators went wild!

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English Headword
Athens Australia below Brazil Britain British Buenos Aires Cambridge capital cities Colombia countries dialogue email favourite favourites film star Germany great Greece Greek guess he heavy metal hello her he's hi

/ θənz/ /ɒ streiliə/ /bi ləυ/ /brə zil/ / britən/ / britiʃ/ / bweinɒs aireis/ / keimbrid / / k pitl/ / sitiz/ /kə lɒmbiə/ / k ntriz/ / daiəlɒ / / i meil/ / feivərit/ / feivərits/ / film stɑ / /d məni/

Athen Australien unter(halb) Brasilien Großbritannien britisch Buenos Aires Cambridge GroßStädte Kolumbien Länder Gespräch, Dialog E-Mail LieblingsFavoriten Filmstar Deutschland toll Griechenland griechisch raten er Heavy Metal hallo ihr er ist hi, hallo

Athènes l'Australie en-dessous de le Brésil la Grande-Bretagne Britannique Buenos Aires Cambridge majuscule les villes la Colombie les pays le dialogue l'e-mail favori, préféré les favoris la star de cinéma l'Allemagne génial la Grèce Grec, grecque deviner il heavy metal (litt. "métal lourd") salut! son, sa, ses (à elle) il est salut!

Example Sentence
I didn't know that Athens was such a beautiful city. We spent five weeks on holiday in Australia – it was great! The picture of my father is on page four, below the picture of my family. My brother says the best footballer ever was Pele. He was born in Brazil. I come from one of the smallest villages in Britain. Some Scottish people don't like to be called British. How do you like living in Buenos Aires? Her daughter has applied for a place at Cambridge University. The names of all the countries start with capital letters. Vancouver is one of the world's most beautiful cities. They grow a lot of coffee in Colombia. The students in my class come from eight different countries. We sometimes listen to a dialogue in our French lesson. I had 50 emails waiting for me when I came back from holiday! ‘What fruit do you like?’ ‘I like apples and oranges, but oranges are my favourite.' Of all the groups I like, REM and Oasis are my favourites. Jack is going to drama school and hopes to become a film star. We went to Germany and stayed in Cologne, but also visited Bonn and Trier. The USA is a great place for an exciting holiday. Greece won the European Cup in 2004. The Greek actress asked the British to return the Elgin Marbles to Athens. ‘Guess how old I am.' ‘I don't know – twelve years old?’ ‘No, I'm only ten.’ ‘Where is Nick?’ ‘He's outside. He is sitting in the car.’ I think Led Zeppelin were the best heavy metal band. Nick saw his friend in the street. ‘Hello, Jack!’ he said. She couldn't decide whether to wear the black dress or the red one. Nick is a boy. He's a big boy. Hi! My name's Alex, and I'm from Poland.

/ reit/ / ri s/ / ri k/ / es/ /i, hi, hi / / hevi metl/ /hə ləυ/ /ə, hə, h / /iz, hiz, hi z/ /hai/

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English Headword
his I I'm I'm from I'm not from is is not (isn't) Istanbul it Italian Italy its learn about London man meet message mistakes music my nationality new New York New Zealand no pages penfriends people

/iz, hiz/ /ai/ /aim/ / aim frəm/ /aim nɒt frəm/ /s, z, əz, iz/ /iz nɒt, izənt/ / ist n bυl/ /it/ /i t liən/ / itəli/ /its/ / l n ə baυt/ / l ndən/ /m n/ /mi t/ / mesid / /mi steiks/ / mju zik/ /mai/ / n ʃə n ləti/ /nju / /nju jɔ k/ /nju zi lənd/ /nəυ/ / peid iz/ / penfrendz/ / pi pəl/

sein ich ich bin ich komme aus ich komme nicht aus ist ist nicht Istanbul es Italiener, Italienerin Italien sein etw. lernen über London Mann treffen Nachricht Fehler Musik mein Nationalität neu New York Neuseeland nein Seiten Brieffreunde Leute, Menschen

son, sa, ses (possesseur masculin) je je suis (je m'appelle) je viens de je ne suis/viens pas de "être", 3è pers. sg. Présent idem, forme négative Istanbul pronom neutre 3è personne sg. Italien, -ienne l'Italie son, sa ses (possesseur neutre) apprendre qch. Londres l'homme rencontrer le message les fautes la musique mon, ma, mes la nationalité neuf, nouveau New York la Nouvelle-Zélande non les pages les correspondants les gens

Example Sentence
Robert is sitting in his car. ‘What's your name?’ ‘I am Nick. My sister is called Maria.’ ‘I'm Nick, and this is my sister, Maria.’ I'm from a small town high up in the mountains of northern Italy. I'm not from Ireland, I'm from Scotland. George is an old man. He is not qualified to teach English. Istanbul had a very bad earthquake a few years ago. There is a cat on the wall. It is a black cat. Sophia is Italian but her mother is French. We're going to Italy on holiday next year. The dog ate its food hungrily. Today we're going to learn about English irregular verbs. John's going to London for a meeting on Thursday. Steven is a man. Jane is a woman. ‘Are we going to the cinema tonight?’ – ‘Yes. Meet me there at seven o'clock.’ ‘Please give this message to your brother. Tell him that I want to see him tomorrow.’ Very good, Bruno! You've only made two mistakes in the whole exam! ‘Do you like listening to music?’ ‘Yes. I like Elvis Presley and the Beatles.’ ‘Is that my pen?’ ‘No, that's Tom's pen. Here is your pen.’ ‘What nationality are you?’ ‘I'm Spanish.’ The room looked as if it could do with a new coat of paint. New York is much safer than it was 20 years ago. The film 'Lord of the Rings' was filmed in New Zealand. ‘Is Paris in Spain?’ ‘No, it isn't. It's in France.’ Please read the exercises on pages 10 and 14, and do them at home tonight. Having penfriends in other countries is a good way to learn about different cultures. There are a lot of people in the shop today.

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English Headword
personal information photo Poland Polish pop star prepositions Rome Russia Russian sentences she she's soul sports star St Petersburg stages stars teacher the United States to be Turkey Turkish Ukraine use verb Warsaw what's your name? where are you from?

/ p sənəl infə meiʃən/ / fəυtəυ/ / pəυlənd/ / pəυliʃ/ / pɒp stɑ / / prepə ziʃənz/ /rəυm/ / r ʃə/ / r ʃən/ / sentənsiz/ /ʃi, ʃi / /ʃiz, ʃi z/ /səυl/ / spɔ ts stɑ / /sint pi təzb /steid iz/ /stɑ z/ / ti tʃə/ /ðə ju naitid steits/ /tə bi / / t ki/ / t kiʃ/ /ju krein/ /ju z/ /v b/ / wɔ sɔ / / wɒts jɔ neim/ / weər ə jυ frɒm/ /

persönliche Information Foto Polen polnisch Popstar Präpositionen Rom Russland russisch Sätze sie sie ist Soul Sportstar, berühmter Sportler St. Petersburg Abschnitte Stars Lehrer, Lehrerin die Vereinigten Staaten sein Türkei türkisch Ukraine benutzen Verb Warschau Wie heißt du? Wo kommst du/kommt ihr her?

renseignements d'ordre personnel la photo la Pologne Polonais, -se la star du pop les prépositions Rome la Russie Russe les phrases elle (pronom sujet) elle est la soul la star du sport Saint-Pétersbourg les étapes les étoiles le professeur (m/f) les Etats-Unis être la Turquie Turc, turque l'Ukraine utiliser le verbe Varsovie Comment vous-appelezvous/t'appelles-tu? D'où venez-vous/viens-tu?

Example Sentence
He refused to give the police any personal information. I have a photo of my mum when she was only two years old. Many people from Poland live in this part of town. There are many Polish immigrants in England. The pop star I would most like to see is Robbie Williams. Prepositions are words such as 'to' that indicate direction, time or place. We went to Rome for a few days in 2005. The owner of Chelsea football club comes from Russia. The Russian gymnast won a gold medal at the Olympics. Make up three sentences with the word 'buy' in them. Helen is my sister. She is fifteen years old. Kate is a student. She's a good student. My brother has a fantastic collection of soul music. David Beckham is the world's most famous sports star – everyone has heard of him! I've been to Moscow and Leningrad, but I really want to go to St Petersburg next. I had to follow the stages clearly marked on the diagram. Madonna and Elton John are my favourite pop stars. The maths teacher gave me a punishment for not doing my homework! How many times have you visited the United States? Is', 'was' and 'were' are all parts of the verb 'to be'. Many people from Britain take their holidays in Turkey. We went to Istanbul for our holidays and found the Turkish people very friendly. The Ukraine was once part of the Soviet Union. ‘Can I use your telephone, please?’ ‘Yes, of course.’ ‘Go’, ‘put’, and ‘run’ are verbs. Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. What's your name and your date of birth? Where are you from, and how long have you been here?

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I stayed at home to do my homework. chez soi la liste alphabétique le bingo le frère l'homme d'affaires la femme d'affaires mais l'enfant les enfants le cinéma entrer comparer ‘Have you got a bicycle or a car?’ ‘A bicycle. Peter is Lisa's brother. I asked her to come in and have a cup of coffee. He is going to see a new film. Steven is a man. eine Architekt in. jɔ / German Wer ist dein/euer Lieblingsstar? Frau bald schreiben du. I'm terrible at guessing people's ages! ‘Do you want an apple or an ice cream?’ ‘An apple.’ My Aunt Sarah is an architect. ‘How old are your children. jɔ / /jə. although she never won! Peter and Lisa have the same mother and father. vous votre. We stayed at a hotel in the Lake District for the weekend. ju / /jə.’ ‘Is that my book?’ ‘No. it's Helen's. please. The bag is at her friend's house. I kissed him before he left. and you get seven (3 + 4 = 7). n/ / ɑ kitekt/ /ət.' Nick is going to the cinema tonight. Your book is on the desk. ta. She designed our house.’ Marlon Brando was a well-known actor. Peter?’ ‘Yes.’ Module 2 a actor actress add ages an architect at at a hotel at home A-Z section bingo brother businessman businesswoman but child children cinema come in compare /ə. Alan compared the two cars. It is her first child. ‘I can swim. The red car was bigger than the blue car. Add three and four. and asked him to write soon. Lots of businessmen start up their own businesses rather than working for someone else. – Seite 6 von 54 – . Elizabeth Taylor is a famous actress. b t/ /tʃaild/ / tʃildrən/ / sinəmə/ /k m in/ /kəm peə/ ein. Louise has a new baby. I can. Can you swim too. vos Example Sentence Who's your favourite film star?' 'It's Russell Crowe. Your book is on the desk. vos ton. ei/ / ktə/ / ktrəs/ / d/ / eid iz/ /ən.English Headword who's your favourite star? woman write soon you your your Pronunciation / hu z jə feivərit stɑ / / wυmən/ / rait su n/ /jə. jυ.’ ‘Is that my book?’ ‘No. it's Helen's. The A–Z section at the end of a large book is often called the 'index'. ihr euer dein French quelle est ta star préférée? la femme écrire bientôt tu. I waited for the bus. Instead of going to the football match. Mum always liked to play bingo. tes / votre. Jane?’ ‘Peter is fourteen and Paul is twelve. an. Helen didn't bring her bag home. but it didn't come. une l'architecte (m/f) à à l'hôtel à la maison. t/ /ət ə həυ tel/ /ət həυm/ / ei tə zed sekʃən/ / biŋ əυ/ / br ðə/ / biznəsmən/ / biznəs wυmən/ /bət. bei in einem Hotel zu Hause alphabetisches Register Bingo Bruder Geschäftsmann Geschäftsfrau aber Kind Kinder Kino hereinkommen vergleichen un. Tom's mum is a businesswoman who runs her own company. une l'acteur l'actrice ajouter les âges un.' Jane is a woman. eine Schauspieler Schauspielerin zusammenzählen Alter ein.

-enne l'ingénieur (m/f) la famille le père cinquante cinquante-sept la première personne quarante quarante-cinq les amis. please. My grandparents like the climate in Spain. papa la fille la description le docteur. and their three children. and would like to move there. There are five people in Steven's family: Steven. There are eighty pages in that book. his wife. but became a housewife when her daughter was born.' / υd/ / υd i vniŋ/ / r nd fɑ ðə/ / r n m ðə/ / r n peərənts/ /hiə/ / haυswaif/ /haυ ɑ jυ. -ies les points (à la ligne) la petite amie bon bonsoir le grand-père la grand-mère les grands-parents ici le femme au foyer Comment allez-vous/vas-tu? enchanté (formel.' How do you do?' 'I'm very well. Good evening. Elektrikerin Ingenieur. My penpal is always forgetting to put full stops in his letters! He broke up with his girlfriend before he went off to university. Freundinnen Punkte. sir. He is learning about machines that use electricity. Paul is the son of Steven and Jane. Dad is forty-five next week. We had a good holiday and visited lots of places. I went to the cinema with my friends. The policeman asked me for a description of the man who took my wallet. There are forty students in our class. She is their daughter. He is learning how to build roads and railways. elik / / end ə niə/ / f məli/ / fɑ ðə/ / fifti/ / fifti sevən/ / f st p sən/ / fɔ ti/ / fɔ ti faiv/ /frendz/ / fυl stɒps/ / lfrend/ German Programmierer. litt. thank you. The postman only had eighty-six letters to post on Tuesday. How are you? Your wife said you were feeling ill. They had only travelled fifty-seven miles when the car broke down! The first person to reach the end of the pool is the winner. haυ ə ju / / haυ dυ jυ du / – Seite 7 von 54 – . and would like to become a computer programmer. The doctor is looking at him. Our grandmother is planning a round-the-world trip for her 80th birthday. comment allez-vous?) This is Lisa with her mother and father. Frank is studying to be an electrician. Simon is studying to be an engineer. Programmiererin Papa Tochter Beschreibung Doktor achtzig sechsundachtzig Elektriker.English Headword computer programmer dad daughter description doctor eighty eighty-six electrician engineer family father fifty fifty-seven first person forty forty-five friends full stops girlfriend good good evening grandfather grandmother grandparents here housewife how are you? how do you do? Pronunciation /kəm pju tə prəυ r mə/ /d d/ / dɔ tə/ /di skripʃən/ / dɒktə/ / eiti/ / eiti siks/ /i lek triʃən.’ She used to teach. Satzschlusszeichen Freundin gut guten Abend Großvater Großmutter Großeltern hier Hausfrau Wie geht es dir? Wie geht´s dir so? French Example Sentence le programmeur. Is there anything I can get for you?' My grandfather taught me to play golf. There are fifty eggs in the basket. ‘Put the book here. Ingenieurin Familie Vater fünfzig siebenundfünfzig der/die Erste vierzig fünfundvierzig Freunde. Her dad loves going to the swimming baths. Tom is ill. la programmeuse I’m mad about computers. la doctoresse quatre-vingts quatre-vingt-six l'électricien. Steven is Paul's father.

Our family is having a party. 'See' (seeing. Krakow is a large city in Poland. Wissenschaftlerin le/la scientifique – Seite 8 von 54 – . There were one hundred and one people taking part in the treasure hunt. les professions les gosses. Wissenschaftler. Georgina's grandmother is ninety years old. She's married with four kids. I'm very pleased to meet you at last – I've heard so much about you.’ We go to school in the morning. We study a lot of things at school. ‘Where's Uncle Steven?’ ‘He's at work now.' My sister's favourite pop group is Arctic Monkeys. Walk' (walking. Liam went to Ireland to stay with his grandmother. dei/ /w n h ndrəd/ /w n h ndrəd ən w n/ /aυə/ / peərənts/ / pɑ ti/ / pli zd tə mi t jυ/ / pɒp ru p/ / p ŋktʃu eiʃən/ / riəli/ /sku l/ / saiəntist/ German Wie alt sind sie? Ehemann identifizieren Irland unregelmäßig Jobs Kinder Krakau Modell (Gegenstand). I folded my clothes neatly into the suitcase. Jane is Steven's wife.’ Shani and David went on holiday to Sardinia. Jake and Helen both got jobs during the summer holidays. walked. Lisa is helping her mother in the kitchen. Today is my birthday. you get a message from the Queen. walked) is a regular verb. Today is a school holiday. when you reach one hundred years of age. saw. seen) is an irregular verb. Steven and Jane are Peter's parents.English Headword how old are they? husband identify Ireland irregular jobs kids Kraków model mother mum neatly necessary ninety ninety-five now on holiday one hundred one hundred and one our parents party pleased to meet you pop group punctuation really school scientist Pronunciation /haυ əυld ɑ ðei/ / h zbənd/ /ai dentifai/ / aiələnd/ /i re jələ/ /d ɒbz/ /kidz/ / kr kaυ. nos les parents la soirée (fête) enchanté le groupe pop la ponctuation vraiment l'école Example Sentence We have two children. Mum used to be a teacher but she stopped work when I was born. Model (Person) Mutter Mama ordentlich notwendig neunzig fünfundneunzig jetzt in Urlaub (ein)hundert (ein)hundertundein unser Eltern Party nett/schön. It is not necessary to get up early. I couldn't identify the thief from the photographs the police showed me. She can write very well. les enfants Cracovie maquette la mère maman avec soin nécessaire quatre-vingts quatre-vingt-cinq maintenant en vacances cent cent-et-un notre. We have a car. Hamish sold ninety-five raffle tickets. In England.' 'How old are they?' Steven and Jane are married. euch zu treffen Popgruppe Interpunktion wirklich Schule French Quel âge ont-ils/elles le mari identifier l'Irlande irrégulier les emplois. Some scientists study the plants and animals that live in the sea. Our car is red. ‘Are those boys really fighting?’ ‘No. kɒf/ / mɒdl/ / m ðə/ /m m/ / ni tli/ / nesəsəri/ / nainti/ / nainti faiv/ /naυ/ /ɒn hɒlədi. they are only playing. These boys are playing with model aeroplanes. Steven is Jane's husband. He'll be here at four o'clock. but her punctuation is terrible.

