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QUOTE: No species possesses a purpose beyond the imperatives created by genetic history... The human mind is a device for survival and reproduction, and reason is just one of its various techniques. - Edward O. Wilson (1929 )

Description of the Human Brain Prefrontal Cortex – Deals with conscious thinking Motor Cortex – Controls physical movement and body parts activities Parietal Lobe – Handles spatial sense, the ability to perceive and mentally to manipulate forms and objects

Occipital Lobe – Visual centre Temporal Lobe – Hearing and speech centre Gatekeeper – Three Gatekeepers; the amygdale; the hippocampus; the caudate nucleus; the Gatekeeper function filters incoming (sensory) information and relays certain portions to other areas of the Brain. Cerebellum – Also known as “our little Brain”; plays a key role in maintaining posture and physical balance; acts as an “autopilot” for performing functions (walking, riding bicycle, driving and etc.) Human Brain Power is the most complex, powerful machine in the whole Universe, it contains a network of approximately 100,000 miles of blood vessels and 1,000,000,000 (One Billion) neurons with the capacity to perform about ten quadrillion operations and actions per second. Just imagine the scope and complexity of the telephone system throughout the entire planet; Human brain embodies that same scale of complexity, capability and capacity in each individual brain cell. In the brain itself, every second, about tem millions of cells die off and another replacement of another ten millions cells created to reinstate its functions. Although, We Humans are unaware of its activities consciously, the Brain has overseen the decommissioning of a few hundred million cells with the construction and installation of another hundreds of millions cells replacements with even a drop of sweat. If we were to probe and write out the Brain’s potential as expressed the number of possible neutral connections it could make or function, it may take us seventy-five years to count and write down the zeros in figure. This is the level of power and capacity of the Brain at your disposal every moment daily. Likewise the potential to achieve what we want is consider as ‘No Limits. The Brain is to be treated as the king for no other organ in the designed Human Body that receives better or more elaborate care. Snugly and safely encased in its protective bony shell, the weight of the Brain can only weighs about two (2) to three (3) pounds, a mere one to two percent of the whole total body weight, it consumes 20 percent of air that we breathe, 25 percent of the total blood flow, 30

also known as the “Reptilian Brain” because it has similar structures and functions as the cold-blooded reptiles controlling the body’s instinctive functions. from the simplest reflexive function being designed to ensure our physical survival and to the most advanced and sophisticated functions of imaginations and intellectual analysis. basic divisions of the Brain. These two divisions of our Brain interact with each another and the outside world is the centre point and it has everything to do in creating your ambitious lifetime or lifestyle dreams. The earliest development of the centre layers of the Brain controls the primitive functions. thus known as the Conscious Brain and NonConscious Brain. different stages of Human evolution. respiration and digestion keeping the organism alive by operating its instinct. each layer tracing back and forth of a different era. speculate. the most intellectual sophisticated recently developed functions are managed by areas towards the front and surface of the Brain. Faculties of the Conscious Brain What part does the “Conscious Brain” play in the main Brain? . Once we start to understand how these two divisions and functions of the Brain interaction working and supporting with each another.percent of water consume by us and finally 40 percent of all nutrients drawn from our bloodstream. such as heart-beat. The other part “Old Mammalian Brain “ which is also similar in structure and function to the Brains of the other mammals manage and control emotions. learn. To simplify all these different distinctions. concentrate and focus. The formation of the Brain is made of progressive layers. we will be able to realise why so many people struggle to pursuit their lifetime goals and how many escape to start achieving their every ambitious goals. what is crucial to understand is. The Brain stem. sexuality and plays a key role in regulation of the so called “memory Frontal Lobe” or “neocortex” is the more recent developed part governs our conscious thoughts is where we create. these various functions and aspect all fall into two larger.

