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Instituto México Global-IPMA Campus Cd.

Del Carmen

Bachillerato Tecnológico
Student’s name:_________________________
Teacher’s name: Rosa González Alejo
Subject: English I

Grammar 1: Verb to Be Numbers:

Complete the conversation. Use the verb to be. Complete the table with numbers and
A. Hello. May name ______ Luis. What
______ your name? 1 832 192
B. Bella. 2 four double three- seven eight six “oh”
A. Where______ you from, Bella? 3 80044 6372
B. I ______ from Madrid. Where _____ you 4 213 8356
from? 5 nine seven five- two double six one
A. I _____ from Spain too! I live in Valencia.
Vocabulary and article Grammar 2: Present Simple

Write a or an in the correct place. Three Complete the sentences with the correct
sentences don’t need them. form of the verbs.

a 1. Like She _________ (like) playing

1. It’s bag. tennis.
She __________(not like) coffee.
2. He’s teacher.
________she (like) tea?
3. This is apple from France.
2. Have He ________ (have) two
4. How do you spell “oranges”?
They __________ (not have) a son.
_______ he _______( have) a
5. I have Italian dictionary.
6. I want to read English magazine.
3. Live It _______ (live) with my
7. How are the children?
It___________ (not live) with me.
________ it _______ in the garden?
8. We live in flat in Moscow.
4. Fly Pamela _______ (fly) to help
9. I have ticket for the cinema.
I __________ (not fly) to work.
10. I’m from Japan.
________ Ivan _________(fly) to
11. She has daughter.

Grammar 3: Past Simple

Write the sentences in the past tense.

1. I am a student.

2. My friend isn’t at work.


3. It’s hot in Spain.


4. My boyfriend and I are doctors.


5. My mother and father aren’t on holiday.


6. Is your grandmother English?


7. Are you friends from Spain?


8. The cat is in the sofa.


9. The cars are parking.


10. She is the friend of my sister.



Good luck!!