– Seite 9 von 54 – . Horses are similar to donkeys. In one school. wi / /wi ɑ nt/ / welkəm/ / wiə frəm weilz/ / wɒt ə ðeə neimz/ / wɒts film stɑ in sp niʃ/ /waif/ German Sekretär. Übersetzerin einundzwanzig Universität Wales wir wir sind nicht willkommen Wir kommen aus Wales. Janet is David's wife. -te le sujet le nom de famille merci leur. David is la femme. Peter and Lisa have the same mother and father. He is studying at London University. we aren't used to very hot weather. James is a student. leurs ils/elles (pronom sujet) trente trente-huit le traducteur. tr nz / / twenti w n/ / ju nə v səti/ /weilz/ /wi. My grandparents came to England from Ireland. Grandma is sixty-five – she married young! This is Peter with his mother and father. Comment dit-on star de cinéma en What's "film star" in Spanish?' Jamie asked. Wie heißen sie? Was heißt Filmstar auf Spanisch? Ehefrau French le/la secrétaire soixante-dix soixante-treize similaire la sœur soixante soixante-cinq le fils le/la professeur de gymnastique l'étudiant. Lisa is Peter's sister. There were twenty-one birthday candles on the cake. ähnlich Schwester sechzig fünfundsechzig Sohn Sportlehrer. In England. Peter visited his friend John in London. Sekretärin siebzig dreiundsiebzig ähneln.English Headword secretary seventy seventy-three similar sister sixty sixty-five son sports teacher student subject surname thanks their they thirty thirty-eight translator twenty-one university Wales we we aren't welcome we're from Wales what are their names? what's film star in Spanish? wife Pronunciation / sekrətəri/ / sevənti/ / sevənti θri / / simələ/ / sistə/ / siksti/ / siksti faiv/ /s n/ / spɔ ts ti tʃə/ / stju dənt/ / s bd ikt/ / s neim/ /θ ŋks/ /ðeə/ /ðei/ / θ ti/ / θ ti eit/ /tr ns leitə. espagnol? David and Janet are married. Thanks a lot for the drink.' said Mrs Williams. Horses and donkeys are similar animals. Sportlehrerin Student Fach Nachname danke ihr sie dreißig achtunddreißig Übersetzer. l'épouse Janet's husband.’ There are thirty days in April. There are seventy houses in my street. Susan's sister is studying English at Bristol University. ‘Which subjects do you like at school?’ ‘I like English and French. We've lost our children!' 'What are their names?' asked the police officer. Grandad is seventy-three this year. We're from Wales. la traductrice vingt-et-un l'université le Pays de Galles nous (pronom sujet) nous ne sommes pas bienvenue Nous venons du Pays de Galles. My brother and I are going to London tomorrow. He was driving at sixty miles an hour when the police stopped him. Our sports teacher is teaching the girls how to play football. The capital city of Wales is Cardiff.’ said John. She works in an office. ‘Where are Lisa and Susan?’ ‘They are at school. Comment s'appellent-ils/elles? Example Sentence Isabel is a secretary. there were thirty-eight children in one class! My uncle works as a translator at the United Nations. Lisa is their sister. 'Welcome to London.' My surname is O'Hara. He is their son. I was dying of thirst!' Peter and Paul are brothers. We are going to visit some friends.

There are some clean towels over the bath in the bathroom. The librarian put the books on the bookshelves. We had to put the missing commas into the sentences. Robert was driving his car when he had the accident. There's a free CD with the newspaper today. London is very big. Steven has got a new carpet for the living room floor. We sleep on a bed in the room upstairs. yellow. ta.’ Module 3 apostrophes art lesson bad bath bathroom bed bedroom big black block of flats blue books boring bye called car carpet cassette player cat CD CD player colours commas /ə pɒstrəfiz/ / ɑ t lesən/ /b d/ /bɑ θ/ / bɑ θrυm.English Headword winner with yes your Pronunciation / winə/ /wið. The weather is very bad today. Bye. blue. Louis lives on the fifteenth floor of a block of flats in the town centre.' My goldfish is called Moby Dick. – Seite 10 von 54 – . Blue is my least favourite colour. Peter walks to school with his brother. My CD player broke down and Dad tried to mend it. Nick ran faster than Tom. la voiture le tapis le lecteur de cassettes le chat le CD le lecteur CD les couleurs les virgules David is always putting his apostrophes in the wrong place! In the art lesson we had to draw a bowl of fruit. jɔ / German Gewinner. Your book is on the desk. Their cat keeps coming into our garden and fighting with our cat. it is. There is a bath in the bathroom. Badewanne Badezimmer Bett Schlafzimmer groß schwarz Wohnblock blau Bücher langweilig tschüss genannt Auto Teppich Kassettenrekorder Katze CD CD-Player Farben Kommata les apostrophes le cours d'éducation artistique mauvais le bain. green.’ ‘Is that my book?’ ‘No. Nick was the winner. ru m/ /bi / /bl k/ / blɒk əv fl ts/ /blu / /bυks/ / bɔ riŋ/ /bai/ /kɔ ld/ /kɑ / / kɑ pit/ /kə set pleiə/ /k t/ / si di / / si di pleiə/ / k ləz/ / kɒməz/ Apostroph Kunststunde schlecht Bad. indigo and violet. We sleep in the bedroom at the front of the house. Gewinnerin mit ja dein. The colours of the rainbow are: red. Black is my favourite colour. ru m/ /bed/ / bedrυm. euer French le gagnant. ‘Is Venice in Italy?’ ‘Yes. wiθ/ /jes/ /jə. vos Example Sentence Tom and Nick had a race. Cindy gave away her cassette player when she bought a CD player. it's Helen's. la gagnante avec oui ton. I didn't like that film. orange. votre. la baignoire la salle de bain le lit la chambre grand noir le building à appartements bleu les livres ennuyant au revoir appelé l'auto. It is raining. We'll see you again in a week's time. It was very boring.

Avons-nous? les habitations individuellement Have we got any bread. They have got a huge model railway in their garage. We make green when we put blue and yellow together. h vənt ɒt/ /h v wi ɒt/ /həυmz/ / ində vid uəli/ / infə meiʃən/ / intrəstiŋ/ /aiv ɒt/ / kitʃin/ /l mp/ /l n/ /lists/ /liv/ German Computer Abkürzungen Herd Hütte Schreibtisch Hund DVD-Player Examen Kühlschrank Spiele Garten ruf mich an grün grau haben nicht haben Haben wir .English Headword computer contractions cooker cottage desk dog DVD player exam fridge games garden give me a call green grey have got have not got (haven't got) have we got? homes individually information interesting I've got kitchen lamp learn lists live Pronunciation /kəm pju tə/ /kən tr kʃənz/ / kυkə/ / kɒtid / /desk/ /dɒ / / di vi di pleiə/ /i z m/ /frid / / eimz/ / ɑ dn/ / iv mi ə kɔ l/ / ri n/ / rei/ /h v ɒt/ /h v nɒt ɒt. The dog is barking because there's somebody outside. She is doing some work in her book. There is a lamp on the table in the hall. Mum is always making lists of things for me to do! ‘Where do you live?’ ‘I live in Italy. ne pas avoir (ttes pers. les renseignements ‘Can you give me some information about planes to London?’ intéressant j'ai la cuisine la lampe apprendre les listes vivre Animals are very interesting.? Wohnorte..) I haven't got a bicycle – I gave it away last year.’ Jimmy got two computer games for Christmas. sauf 3è sg. Dad went out and bought a new DVD player. I told her to give me a call when she was in the area. He is cooking lunch. Mark is reading the newspaper in his garden. Susan is sitting at her desk. I like reading about them..’ – Seite 11 von 54 – . sauf 3è sg. les informations. la chaumière le bureau (table) le chien le lecteur DVD l'examen le frigo les jeux le jardin appelle-moi/appelez-moi (téléphone) vert gris avoir (ttes pers. Louise is cooking some meat and vegetables on the cooker. Wohnungen einzeln Information interessant ich habe Küche Lampe lernen Listen leben French l'ordinateur les formes contractées la cuisinière (objet) la maison de campagne. ‘Put the meat in the fridge. or shall I get some from the shop? My dad is in the army. Harry is in the kitchen. Babies learn how to talk by imitating adults. I've got a big red mark on my leg where he hit me. We were told not to use contractions like 'I'm' unless they were in direct speech. We make grey when we put black and white together. We can eat it tomorrow..) Example Sentence All my work is done on a computer these days. The maths exam was on Wednesday. We lived in a tiny cottage in the country that had only two rooms and a small kitchen. and I want to know more about them. and we keep moving to different homes in different countries He dealt with each question individually.

ru m/ /smɔ l/ / səυfə/ / teibəl/ German lieben erwähnen nett. ‘Do you want to go to the cinema with us. OK. ti vi / Fernsehen – Seite 12 von 54 – . At the bottom of the letter was as PS asking me to phone her as soon as I could. rυmz/ /ʃelf/ /ʃelvz/ / ʃaυə/ /siŋk/ / sitiŋ rυm. telə vi ən. The bottle is on the shelf. There are five rooms in our house: a kitchen. rυm/ /ru mz. Kate?’ ‘Yes. There is some food on the table in the kitchen. Elephants are very big. les journaux l'animal de compagnie le piano rose indiquer les affiches PS le jeu cérébral rouge le rapport la pièce les pièces l'étagère les étagères la douche l'évier le living petit le divan la table la télévision Example Sentence That's all my news for now. She had posters of Robbie Williams over her bed. The teacher asked us a lot of questions about animals. She was born in 1912. The next day the newspaper had a report of the accident. We make pink when we put red and white together. sympathique d'accord vieux les contraires orange les papiers. / telə vi ən.English Headword love mention nice OK old opposites orange papers pet piano pink point posters PS quiz red report room rooms shelf shelves shower sink sitting room small sofa table television (TV) Pronunciation /l v/ / menʃən/ /nais/ / əυ kei/ /əυld/ / ɒpəzits/ / ɒrənd / / peipəz/ /pet/ /pi nəυ/ /piŋk/ /pɔint/ / pəυstəz/ / pi es/ /kwiz/ /red/ /ri pɔ t/ /ru m. a bathroom. Zeitungen Haustier Klavier rosa zeigen Poster PS Quiz rot Bericht Zimmer Zimmer Regal Regale Dusche Spüle Wohnzimmer klein Sofa Tisch French aimer mentionner joli. It is new. a sitting room. Robert drove his car into a shop window. Jenny is playing the piano. David. Mark is having a shower before he goes out. In size. and two bedrooms. Orange is made by combining red and yellow. and it has a lot of rooms. Lisa is washing some plates in the sink. Love.’ My grandmother is very old. insects and elephants are opposites. We had a quiz at school today. The teacher is pointing to some words on the blackboard. Red is my dad's favourite colour. hübsch okay alt Gegenteile orange Papier. We placed the new sofa in front of the television. There are two shelves in the kitchen cupboard. Peter and Lisa are in the sitting room watching television. Lisa lives in a very nice house. next to the mugs and cups. See you soon. The children were fighting over the control for the TV. All the rooms in the house needed decorating. Insects are very small. Jenny has two pets — a cat and a dog. I forgot to mention – my mother's coming to stay for a fortnight. There were papers lying all over the floor. Oh.

David bought a new television and took it out of the box. This armchair is very comfortable. Verpackung Taschenrechner Fotoapparat Kannst du/können sie das bitte wiederholen? Kassette Stuhl (ver)ändern Klassenzimmer avancé alphabétiquement le fauteuil l'art le sac la balle la banane le basket-ball appartient le tableau la boîte la calculatrice l'appareil photo Pouvez-vous/peux-tu répéter cela. svp/stp? la cassette la chaise changer la (salle de) classe The most difficult course is the advanced course. One is for men. David can drive a car. I have a cassette with Elton John's music on it. When you've made your list. Let's paint the walls a nice bright yellow colour. Can you repeat that. You can use a calculator to work out these maths problems. please order all the words alphabetically. not a verb. Mauern wir haben weiß Fenster gelb du hast/ihr habt nicht French les toilettes aussi le magnétoscope les murs nous avons blanc la fenêtre jaune tu n'as pas / vous n'avez pas Example Sentence There are two toilets at the station. but I really want a CD. ru m/ – Seite 13 von 54 – . Changing the 's' in 'practise' to a 'c' makes it a noun. White is a good colour to wear in hot countries. Do you want a banana with your sandwiches today? My brothers like playing basketball. but it's also very expensive! In the art lesson we draw and paint pictures. please? cassette chair change classroom /əd vɑ nst/ / lfə betikli/ / ɑ mtʃeə/ /ɑ t/ /b / fortgeschritten alphabetisch Sessel Kunst Tasche Ball Banane Basketball gehört Spielbrett Karton. a table. Helen took some photos with her camera. I can't hear you. Kate opened the window to let some air in. We are playing a game on the board. You haven't got any milk left – I'll go and get some. /bɔ l/ /bə nɑ nə/ / bɑ skitbɔ l/ /bi lɒŋz/ /bɔ d/ /bɒks/ / k lkjəleitə/ / k mərə/ / k n jυ ri pi t ð t pli z/ /kə set/ /tʃeə/ /tʃeind / / klɑ srυm. Helen is putting some food into a paper bag. Jack painted the walls of his bedroom black. We've got two TVs – one in the living room and one in the kitchen. and some desks in the classroom. please? There's too much noise. and the other is for women. I decided to record the TV programme on the video. The apostrophe and the letter 's' show that the thing belongs to the person: 'the boy's coat'.English Headword toilet too video walls we've got white window yellow you haven't Pronunciation / tɔilət/ /tu / / vidiəυ/ /wɔ lz/ /wiv ɒt/ /wait/ / windəυ/ / jeləυ/ /jυ h vənt/ German Toilette auch Video Wände. too. Lisa was sitting on a chair reading a book. Kate hit the ball over the net. Martin can drive a car. You can see a blackboard. Module 4 advanced alphabetically armchair art bag ball banana basketball belongs board box calculator camera Can you repeat that.

? How do you spell 'imagine'? idéal Excusez-moi/excuse-moi? par ordre alphabétique intermédiaire irlandais. an encyclopedia is a good place to start. How do you pronounce 'practise'? Comment épelez-vous/épelles-tu. on TV or in films. l'art dramatique élémentaire l'encyclopédie l'anglais la phrase exemple l'exercice activités extrascolaires le sol la géographie donner le graphique la guitare l'histoire l'équitation Comment prononce-t-on…? Example Sentence ‘What's the time?’ ‘Look at the clock! It's half past two. Look in the dictionary. In history lessons we learn about the past. Enzyklopädie Englisch Beispielsatz Übung AG´s Boden Erdkunde geben Grafik Gitarre Geschichte Reiten Wie spricht man … aus? Wie buchstabiert man …? perfekt. I want to be in a band. there are example sentences for all the vocabulary items. ‘What does `jewel' mean?’ ‘I don't know. This elementary course is just for beginners. Ask your friends which sports stars they like. and then draw a graph to show the results. I'm sorry? Could you say that again. He plays football and swims every day. d ɒ / / iv/ / rɑ f/ / i tɑ / / histəri/ / hɔ s raidiŋ/ / haυ dυ jυ prə naυns/ / haυ dυ jυ spel/ / ai diəl/ /aim sɒri/ /in lfəbetikəl ɔ də/ German Uhr komm/kommen Sie her Informatik. I'm learning to play the guitar. Peter is looking in the cupboard for some food. I didn't hear you. and tell me what you've been doing today. You can take part in extra activities after school. Kate's brother studied for five years at London University to become a lawyer. Tom gets a lot of exercise. we did English at school. / intə mi diət/ / aiəriʃ/ /iz kɔ ld/ / lɔ jə/ – Seite 14 von 54 – .. In the geography lesson Nick learned about rivers and mountains. Peter is sitting on the floor. The teacher is taking the book. Put the letters in the word 'pencil' in alphabetical order. up to six o'clock.’ Come here. Whatever you want to know.English Headword clock come here computer studies cupboard dictionary drama elementary encyclopedia English example sentence exercise extra activities floor geography give graph guitar history horseriding how do you pronounce…? how do you spell …? ideal I'm sorry? in alphabetical order intermediate Irish is called lawyer Pronunciation /klɒk/ /k m hiə/ /kəm pju tə st diz/ / k bəd/ / dikʃənəri/ / drɑ mə/ / elə mentəri/ /in saiklə pi diə/ / iŋ liʃ/ /i zɑ mpəl sentəns/ / eksəsaiz/ / ekstrə k tivətiz/ /flɔ / /d i ɒ rəfi.' All the students in drama school want to become actors on stage. Computer studies is my favourite subject at school. When you get quite good at English. Drama ElementarLexikon. ideal Es tut mir Leid? in alphabetischer Reihenfolge Anfänger mit Vorkenntnissen irisch heißt Anwalt. Hilary goes horseriding at the weekends. ‘Do you speak English?’ ‘Yes. Computerunterricht Küchenschrank. you can attend an intermediate course. playing with his toys.’ At the back of the book. le/la juriste Just sitting on a beach somewhere would be my ideal holiday. Schrank Wörterbuch Schauspiel-. sit down. Helen is giving her book to the teacher. Anwältin French l'horloge viens/venez ici l'informatique l'armoire le dictionnaire le théâtre. A person who designs buildings is called an architect.. George Bernard Shaw was a famous Irish author and playwright. -aise s'appelle l'avocat.

9. Butterbrot French les leçons les lettres la littérature le magazine le plan les mathématiques les maths le GSM le journal. 2. Foto Stück Papier bitte Plural Projekt gut Radiergummi Lineal Sandwich. please?’ The plural of ‘bag’ is ‘bags’. These numbers are in order: 1. Alan likes reading magazines about cars. I need a piece of paper so that I can write a shopping list. The teacher has given us a project to do on life in Scotland in the 1800s. We have an average of five lessons per day at college. an Reihenfolge Pinsel reichen reich mir den/die/das Pass Stift Bleistift pro Tag Bild. He put some cheese between two pieces of bread and butter. Maria is drawing a line with her ruler.. How many letters are there in the English alphabet? Alan studies English literature at school. 3. ‘Can I have a piece of cake. let's go! Tom writes in pencil. Jenny is looking at a map of Europe. la photo la feuille de papier s'il-vous-plaît/ s'il-te-plaît pluriel le projet bien la gomme la règle le sandwich Example Sentence I can't go home until lessons finish at 4 o'clock. Karte Mathematik Mathe Handy Zeitung Gegenstände auf. Is everybody ready? Right. Alan made a sandwich. Tell me the names of five objects in your room at home. and some are terrible! Every person in the class has a mobile phone. 3. We can write and draw with a pencil. 4. le quotidien les objets sur l'ordre le pinceau passer passez-moi/ passes-moi le/la/les. Mathematics is his favourite subject at the moment.English Headword lessons letters literature magazine map mathematics maths mobile phone newspaper objects on order paintbrush pass pass me the… passport pen pencil per day picture piece of paper please plural project right rubber ruler sandwich Pronunciation / lesənz/ / letəz/ / litərətʃə/ /m ə zi n/ German Unterricht Buchstaben Literatur Zeitschrift Landkarte. Pass me your plate if you want some cake. He likes the plays of Shakespeare. There is a picture of our father on the wall. If he makes a mistake. Lisa is writing her essay with a pen. These numbers are not in order: 5. You must show your passport when you go to a foreign country. Would you pass me the salt. please? Thanks. he uses a rubber. David is reading yesterday's newspaper. Some people are good at maths. le passeport le stylo le crayon par jour l'image. /m p/ / m θə m tiks/ /m θs/ / məυbail fəυn/ / nju s peipə/ / ɒbd ikts/ /ɒn/ / ɔ də/ / peintbr ʃ/ /pɑ s/ / pɑ s mi ðə/ / pɑ spɔ t/ /pen/ / pensəl/ /pə dei/ / piktʃə/ / pi s əv peipə/ /pli z/ / plυərəl/ / prɒd ekt/ /rait/ / r bə/ / ru lə/ / s nwid / – Seite 15 von 54 – . Your book is on the table. Use a small paintbrush to paint the details of his face.