Although most of us think very narrowly of our conscious capacity as if we have reduced ourselves to a category called IQ. We can accept and look at these functions as existing on a spectrum similar as a colour palette which ranges from lower to higher frequencies. which a matter of fact.It is the part of the Brain that thinks and reasons where we exercise our free will and at the same time we use it to evaluate options to make new decisions. and none of us has just one to two abilities and capabilities to the exclusion of any other. our intelligence carry a wide range of varying attributes. or any other trait and it is the size of our “Frontal Lobe” in relation to the rest of the Brain where it differs and distinguishes Human from other animal species. The “Frontal Lobe” can be consider as the “CEO’s” of the Main Brain. bifocal vision. If our dream goals and objectives are dealing in transportation. heartbeat thus and a myriad of other functions whereby is beneath the radar of our consciousness and awareness. capabilities and abilities. It is part of us that is reading these words at this moment. while the Brain Stem and other more primal centres maintaining our breathing. We would consider that none of these traits are better than the other. learning. concentrating and also the power for observing. We also must take notice of the various reasons why some are successful and some people are not is because from the lowest to the . every one of us has our “Frontal Lobe” that fulfils this commanding role in our own unique and distinct style. Just like all Commanders whom have distinct personalities. Actually every one of us possesses all of these abilities in ample supply which enable us to charter our course to achieve the ambitious lifetime goals of happiness and prosperities. responsible in focusing. The crowing achievements of Human development is the “Frontal Lobe” which is more than our opposable thumbs. than the “Frontal Lobe” shall be the Commander to give orders or decide how to chart the course to the successful destinations in achieving our lifetime goals.

loyalty. The “Conscious Brain” depends upon memory capacity to search and accumulate types of information relevant to any situation at hand. is the conscious exercise of that quality of commitment and people with “strong will” can dig deep and do whatever it takes to get things move into motions. people do not wait for things to happen but to make them happens” and yet this does not mean or necessarily consider as your strongest conscious traits. commitment.highest. we shall call these different aspect s of conscious spectrum as. marriages. quit bad habits and etc. Let us study forth upon this Conscious Spectrum Will Power Agreed by almost definition. ventures. Reasoning Power. tends to have a strong degree of will power. marriages. entrepreneurship and so forth. it supplies the basic urge or drives those catalyses circumstances and at the same time moves the action forwardly for achievements. It is also mean that it can be simple as recalling someone’s name. Will Power. parenting. whilst long term memory is chemical but however. phone number or can mean an incredibly complex process of art or . Cause. businesses. Perception Power. Intuition Power and Imagination Power. “Will Power. Memory Power In neuroscience short term memory is an electrical phenomenon. Memory Power. discipline. It is just like there are many styles of being successful in leaderships. we will do what is convenient. Courage. perseverance as these traits are reflections or variations of this core conscious urge or drive shall know as our “Will Power”. This is the essential quality embodied or empowered in the phrase of “If this is to be than it is up to me”. all people in regardless whether they are successful in business. Will Power is the conscious faculty involved when making decision for doing some new acts or something new to us. if you are committed we will do whatever it cost”. It is often that we remarked that “If we are interested. memory is define more than a simple mechanical action of knowledge or data storage and retrieval.

my eyes. . Perception Power When someone asks you. because we see through our eyes. but base on the neurological pattern in the Brain which explain why perception is so individual and much variable. A good memory can means having a well developed faulty in turning our brain to certain specific stored experience that are need to be drawn as and when required. whereas.drawing on scores of different types of experiences and factors simultaneously in considering and enable to make a difficult decision. where was that programme at that moment before we turn on the set? No is the answer because it is swimming in the air all around us. as it converts out to be the best techniques for improving our memory typically use a process of associating one thing to another to make readily available to recall and retrieve for any action. Scientist. of course! But is it not true. it will be easily accessible because our Brain is the first one that first processed that experience. What we actually see is not the eyes that detect. Grasp. perspective. just as you see through with contact lenses or short/long sighted glasses but instead we can see or watch things with our Brain. were claiming that once we have an experience or a thought can be broadcasted out into the quantum field in the wavy form consider potentially available and accessible to anyone. of course. insight. In view. Brain Researchers are claiming that some of our memories or rather most of our memories are stored outside us in quantum fields. it is a type of associate logic. what do you see with? Probably most people will say. Well. The idea might seem like science fiction but try thinking about it when you are watching a television show. which means that our Brain and the happen experience both have unique resonance. In another similar way. and having a broad view are all different methods that we can describe this conscious function of our memory. conventional wisdom insist that our memories are being stored in the Brain.

