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What is Masterbatch ?

What is Masterbatches ?
Master-batch, master-batches, master batch or master batches
People write it with Various Spelling of Masterbatch, some time its
Masterbatch, Masterbatches Master-batch, master-batches, master batch or
master batches.
Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture
encapsulated used in plastic industries
to modify various properties of the
base plastic or plastic polymers.
Generally Masterbatch are used in
plastic manufacturing process. In every
plastic objects there is some
percentage of masterbatch exist only
the presence of percentage % varies.

Masterbatch includes:

White masterbatch
Filler masterbatch
Additive masterbatch
Black masterbatch
Color masterbatch
Why Masterbatch are used?
Even normally of plastic, rubber, or Elastoplast a solid products also using
masterbatch to enhance properties like color, elasticity, dispersions and
last but not least manufacturing costing.

Which Industry Uses Masterbatches ?

Blown molding, Injection molding, Roto-molding, film extrusion are main
industries which are using masterbatches .
Bajaj Superpack ( an ISO 9001:2008 Certified
leading India-based producer and exporter specialized in caco3 filler
masterbatch, talc base masterbatch, PE Masterbatches, including Black
Masterbatch, White Masterbatch, UV Masterbatch, VCI masterbatch,
Color masterbatch and Additive Masterbatch, which are used in blow film,
injection molding, tubing, mono & Multilayer films, woven and non
woven fabric and many more.

We offers High Performance

Industry Specific Masterbatch
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quality, costing & strength

Our Masterbatches have been well received of its consistent quality and
competitive price world wide from Europe, North America, South America, Africa,
Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

You can use these masterbatch in manufacturing to reduce manufacturing cost

and improve quality of product.

Masterbatch for Raffia Industries

Masterbatches for Injection Molding
Masterbatch for Sheet Extrusion
Masterbatches for Blown Film Extrusion
Masterbatches for Blown Molding
Masterbatches for Multilayer Films
Masterbatches for Woven & Non-Woven Fabric
Masterbatch for PE films
Masterbatches for Furniture Plastic & Plastic Product
Masterbatches for Thermoforming & Roto-molding
Masterbatches for Box Strapping
Calcium Carbonate Caco3 & Tio2 Titanium
Based masterbatch
PP - Polypropylene | PE – Polyethylene | HDPE | LLDPE | LDPE

Plast White | Plast Stiff | Plast Clear | Plast Modifier | Plast UV | Plast Super
Plast Black | Plast Fresh | Plast Bright | Plast Fab | Plast PPA | Plast High Mix
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