and about air. l'interrogation ce.English Headword science singular sport street summer school swimming tennis test that there these things this those topics translation vocabulary waiter wardrobe watch word Pronunciation / saiəns/ / siŋ jələ/ /spɔ t/ /stri t/ / s mə sku l/ / swimiŋ/ / tenis/ /test/ /ð t/ /ðeə/ /ði z/ /θiŋz/ /ðis/ /ðəυz/ / tɒpiks/ /tr ns leiʃən. Astronomin Bank schön Briefmarken-Set du. tennis. vəυ / / weitə/ / wɔ drəυb/ /wɒtʃ/ /w d/ German Naturwissenschaft Singular Sport Straße Sommerferienkurs Schwimmen Tennis Test das da.’ ‘Don't sit there! Come and sit here with me. It's very beautiful. and water. John's going to a summer school to learn French. les environs l'astronome (m/f) la banque beau le carnet de timbres – Seite 16 von 54 – ‘Have you got any sugar?' ‘No. light. Those pens cost twenty-five pence. ‘House’ is the word for the place where we live. Wortschatz Kellner Garderobe Uhr Wort French les sciences singulier le sport la rue le cours d'été la natation le tennis le test. The singular of ‘baskets’ is ‘basket’. ‘This is my sister's book. There are only four shops in this street.' Galileo was one of the first astronomers to say that the Earth moved round the sun.’ ‘These pens cost fifteen pence. There isn't a school in this area. There's a choice of football. dieses Dinge dies. ‘This is my sister's book. dieses jener.’ We just put some things into a suitcase and went off to the airport. please? . I need to go to the bank and pay my credit card bill. Where's my jacket?' 'It's hanging up in the wardrobe. and list your words under each one. We have sports lessons on Wednesday. dieser. dort dieser. des (dans phrases interrogatives) le quartier. diese. Harry goes swimming on Wednesday afternoons. The students must do a French test today. Those pens cost twenty-five pence. jenes Themen Übersetzung Vokabeln. là-bas ces (-ci) les choses ce. The waiter is bringing them some food. Mark and Jenny are playing tennis on the tennis court. Module 5 any area astronomer bank beautiful book of stamps / eni/ / eəriə/ /ə strɒnəmə/ /b ŋk/ / bju tifəl/ / bυk əv st mps/ etwas Gebiet Astronom.' I don't know what time it is. tr nz / /və k bjələri.' ‘Is there a school near here?’ ‘No. I'm sorry. diese. Nick and Tom are in a cafe. I like your dress. That is my book. ce…-là là. jene.’ Write down headings for all the topics. de la. I haven't got my watch on. I haven't got any. How much is a book of stamps. Who can give me a translation of this English sentence? Talking to English people will help to improve your vocabulary. That is my book. or swimming.’ ‘These pens cost fifteen pence. ce …-ci ces (-là) les sujets la traduction le vocabulaire le serveur la garde-robe la montre le mot Example Sentence In science lessons we learn about plants and animals.

nicht kaufen nicht berühren/anfassen Tür Drinks. on Stephenson Street. fantastique Please don't touch the plates. We liked it very much. le signal le grand magasin la discothèque Example Sentence We buy all our books in Watson's bookshop. it is expensive. Getränke Ei Briefumschlag teuer XL berühmt toll. n'achetez-pas/n'achète pas ne touchez/touche pas la porte les boissons l'œuf l'enveloppe cher très grand célèbre génial. Everyone knows his plays. There are two colleges in York where you can study languages. The film was fantastic. Cars are expensive. I got several cues from what he said that made me think he was lying. We buy cheese at the grocer's or at the supermarket. – Seite 17 von 54 – . A bicycle is cheap. Let's go to the café and have some coffee and a cake. Helen closed the door to keep the cold out. A car is not cheap. coffee and orange juice. I always hate going to school discos – I can't dance! Ne soyez/sois pas en retard pour le Don't be late for dinner – be back here by 5 o'clock! souper. les établissements d'enseignement supérieur la réplique. There's a great Chinese restaurant just down the road from here. you'll have to pay for it. The railway station is near the centre of town. Helen was putting the letter in an envelope. because you need petrol and insurance. We're going to spend the whole three days going round the famous department stores in New York. Alice is buying some fruit for her lunch. She goes to church on Sunday evenings. Mark is drinking a cup of coffee.' It takes three eggs to make this cake. If you break one. Lots of people go for a meal in the city centre at weekends. Do you want some drinks for the meeting?' 'Just tea. please. Don't buy this newspaper – it's absolute rubbish. Don't forget to close the door after you when you go out. They were married in the chapel on the hill.English Headword bookshop buildings buy café centre of chapel cheap cheese Chinese restaurant church city centre close coffee colleges cues department stores disco don’t be late for dinner don’t buy don’t touch door drinks egg envelope expensive extra large famous fantastic Pronunciation / bυkʃɒp/ / bildiŋz/ /bai/ / k fei/ / sentər əv/ / tʃ pəl/ /tʃi p/ /tʃi z/ / tʃaini z restərɒnt/ /tʃ tʃ/ / siti sentə/ /kləυz/ / kɒfi/ / kɒlid iz/ /kju z/ /di pɑ tmənt stɔ / / diskəυ/ / dəυnt bi leit fə dinə/ / dəυnt bai/ / dəυnt t tʃ/ /dɔ / /driŋks/ /e / / envələυp/ /ik spensiv/ / ekstrə lɑ d / / feiməs/ /f n t stik/ German Buchladen Gebäude kaufen Café Zentrum von Kapelle billig Käse chinesisches Restaurant Kirche Stadtzentrum schließen Kaffee Hochschulen Hinweise Kaufhaus Disko Komm nicht zu spät zum Abendessen. fantastisch French la librairie les bâtiments acheter le café le centre de la chapelle bon marché le fromage le restaurant chinois l'église le centre ville fermer le café (boisson) les facultés. Some of the buildings along the river were designed by Christopher Wren. William Shakespeare was a famous writer. Jim takes an extra large size in T-shirts.

How many kilometres is it from here to Edinburgh? Elephants are large animals. When you go to Barcelona. Postsystem). Oberhaupt der englischen Republik le chef de la République anglaise da. Cats are small animals. bitte sehr historisch. I'm going to start going to the gym to get fit and lose weight. kilometres large local location main square market millions of mineral water mosque museum near newsagent's on the Internet open orange juice outdoor paintings Pronunciation / f st klɑ s st mps/ /fu d/ / fυtbɔ l ʃ t/ / r ns nz/ /d im/ / hed əv ði iŋ liʃ ri p blik/ / hiə jυ ɑ / /hi stɒrik/ /həυ tel/ /aim sɒri/ / kilə mi təz. can you get me a football shirt? Both his grandsons went to university in Cambridge. Eilbriefmarken (engl. What is your location?' 'I'm about 40 miles north of London. there are no rooms left for tonight. Can I have some freshly squeezed orange juice. You can see very old swords in the British Museum. geschichtlich Hotel Es tut mir leid. Do you have mineral water with bubbles in? They are building a mosque where the old offices used to be. or we'll all get wet! The art gallery has many paintings by well-known artists. and my car has broken down. Kilometer groß örtlich.' Did you take any photographs of the main square? Alice is buying some fruit in the market. les kilomètres grand local l'emplacement la Grand-Place le marché des millions de l'eau minérale la mosquée le musée près de l'agence de voyage sur l'internet ouvrir le jus d'orange de plein air les tableaux – Seite 18 von 54 – . We eat food every day. bread. David will be staying at a hotel when he goes to London. There is a large apple tree near the house. per Express Nahrungsmittel. please? I bought the software for my computer on the Internet. please? There's an outdoor concert in the park tomorrow. Oliver Cromwell was head of the English Republic in the 1650s. Lebensmittel Trikot Enkelsöhne.English Headword first-class stamps food football shirt grandsons gym head of the English Republic here you are historic hotel I'm sorry. Millions of people are starving in some parts of Africa. There is only one secondary school in the local area. Meat. here you are. and fruit are all kinds of food. Peter opened the door and walked out of the room. I hope it doesn't rain. Do you have any postcards?' 'Yes. No. Enkel Fitnessstudio. Gymnastik French les timbres "Prior" l'alimentation la vareuse les petits-fils la salle de fitness Example Sentence Put first-class stamps on your letters – then they have a good chance of getting there tomorrow. im Freien Bilder voici historique (de signification -) l'hôtel Je suis désolé. ki lɒmitəz/ /lɑ d / / ləυkəl/ /ləυ keiʃən/ / mein skweə/ / mɑ kit/ / miljənz əv/ / minərəl wɔ tə/ /mɒsk/ /mju ziəm/ /niə/ / nju z eid ənts/ /ɒn ðə intənet/ / əυpən/ / ɒrənd d u s/ / aυt dɔ / / peintiŋz/ German Express-. local area = nähere Umgebung Aufenthaltsort Hauptplatz. I'm sorry. they're over here. Will you go to the newsagent's and get me today's paper. vegetables. Marktplatz Markt Millionen Mineralwasser Moschee Museum nahe bei Zeitschriftenhändler im Internet öffnen Orangensaft Outdoor-.' Stamford is a historic town where a famous battle was fought.

It's terrible. Will you be my partner when we do the next exercise? Lions live in hot places like Africa. Politikerin Einwohnerzahl Post(amt) Postkarte stellen Rätsel Bahnhof Restaurant Fluss Salat einfache Briefmarken sehen Laden Einkäufe sich setzen etwas Briefmarke aufstehen Statue Supermarkt nehmen Tee schrecklich French le parc le / la partenaire le lieu. des (dans phrases affirmatives) le timbre se lever la statue le supermarché prendre le thé très mauvais. so I just put second-class stamps on them. David wrote a postcard to his mother and father when he was on holiday in America. The Nile is a very long river. les endroits le poète l'homme/la femme politique la population le bureau de poste la carte postale mettre l'énigme la gare (ferroviaire) le restaurant la rivière. Anne wears glasses because she cannot see very well. Let's get Sally a book of puzzles to keep her happy on the train. we post letters and buy stamps. l'endroit les lieux. Helen had a tomato and lettuce salad for lunch today.' . Helen is giving her book to the teacher. David went shopping in the supermarket. Anne does most of her shopping in the market. Have you got any money?’ 'Yes. a grocer's and a greengrocer's. The teacher is taking the book. a toy shop. My letters weren't urgent. London. Lisa is putting a plate of biscuits on the table. les courses s'asseoir du. At the post office. I work in an office above the railway station. Everyone who got the right answer. I'm not going to vote in the election because I don't like politicians. My brother gave me some this morning. How many places did you visit on your holiday? Dylan Thomas was a famous poet from Wales. please stand up. She goes shopping every day.English Headword park partner place places poet politician population post office postcard put puzzle railway station restaurant river salad second-class stamps see shop shopping sit down some stamp stand up statue supermarket take tea terrible Pronunciation /pɑ k/ / pɑ tnə/ /pleis/ / pleisiz/ / pəυit/ / pɒlə tiʃən/ / pɒpjə leiʃən/ / pəυst ɒfis/ / pəυstkɑ d/ /pυt/ / p zəl/ / reilwei steiʃən/ / restərɒnt/ / rivə/ / s ləd/ / sekənd klɑ s st mps/ /si / /ʃɒp/ / ʃɒpiŋ/ / sit daυn/ /səm. Britain has a population of more than fifty-eight million. Partnerin Platz Plätze Dichter Politiker. He bought everything that he needed there. There are four shops in this street: a baker's. nul – Seite 19 von 54 – Example Sentence People like walking in the park when the weather is sunny. so I can see all the trains! There are a lot of people eating in this restaurant. le fleuve la salade les timbres ordinaires voir le magasin le shopping. s m/ /st mp/ / st nd / st tʃu / / su pə mɑ kit/ /teik/ /ti / / terəbəl/ p/ German Park Partner.’ Susan was putting a stamp on the letter. Jenny is drinking a cup of tea. ‘I don't like this film. There is a statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square. de la. Sit down again when you get an answer wrong.

His new album is not as good as his last one was. la cliente plonger la plongée She gives aerobic classes at the sports centre on Tuesdays. A packet of crisps contains a lot of fat. I'm just looking. It's raining.. Kundin tauchen Tauchen les cours d'aérobic l'album Y-a-t-il + pl. and they were all over 2 metres tall! There are classes for beginners and also for more advanced students.English Headword tomato town Town Hall T-shirts twenty minutes from umbrella very visit Pronunciation /tə mɑ təυ/ /taυn/ / taυn hɔ l/ / ti ʃ ts/ / twenti minits frəm/ / m brelə/ / veri/ / vizit/ German Tomate Stadt Rathaus T-Shirts zwanzig Minuten entfernt von Regenschirm sehr besuchen French la tomate la ville l'hôtel de ville les tee-shirts à 20 minutes de le parapluie très rendre visite Example Sentence Anne bought some tomatoes in the market. Are there any good places to eat in this city? The news will be on TV at 10 o'clock. Elephants are very big animals. so he will stay dry. it's after 5 o'clock – we'll be late! You'll find more help on page 58 of your coursebooks. le syllabus les chips le client. Come on. Bristol is a big town. Cars can move faster than bicycles. əθ / / beikən/ / bɑ skitbɔ l kɔ t/ /bi inəz/ / briljəntli/ /kən. She visits them every summer.' My little brother can't run as fast as me.? à 10 heures l'athlétisme le bacon le terrain de basket les débutants brillamment pouvoir. k n/ /kən ai help jυ/ /kɑ nt/ / tʃikən/ /k m ɒn/ / kɔ sbυks/ /krisps/ / k stəmə/ /daiv/ / daiviŋ/ Aerobic-Kurs Album Sind sie . – Seite 20 von 54 – .. ne pas savoir le poulet allez le manuel. Federer served brilliantly in the second set. Helen's uncle and aunt live in France. Hühnchen los jetzt Lehrbücher Chips Kunde. too. We often have bacon and eggs for breakfast. savoir Je peux vous aider? ne pas pouvoir. Bacon comes from pigs. We hope you will become a regular customer. Module 6 aerobic classes album are there? at 10 o'clock athletics bacon basketball court beginners brilliantly can Can I help you? can't chicken come on coursebooks crisps customer dive diving /eə rəυbik klɑ siz/ / lbəm/ / ɑ ðeə/ /ət ten ə klɒk/ / θ letiks. Horses are big animals. Hazel is selling T-shirts to raise money for cancer charities. A lot of people live there.? um 10 Uhr Leichtathletik Schinken Basketballfeld Anfänger brillant können Kann ich dir/Ihnen helfen? kann nicht Huhn. but Christopher has an umbrella. and shop here often. Ken's dad got an Olympic medal for diving from the high board. Fran likes watching athletics on TV – especially the runners. Jane lives in an area of Leeds that is about 20 minutes from the centre of town. Peter dives into the swimming pool and swims to the other end. We get eggs from chickens. The results of the local elections were announced at the Town Hall. Can I help you?' 'No thanks. We can eat chickens. There were ten players on the basketball court.

découvrir le prénom le football le terrain de football le formulaire le mobilier.. He has several interests outside school – for example. There is a lot of furniture in this room. There are tables.. but in the afternoon he has an appointment at the hospital.English Headword do the high jump do the long jump dress drink eat fast find out first name football football pitch form furniture groups gymnastics handball hockey home town how much is the skirt? idea in the afternoon in the evening in the morning indoor interests is there? jacuzzi jump 3 metres Pronunciation / du ðə hai d / du ðə lɒŋ d /dres/ /driŋk/ /i t/ /fɑ st/ / faind aυt/ / f st neim/ / fυtbɔ l/ / fυtbɔ l pitʃ/ /fɔ m/ / f nitʃə/ / ru ps/ /d im n stiks/ / h ndbɔ l/ / hɒki/ / həυm taυn/ /haυ m tʃ iz ðə sk t/ /ai diə/ /in ði ɑ ftə nu n/ /in ði i vniŋ/ /in ðə mɔ niŋ/ / indɔ / / intrəsts/ / iz ðeə/ /d ə ku zi/ /d mp θri mi təz/ mp/ mp/ German Hochsprung machen Weitsprung machen Kleid trinken essen schnell herausfinden Vorname Fußball Fußballfeld Formular Möbel Gruppen Turnen Handball Hockey Heimatstadt Was kostet der Rock? Idee am Nachmittag. When did you find out that they weren't coming? Her first name is Suzanne. you must try to get the ball into the other team's net using a curved stick. nachmittags am Abend.? Whirlpool 3 Meter hoch springen French faire du saut en hauteur faire du saut en longueur la robe boire manger vite trouver. Robert has a very fast car. Watch Mary do the long jump – she can jump nearly 6 metres! Kate is wearing a beautiful silk dress. Many teenage girls have taken up gymnastics after England's success in the Olympics. Jenny. Is there a running track near here? My rich friend's mum has a jacuzzi in his back garden. lamps.' I've got an idea! Let's go and see Uncle Steven tomorrow! He's going to work in the morning. How much is the skirt?' 'It's £25. Julie has lived in Brighton for many years. chairs. It's nice to go home in the evening and not think about work any more! I'm going to the dentist in the morning before I go to work. they're watching it on TV. In hockey. a desk. We sat around the room in groups and discussed the lesson. abends am Morgen. When the boys are not playing football. les meubles les groupes la gymnastique le handball le hockey la ville natale Combien coûte la jupe? l'idée (dans) l'après-midi le soir (dans la soirée) le matin (dans la matinée) en salle les centres d'intérêts Y-a-t-il? le jacuzzi sauter à 3 mètres Example Sentence The athletes will do the high jump next. and a television. he goes dancing. but people always call her by her middle name. Alan is eating a banana. You have to be very fit to play handball well. The football pitch is very muddy after all the rain last night. but her home town is actually York. Do you think anyone will ever jump 3 metres in the high jump? – Seite 21 von 54 – . It can go at 150 kilometres per hour. morgens HallenInteressen Gibt es . and then run the 400 metres. Susan is drinking some water because she's thirsty. Helen wrote her name and address on the form. She holds the record for the indoor 200 metres.

Charlie is going out to play football with his friends at the park. Do you have any extra strong mints?' 'No. I'm sorry. One works in an office.' Take out your notebooks and write this sentence down. I prefer playing sport to studying for exams! There two pools at the sports centre. but the small one is just for children. What's the time? It's two o'clock (2. There's a good sports programme on TV tonight – Real Madrid are playing Juventus. de penny) jouer jouer au foot faire du sport le bassin la livre les prix courir le sauna le vendeur/la vendeuse skier le ski la jupe parler le sport le centre sportif les bonbons. les sucreries Example Sentence I'd love to be able to speak several languages well. Give your first and last names. Johnson could run 100 metres in less than 10 seconds. I spoke to David this morning. Who taught you to ski so well? Her whole family go skiing in Austria every winter. title (Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs) and address. Verkäuferin Ski fahren Skifahren Rock sprechen Sport Sportzentrum Süßigkeiten French les langues Mademoiselle Monsieur Madame Madame/Mademoiselle Non. He said that he will go to London tomorrow.English Headword languages Miss Mr Mrs Ms No. They did not know if Ms Brightwell was married. My little sister is playing with her friends. There are a hundred pence in one British pound (100p = £1). notebooks occupation o'clock open other pence play play football playing sport pools pound prices run sauna shop assistant ski skiing skirt speak sports sports centre sweets Pronunciation / l ŋ wid iz/ /mis/ / mistə/ / misiz/ /miz/ / nəυ aim sɒri/ / nəυtbυks/ / ɒkjə peiʃən/ /ə klɒk/ / əυpən/ / ðə/ /pens/ /plei/ / plei fυtbɔ l/ / plei iŋ spɔ t/ /pu lz/ /paυnd/ / praisiz/ /r n/ / sɔ nə/ / ʃɒp ə sistənt/ /ski / / ski iŋ/ /sk t/ /spi k/ /spɔ ts/ / spɔ ts sentə/ /swi ts/ German Sprachen Frau (Fräulein) Herr Frau Frau (Fräulein) Nein. Ken works at the sports centre. I'm sorry.00). désolé. – Seite 22 von 54 – . anderes Pence spielen Fußball spielen Sport machen Schwimmbecken Pfund Preise rennen Sauna Verkäufer. les cahiers la profession heure(s) ouvert autre les pence (pl. I have two brothers. teaching people how to play tennis. I sometimes go for a sauna after playing badminton. es tut mir Leid. Miss Smith is getting married next week. Mr and Mrs Simpson celebrate their wedding anniversary every year. Hefte Beruf Uhr offen anderer. Helen is wearing a plain black skirt. this is not a sweet shop. He ate too many sweets and got very fat. The shop assistant in the grocer's sold me some coffee. What is the value of the US dollar against the pound today? Petrol prices have fallen in the last month. Please state your father's and mother's occupations. andere. My other brother is a student. The supermarket is open from 11 till 5 on a Sunday.