It is true enough that when we add others perception with our own views will significantly increase and improve our intelligence with more chances of being success. Reasoning Power We now understand that “Will Power” is related to physical actions. will their perception can really help me to achieve my ambitious lifetime goals. you will probably get many different answer or completely different story from each person. Under such situation. while “Reasoning Power” is an indication of us moving into more cerebral activities we typically think of as intelligence. Here we wish to introduce two types of conscious actions called “deductive and inductive”. When our perception is different from the others or somebody else. we tend to practice by putting Reasoning on a bit of pedestal and of course there is no doubt about it. Deductive Reasoning means having the ability to logically examine available facts and arriving at a logical conclusion based on more consistent principles. with this only we can then and only then ask our self the question. We may think that a few of these people are telling lies but actually they can be narrating the truth only at a different point of view due to individual neurological pattern form in their Brain. With “Reasoning Power” which has the capacity to connect to certain facts of a situation with huge and large principals gather upon the thousands of experiences even to the extent of those far removed in time and space. it may create a temptation to dismiss their version is “wrong”. “Perception Power” means an input of the senses. and may reached at a simple principle or set of principles by extrapolating from much observed facts surrounding the situation.You may interview several people observing the same object or event but yet when being to describe them. instead of asking them to show you how they and what they see. . this may allow us to have the benefits of their experiences and perspectives which can add on to our views. Whereas Inductive Reasoning is running into the same process in the opposite directions. In this more modern. literate societies.

analytical sense and on the other hand while Mr. or she is gifted with sharp judgement but actually none of these are really accurate. This is what we really mean is “Intuition Power”. without our sense perception or logic acting an intermediary and is closely related o that so called “action at a distance” that Einstein call “spooky”. well this guy’s pet doggy was run over by a car which suddenly give you a very different feeling and understanding of that so called “bad vibe” that you had pick upon and that is what actually means. Then someone just walk over to you and said. what is his problem or have I done or say something that had offended him before. it also refers to our ability to observe a situation instantaneously. Intuition Power Intuition Power is the faulty of knowing the situation before you think. A has an especially strong logical. yet you do not know how you just simply knew. the word intuition in fact comes from the Latin “intueri”. For example between two person. judgement or rather instinct ‘ remarks such as. well that is intuition! Try to imagine that we walk into a gathering or party and start to notice a person across whom is not smiling and we just immediately pick up a strong sense of negatively feeling or a “negative vibe”: oh no. his sense of analytical logic is nowhere near as strong compare with Mr. He really has good instincts.having a more stronger analytical capacity which is a fantastic added value strength to assist us in many matters. . it means “to look upon”. A’s but still can work hand-in-hand with Mr B due to his sense of intuition which is perhaps his most acute conscious attribute whereby they can complement each other’s strengths. Mr. Have we ever walked into a room fill with people and immediately can forecast that something is wrong somewhere even without any hint or outward indication from the group of people in the room. B. whatever the interpretation is you come out to make the sense of the situation. But at the same time in this World there are many remarkably successful people or business people who are not particularly strong in this area although it is not a good or bad trait but simply another type of colour in the spectrum. especially in business circles we can often hear people using other terms to describe this capacity of hunch.

And whereas instinct is define as the primal capacity of your nonconscious Brain.Now this is what had happened. which is something that dates from very early in the Brain’s development. What is imagination? Imagination can means that we. imagination all come in the same shades of colour and is the top end of the spectrum of Human consciousness. what it mean is that he has a particularly well-developed ability of awareness towards his intuition and should not drown with other conscious processes and also has some very powerful implications. we only differ in our ability to integrate that intuitive sense with rest of our conscious functions. Imagination Power In our capacity to imagine is perhaps our most powerful conscious gift ever born for our Human race. it was actually the rational process of trying to understand the situation and the way to strengthen your intuition is to apply complete faith and trust in it and try to resist the temptation to attach meaning or interpretation towards your sensing of the instinct. In the whole of the Universe there is no such thing as someone with “poor intuition” or practically “no intuition”. intuition is different from instinct. All Human have an acute intuitive capacity. More than we allow our other conscious functions get in the way with questions of our feelings. your intuition had absolutely read the correct information but it is just your reasoning gave it a bad interpretation! This is not your intuition that is at fault. Vision. When mentioned that someone has especially strong intuition. To explain further. creativity. Intuition Power on the other is a conscious function. high –vibration way that we use to observing the World and it is in fact the most powerful gifts ever rewarded to Human which provide to us the capacity to feel the energy within us and all happenings surrounding us. it is a highly refined. Human are able to create pictures in our positive minds out of images being drawn from the quantum field . it is the perception of pure energy and the energy ever lies. To explain.

by the time we reach at our middle thirties. or realise our vision in with imagination. then we need to lift our heads up right above the clouds and start to exercise our imagination to its fullest. It is important that we have to awaken that faulty we have as a child and better to start our day light dreams again. by applying the process of turning an acorn into an oak tree. In fact. dream house. we will have the faculties we need to bring forth the vision into physical reality. whether it is a thrilling career. and by making those pictures as vivid as if they were physically happenings. we are always told by our seniors to stop “daydreaming’ and to pay attention to our studies or rather to say “get your head out of the cloud”. a magnificent lifestyle. imagination is the seat of your capacity to build and create anything. Unfortunately. I do have daydreams about my ambition. imagination is more than often a prime casualty of the process in growing our dream seed of success.of all possibilities. a fulfilling relationship. Most people might be saying. successful business. To be successful. “imagination is more important than knowledge”. Once we have visualised. career or business but it just unable to turn those dreams into reality! . one must be imaginative and creative enough to give birth to a viable business or to attain our lifetime goals. as Einstein acclaim it well. practical techniques for unleashing our imagination and harnessing its amazing creative power to create the seeds that will grow our successful lifetime goals and dreams. What was the reason and why? It is because when we are kids. As mentioned. The reason is. In order to realise in building and creating our lifetime goals successfully. we can be completely free. But we all need some very specific. ninety-five percent of the creative-imagination neutrons in our Brains have atrophied from lack of usage. Imagination plays a great part as where every extraordinary achievement begins and with no limits.

People can have the biggest. Well do you think it is the true. so many excellent and worthy decisions to be make. What is the Grand fallacy? Let us say. and yet obesity is still on the climbing rate. just like the world is full of opportunities. sadly to say “there are no results” unless with the cause of actions then we can see the effects and results. why? It is because only one decided to jump off but it did not actually do any action or jump off. but unfortunately that is not the correct answer. in fact. This is what we call exactly our Grand Fallacy. the answer should be “six left”. obviously. understood something. it is true. This is right. “it only decide to jump but no action taken. that is why the answer is “six frogs left”. rather decide on something. how many frogs were left sitting on the pad? Well. the one that is in controls. most wonderful dreams in the world and it will not do a lick of good if we still fall prey to that grand fallacy that can sabotage and smash our lifetime dreams into pieces. You may visit any book store and take a look at all the titles on dieting. the amazing thing is that we keep thinking this despite the wealth of evidence to the contrary. we think that because we have imagined something. The reason is because we are so strongly tend to identify with our conscious thoughts as “me” than we assume that it is our conscious mind that is calling the shots. then one frog decided to jump off to another pad. figured out something. but it is a foregone conclusion that we are going to do that something which in most cases we do not do. no. only five left sitting on the pad! Congratulations! Your capacity for analytical reasoning is correct and in good shape.As a matter of fact. . why? Simply it is because like the frog. imagination alone cannot fulfil into reality even having all six of our traits at full steam ahead will also not be able to get the reality of our wishes. most people will answer. which is in charge of what we actually do. it is simply not the truth. six frogs sat on a lily pad that grows in the pond. planned something.

The conscious mind may be the captain of the ship. for all the brilliance. . this Grand Fallacy of conscious control is that we are so acutely aware of that little bit of control that our conscious brain does exert. the conscious mind can exert a very exciting kind of control. where new risks are taken. somewhere between two to four percent. actually they do not. where visions and dreams are born. although it just did not last. I do not do. think of it now how to start our actions immediately to achieve our lifetime dreams and goals. you had hung up and can you still remember the ten digits without writing down on a piece of paper? Actually. One reason that we believe is. our conscious brain is where our imagination starts. a research by neurologist or brain scientist. just think. even if it is two to four percent is only a tiny bit. that I practice”. but only for a short term. where new life paths are chosen. it is still a critically important tiny bit. our conscious brain has a difficult time to remember ten or more digits or sometimes many events that happen the same day because an average person loses focus every six to ten seconds. how much control our conscious functions exert over what we actually do. The conscious brain for all its brilliancy has severely limited processing ability. but the evil I will not to do. how many numbers in a random sequence can you remember? Did you think about the last time you called telephone directory for assistance for a forgotten number? So after the call. Do remember. most people think that all wonderful conscious functions control what we do. “It does not get things done in the long term”. the conscious mind has one huge and large handicap. “For the good I will do. This is the cause of the conscious brain taking over the control to give new orders and it is an exhilarating adventure when that happens. the apostle Paul wrote this wonderful statement that beautifully captures the common frustration of Human experience. Now.. here is the Grand Fallacy. but it is the guy at the engine room that actually makes the ship going and not the captain.In the Bible. and that’s it. this may come as a shock to most people but it is not difficult to see the truth. and new initiatives being explored. and here is the fact. but make no mistake. the answer.