Il n'y a pas de + pl. Today is Helen's birthday. one has 350. Pronunciation /swim/ / swimiŋ klɑ siz/ / swimiŋ pu l/ /ti m/ / tenis kɔ t/ / tenis r kit/ /ðeər ə. and one has 600. She is sixteen years old. When we were on holiday. There isn’t a cricket pitch for miles round here. but he's afraid of the water. we swam in the hotel swimming pool. I waited at the bus stop for 40 minutes this morning before a bus finally came! / b s stɒp/ – Seite 23 von 54 – . bien sûr. and I'm not very good at that!' What's the time? It's half past three. Ms. she broke her tennis racket! There are two Internet cafes in town. I try.' What sports are you good at?' 'Only golf. Which sport do you like to do most? How many players are on each side in volleyball? Susan is a good student. Il n'y a pas de Il y a le titre faire le volley-ball bien eh bien Example Sentence The boys are swimming in the river. Monday comes before Tuesday. natürlich. here it is. sure.' What flavour are the crisps?' 'They're salt and vinegar flavour. Tuesday comes after Monday and before Wednesday. He goes for swimming classes. but I'm not very good at it. Quelle heure est-il? Oui. Val told the police that the man who stole her bag was aged between 30 and 40. There's a picture of our father on the wall. please. There aren't many people in the restaurant this evening. Mrs or Miss). I'd like a burger with cheese and bacon. Do you play tennis?' 'Well. One school has 250 students.' Welche Geschmacksrichtung haben Quel goût ont les chips? die Chips? In welcher Sportart bist du gut? En quel sport êtes-vous/es-tu bon? Wie spät ist es? Ja. but there's no library. Module 7 activities after aged average before birthday burger bus stop / k tivətiz/ / ɑ ftə/ / eid d/ / vərid / /bi fɔ / / b θdei/ /b ə/ Freizeitaktivitäten nach im Alter von durchschnittlich (be)vor Geburtstag Burger Bushaltestelle les activités après âgé(e) de moyen avant l'anniversaire le hamburger l'arrêt de bus Fishing is one of the most popular hobby activities in Britain. The average number is 400 (1200/3). Is it more difficult to play on clay or grass tennis courts? She hit the ball so hard. ɑ / /ðeər ɑ nt/ /ðeər izənt/ /ðeəz/ / taitl/ /tə du / / vɒlibɔ l/ /wel/ /wel/ /wɒt fleivər ə ðə krisps/ /wɒt spɔ ts ə jυ / wɒts ðə taim/ / jes ʃɔ / υd ət/ German schwimmen Schwimmkurs Swimming Pool Mannschaft Tennisplatz Tennisschläger es gibt es gibt nicht es gibt nicht es gibt Anrede machen Volleyball gut na ja French nager les cours de natation la piscine l'équipe le court de tennis la raquette de tennis Il y a + pl. There are eleven people in a football team. Please write your title in this box (Mr. She can speak French very well. Can I use your phone?' 'Yes.English Headword swim swimming classes swimming pool team tennis court tennis racket there are there aren't there isn't there's title to do volleyball well well what flavour are the crisps? What sports are you good at? what's the time? Yes. sure.

The company makes farm machines. He is very busy today. frɒm/ / f ʃən di zainə/ /fə f n/ / fri taim/ / fraidi. (deine/eure) Hausaufgaben machen faire ses devoirs tut geht nicht schläft nicht arbeitet nicht studiert nicht während weit weg von Modedesigner zum Spaß Freizeit Freitag von Montag bis Freitag Fruchtsaft früh aufstehen (r)ausgehen Schwimmen gehen 3 pers. There are no captions for some of these photographs. Ken makes models of American trains. Kate does her homework every night after school so that she has free time at weekends. Would you like cola or fruit juice with your lunch? My father works for a big company. Tomorrow will be Saturday. auxiliaire de la négation/interrogation (il/elle) ne va pas (il/elle) ne dort pas (il/elle) ne fonctionne pas (ne travaille pas) (il/elle) n'étudie pas pendant. My mum doesn't go to work on Sundays. when it's quiet.English Headword busy captions clean my teeth clean the house clinic cola company cup of coffee day do the shopping do your homework does doesn’t go doesn’t sleep doesn’t work doesn't study during far from fashion designer for fun free time Friday from Monday to Friday fruit juice get up early go out go swimming Pronunciation / bizi/ / k pʃənz/ / kli n mai ti θ/ / kli n ðə haυs/ / klinik/ / kəυlə/ / k mpəni/ / k p əv kɒfi/ /dei/ / du ðə ʃɒpiŋ/ / du jə həυmw k/ /dəz. d z/ / d zənt əυ/ German beschäftigt. she does. Does your sister like ice cream? Yes. dei/ /frəm m ndi tə fraidi/ / fru t d u s/ / et p / əυ aυt/ / əυ swimiŋ/ li/ – Seite 24 von 54 – . Sue does her shopping on a Sunday. Our small village is far from the nearest big city – nearly 200 miles! Karl Lagerfeld is a famous fashion designer who doesn't like being interviewed. sg. or would you prefer tea? There are seven days in a week. but she works on the other six days of the week. viel zu tun haben Bildunterschriften meine Zähne putzen das Haus sauber machen Klinik Cola Firma Tasse/Becher Kaffee Tag Einkäufe machen French occupé les légendes (explicatives) se brosser les dents nettoyer (la maison) la consultation le coca l'entreprise la tasse de café le jour. My cat sleeps all day. I don't do this job for fun – I do it for the money! In his free time. Yesterday was Thursday. We need to clean the house before our visitors arrive. Today is Friday. Jim's dad works from Monday to Friday and has the weekends off. but she often doesn't sleep at night! This torch doesn't work – it needs a new battery. du shopping Example Sentence Christopher is doing a lot of work. la journée faire des courses. Can I get you a cup of coffee. les loisirs vendredi du lundi au vendredi le jus de fruit se lever tôt sortir aller nager / d zənt sli p/ / d zənt w k/ / d zənt st di/ / djυəriŋ/ / fɑ frəm. Would you like some fruit juice to drink with that? Let's get up early tomorrow and go to the seaside! Don't go out without a hat – it's raining outside. Frank works at night and sleeps during the day. Kath doesn't study on Friday evenings because she goes to dancing classes. You should clean your teeth at least twice a day. au cours de loin de le/la styliste pour s'amuser le temps libre. de "do". Peter goes swimming every day – he's training for the Olympic 400 metres. The doctor holds a clinic at 10 o'clock every Friday morning.

If you want to find a good bookshop you need to go to the city centre. Today is Monday. Information from surveys tells us that walking is a very popular activity.' My dad says he'd love to have been a musician in Elvis Presley's band. Kate gets some pocket money every week. Colin always has a shower on Sunday night before he goes back to work on Monday. I've got one pound forty pence. Little Sadie sometimes has milk and biscuits before she goes to bed at night. Bill is learning to play the guitar. Many students have part-time jobs to help them pay for living expenses. Mary isn't going to class today – she feels ill. My computer isn't working. Tomorrow will be Tuesday. Teilzeitjob Gitarre spielen Taschengeld French aller se coucher aller en classe aller en ville aller au cybercafé (il/elle) va le jeu de devinette prendre une douche prendre le petit-déjeuner dîner le hobby les données des études écouter de la musique préparer le petit-déjeuner le médicament voir des amis voir du monde du lait et des biscuits lundi l'argent le musicien. She is a secretary. When does everybody have lunch?' 'At 1 o'clock. – Seite 25 von 54 – . Martin is painting the walls of his house. Kelly is going to meet some friends at the cinema. Working in a shop is fun. so I'm going to the Internet café to check my e-mail. We played a guessing game – you got 10 chances to guess the correct answer. Yesterday was Sunday. Isabel works in an office. because I meet lots of interesting people. Tom is going to Bristol on business next week. People say you should always have breakfast each morning. Dan forgot his homework and had to do it again on the bus to school! There was a programme on the radio about the war in Vietnam. Liam likes to listen to music on his iPod on the way to school. la musicienne le bureau pour le travail dans le bus à la radio peindre les emplois à temps partiel jouer de la guitare l'argent de poche Example Sentence I'm going to bed – I feel really tired.' Maria just takes photos as a hobby – she's not a professional photographer. Alan goes to school every day. I'm not going to make breakfast for everybody – you'll have to make your own! Tom had to take some green medicine when he was ill.English Headword go to bed go to class go to the city centre go to the Internet café goes guessing game have a shower have breakfast have lunch hobby information from surveys listen to music make breakfast medicine meet friends meet people milk and biscuits Monday money musician office on business on the bus on the radio paint part-time jobs play the guitar pocket money Pronunciation / əυ tə bed/ / əυ tə klɑ s/ / əυ tə ðə siti sentə/ / əυ tə ði intənet k fei/ / əυz/ / esiŋ eim/ /h v ə ʃaυə/ /h v brekfəst/ /h v l ntʃ/ / hɒbi/ /infə meiʃən frəm s veiz/ / lisən tə mju zik/ / meik brekfəst/ / medsən/ / mi t frendz/ / mi t pi pəl/ / milk ən biskits/ / m ndi. dei/ / m ni/ /mju ziʃən/ / ɒfis/ /ɒn biznəs/ /ɒn ðə b s/ /ɒn ðə reidiəυ/ /peint/ / pɑ t taim d ɒbz/ / plei ðə i tɑ / / pɒkit m ni/ German ins Bett gehen zur Schule gehen ins Stadtzentrum gehen ins Internet-Café gehen geht Ratespiel duschen frühstücken zu Abend essen Hobby Information(en) aus Umfragen Musik hören Frühstück machen Medizin Freunde/Freundinnen treffen Leute/Menschen treffen Milch und Kekse Montag Geld Musiker. Musikerin Büro geschäftlich im Bus im Radio (an)malen Nebenjob. Have you got any money?' 'Yes.

Tomorrow will be Wednesday.English Headword popular programs read the newspaper receives routines rugby Saturday school day send sleeps study Sunday teach team sports teenagers text messages texts the morning newspaper then three out of four Thursday today translates travel Tuesday TV programme typical videos Pronunciation / pɒpjələ/ / prəυ r mz/ / ri d ðə nju s peipə/ /ri si vz/ /ru ti nz/ /r bi/ German beliebt Programme (die) Zeitung lesen bekommen. dei/ /ti tʃ/ / ti m spɔ ts/ / ti neid əz/ / tekst mesid iz/ /teksts/ /ðə mɔ niŋ nju s peipə/ /ðen/ / θri aυt əv fɔ / / θ zdi. My dad likes to stay in bed and read the newspaper on Sundays. Nick will be home at five o'clock. Today is Thursday. Tomorrow will be Friday. In a typical month I probably spend about four days walking in the countryside. Our dog always sleeps right in front of the fire! Susan studies the plays of Shakespeare at school. l'émission de télé typique les vidéos Example Sentence Football is a very popular game. Today is Wednesday. / s tədi. It's time you were in bed – it's a school day tomorrow. My favourite TV programme is on at 9 o'clock. John prefers games like golf or tennis to team sports like football or rugby. You can talk to him then. Steve translates books from English into Japanese. If there's nothing good on TV we can always watch some videos tonight. our teacher taught us about snakes. The scientist had several routines for checking his results. Last week. schicken schläft studieren Sonntag lehren Mannschaftssportarten Teenager SMS Texte (das) Morgenblatt dann drei von vier(en) Donnerstag heute (er/sie) übersetzt reisen Dienstag Fernsehprogramm typisch Videos French répandu. Yesterday was Monday. My uncle teaches rugby at a school in Scotland. She spends half the day sending text messages to all her friends! These scientific texts are very difficult to understand! Neil delivers the morning newspaper to all the houses in the area. Yesterday was Friday. erhalten Untersuchungsreihen Rugby Samstag Schultag senden. Yesterday was Tuesday. My two brothers are teenagers – one is 16 and the other is 18. tr nz / / tr vəl/ / tju zdi. The magazine receives an average of 1000 letters a week. I bought some new programs this week so that I can write my essays on the computer. Today is Sunday. Tomorrow will be Monday. Tomorrow will be Sunday. ensuite trois sur quatre jeudi aujourd'hui (il/elle) traduit voyager mardi le programme. apprécié les programmes lire le journal (il/elle) reçoit les routines le rugby samedi jour de classe envoyer (il/elle) dort étudier dimanche enseigner les sports d'équipe les adolescents les sms les textes le journal du matin alors. Today is Tuesday. Three out of four cats like Moggy food better than all the others. Tomorrow will be Thursday. Yesterday was Wednesday. dei/ / ti vi prəυ r m/ / tipikəl/ / vidiəυz/ – Seite 26 von 54 – . dei/ / sku l dei/ /send/ /sli ps/ / st di/ / s ndi. Yesterday was Saturday. My brother sent me a present from America last week. People play football in most countries of the world. Christopher travelled from England to France by boat. Today is Saturday. dei/ /tə dei/ /tr ns leits. We learned about many different snakes.

Nell is going to watch TV for an hour. but now people want to pay him for them. There are 365 days in a most years. regarder regarder la télé nous ne nous levons pas mercredi les week-ends (il/elle) travaille l'année Example Sentence Peter is on his bicycle. Module 8 is on about midnight action films animals ask CD games coffee bar collect stamps collect things comedy films consonant cover decide definitions do you like. cats and dogs. Do you like skiing?' 'I don't know how to ski!' Robert draws pictures just for his own enjoyment. Jackie works in a supermarket at weekends. but Helen was there at half past eight. sehen Fernsehen gucken wir stehen nicht auf Mittwoch Wochenenden (er/sie) arbeitet Jahr French marcher observer. rassembler des objets Sam collects things as a hobby – especially coins and stamps. and then she's going to do her homework. 's' and 'x' normally have plurals that add 'es'. We don't get up early on Saturday. wi kendz/ /w ks/ /jiə/ p/ German gehen beobachten.. Louise is watching the children playing. Words ending in 'ch'.? draw pictures early ending /iz ɒn/ /ə baυt midnait/ / kʃən filmz/ / nəməlz/ /ɑ sk/ / si di eimz/ wird gespielt in/im gegen Mitternacht Actionfilme Tiere fragen Computerspiele Café Briefmarken sammeln Dinge sammeln Komödien Konsonant be-. zu-. 'In Edinburgh. dei/ / wi k endz. He's more interested in CD games than he is in reading books.English Headword walk watch watch TV we don’t get up Wednesday weekends works year Pronunciation /wɔ k/ /wɒtʃ/ / wɒtʃ ti vi / /wi dəυnt et / wenzdi. We like action films with people like Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel. I prefer comedy films with actors like Gene Wilder or Bill Murray. His dad works in an office in the centre of town. Michael is walking beside him. Yesterday was Tuesday. because I didn't get to bed last night till about midnight. les comédies.' replied Fred.' The word 'like' has several different definitions. Tomorrow will be Thursday. abdecken entscheiden Definitionen Magst du …? Bilder zeichnen früh Endung on donne … vers minuit les films d'action les animaux demander les jeux sur CD la cafétéria collectionner les timbres Hamlet' is on at the theatre next week – do you want to go? I'm very tired today. les films comiques la consonne couvrir décider les définitions Aimez-vous/aimes-tu…? dessiner tôt se terminant / endiŋ/ – Seite 27 von 54 – . Today is Wednesday. collectionner. / kɒfi bɑ / /kə lekt st mps/ /kə lekt θiŋz/ / kɒmədi filmz/ / kɒnsənənt/ / k və/ /di said/ / defə niʃənz/ /dυ jυ laik/ / drɔ piktʃəz/ / li/ Barry used to collect stamps and put them in an album when he was a little boy. Which consonants can you find in the word 'geography'? Jenny is covering the food to keep it hot. Lynn and Peter have lots of animals in their house – rabbits. School starts at nine o'clock. birds. Do you want to buy the brown shoes or the black shoes?' 'I can't decide. There's a coffee bar just down the street where we can get something to eat. Where do you live?' Jane asked. She was early. because it's not a school day.

Jenny likes to go dancing on a Saturday night. Goodbye. ðeər / /its əυ kei.English Headword every day / week / month film finish frequency get ready go dancing go fishing goodbye hate here we are holidays homework horrible how often. it's / they're OK.' School starts at 9. here we are – this is the cinema. I never eat onions. I used to think that 'Latin music' meant songs that were sung in Latin! I like my friends. nicht wirklich. they're OK. Peter. I have a wash and then eat breakfast.' Do you like TV news programmes?' 'Yes. – Seite 28 von 54 – . I'll see you tomorrow. She was 15 minutes late. ɒftən/ /ai dəυnt laik/ /ai dəυnt laik wɒtʃiŋ/ /ai l v dɑ nsiŋ/ /in ɔ də/ /its ɔ fəl.. please? I don't like watching quiz shows on TV. Do you spend a lot of money on magazines?' 'No. I hate them.00.' I don't like milk in my coffee – can I have it black. I love dancing. Häufigkeit sich fertig machen tanzen gehen angeln gehen tschüss hassen da sind wir Ferien Hausaufgaben schrecklich Wie oft …? ich mag nicht ich mag nicht … sehen ich liebe Tanzen in Reihenfolge es ist/sie sind schrecklich es ist/sie sind in Ordnung spät Latino-Musik mögen Vorlieben und Abneigungen lieben zu gehen maskulin/feminin French tous les jours/toutes les semaines/tous les mois le film finir la fréquence se préparer aller danser aller pêcher au revoir détester voilà. 'monkey'. 'camel'. I can't go to Lisa's house this evening. Get ready – the train will soon be arriving at our station. it's awful. Do you like the new series on Channel 4?' 'No. and we need to get off. I prefer watching films. pas vraiment Example Sentence Every day when I get up. 'zebra'. late Latin music like likes and dislikes love going M/F make sure No. Trains to London run at a frequency of one every two hours.? I don’t like I don’t like watching I love dancing in order it's / they're awful. wi k. Where it says 'M/F'. not really Pronunciation / evri dei. put 'M' if you're a boy or 'F' if you're a girl. Make sure that you have everything with you when you get off. We are going to the cinema tomorrow to see a film. I must do my homework. The lesson started at nine o'clock and finished at ten o'clock. Put these words in alphabetical order: 'pig'. but I don't think I'm very good at it. not really. m nθ/ /film/ / finiʃ/ / fri kwənsi/ / et redi/ / əυ dɑ nsiŋ/ / əυ fiʃiŋ/ / υd bai/ /heit/ / hiə wi ɑ / / hɒlədiz. They were very afraid. The children saw a big snake in the zoo.' / meik ʃɔ / / nəυ nɒt riəli/ sicher gehen Nein. deiz/ / həυmw k/ / hɒrəbəl/ /haυ ɒfən.' OK. How often does the bus come?' 'Every 20 minutes. ça y est les vacances les devoirs horrible A quelle fréquence…? je n'aime pas je n'aime pas regarder j'adore danser dans l'ordre c'est horrible ça va tard la musique latino aimer (bien) les goûts adorer aller masculin/féminin faire en sorte non. What are your likes and dislikes in books and films? He used to love going to the railway station to watch the trains. It was horrible. I wonder what's on? They like to go abroad for holidays so that they can practise their foreign languages. but I love my brother and sister. but Maria came at 9. Mark goes fishing at the lake in the park at weekends. Do you like onions?' 'No. I must go now. ðeər / /leit/ / l tin mju zik/ /laik/ / laiks ən dislaiks/ /l v əυiŋ/ German jede(n) Tag/Woche/Monat Film (be)enden Rhythmus.15 today.

i. la joueuse le questionnaire les questions tranquille. e. Dave goes to the bank three times a week with the money from his shop. There are some rabbits in the field – you can see their white tails. einmal im Monat une fois par semaine/par mois – Seite 29 von 54 – . Liverpool have been getting poor results in their games recently.' Cowboy films that were made in Italy were sometimes called 'spaghetti westerns'. dreimal im Monat heute Nacht zweimal die Woche. You're crazy! Slow down before you have an accident! einmal die Woche. m nθ/ / plei kəm pju tə eimz/ / pleiə/ / kwestʃə neə/ / kwestʃənz/ / kwaiət/ / r bit/ / reidiəυ/ / ri diŋ/ /ri l ksiŋ/ /ri z lts/ /ru lz/ / saiəns fikʃən filmz/ /seks/ / spend ɒn/ / s f ði intənet/ / s vei/ / siləbəl/ / teik fəυtəυz/ / test jə self/ / θri taimz ə wi k.' Will you take some photos at my sister's wedding next month? Test yourself by closing the book and trying to remember all the words in this list. les règles les films de science-fiction le sexe dépenser (en) surfer sur le net l'étude. testet euch selbst dreimal die Woche. m nθ/ / vaυəl/ /wɒnt/ / westənz/ / jɔ kreizi/ German Computerspiele spielen Spieler. What sex is your dog?' 'She's a female. The other letters are called consonants. Do you have any questions? At night. some coffee. silencieux le lapin la radio lisant relaxant les résultats le règlement. our house is very quiet. le sondage la syllabe faire des photos testez-vous/teste-toi trois fois par semaine/par mois ce soir deux fois par semaine/par mois la voyelle vouloir les westerns Vous êtes/ tu es fou/folle! Example Sentence I have to go to Manchester twice a week on business. Who knows the rules for when consonants are doubled before -ing? Science fiction films like the Star Wars series are very popular. still Hase Radio lesend entspannend Ergebnisse Regeln Science Fiction-Filme Geschlecht ausgeben für im Internet surfen Umfrage Silbe Fotos machen teste dich selbst. Spielerin Fragebogen Fragen leise. She spends all morning in bed reading on Saturdays. Complete this questionnaire on your hobbies. that's the end of the lesson.English Headword once a week / month play computer games player questionnaire questions quiet rabbit radio reading relaxing results rules science fiction films sex spend on surf the Internet survey syllable take photos test yourself three times a week / month tonight twice a week / month vowel want westerns you're crazy! Pronunciation / w ns ə wi k. on the last day of the month.' If you won a million pounds. please. I am going to the theatre tonight after work. This survey of teenagers' interests has produced some surprising results. m nθ/ /tə nait/ / twais ə wi k. I don't want to do much today – I just want to spend some time relaxing. but she does get information from it for her homework. what would you spend it on? She doesn't surf the Internet. Peter?' 'Yes. Do you want a drink. How many syllables are there in the word "accommodation"?' 'Five. o. u. and you could win £100! OK. George listens to the news on the radio every morning. There are eleven players in a football team. These English letters are called vowels: a. I'd rather be outside than sit playing computer games all day in my room. zweimal im Monat Vokal möchten Western Du bist verrückt! French jouer à des jeux sur ordinateur le joueur. Jill gets paid once a month.

I sometimes catch an early train.' Peter has a large collection of old coins. There is a famous castle at Edinburgh in Scotland. The quickest way to travel to the USA is by plane. I go to work by bus because it is cheaper than taking the car. so I go to the station by taxi. Beach volleyball has now been included in the Olympics for the first time. Kathedrale Glockenturm Kleidung(sstücke) Sammlung verschieden nicht auslassen ägyptisch Exkursionen Festival zum Beispiel Spaßveranstaltungen le parc d'attraction ancien le musée archéologique la galerie d'art la plage le beach-volley les bottines le British Museum en bus en voiture en car en avion en taxi en train byzantin le château la cathédrale le clocher les vêtements la collection différent ne manquez/manque pas égyptien (-ne) les excursions le festival par exemple les activités de détente Florida is famous for its fantastic amusement parks. The art gallery has many paintings by famous artists. They are planning a weekend of fun activities to keep the children happy. Greek and Roman objects on show.English Headword Module 9 amusement parks ancient archeological museum art gallery beach beach volleyball boots British Museum by bus by car by coach by plane by taxi by train Byzantine castle cathedral clock tower clothes collection different don’t miss Egyptian excursions festival for example fun activities Pronunciation German French Example Sentence /ə mju zmənt pɑ ks/ / einʃənt/ / ɑ kiə lɒd ikəl mju ziəm/ /ɑt /bi tʃ/ / bi tʃ vɒlibɔ l/ /bu ts/ / britiʃ mju ziəm/ /bai b s/ /bai kɑ / /bai kəυtʃ/ /bai plein/ /bai t ksi/ /bai trein/ /bai z ntain. When you visit Salisbury. Some children are playing in the sand on the beach. These keys are different. It only takes two hours to get to London from here by train. The cathedral was built in the seventeenth century. I like to wear my jeans tucked into the tops of my boots. When you visit Athens. – Seite 30 von 54 – . It's very cheap to get to London by coach. I bought two shirts and some trousers. Schloss Dom. kləυz/ /kə lekʃən/ / difərənt/ / dəυnt mis/ /i d ipʃən/ /ik sk ʃənz/ / festəvəl/ /fər i zɑ mpəl/ / f n k tivətiz/ ləri/ Freizeitpark sehr alt archäologisches Museum Kunstgalerie Strand Beach-Volleyball Stiefel britisches Museum mit dem Bus mit dem Auto mit dem Reisebus mit dem Flugzeug mit dem Taxi mit dem Zug byzantinisch Burg. -ti n. Did you buy some new clothes?' 'Yes. My grandad seems ancient – he was born nearly 80 years ago! Roman pots and coins are displayed in the archeological museum. bi-/ / kɑ səl/ /kə θi drəl/ / klɒk taυə/ /kləυðz. The bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament is called Big Ben. That country was once part of the Byzantine empire. so she goes everywhere by car. Many animals can run fast – for example. One opens the back door and the other opens the front door. a cheetah can run at about 100 kph. The British Museum is in a street in the middle of London. are you going on any excursions to other places? Orchestras from all over the world come to play at the Edinburgh Festival. There is no bus service where she lives. don't miss the cathedral and Stonehenge! The museum has many Egyptian.

I'm not doing much – shall we go to the cinema?' Guess where I am! I'm sitting on a beach in Majorca. There are two hostels where young people can stay in the city.' Are you busy this weekend?' 'No. Why don't you come and join us? Jenny cannot carry her bag. All the fishing boats are in the harbour today. She works in a hospital. It's raining here. The village has two inns where you can eat and stay the night. What can I do. Jenny isn't wearing shorts. Jim likes making models of railway engines and stations. prunkvoll Modelle bauen magnifique faire des maquettes / meikiŋ mɒdlz/ – Seite 31 von 54 – . A king is a very important man – he is the head of his country. she's wearing jeans. King Juan Carlos is the King of Spain. Du Glückspilz! T'as de la chance! Veinard! herrlich. It's cold. Mum? I'm bored. There is an island in the middle of the river. Peter and Paul are boys. They're going to stay in one town. They will go to sea tomorrow. Please look in the guidebook and tell us where to find that statue. Why are you kissing my girlfriend? Go away! Lucky you! I wish I was somewhere sunny and warm! Rome has some magnificent buildings that were built hundreds of years ago. and it looks like it's going to rain all day.' David is wearing a black baseball cap with 'I love New York' on it. it's snowing heavily now. You can have fun in Las Vegas 24 hours a day! We're having a drink at the café.' 'Cut the grass. but it's still sunny and bright. Hast du ein Glück!. She needs some help. but they will go on trips to other places nearby. Bill is wearing a hat to protect his head from the rain. It's quite cold today – I think I'll put on a jumper over my shirt.English Headword girl go on trips guidebook harbour hat have fun having a drink help hospital hostels I'm bored I'm not doing much I'm sitting imagine important inns is it snowing? is wearing island it's cold it's raining jeans jumper king kissing lucky you! magnificent making models Pronunciation / l/ / əυ ɒn trips/ / aidbυk/ / hɑ bə/ /h t/ /h v f n/ / h viŋ ə driŋk/ /help/ / hɒspitl/ / hɒstlz/ /aim bɔ d/ /aim nɒt du iŋ m tʃ/ /aim sitiŋ/ /i m d in/ /im pɔ tənt/ /inz/ /iz it snəυiŋ/ /iz weəriŋ/ / ailənd/ /its kəυld/ /its reiniŋ/ /d i nz/ /d /kiŋ/ /ə jυ kisiŋ/ / l ki ju / /m nifisənt/ mpə/ German Mädchen Ausflüge machen Reiseführer Hafen Hut Spaß haben etwas trinken Hilfe Krankenhaus Pensionen ich langweile mich ich habe nicht viel vor ich sitze sich vorstellen wichtig Gasthöfe Schneit es? trägt Insel es ist kalt es regnet Jeans Pullover König küssen French la fille faire des voyages le guide (livre) le port le chapeau s'amuser prendre un verre l'aide l'hôpital les auberges de jeunesse je m'ennuie Je ne fais pas grand-chose je suis assis(e) imaginer important les auberges Neige-t-il? (il/elle) porte l'île il fait froid il pleut le jeans le pull le roi embrasser Example Sentence Lisa is a girl. on holiday! We imagined what it was like living in Britain 100 years ago.' 'I'm not that bored. Is it snowing?' 'Yes. Jane is a nurse.

This is a nature reserve. to France and Italy. The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace. So we'll meet at the café at 8 o'clock. Küste bis heute Abend Schaf. She has a lot of machines in it to help her. I've seen enough – I just want to relax now and have a drink! You can visit the ancient Roman baths when you visit Harrogate. le village miniature moderne la réserve naturelle le dancing le nord à pied au téléphone l'orange oriental original le palais les époques la photographie se détendre roman royal les ruines la voile les sandales les voyages scolaires le bord de mer la côte à ce soir le /les moutons le navire la chemise les chaussures Example Sentence Some parts of the church are medieval and some are more recent. The town of Berwick-on-Tweed belonged to either England or Scotland during different periods of history. Manchester is in the north of England. where all the animals and birds are protected. because it's going to be sunny and warm. Alan is wearing a white shirt and a red tie. Put your sandals on today. Brian is doing a course in photography at the local college. Naturpark Nachtclubs Norden zu Fuß am Telefon Apfelsine orientalisch ursprünglich Palast Perioden Fotografie entspannen römisch königlich Ruinen Segeln Sandalen Klassenfahrten Küste Strand. Liam goes sailing on his boat whenever he gets the chance.English Headword medieval model village modern nature reserve night clubs north on foot on the phone orange oriental original palace periods photography relax Roman royal ruins sailing sandals school trips seafront seaside see you tonight sheep ship shirt shoes Pronunciation / medi i vəl/ / mɒdl vilid / / mɒdn/ / neitʃə ri z v/ / nait kl bz/ /nɔ θ/ /ɒn fυt/ /ɒn ðə fəυn/ / ɒrənd / / ɔ ri entl/ /ə rid inəl/ / p ləs/ / piəriədz/ /fə tɒ rəfi/ /ri l ks/ / rəυmən/ / rɔiəl/ / ru inz/ / seiliŋ/ / s ndlz/ / sku l trips/ / si fr nt/ / si said/ / si jυ tə nait/ /ʃi p/ /ʃip/ /ʃ t/ /ʃu z/ German mittelalterlich Miniaturstadt. Greg is often on the phone for hours to his friends from school. This ship carries bananas to the UK from the Caribbean. My feet are wet because my shoes let the rain in. If it's sunny on Saturday we're going to take the children to the seaside. There are some sheep in the field. The roof of the palace was built in an oriental style. This is the original part of the house – the rest was built at a later date. Stadtmodell modern Naturreservat. Jane's kitchen is very modern. The centre of town is only 200 metres from here – you can get there on foot. The teachers are organising some school trips for next year. then? OK. see you tonight. eating the grass. This drink contains the fruit from seven oranges in every glass. Brighton has a royal palace that is now open to the public. There are lots of good night clubs in Manchester. Legoland is a model village where everything is made from Lego bricks. Greece has many famous ancient ruins from centuries ago. Schafe Schiff Hemd Schuhe French médiéval le maquette. She chose a hotel right on the seafront so they would be near the beach. – Seite 32 von 54 – .

surfing and scuba-diving. The Nile is the longest river in the world. for example with friends or when meeting strangers. Exeter is a city in the south-west of England. John. We walked around the city and went into all the interesting shops. We act differently in different situations. Tom spends half an hour sitting on the bus going to work every morning. There are many very old temples in Rome. There was a lot of rain. There are lots of shops selling expensive souvenirs for tourists in this part of town. Sally is going to go sightseeing while she is in Glasgow next week. Transport to Leeds is very good – you can get there by bus. Helen is showing her book to the teacher.English Headword shorts show sightseeing sitting (on a bus) situations south-west souvenirs starring style surf temple that's it! the Acropolis tourist information transport walk around wash your hair water sports water-skiing weather who are you dancing with? wildlife park windsurfing wonders world Pronunciation /ʃɔ ts/ /ʃəυ/ / sait si iŋ/ / sitiŋ/ / sitʃu eiʃənz/ / saυθ west/ / su və niəz/ / stɑ riŋ/ /stail/ /s f/ / tempəl/ / ð ts it/ /ði ə krɒpəlis/ / tυərist infə meiʃən/ / tr nspɔ t/ / wɔ k ə raυnd/ / wɒʃ jə heə/ / wɔ tə spɔ ts/ / wɔ tə ski iŋ/ / weðə/ / hu ə jυ dɑ nsiŋ wið/ / waildlaif pɑ k/ / wind s fiŋ/ / w ndəz/ /w ld/ German kurze Hose zeigen Sightseeing (im Bus) sitzen Situationen Südwesten Souvenirs. The Pyramids in Egypt are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.' In the wildlife park. The windsurfing championships are being held in Devon this year. That's it. Anbindung durch öffentl. wascht eure Haare Wassersport Wasserski Wetter Mit wem tanzt du? Wildpark. animals can wander about instead of being kept in cages all the time. Andenken die Hauptrolle spielen Stil surfen Tempel Das war's! die Akropolis Tourist Information öffentliche Verkehrsverbindung. Where is the tourist information office? I need to find out where to stay. Freigehege Surfen Wunder Welt French le short montrer visiter (une ville…) (être) assis (dans le bus) les situations le sud-ouest les souvenirs (objets) jouer le rôle principal le style surfer le temple C'est ça! l'Acropole l'office du tourisme les transports faire le tour de se laver les cheveux les sports nautiques le ski nautique le temps (qu'il fait) Avec qui dansez-vous /danses-tu? le parc naturel la planche à voile les merveilles le monde Example Sentence Peter is wearing shorts and a T-shirt – he's going to the beach. Yesterday the weather was very bad. – Seite 33 von 54 – . Brad Pitt is starring in a new film about President Bush. Harry likes water sports. Verkehrsmittel herumlaufen wasch deine Haare. train or aeroplane. Many buildings in this town are built in the same architectural style. There's a water-skiing competition on the lake today. I'm going by car! You must visit the Acropolis when you go to Athens. I'm never going to wait for the bus again. you need to wash your hair to get the salt out. Who are you dancing with?' 'He's my brother's friend. such as swimming. After swimming in the sea. Many people don't know that you can surf off the south coast of England. car.

Mum. Dogs have hair all over their bodies.English Headword Module 10 Africa America Asia babies bear body bridge brochure brown camels cans chimp choose coach common conversation copy dangerous difficult dolphins drop ears easy Europe European bison eyes feed Pronunciation German French Example Sentence / frikə/ /ə merikə/ / eiʃə. cheese. kopieren gefährlich schwer Delfine fallen lassen Ohren leicht Europa Wisent Augen füttern l'Afrique l'Amérique l'Asie les bébés l'ours le corps le pont la brochure brun les chameaux les canettes le chimpanzé choisir le car commun. and some camels have two. you must watch out for snakes. Nick feeds his dog every morning. In the deserts of western America. but in the USA there used to be millions of them. In some parts of Europe. why is the sky blue?' 'That's a difficult question. Sam!' The hotel has a special pool where you can swim with dolphins. There are two cans of cola in the fridge if you want them.ə/ / beibiz/ /beə/ / bɒdi/ /brid / / brəυʃə. You can see them in many places. Some animals have lots of babies at once and some have only one at a time. – Seite 34 von 54 – . Lily wants to get a brown coat to go with her brown shoes. European bison are very rare. Helen is copying the words from the blackboard. Prospekt braun Kamele Dosen Schimpanse aussuchen Reisebus gewöhnlich. taking photographs of wild animals. . Bears have a lot of hair on their bodies. üblich Gespräch abschreiben. This animal is only found in the high deserts of Asia. or ice cream. Some kinds of camel have one hump. That chimp over there looks exactly like my little brother! You can have fruit. All the students can answer them. Peter and Tom are having a conversation. There is a railway bridge across the river. Alice has dropped her glasses and broken them. The coach to Newcastle leaves in 15 minutes. These bats have large ears so that they can hear very quiet sounds. It is very dangerous. This brochure will tell you all about the castle. -ʃυə/ /braυn/ / k məlz/ /k nz/ /tʃimp/ /tʃu z/ /kəυtʃ/ / kɒmən/ / kɒnvə seiʃən/ / kɒpi/ / deind ərəs/ / difikəlt/ / dɒlfinz/ /drɒp/ /iəz/ / i zi/ / jυərəp/ / jυərəpi ən baisən/ /aiz/ /fi d/ Afrika Amerika Asien Babys Bär Körper Brücke Broschüre. répandu la conversation copier dangereux difficile les dauphins laisser tomber les oreilles facile l'Europe le bison d'Europe les yeux nourrir Ben travels in Africa. Camels are very common in Egypt. These questions are very easy. An owl's eyes are very large so that it can see well in the dark. Choose which one you'd like. Children must not play near the railway. people hunt and kill wild boar. They are talking about football.