Whereas. that is the fact of the conscious brain. the nonconscious brain occupies 83% percent (approx. for twenty-four hours a day. just like a ship.000 mph or 800 times faster than the conscious impulses travelling at the speed of 120 to 140 mph. Our Brain. requires shipping crews to fulfilling every function that makes the ship moves and doing it impeccably. while your conscious brain cannot possibly keep track or absorb all that pressure. five-sixth) of the total brain mass and controls 96 to 98 percent of perception and behaviour.It is why. your non-conscious brain is actually more powerful than we can ever imagined. Non-conscious impulses travel at the speed of more than 100. if your conscious brain is a lot more limited than you can realised. which is every day of your life. who can really read them. The conscious compare with the non-conscious Summary Conscious Brain. Now. that is every six to ten seconds. your nonconscious brain can do the job non-stop. nor once and never ever. that is the bad news. in case you have forgotten.Bear in mind. we may not last for five seconds. just how often your conscious brain loses focus. perfectly at every moment. it occupies 17 percent of the total brain mass (approximately about one-sixth of the brain’s weight) only controls two to four percent of actual perceptions and behaviour. it never. here is the good news. Now! Are you not glad that part of your precious brain is not in charge of all your biochemistry? Try thinking about all those biochemical reactions going on inside us (the number. . is ten quadrillion reactions per second) and if you have to do all that with your brain. and yet this is the part of the brain that most of us are trusting with our valued lifetime dreams and goals. than your non-conscious brain is the guy at the engine room along with everyone else on board. all books were written paragraphs to another breaking the lines of the text and if it is written in only one long paragraph. But on the other side. but guess how often your non-conscious brain loses focus. and if your conscious brain is the captain.

we can do it all the time without giving a thought. learned it and mastered it out. it proves to demand an absolutely staggering amount of moment-to. whereas the nonconscious brain remembers all things it had experience now and forever. whereas. and while a Human once being having studied the sequence. meaning it is the part that you control by conscious will also the part that sets goals and judges results.As for the conscious brain it can process about 2. it also runs all our programmable software. The conscious brain is volitional.000 (four hundred billion) bits of information per second.000. and it does not judge the merits or values of results.moment daily activity. . It is known that your non-conscious brain is also the repository of all your habits both physically and mentally. And yet. we will have the sense of just how complex an activity can be. only whether or not it will match by the given goals. Scientists have taken decades to develop a robot that can walk naturally without losing its balance. but instead will execute goals it is provided with. just imagined and observed how an infant go through the process of learning how to walk. The conscious brain perceives all about the past and future. it would not be accurate to say It happens “without our knowing it” because there is an intelligence that can manage all this complex maze of biochemical activities and that intelligence is in fact “you”. Do you know that it is staggering to contemplate even a fraction of what your non-conscious brain achieves every second of our daily life which all this happen without the faintest shred of conscious awareness on your part. which in other words. the nonconscious brain has no perception of past or future.000. the non-conscious brain is servile. as to the nonconscious brain.000 bits of information per second and the non-conscious brain processes about 400. in addition to running the basic operating system. The conscious brain operates with a very short-term memory span which in general can limit to only last 20 seconds. Apart from this. everything is happening immediately. means it sets no goals of its own.

beliefs are nothing more than specific neutral patterns in our brain. speaking several dialects or languages. and thoughts that are so ingrained they will become automatic. Now shall we ask. have you ever had the experience of getting into your car with the next thing you know that you are at home even without clear memory of having driven there because you are so lost in thought? If you were not paying any attention. What is more than our habits covering a good deal of more ground than just these basics and physical routines? A question. (Can you recall that there is a time when everybody believed the earth was flat?) Therefore. the question is again. it is to say that beliefs are our habits of thought. why you did not crash the car? Then how is that you can reach at the right house safely? Actually it is the force of Habits considered a slightly more complex form of habit than tying the shoe laces still nonetheless is a type of habit. what is a habit? It is something that we are repeating over and over again to the point where you do not need to think about it consciously in order to repeat the process perfectly and it applies not only things you do physically. tie our shoe laces. do typing with our computers. and attitude about the world/society around us. By the time when someone . opinion. especially your beliefs about you. about your life and prospects for financial fulfilment. but also your thoughts. This is not a challenge against religious beliefs or views. Force of Habit/Belief Belief are not necessary consider as the truth at all.We are able to walk. The beliefs are not there because they are “the truth” it was because they are simply handed down from generation to generation just as someone had planted and put them there. and practically driving our car without thinking at all. at the same time belief are not some special category of idea sitting at a higher station of truth than our ordinary daily mortal thoughts. It is eventually become a habit of thoughts over the time (repetition) which will becomes an attitude or belief.