ɒftən/ Wie oft fahren Züge nach …? /hju d / / h ŋ ri/ /h nt/ /im piəriəl i əlz/ /in ðə waild/ /in telid ənt/ /d mp/ riesig hungrig jagen Kaiseradler in der Wildnis intelligent springen Känguru nett. Nick is a friendly person. The hippo was having a bath in the mud by the river. Alice is wearing a hat on her head to keep the rain off. Are these golden eagles or bald eagles?' 'Neither. Robert drove for many hours. Elephants are also very intelligent.English Headword female file finally first forests friendly giraffe golden eagle grass habitat head her him hippo how often do trains go…? huge hungry hunt imperial eagles in the wild intelligent jump kangaroo kind koala leaf leaves legs Pronunciation / fi meil/ /fail/ / fainəl-i/ /f st/ / fɒrəsts/ / frendli/ /d i rɑ f/ / əυldən i əl/ / rɑ s/ / h bit t/ /hed/ /ə. All the leaves are falling off the trees because it is winter. Female kangaroos carry their babies in a kind of pocket on their stomach. h / /im. /haυ ɒfən dυ treinz əυ. première les forêts amical. Where is Nick? He is in the garden. The cat is jumping down from the wall.' It's difficult to see chimps in the wild because they live high in the trees. He is male. sympathique la girafe l'aigle royal l'herbe l'habitat la tête elle (pronom objet) lui l'hippopotame Example Sentence Jane is a woman. hə. That bird has green legs and a red beak / k ŋ ə ru / /kaind/ /kəυ ɑ lə/ /li f/ /li vz/ /le z/ – Seite 35 von 54 – . and can be very dangerous. Giraffes have long necks so that they can reach the high branches of trees. Finally he got to London. zuvorkommend Koalabär Blatt Blätter Beine a quelle fréquence les trains pour… How often do trains go to Edinburgh from here? partent-ils? The elephant is a huge animal. I can see him. enfin premier. and are sometimes trained to work with people. January is the first month of the year. him/ / hipəυ/ German weiblich Ordner endlich erster. She is female. He wants to eat one for dinner. I keep a file on the computer that holds all my holiday photographs. énorme qui a faim chasser les aigles impériaux dans la nature intelligent sauter le kangourou gentil. The grass on a cricket pitch has to be kept very short. Frank is hunting rabbits. Golden eagles have excellent eyesight and very sharp beaks and claws. He didn't have breakfast or lunch today. An animal's habitat is the type of place they live in. Steven is a man. It's very kind of you to do all this for me. It is winter and there is only one leaf left on the tree outside my window. He likes talking to other people and helping them. aimable le koala la feuille (végétale) les feuilles les jambes Nick is very hungry. They're imperial eagles. Koala bears look very sleepy and move around slowly. erstes Wälder freundlich Giraffe Steinadler Gras Lebensraum Kopf sie ihn Nilpferd French de sexe féminin le fichier finalement. erste. Where is Maria? I can't see her. The forests of Scotland are much smaller than they used to be.

' We don't have to wear school uniforms after we get to sixth year. tυ/ / p ndə/ /pɑ ts/ / peŋ win/ / fizikəl ə piərəns/ / plezənt/ / pju mə/ /reə/ / redi tə /ri f əυ/ German Bibliothek. tə. next to the hairdresser's. Bücherei Löwe Müll. This must be Peter's house. She is female. My dog's physical appearance is quite frightening. Your neck is between your head and your shoulders. liebenswürdig Puma selten bereit zu gehen sich beziehen auf (hier: nachschlagen) erinnern Schuluniformen rauchen Wie bitte? komisch French la bibliothèque le lion les détritus le lama long adorable prendre des notes de sexe masculin moi les montagnes doit être ne doit pas être le cou à côté de le panda les partis le pingouin l'apparence physique agréable le puma rare prêt à partir se référer à se souvenir les uniformes scolaires fumer Pardon? étrange – Seite 36 von 54 – Example Sentence We have a new library in our school. All cigarette packets now carry warnings about how dangerous it is to smoke. We mustn't be late. but you can read it here and make notes. I'll be ready to go in two minutes – I just need to put my coat on. They live in Africa. There are some lovely flowers in the garden. I'm surprised you don't like Karl. That was a very strange noise. This bird is very rare – there are only about 200 left in the whole world. that holds 20. A puma is a type of big cat with long legs and small ears.English Headword library lion litter llama long lovely make notes male me mountains must be mustn't be neck next to panda parts penguin physical appearance pleasant puma rare ready to go refer to remember school uniforms smoke sorry? strange Pronunciation / laibrəri. You can't take this book away. mi / / maυntənz/ / m st bi/ / m sənt bi/ /nek/ / nekst tə. it says 'P Smith' on the door. Abfall Lama lang wunderhübsch Notizen machen männlich mir Berge muss sein darf nicht sein Hals neben Pandabär Teile Pinguin äußere Erscheinung freundlich. -bri/ / laiən/ / litə/ / lɑ mə/ /lɒŋ/ / l vli/ / meik nəυts/ /meil/ /mi. Not all pandas are black and white. Can you give me your pen for a minute. Some very small ones are red. They cannot fly. but he's really very gentle. I don't know what it was. refer to the Mini-Dictionary. but I can't remember. The teacher told me. but they can swim under water. tυ/ /ri membə/ / sku l ju nifɔ mz/ /sməυk/ / sɒri/ /streind / . He is male. Jane is a woman. The Mississippi river is long. or we'll miss the train. When are the exams?' 'I don't know. If you cannot spell a word. You can be fined up to £20 for dropping litter in the street. What are the names for the different parts of a bird's wing? Penguins live in cold countries. please? The mountains of Scotland are covered with snow in the winter. The chemist's is over there. Look. He has always been very pleasant to me. Sorry? Can you say that again? I didn't hear you. Steven is a man. Lions eat meat. I need a pen.000 books. The Empire State Building is tall. The llama has a thick coat to protect it from the cold weather.

The baby is asleep. Louise's baby isn't asleep now. Eagles fold their wings in to their body when they dive to catch their food. Tierparks la nature les ailes le loup les zoos Module 11 April asleep August aunt awake balcony best friends birthday party cloudy cold December deer / eiprəl/ /ə sli p/ / ɔ əst/ /ɑ nt/ /ə weik/ / b lkəni/ / best frendz/ / b θdei pɑ ti/ / klaυdi/ /kəυld/ /di sembə/ /diə/ April schläft.' More than thirty thousand birds visit the island every summer. Replace the underlined words with other words that mean the same. Our hotel room has a balcony where we can sit outside and watch the sunset. Bill and Vince have been best friends since they were at school together. Who would you like to invite to your sixteenth birthday party? It is cloudy today. schlafen August Tante wach Balkon beste Freunde Geburtstagsparty bewölkt kalt Dezember Hirsch. Tigers are yellow and black. s. Tierwelt Flügel Wolf Zoos. I think it's going to rain.English Headword tail take the dog out theatre them thirty thousand tiger underlined us usually what time? wildlife wings wolf zoos Pronunciation /teil/ / teik ðə dɒ aυt/ / θiətə/ /ðəm. ju əli/ /wɒt taim/ / waildlaif/ /wiŋz/ /wυlf/ /zu z/ German Schwanz Gassi gehen. la biche There are thirty days in April. There are thirty-one days in August. Male deer have large horns called antlers. normalerweise French la queue promener le chien le théâtre elles. There are thirty-one days in December. Hirsche avril endormi août la tante éveillé le balcon les meilleurs amis la fête d'anniversaire nuageux froid décembre le cerf. Some animals are only found in zoos because there are none left in the wild. They are Robert's aunts. We opened our books when the teacher told us to open them. – Seite 37 von 54 – . There are a lot of clouds in the sky. Um welche Uhrzeit …?/ Wann …? a quelle heure? Fauna. I saw them at school. but female deer do not. There are wolves in the forest in some parts of Canada. Robert's mother has two sisters. Did you see Kate and Maria?' 'Yes. eux (pronom objet) trente-mille le tigre souligné nous (objet) habituellement Example Sentence A cat's tail is at the opposite end of its body from its head. Peter usually gets up at seven o'clock. What time does the restaurant open in the evening? The wildlife on the Galapagos Islands is different from anywhere else on Earth. Kate is going to see a play at the theatre tonight. and are members of the cat family. Michael is so cold he is shivering. but yesterday he got up at nine o'clock. He's awake. It is cold outside today. Sheila takes the dog out every morning for a run in the park. Don't make a noise. s/ / ju uəli. mit dem Hund rausgehen Theater sie dreißigtausend Tiger unterstrichen uns gewöhnlich. ðem/ / θ ti θaυzənd/ / tai ə/ / ndə laind/ /əs.

Paul only played for half of the match. bears curl up and go to sleep until the spring comes again. It is cold in England. erste. There are thirty-one days in March. /in d ɔid/ /i zɑ mpəl/ / ekstr kt/ / f ləυ diə/ / februəri.15 today. Fallow deer are not as large as red deer. because you can't see very far ahead. I've enjoyed meeting people and making friends more than I've enjoyed the lessons! There are a lot of big towns in England. and get food from people's rubbish bins. My first memory is of going to the seaside when I was about two. There are thirty-one days in July. but Maria came at 9. Tim's cat has two kittens.00. It's very foggy tonight.English Headword diary early enjoyed example extract fallow deer February first first day of school first memory five past nine fly foggy for half of the … foxes grandpa half past nine happy Hey! hot in winter January July June kitten late March May Pronunciation / daiəri/ / li/ German Tagebuch früh genoss. Bristol and York are two examples. Susan is very happy. There are twenty-eight days in February. This shop doesn't open till half past nine in the morning. because he got injured. genossen Beispiel Auszug Damwild Februar erster. erstes erster Schultag erste Erinnerung fünf nach neun fliegen neblig die Hälfte von … Füchse Opa halb zehn glücklich Hey! heiß im Winter Januar Juli Juni Kätzchen spät März Mai French le journal (intime). Today was the first day of school after the long summer holidays. She was early. If it's five past nine. There are thirty-one days in January. In winter. febjυri/ /f st/ / f st dei əv sku l/ / f st meməri/ / faiv pɑ st nain/ /flai/ / fɒ i/ /fə hɑ f əv ðə/ / fɒksiz/ / r npɑ / / hɑ f pɑ st nain/ / h pi/ /hei/ /hɒt/ /in wintə/ /d njuəri. She is laughing. January is the first month of the year. School starts at 9. This short extract is from a longer book called 'War and Peace'. She wrote about it in her diary. There are thirty days in June. School starts at nine o'clock. première la rentrée des classes le premier souvenir 9h05 voler brumeux pour la moitié de les renards bon-papa 9h30 heureux hé! très chaud en hiver janvier juillet juin le chaton tard mars mai Example Sentence Kate went to the zoo today. how many minutes are there till 10 o'clock? Those birds are flying away to warmer countries. Be careful when you're driving. She was 15 minutes late. Steven's grandpa was a policeman for 40 years. Hey! That man just stole my handbag! Stop him! The weather is hot in Spain. Many foxes live in towns and cities. There are thirty-one days in May. but Helen was there at half past eight. -njυri/ /d υ lai/ /d u n/ / kitn/ /leit/ /mɑ tʃ/ /mei/ – Seite 38 von 54 – . l'agenda tôt prendre plaisir à (passé) l'exemple le passage le daim février premier.

There are thirty days in November. zweites September verschneit Arten. you need to go to Scotland. If you want to see red squirrels. There are thirty-one days in October. The roads are very snowy. February is the second month of the year. 'second'. Ken felt very relaxed when he went back to work after his long holiday. zweite. Most species of plant flower during the spring or summer. David is getting a puppy for Christmas – he's always wanted a dog! It's quarter past nine. there is a stress mark before the syllable that carries the heaviest stress. At 9. March is the third month of the year. -dei/ / s ni/ /θiŋk/ /θ d/ /tri z/ /trip/ German Erinnerungen Monate nervös November Oktober am zehnten Juni Ordnungszahlen spielen Welpe viertel nach neun viertel vor zehn regnerisch rote Eichhörnchen entspannt Rotkehlchen traurig zweiter. Frank spent six months in South America working in a school in the jungle. Our summer holiday starts on the 7th of July and lasts for four weeks. My little sister is in the school play this year. The sun shone all day. just for the day. Be careful when you drive to work. On the tenth of June. 'third' and so on. Robins' feathers get very red in winter but are not so red in summer. les grandes vacances ensoleillé penser troisième les arbres le voyage Example Sentence Zak doesn't have any memories of the accident.30 we will stop reading and talk about the book. Spezies Sporttag Betonungszeichen Sommerferien sonnig denken dritter. and only a few bushes. drittes Bäume (Kurz-) Reise French les souvenirs les mois nerveux novembre octobre le 10 juin les nombres ordinaux jouer jeune chien 9h15 10h moins le quart pluvieux l'écureuil détendu le rouge-gorge triste deuxième septembre neigeux l'espèce / les espèces la journée sportive le symbole d'accent tonique les vacances d'été. Will you come to see me run at the school sports day next month? In each pronunciation. It's a quarter to ten – time you were in bed! Last week was very rainy. dritte.English Headword memories months nervous November October on the tenth of June ordinal numbers play puppy quarter past nine quarter to ten rainy red squirrels relaxed robins sad second September snowy species sports day stress mark summer holiday sunny think third trees trip Pronunciation / meməriz/ /m nθs/ / n vəs/ /nəυ vembə/ /ɒk təυbə/ /ɒn ðə tenθ əv d u n/ / ɔ dənəl n mbəz/ /plei/ / p pi/ / kwɔ tə pɑ st nain/ / kwɔ tə tə ten/ / reini/ / red skwirəlz/ /ri l kst/ / rɒbinz/ /s d/ / sekənd/ /sep tembə/ / snəυi/ / spi ʃi z/ / spɔ ts dei/ / stres mɑ k/ / s mə hɒlədi. She's going to be a fairy. Jack is very nervous about performing in the school play. like 'first'. Ordinal numbers show the order of things. Peter and Tom went on a trip to the seaside yesterday. Helen is sad because her friend Maria is going away to live in Madrid. Charlie will be 12 years old. There are thirty days in September. – Seite 39 von 54 – . It rained every day. There are no trees on the island. Yesterday it was sunny. The teacher asked a difficult question that made the students think hard.

sich langweilen Bowlingbahn Frühstück fantastisch Kann ich eine Nachricht hinterlassen? les abréviations affirmatif après minuit galerie de jeux vidéo fâché le week-end parce que l'heure du coucher avant minuit qui s'ennuie le bowling (salle) le petit-déjeuner génial Puis-je laisser un message? His writing is full of abbreviations.' and 'etc'.' What was the weather like in Spain?' 'It was sunny every day. Passé "ne pas être". bi kəz/ / bedtaim/ /bi fɔ midnait/ /bɔ d/ / bəυliŋ / brekfəst/ / briljənt/ /kən ai li v ə mesid / li/ Abkürzungen bejahend nach Mitternacht Spielhalle wütend am Wochenende weil Schlafenszeit vor Mitternacht gelangweilt. he wasn't.' 'What do you mean?' 'You're speaking too loudly. and I didn't see any friends. Some birds are summer visitors to Britain. and really hot. Christine has to be home before midnight or her dad gets really annoyed! What did you do in the school holidays. Module 12 abbreviations affirmative after midnight amusement arcade angry at the weekend because bedtime before midnight bored bowling alley breakfast brilliant Can I leave a message? /ə bri vi eiʃənz/ /ə f mətiv/ / ɑ ftə midnait/ /ə mju zmənt ɑ keid/ / ŋ ri/ /ət ðə wi k end.' We went to the bowling alley last night. I'm not deaf.English Headword twenty-five to ten visitors was wasn't were weren't what do you mean? What was the weather like? windy word type writer Pronunciation / twenti faiv tə ten/ / vizətəz/ /wəz. and live somewhere else in the winter.'. Charles Dickens was a writer who wrote books about London in the 1800s. We have lunch in the middle of the day. A lorry hit Robert's car. It is very windy. I really like the bit about the penguins. ttes pers.g. Lou works from Monday to Friday. Susan?' 'I did nothing.' There is a lot of wind today. Today is Wednesday. but she always wants to stay up late.' Sadie knows that her bedtime is 7 o'clock. 3è pers.. Schriftstellerin French 10h moins 25 les visiteurs "être" 3è pers. Can I leave a message for her to ring me?' – Seite 40 von 54 – . Why were you late for school today?' 'Because the bus was late. Sg.e. wɒz/ / wɒzənt/ /wə. He shouted at the lorry driver. Gary is an expert on the driving games down at the amusement arcade. I was very bored. It was brilliant. Sauf 3è sg. and next to each put its word type. 'i. wi kend/ /bi kɒz.' 'Who won?' We have breakfast in the morning. like 'e. and it was after midnight before we got back home. passé Que voulez-vous/veux-tu dire? Comment fait-il? venteux espèce de mot l'écrivain Example Sentence The train leaves at twenty-five to ten and takes forty minutes to get to Hatfield. Robert was very angry. Greg answered in the affirmative. Linda isn't in just now. The car broke down. Sg. Write down each of the words in this sentence.' Where were Peter and Nick yesterday?' 'They were at school.' he said.' I went to see Peter and Lisa.' 'Oh. so he likes to just relax at the weekend. Was Peter at school today?' 'No. Besucherin war war nicht waren waren nicht Was meinst du? Wie war das Wetter? windig Wortart Schriftsteller. but they weren't at home. 'Yes. Passé "être" autres personnes passé ne pas être. w / /w nt/ / wɒt dυ jυ mi n/ / wɒt wəz ðə weðə laik/ / windi/ / w d taip/ / raitə/ German fünf nach halb zehn Besucher. Yesterday was Tuesday.

verlassen French Puis-je parler à…? la bande dessinée.English Headword Can I speak to…? cartoon classify comedy community concert dentist dinner documentary doing exercise don’t be silly! episode ever fast-food restaurant feel tired feelings funny game show get back home grammar items granny ice-creams in town interviews jazz concert key last night leave Pronunciation /kən ai spi k tə/ /kɑ tu n/ / kl sifai/ / kɒmədi/ /kə mju nəti/ / kɒnsət/ / dentist/ / dinə/ / dɒkjə mentəri/ / du iŋ eksəsaiz/ / dəυnt bi sili/ / episəυd/ / evə/ / fɑ st fu d restərɒnt/ / fi l taiəd/ / fi liŋz/ / f ni/ / eim ʃəυ/ / et b k həυm/ / r mər aitəmz/ / r ni/ / ais kri mz/ /in taυn/ / intəvju z/ /d /ki / / lɑ st nait/ /li v/ z kɒnsət/ German Kann ich … sprechen? Zeichentrick einordnen. so I went to the dentist. We have breakfast in the morning. My last class today is at four.' There's a big community of Polish people who came here after the Second World War. – Seite 41 von 54 – . We have dinner in the evening. sadness and happiness at different points in the film. drôle le jeu télé rentrer à la maison les points de grammaire bonne-maman les crèmes glacées en ville les interviews le concert de jazz la clé hier soir partir.' There's a new fast-food restaurant in the High Street. My tooth hurt. Val likes doing her exercise in the morning. Make a list of all the grammar items you've learned about in this lesson. I've never been there. We all laughed a lot. Chris left me a message at eight o'clock in the morning. My granny used to work as a nurse in a big old hospital in Glasgow. quitter Example Sentence Hallo. so I should get back home before six. Can you get a couple of ice-creams before the film starts? Where are you?' 'I'm on the bus. Mark went to a classical music concert at the Albert Hall. going to college. when she has most energy. I'm going to win the lottery this week. Can I speak to Mr Tenison. jamais le fast-food être fatigué les sentiments amusant. and one with them all together. la caricature classer la comédie la communauté le concert le/la dentiste le souper (repas chaud du soir) le documentaire faire de l'exercice Ne sois pas bête! l'épisode un jour. Countdown' was a popular game show that was on TV for years. of course you'll feel tired in the morning! I had feelings of anger. and I replied at nine o'clock. You can open all these door with the same key. There's a documentary about President Kennedy at 8 o'clock tonight.' 'Is it any good?' If you go to bed very late.' 'Don't be silly! That will never happen!' There are two episodes of my favourite soap on TV tonight! Have you ever been to America?' 'No. Martin called me at nine-thirty last night. bewerten Komödie Gemeinschaft Konzert Zahnarzt Abendessen Dokumentation trainieren Sei nicht dumm/albern! Folge jemals Schnellimbiss müde sein Gefühle lustig Spielshow nach Hause kommen Grammatikbegriffe Oma Eis in der Stadt Interviews Jazzkonzert Schlüssel letzte Nacht hinterlassen. There's a jazz concert on at the Odeon tonight – Sarah Vaughan is singing. please? Tom is laughing at a cartoon of a dog that is trying to catch a cat. This film has been classified as not suitable for children. What kind of films do you like best?' 'I prefer comedies.' The article has interviews with each member of the band. The film was very funny.

' 'I was out and about all day. that's all my news. See you. What does "foreign" mean?' 'It means "not from this country".English Headword lots of love lunch match meals mean money prizes morning people negative news on your mobile opinions out and about permanent positive problems queen regularly repeat See you later. It tells us all the things that are happening. Vorabendserie Sportsendung zu Hause bleiben überrascht Abholrestaurant Tee (hier: Imbiss mit Tee) French gros bisous (fin d'une lettre) le déjeuner le match les repas vouloir dire. but his permanent home is in Wales. Neuigkeiten auf deinem/eurem Handy Ansichten. I called you at home but you didn't answer.' 'See you. 'cheerful' and so on. Bill. Doctor Who is on tonight. Vicky. Coronation Street' is the longest-running soap on British television. There are only three matches left before the end of the football season. A newspaper gives us the news. See you later. 'Well. We're not exactly morning people – we don't get up till 10! He had a few negative comments on his report. I'll get her to ring you on your mobile.' This show offers money prizes to anyone who can answer ten questions correctly. I was surprised that 100 people turned up to the meeting – I didn't expect so many. auf Achse ständig positiv Probleme Königin regelmäßig Wiederholung bis später bis bald Serien Seifenoper. if you give me the number. Don. We have dinner in the evening. Staying in and watching TV is all he does these days. The teachers only had positive things to say about her. This part of the newspaper tries to give people the answers to their problems. like 'hard-working'. I have to go now. but it's a repeat – I've already seen it. Frühaufsteherin negativ Nachrichten. – Seite 42 von 54 – .30 at night. signifier les prix (en espèces) homme/femme matinal(e) négatif les informations sur votre/ton GSM les opinions en balade permanent positif les problèmes le reine régulièrement la reprise à plus tard à bientôt la série (les séries) le feuilleton l'émission sportive rester à la maison surpris le traiteur le souper Example Sentence His letter ends.' We have lunch in the middle of the day. My boss isn't interested in my opinions about how the business should be run. series soap sports programme staying in surprised takeaway tea Pronunciation / lɒts əv l v/ /l ntʃ/ /m tʃ/ /mi lz/ /mi n/ / m ni praiziz/ / mɔ niŋ pi pəl/ / ne ətiv/ /nju z/ /ɒn jə məυbail/ /ə pinjənz/ / aυt ən ə baυt/ / p mənənt/ / pɒzətiv/ / prɒbləmz/ /kwi n/ / re jələli/ /ri pi t/ / si jə leitə/ / si jə/ / siəri z/ /səυp/ / spɔ ts prəυ r m/ / stei-iŋ in/ /sə praizd/ / teikəwei/ /ti / German viel Liebe Mittagessen Spiel Mahlzeiten bedeuten Geldpreise Frühaufsteher. The restaurant serves meals from 7 o'clock till 11. Some people call the evening meal dinner and some people call it tea. Rob regularly goes to see his grandmother in Bristol – at least once a week. I don't want to cook a meal tonight. I'll just go to the Chinese takeaway. shopping. Lots of love. Meinungen unterwegs. There is usually a sports programme on at five o'clock on a Saturday. Queen Elizabeth is the Queen of England. like 'could do better' and 'doesn't concentrate'.' Morecambe and Wise' was a popular comedy series on British TV for years. Goodbye.' He lives in Spain for two months of every year.

The ambulance driver said they were taking the patient to St Thomas's Hospital. Colin keeps fit by riding his bicycle to college every day. There wasn't any bread left at breakfast time this morning. They are going to school.' There was an old dog sitting in the corner next a young man with glasses. He's very worried. There have been several car accidents on this part of the road in the last month. The cowboys don't know that the Indians are coming!' 'I know. so I couldn't have toast. -dei/ / ju θ kl b/ ðeə/ German genau. Louise is cooking some meat and vegetables for dinner. The plane leaves London at eleven o'clock and arrives in Paris at twelve o'clock. This man has been badly injured – we need to call an ambulance to take him to hospital. but now he cannot find her.' There were only three people at the lecture. and 'm' is short for 'metre(s)'. das stimmt da war da war nicht da waren nicht Das wird jetzt spannend! Thriller Onkel Nachrichten auf dem Anrufbeantworter War da/dort …? Waren da/dort …? gewinnen besorgt gestern Abend Jugendtreff.) gagner inquiet hier soir le club de jeunes Example Sentence Are you Mr Taylor?' 'That's right. There are hundreds of accidents on this fast stretch of road every year. zusammenstoßen est l'abréviation de … les accidents l'ambulance l'ambulancier arriver le vélo le bus l'accident de voiture préparer. Nick went to the shops with his young sister. There are some students on the bus.) Il n'y avait pas (+pl. Jugendclub French c'est bien ça! il y avait + sg. wɒz/ /ðeə wɒzənt/ /ðeə w nt/ / ðis iz etiŋ intrəstiŋ/ / θrilə/ / ŋkəl/ / vɔis mesid iz/ /wəz ðeə. Yvonne had 14 voice messages when she came back to work after her holiday.) Ça devient intéressant le suspense l'oncle les messages vocaux Y avait-il? (+sg. The lorry driver crashed into a lamp post when he skidded on the ice. Did you see that nature programme on TV yesterday evening? The youth club has booked the hall for a disco next Thursday night. wɒz/ /w /win/ / w rid/ / jestədi i vniŋ. cuire le coin le cours entrer en collision (passé) – Seite 43 von 54 – Km' is short for 'kilometre(s)'. il n'y avait pas (+ sg.) Y avait-il? (+pl. Nick won the race. Krankenwagenfahrerin ankommen Fahrrad Bus ksidənt/ Autounfall kochen Ecke Kurs kollidieren. James Taylor of 15 New Street. Was there a light in the window?' 'I couldn't see. Neil is starting a course in Spanish next week. Mark is waiting at the corner of the street. / mbjələns/ / mbjələns draivə/ /ə raiv/ / baisikəl/ /b s/ / kɑ r /kυk/ / kɔ nə/ /kɔ s/ /kr ʃt/ .' Uncle Steven is my mother's brother. fɔ / / ksidənts/ … ist die Abkürzung für … Unfälle Krankenwagen Krankenwagenfahrer. There weren't many people in the pub last night – it was nearly empty. Module 13 … is short for… accidents ambulance ambulance driver arrive bicycle bus car accident cook corner course crashed /iz ʃɔ t fə. Tom lost the race. this is getting interesting!' What kind of film is it?' 'It's a thriller about spies in Russia in the 1970s.' 'Were there? That's terrible!' Nick and Tom had a race.English Headword that's right there was there wasn’t there weren't this is getting interesting! thriller uncle voice messages was there? were there? win worried yesterday evening youth club Pronunciation / ð ts rait/ /ðeə wəz.

Radfahrerin Tod starb Fahrer. folgendes Fuß ausländisch aufstehen musste passierte hielt Helm treffen. Christopher went to France today. The plane left at 8. but he died the next day. The lorry hit the tree and the driver broke his leg in the crash. Lisa's family live in the big house on the corner. Robert doesn't drive too fast. just as the school children were coming out. In those days it was much more dangerous to drive a car because there were no seat belts. les faits tomber de les fausses dents les pompiers les voitures de pompier le pompier d'après.00. The driver was taken to hospital straight away. The following day. kilometres etc because everybody else in Europe uses them. suivant le pied étranger se lever devoir (passé) se passer (passé) tenait le casque frapper la maison cent se dépêcher à cette époque le pouce (mesure) disparaît Example Sentence There are lots of cyclists in Holland because the country is so flat. he'll just give you the facts. He is a safe driver. but he wasn't badly hurt. There are twelve inches in a foot. There were about 200 deaths in car crashes in Yorkshire last year. My grandad takes out his false teeth at night and puts them in a glass of water next to his bed. herunterfallen dritte Zähne Feuerwehr Feuerwehrautos Feuerwehrmann (darauf)folgender. The fire brigade got here only five minutes after the fire started. Over eighty fire fighters were brought in to fight the blaze at the factory. Peter has a lot of foreign stamps. Even the tiny children all wear helmets when they're on their bikes. Talk to Jim. / h d tə. The boys are hurrying for the bus. Alan held the bird in his hand and gently examined its wing. There are 5280 feet in mile. There are a hundred and seventy people in our school. The accident happened at lunchtime. and people are worried about global warming. The cyclist fell off his bike.English Headword cyclist death died driver etc facts fall off false teeth fire brigade fire engines fire fighter following foot foreign get up had to happened held helmet hit house hundred hurry in those days inch is disappearing Pronunciation / saiklist/ /deθ/ /daid/ / draivə/ /et setərə/ /f kts/ / fɔ l ɒf/ / fɔ ls ti θ/ / faiə bri eid/ / faiər end inz/ / faiə faitə/ / fɒləυiŋ/ /fυt/ / fɒrən/ / et p/ German Radfahrer. They are late for school. the police put up signs asking if anyone had seen the accident. He has stamps from all over the world. Six fire engines were called out to the blaze. Fahrerin usw. and quickly put it out. He won't tell you silly stories. traf Haus einhundert sich beeilen damals Inch verschwindet French le cycliste la mort mourir (passé) le chauffeur etc. The politicians got up on the platform and tried to answer the questions from the audience. tυ/ / h pənd/ /held/ / helmət/ /hit/ /haυs/ / h ndrəd/ / h ri/ /in ðəυz deiz/ /intʃ/ /iz disə piəriŋ/ – Seite 44 von 54 – . Fakten von etw. A lot of the ice at the North Pole is disappearing. folgende. You need to think in metres. He had to get up very early.

This is a leaflet about how to avoid accidents in your own home. They prefer to think in the older units like feet. More than eight million people live in London. but I know how many miles per gallon! Look out. You need to write more than one page for your essay – I expect at least four! That motorcyclist went straight across the zebra crossing without stopping. Jane is very lucky. The police are trying to find a thief. The chemist's is just down that street. Fußgängerin Person rief an Polizei Polizeiautos French le carrefour les chevaliers renverser la loi le prospectus les litres fais attention chanceux la majorité les mesures le médicament les mètres métrique le mille le million plus de/que le motocycliste l'infirmier. Two police cars chased the car thief for 30 miles up the motorway. Some people say that dog owners grow to look like their pets! He's lucky he didn't hit any of the pedestrians crossing the road. Have you read the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? The car nearly knocked me down because the driver wasn't looking where he was going. Don't play football on the road – it's too dangerous. She lost her ring in the street. There is only one person living in that house. Halterin Fußgänger.English Headword junction knights knock down law leaflet litres look out lucky majority measurements medicine metres metric mile million more than motorcyclist nurse obvious on the left on the road owner pedestrian person phoned police police cars Pronunciation /d ŋkʃən/ German Kreuzung Ritter überfahren Gesetz Prospekt Liter pass auf glücklich Mehrheit Maße Medizin Meter metrisch Meile Million mehr als Motorradfahrer Krankenschwester leicht erkennbar. /naits/ / nɒk daυn/ /lɔ / / li flət/ / li təz/ /lυk aυt/ / l ki/ /mə d ɒrəti/ / me əmənts/ / medsən/ / mi təz/ / metrik/ /mail/ / miljən/ / mɔ ðən. I want to buy a carpet. John is 1.6 metres tall. Go to the park instead.' 'What are the measurements of your living room?' Tom had some green medicine when he was ill. -ère évident à gauche sur la route/rue le/la propriétaire le piéton la personne téléphoner (passé) la police les voitures de police Example Sentence The accident happened at the junction of George Street and Hanover Square. Jane is a nurse. How much is that in feet and inches? Metric measurements often confuse older people. but the next day she found it again. The law says that we must not drive too fast. on the left. One mile is a little more than 1600 metres. offensichtlich links auf der Straße Halter. She works in a hospital. The majority of people now wear seat belts whenever they drive a car. and it arrived about five minutes later. We phoned for an ambulance. This shop isn't very obvious – it was very difficult to find it. ð n/ / məυtə saiklist/ /n s/ / ɒbviəs/ /ɒn ðə left/ /ɒn ðə rəυd/ / əυnə/ /pə destriən/ / p sən/ /fəυnd/ /pə li s/ /pə li s kɑ z/ – Seite 45 von 54 – . He took some money from this old lady. Paul! There's a car coming round the corner. I don't know how many kilometres per litre my car does.

I pulled him out of the water. Martin drives a taxi. Lisa got some nice presents for her birthday.English Headword police force police officer present protect put on rain retell right road safety road users save seat belt speed stay story strange but true swords taxi took risks traditionally turn unconscious uniforms van vehicles vs Pronunciation /pə li s fɔ s/ /pə li s ɒfisə/ / prezənt/ /prə tekt/ /pυt ɒn/ /rein/ / ri tel/ /rait/ / rəυd seifti/ / rəυd ju zəz/ /seiv/ / si t belt/ /spi d/ /stei/ / stɔ ri/ / streind bət tru / /sɔ ds/ / t ksi/ / tυk risks/ /trə diʃənəli/ /t n/ / n kɒnʃəs/ / ju nifɔ mz/ /v n/ / vi ikəlz/ / v səs/ German Polizei(truppe) Polizist.' Sam was unconscious for a couple of minutes after he was hit by the car. it's very cold outside today. Tom can't swim. Wearing a helmet when you are on a bike will help protect your head against injury. but it probably doesn't. 'SOS' is supposed to mean 'Save Our Souls'. You can tell the different kinds of nurses apart by the colour of their uniforms. That young driver took too many risks in order to win the race. The government is making a short film to warn people about road safety. Lieferwagen. The roads were very wet. What are you reading?' 'I'm reading a story about a king and his three sons. drehen bewusstlos Uniformen Laster.' Yesterday I stayed at home. All road users except cyclists have to pass a test. Polizistin Geschenk (be)schützen anziehen regnen noch einmal erzählen rechter. Traditionally. What's the match on TV tonight?' 'It's Arsenal vs Chelsea. Put on your warm jacket. rechtes Verkehrssicherheit Verkehrsteilnehmer retten Sicherheitsgurt Geschwindigkeit bleiben Geschichte seltsam aber wahr Schwerter Taxi Risiken auf sich nehmen traditionell abbiegen. Her mother gave her a bicycle. I had to retell the story every time somebody new came into the room! Our seats are at the right end of the second row from the front. rechte.' – Seite 46 von 54 – .' I read in the paper about a man who gets paid to watch paint dry – strange but true! If you say that two people 'crossed swords'. nowadays it just means they had an argument. When he fell into the river. My brother was a police officer in London for over 20 years. Transporter Fahrzeuge gegen French les forces de police l'agent de police le cadeau protéger mettre (sur soi) pleuvoir raconter à nouveau droit la sécurité routière les usagers de la route sauver la ceinture de sécurité la vitesse rester l'histoire incroyable (litt. Robert always wears his seat belt when he's driving his car. How fast is that car going?' 'Its speed is about 90 kilometres an hour. étrange) mais vrai les épées le taxi prendre des risques (passé) traditionnellement tourner inconscient les uniformes la camionnette les véhicules contre Example Sentence The man was wanted for murder by the police forces in several countries. Twenty vehicles were involved in an accident on the motorway last night. and they pay him. He takes people to a place in his car. and Susan gave her a kite. I saved him. I didn't go out. Where is the hospital?' 'Go along this street and turn left at the end. It rained for a long time yesterday. The postman came in a van this morning with a huge parcel for Mrs Bell next door.

Wash your face and hands again! You need to be cleaner before you can go to your auntie's. brown and gold. Alan is good at English. /wəz stɑ tid/ / wɒtʃ aυt/ /jɑ d/ / zi brə krɒsiŋ. mainly. Harry prefers classical music to pop or rock. August is the hottest month of the year.44cm) le passage pour piétons Example Sentence Some people are waiting at the railway station for a train.English Headword wait wake up was started watch out yard zebra crossing Pronunciation /weit/ / weik p/ German warten aufwachen wurde begonnen pass auf Yard Zebrastreifen French attendre se réveiller a commencé fais attention le yard (91. There is a strong contrast between her sad face and her happy laughter. but Tom is better. Do you want something to eat?' 'Yes. but we also spent two nights in tents. His mum and dad are in the drawing too. Maria is going to the beach when she goes home. when the leaves turn red.' Helen is walking across the road to get to the shops on the other side. you'll hit that car!' A yard is the same as three feet. The National Health Service was started after the Second World War. Many Americans play baseball. Over a billion people live in China – it has more people than any other country. When did you see him?' 'I saw him three days ago. The closest thing to it in Britain is called rounders. This is Paul's drawing of his house.' Autumn comes after summer and before winter. ze-/ Module 14 accommodation across ago autumn baseball better billion classical music cleaner colourful contrast cooking countryside cricket drawing especially feel fish go home /ə kɒmə deiʃən/ /ə krɒs/ /ə əυ/ / ɔ təm/ / beisbɔ l/ / betə/ / biljən/ / kl sikəl mju zik/ / kli nə/ / k ləfəl/ / kɒntrɑ st/ / kυki/ / k ntrisaid/ / krikit/ / drɔ iŋ/ /i speʃəli/ /fi l/ /fiʃ/ / əυ həυm/ Unterbringung über vor Herbst Baseball besser Milliarde klassische Musik sauberer farbig Kontrast Kochkunst. Then he woke up. I feel very hungry. My dad's cooking is better than college food – he runs a restaurant! There are more trees in the countryside than there are in the town. especially in August.' Let's go down to the harbour and watch the boats bringing in the fish. to remember what sunshine feels like! – Seite 47 von 54 – . The safest place to cross the road is on the zebra crossing. Watch out! If you're not careful. It is very hot in Spain. Alan slept for eight hours. Kochen Land Kricket Zeichnung besonders fühlen Fisch nach Hause gehen le logement à travers il y a (+ période de temps) l'automne le baseball meilleur le milliard la musique classique plus propre coloré le contraste la cuisine (nourriture) la campagne le cricket le dessin particulièrement. The trees are very colourful in autumn. and is slightly shorter than a metre. The English cricket team did well last year when they beat Australia in the test series. spécialement (se) sentir le poisson rentrer à la maison What was the accommodation like?' 'We stayed in hotels.

They keep me awake at night. Présent) international le mode de vie léger relier avoir le mal de. doesn't have to go to work. you can save money off the price of all your books. There is an international airport in London.English Headword go skiing Great Wall of China ground hard headache healthier heavy homesick ill includes international lifestyle light linking miss missing home move noisy of course realistic reason rice save seasons sequence of actions Pronunciation / əυ ski iŋ/ / reit wɔ l əv tʃainə/ / raυnd/ /hɑ d/ / hedeik/ / helθiə/ / hevi/ / həυm sik/ /il/ /in klu dz/ / intə n ʃənəl/ / laifstail/ /lait/ / liŋkiŋ/ /mis/ / misiŋ həυm/ /mu v/ / nɔizi/ /əv kɔ s/ / riə listik/ / ri zən/ /rais/ /seiv/ / si zənz/ / si kwəns əv kʃənz/ German Skifahren gehen chinesische Mauer Boden schwierig Kopfschmerzen gesünder schwer Heimweh haben krank beinhaltet international Lebensstil leicht verbinden vermissen Heimat vermissen bewegen laut natürlich realistisch Grund Reis sparen Jahreszeiten Ablauf French faire du ski la Grande Muraille de Chine le sol difficile. He's in bed. Jack isn't very realistic – he thinks he's going to make a million pounds before he's sixteen! What's the reason for your visit to Paris?' 'I want to see my uncle. Tom cannot carry the box. This list is a sequence of actions that you can follow to make a model aeroplane. It needs a lot of water. you could still see the Great Wall of China. but she is still missing her home and family in Brazil. Cathy was so homesick that she went home early and didn't stay for the whole course. – Seite 48 von 54 – . dur le mal de tête plus sain lourd qui a le mal du pays malade inclure (3è pers. less food. The price of this holiday includes flights. The lorries on this road are very noisy. She has a very relaxed lifestyle – gets up at 10 o'clock. la nostalgie de avoir le mal du pays bouger bruyant bien sûr réaliste la raison le riz épargner les saisons le déroulement des actions Example Sentence We live in the mountains. and the doctor is looking at him. The crowd of people started moving through the gates and towards the building. You can fly from London to many different countries. lots of fresh air etc. but I'll write to all of them when I get home. sg.' Jane is very happy living in Wales. You need to change to a healthier lifestyle – more exercise. It costs less to send a light parcel than it does to send a heavy one. Of course I'll miss the friends I've made here. If you have a student card. etc. Because' is a word that is often used for linking two sentences together. accommodation and one meal each day.' Rice grows in fields. It's too heavy for him. If you were in a spacecraft above the Earth. Tom is ill. In some parts of the world there is very little difference between the seasons. it's so big! Nick is sitting in the tree and Maria is standing on the ground. Maria is not feeling very well. It's hard to concentrate on studying when I keep thinking about my family in Italy. so we often go skiing in the winter. She has got a headache. Why are you sad?' 'Because I miss my friends back home.

vermuten groß als Tour auf … zu Verkehr Reisebüro unfreundlich Abstimmung Winter schlechter French sérieux petit le sommeil lent les spaghetti le printemps l'été supposer grand que (après comparatif) la tournée. Hilary is just as tall as her mother.' We all had a vote. She doesn't eat candy. Naomi has worked very hard on this course. Jenny is walking towards the post office. A short man in glasses took us to the headmaster's office. annehmen Adjektiv Athlet. I suppose I'll miss some things about London. 'good' and 'happy' are all adjectives. Winter comes after autumn. and he thinks a lot. While we are there. par câble le bonbon (US) If the next person accepts the question and gets the answer right. It is colder than autumn. Summer comes after spring. she says it's bad for her teeth. – Seite 49 von 54 – . but I still miss spaghetti cooked the way my mum makes it. not the theatre. I've made lots of friends over here. The athletes are all competing for an Olympic gold medal. Do you think English people are unfriendly?' 'No. but I'll be glad to get back home. It's difficult getting across the road! Ken is going to the travel agent's to book a holiday in Italy. Athletin Publikum Taxi Kabel Bonbons accepter l'adjectif l'athlète (m/f) le public le taxi (US) le câble. We'll be late if we wait for a bus – let's take a cab instead. we're going on a tour to see the famous palaces. and the majority wanted to go to the cinema. you are out of the game! Small'. that's too slow! We'll go by bus. A horse is bigger than a donkey. He does not laugh much. You can only get cable TV if you pay a monthly amount to the cable company. I thought the weather yesterday was bad.English Headword serious short sleep slow spaghetti spring summer suppose tall than tour towards traffic travel agent's unfriendly vote winter worse Pronunciation / siəriəs/ /ʃɔ t/ /sli p/ /sləυ/ /spə eti/ /spriŋ/ / s mə/ /sə pəυz/ /tɔ l/ /ðən. We've got tickets to be in the audience when they film 'The Weakest Link'. Mark is walking away from it. ð n/ /tυə/ /tə wɔ dz/ / tr fik/ / tr vəl eid ənts/ / n frendli/ /vəυt/ / wintə/ /w s/ German ernst kurz. klein Schlaf langsam Spaghetti Frühling Sommer glauben. but today it is even worse! Module 15 accept adjective athlete audience cab cable candy /ək sept/ / d iktiv/ / θli t/ / ɔ diəns/ /k b/ / keibəl/ / k ndi/ akzeptieren. le circuit en direction de la circulation l'agence de voyage inamical le vote l'hiver pire Example Sentence Christopher is a very serious man. There is a lot of traffic in the town today. It is hotter than spring.' I like fish and chips. She wants to get some sleep when she goes home! Do you want to walk to the cinema?' 'No. Spring comes after winter and before summer.

so he's going to the gym twice a week. The end of that cat's tail is white. Americans talk about filling the car up with 'gas'! Try to use correct English grammar. That was a very nice meal! I'll help you wash the dishes. Write a short composition about things that are different in this country to where you live. When I'm on a long plane journey. sg. Paul likes animals very much. you can pass it to someone else. E. Kate has to walk to school.g. Each student has an exercise book for his work. Tony wants to improve his fitness. jeder. There are a lot of educational programmes on in the afternoons and after midnight. and then we can sit down and watch TV. I often do crosswords or puzzles to pass the time. We bought a special box that sits on top of the TV. Although petrol is a liquid. and put in other words that are correct. I like quiz programmes on TV that test your intelligence.g. as you will lose marks if you do not.English Headword channels come compositions cookie correctly cross daily digital disappointed dishes do crosswords don’t have to e. but you do not get it. tυ/ /in telid əns/ /iz əυiŋ tə iv/ doit ("have to". If you want a biscuit in the USA. School starts at nine o'clock. The elevators only take two minutes to reach the 50th floor. / r mə/ / h z tə. and won a million pounds! Cross out the words that are wrong. présent) The bus does not got to the school. Fitness Benzin Grammatik muss muss/müssen Intelligenz French les chaînes venir les compositions le biscuit (US) correctement barrer. biffer quotidien numérique déçu la vaisselle faire des mots croisés ne pas devoir par exemple chaque éducatif l'ascenseur (US) la fin enthousiaste l'automne (US) la forme physique l'essence (US) la grammaire Example Sentence If you have satellite TV you can get about a hundred different TV channels! Alan comes to school by bus. She answered all ten questions correctly. each educational elevator end excited fall fitness gas grammar has to have to intelligence is going to give Pronunciation / tʃ nlz/ /k m/ / kɒmpə ziʃənz/ / kυki/ /kə rektli/ /krɒs/ / deili/ / did itl/ / disə pɔintid/ / diʃiz/ / du krɒsw dz/ / dəυnt h v tə.B. She's going to give me some help with my English homework. Colin is going to New England to see all the trees in their beautiful fall colours. He goes home again at three o'clock. jedes BildungsFahrstuhl Ende aufgeregt Herbst Kondition. you need to ask for a 'cookie'. When you want something. tυ/ /i d i/ /i tʃ/ / edjυ keiʃənəl/ / eləveitə/ /end/ /ik saitid/ /fɔ l/ / fitnəs/ / s/ German Kanäle kommen Aufsätze Keks richtig kreuzen täglich digital enttäuscht Geschirr Kreuzworträtsel machen nicht müssen z. He's very excited about going to the zoo tomorrow. tυ/ / h v tə.' is used in written English to mean 'for example'. devoir l'intelligence (il/elle) va donner We have to get up at eight o'clock. 3è pers. The Telegraph is one of the main British daily newspapers. you are disappointed. so that we could get the free digital channels. wird geben – Seite 50 von 54 – . I'm going round to Jenny's house. You don't have to answer this question. jede.

delivering things. Don't spend all day studying – get out and do some physical exercise as well. Do you know the answer to this question? Graham has a very good knowledge of trains – he can answer any question you ask him! You'll have to walk up the stairs – the lift is broken. la présentatrice – Seite 51 von 54 – Example Sentence What's Maria doing? Is she going to come to the party tonight? Yes. London is still the main place in the country for jobs in publishing.English Headword is she going to do? isn't going to do know knowledge lift link look after look through lorry lose main mark maybe millionaire movement movie name notes on average opportunities pay petrol physical exercise plans playground points presenter Pronunciation /iz ʃi əυiŋ tə du / / izənt əυiŋ tə du / /nəυ/ / nɒlid / /lift/ /liŋk/ /lυk ɑ ftə/ / lυk θru / / lɒri/ /lu z/ /mein/ /mɑ k/ / meibi/ / miljə neə/ / mu vmənt/ / mu vi/ /neim/ /nəυts/ /ɒn vərid / German Wird sie … tun? wird nicht … tun wissen Wissen Fahrstuhl Verbindung aufpassen auf durchsehen Lastwagen verlieren Hauptmarkieren vielleicht Millionär. The police suddenly realised that there was a link between the two murders. so the children are in the school playground. What do you suggest?' It's lunchtime. Name two kinds of fruit that you can make juice from. she isn't going to do her revision tonight. but he might not be able to. but unfortunately not in the correct order! How many hours do you think you watch TV every week. Each team gets three points for a win and one point for a draw. Could you please look after the children for a minute while I go down to the shop? Please look through the book and make notes about the important facts of the story. Do you have any plans for this evening?' 'No. How much did you pay for that pen?' 'I paid fifty pence. on average? Being able to speak more than one language gives you more job opportunities later in life. Will Uncle David come tomorrow?' 'I don't know.' This was the first show on TV anywhere in the world to make any contestant a millionaire. / ɒpə tju nətiz/ /pei/ / petrəl/ / fizikəl eksəsaiz/ /pl nz/ / plei raυnd/ /pɔints/ /pri zentə/ . Robert drives a lorry all over Europe. I can't find my watch. connaître la connaissance l'ascenseur le lien s'occuper de lire rapidement le camion perdre principal marquer peut-être le/la millionnaire le mouvement le film (US) nommer les notes en moyenne les occasions payer l'essence l'exercice physique des projets terrain de jeux les points le présentateur. The pianist played all the correct notes. Millionärin Bewegung Film nennen Noten durchschnittlich Möglichkeiten bezahlen Benzin Bewegung.' The man is putting some petrol in Robert's car. Towards' is a word that shows movement in the direction of something. I'm not doing anything. We're going to the cinema tomorrow to see a movie. Moderatorin French Va-t-elle faire? ne va pas faire savoir. Leibesübung Pläne Spielplatz Punkte Moderator. Maybe. so she will be coming. I don't watch that game show because I really don't like the presenter. Mark any sentences that you think are important with a yellow pen. I think I've lost it.

and next week we will concentrate on written English. de premier ordre Example Sentence It's a private club. Tick the statements you agree with. The boys had a race. A park is a public place.' If you're not sure how to start your essay. They all ran very fast. Elvis Presley was a very famous singer.' Kath's doing some revision tonight because she has an exam tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will be Sunday. Have a look at all the sections of the exam paper. bestes French privé le prix (la récompense) public la course les raviolis réviser des révisions le round le satellite. and you have to guess what the titles are.English Headword private prize public race ravioli revise revision round satellite score seconds sections singer songs start stop store strength take away this week tick tidy timetable tips tomorrow top Pronunciation / praivət/ /praiz/ / p blik/ /reis/ / r vi əυli/ /ri vaiz/ /ri vi ən/ /raυnd/ / s təlait/ /skɔ / / sekəndz/ / sekʃənz/ / siŋə/ /sɒŋz/ /stɑ t/ /stɒp/ /stɔ / /streŋθ/ / teik ə wei/ / ðis wi k/ /tik/ / taidi/ / taim teibəl/ /tips/ /tə mɒrəυ/ /tɒp/ German privat Preis öffentlich Rennen Ravioli (den Lernstoff) noch einmal durchgehen Durchsicht. and put a cross against the ones you don't agree with. He sang many great songs. They stopped the fight after only three rounds because one of the boxers was injured. par satellite le score les secondes les sections. She put all her clothes and toys in cupboards. Susan's French is very good. What time does the train leave?' 'I don't know. The first lesson starts at nine o'clock and finishes at ten o'clock. I need to revise for tomorrow's exam. The students stopped talking when the teacher came into the room. and decide how much time to spend on each one. les parties le chanteur. Wiederholung (des Lernstoffs) Runde Satellit(en-) Spielstand Sekunden Abschnitte Sänger. My mum makes fantastic beef ravioli with a tomato and herb sauce.' You have thirty seconds to remember as many things as possible. Lynne feels very ill today – she doesn't have the strength to get out of bed! He cheated. FAO Schwarz is a famous toy store in the centre of New York City. anhalten Geschäft Stärke wegnehmen diese Woche abhaken aufräumen Fahrplan Tipps morgen bester. She won the school prize for French. Are you coming to the cinema tonight?' 'No. Anybody can go there and enjoy it. so he won. David only got satellite TV so that he could watch all the football matches and other sport! What's the score?' 'Liverpool are winning 2–1. Only members are allowed to come in. Sängerin Lieder beginnen aufhören. Look at the timetable. beste. This week we are going to study conversation. la chanteuse les chansons commencer arrêter le magasin (US) la force emporter cette semaine cocher. ask Bob – he'll give you some good tips. pointer ranger l'horaire des conseils. She listed the top ten places in the world to go for a relaxing holiday. The pianist plays the first few notes of the songs. Nick was the fastest. so they took away all his prize money and asked the police to interview him. Today is Saturday. – Seite 52 von 54 – . des trucs demain premier. Kate tidied her bedroom.

but he doesn't like getting fat! Can I have a cheese salad and a glass of water. I gave him too much money. We make lemonade with lemons. that's wrong! Two and two are four.English Headword truck tune understand vacation weakest words wrong Pronunciation /tr k/ /tju n/ / ndə st nd/ /və keiʃən/ / wi kəst/ /w dz/ /rɒŋ/ German Laster Melodie verstehen Ferien der/die schwächste Worte falsch French le camion (US) la mélodie comprendre les vacances (US) le/la/les plus faible(s) les mots faux. Listen! That's one of my favourite tunes they're playing! Tom cannot understand what he is reading. bring me your book!' said the teacher. I'm just going to get some chips from the fish and chip shop.' Module 16 address anyway bring cake cheese salad chips crying desserts fruit salad honest hugging I'd like… in general it was nice to meet you kissing goodbye lemonade Let's buy… main dishes menu /ə dres/ / eniwei/ /briŋ/ /keik/ / tʃi z s ləd/ /tʃips/ / krai-iŋ/ /di z ts/ / fru t s ləd/ / ɒnəst/ /h iŋ/ Adresse wie auch immer bringen Kuchen Käsesalat Pommes Frites weinen Nachspeisen Obstsalat ehrlich umarmen ich hätte gerne … im allgemeinen es war schön.' Anyway. but I don't like this particular soup. that's right. please? I'm on a diet. I'm going to Austria for two weeks during the long college vacation. Hauptgerichte Speisekarte l'adresse de toute façon apporter le gâteau la salade au fromage les frites pleurer les desserts la salade de fruits honnête serrer dans ses bras je voudrais… en général j'ai été ravi/ravie de faire votre connaissance se dire au revoir en s'embrassant la limonade achetons… les plats de consistance le menu – Seite 53 von 54 – Where do you live. followed by spaghetti. that's all my news. incorrect Example Sentence Many companies use trucks to send things around the country. Two and two are five. I expect we'll see each other again next week. or would you prefer ice-cream? The shopkeeper was honest. /aid laik/ /in d enərəl/ /it wəz nais tə mi t jυ/ / kisiŋ υd bai/ / lemə neid/ / lets bai/ / mein diʃiz/ / menju / . He doesn't know what it means. sugar and water. Let's buy the top two CDs in the charts – she's sure to like one of them. It was very nice to meet you. I like soup in general. I'd like chicken soup. Limonade Lass/lasst uns … kaufen. Why don't you write back and tell me what's been happening in Madrid? Helen. The little girl was crying because she didn’t want her mum to leave her at the school. and then ice-cream for dessert. My weakest subject at school was Maths – I was never any good at it! Correct any words in the passage which are spelt incorrectly.' 'Yes. Jimmy likes desserts – that's why he finds it difficult to stay slim! Would you like fruit salad for dessert. Burnley. He's a soldier who has just come home from the war. There's a picture of two children hugging their dad.' 'No. Then he told the waiter what he wanted to eat. Peter likes eating cake and biscuits. There's a famous photograph of two people kissing goodbye before he goes off to war. dich/sie zu sehen sich einen Abschiedskuss geben Brause. Have you decided which main dishes you would like tonight? Tom read the menu. but he gave me some back. but some use the railways. Simon?' 'My address is 41 Oakwood Gardens.

' John gets very ill if he eats certain kinds of nuts. My name is Anne. rosemary and yogurt. What type of drinks should we get for the party? All the people leaving on the ship were lined up along the side. There's a pizza takeaway at the top of the street – let's go and get something to eat. She was smiling.' He made a wonderful meal with lamb. Monica. The night before the exam. I don't know what to get Gaby for her birthday. I don't like rap music. The businessmen showed that they had agreed by shaking hands. He has a lot of money. with tuna and mayonnaise. There are three soups to choose from – tomato. vegetable and chicken. We're having baked potatoes tonight. schreiben Vorschläge Techno die Nacht vor Sorte (zu)winken Wie wäre es mit …? Was hättest du/hätten sie gerne? Warum … du nicht? wundervoll Jogurt French pas du tout les noix l'oignon réussir la pizza la pomme de terre la prononciation le rap répondre riche la salsa se serrer la main sourire les soupes épeler les suggestions la techno la nuit avant sorte faire signe de la main Et si on…? Que prendrez-vous? Pourquoi ne pas…? merveilleux le yoghourt Example Sentence I'm very grateful for all you've done. Your English pronunciation has got much better in the last month. but some people mistakenly spell it Ann. we had a wonderful time. I prefer something with a tune. Helen replied.' 'What about some CDs?' What would you like? Have you finished looking at the menu? Why don't you pull up a chair and sit down. Douglas is very rich. What's the time?' Maria asked. waving to their friends and families. Do you have any suggestions for what we can do this weekend? Techno music isn't really suitable for a birthday party. so I thought maybe she liked me.English Headword not at all nuts onion passed pizza potato pronunciation rap reply rich salsa shaking hands smiling soups spell suggestions techno the night before type waving What about…? What would you like? Why don’t you …? wonderful yoghurt Pronunciation / nɒt ət ɔ l/ /n ts/ / njən/ /pɑ st/ / pi tsə/ /pə teitəυ/ /prə n nsi eiʃən/ /r p/ /ri plai/ /ritʃ/ / s lsə/ / ʃeikiŋ h ndz/ / smailiŋ/ /su ps/ /spel/ /sə d estʃənz/ / teknəυ/ /ðə nait bi fɔ / /taip/ / weiviŋ/ / wɒt əbaυt/ / wɒt wυd jυ laik/ / wai dəυnt jυ/ / w ndəfəl/ / jɒ ət/ German überhaupt nicht Nüsse Zwiebel bestehen Pizza Kartoffel Aussprache Rap antworten reich Salsa sich die Hände schütteln lachen Suppen buchstabieren. I stopped studying and just relaxed for a few hours. if you're tired? Did you have a good holiday?' 'Yes. – Seite 54 von 54 – .' 'Not at all. it was my pleasure. 'Six o'clock'. That onion is very strong – it's making me cry! Kate's going to look on the notice board to see if she's passed her exam. Sonia wants to learn to dance salsa.

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