it is only the symptom. then alright. and that makes a powerful belief of “No I cannot”.reached their seventeen years old. but no. but your beliefs have captive on that ten hours track. If you have accumulated debts and financial problems in life always. simply. A person may have the desire to increase the income by tenfold. so you belief that the only way to be truly successful and earn more than enough for the family is to work real really hard. it is beliefs that trump desires. More than often. for an example such as. I really valued them. so what happens next? You will end up working for more than ten hours and ending up not having time for your family. one have to look at the seed. now to find the cause. For an example. ten times but thousands of times stronger. The biggest obstacle to people’s goals or lifetime dreams has nothing to do with the external conditions or factors. because lack of money is simply the fruit. so if you believe that it cannot happen. and the seed is actually our habits of the thought. but if the habits of thought do not expect anything like that to occur than it . even though we are not aware of it. I hope I can succeed in my business and start making my millions. here is the problem. I do not believe that it can happen or that this thing can be done. it is not three times. lack of money is not the problem. which like a hamster on the wheel. lifetime dreams simply because you do not belief that you can achieve. One will not be able to achieve their goals. it is almost guaranteed that that it will not happen. each and every time.000 times and may heard saying “yes you can” about 5000 times which means there is thirty no’s for every yes. which one of your biggest goals or dreams in life is to create much richness for the family to stay comfortably. which worth to re-instate. which the fruit will match the seed. because those beliefs live in that part of our brain that is conducting the show. it is actually. why is it so. let us say that you love your family very much and place a high value on the family. planted in their mind such as. beliefs tend to be self fulfilling. this is because habits are thousand times stronger than desires. Well now. because you do not value them. they may probably heard the phase “No you cannot” for an average of 150. most people view their own goals in the form of hopes or wishes.

you could use your will power and make simple decisions to have new beliefs. using our conscious faculties. reaching the goals is the function of the non-conscious mind. which is in the non-conscious mind. To restrain this non-conscious part of our personality is a two step process. this is the greatest discoveries of neurological research since the past decade. If you decide to change your habits and beliefs. setting the goals is the function of the conscious mind. setting of goals and not be able to reach them. Why not. without a sound to be heard. That is the reason. It is seem to like a conductor. he understand all about music perfectly with a masterful sense of how it should sound. 96 to 98 percent of all our behaviours are considered automatic. Can you remember the analogy of placing an order at the restaurant? . that someone will take no lasting and productive actions toward that goal. “the dog that wags the tail”. first. Tapping the Power of the Quantum Universe Let us discuss a critical question. the music remains nothing at all but an idea in the head. but it is not where you can hold those beliefs. the so call. The conscious mind is excellent at assessing the situation and formulating a plan. and that could probably work in a few minutes. but again conscious thoughts are hard to sustain as we have seen. and how can you change them? What are the tactics and ways to adopt new beliefs? The answer is. you the thoughts. then you systematically impress these thoughts on the non-conscious part of the brain.It is because you’re habits. but actually not playing any of the musical instruments. that run your action. not your desires or other conscious thoughts. you want to have as your beliefs. which is exactly happens to all people’s goals. also unless he gets the members of the Orchestra to play those musical instruments. what if the beliefs you presently have is not serving you.will next to impossible for it to happen. it is important to do it where they reside. is where you design your new beliefs.

but still there is a problem. you are going to plant the seed in the fertile soil as of the non-conscious brain. our imagination. so until we relay our order to the kitchen. now the stomach start to rumbles. . the meal is ready for us to consume. no! Still no food is place on the plate. it is just like the frog that has not jump from the lily pad. an idea can be pluck out of the quantum sea of possibilities. but our mistake is assuming that because we have that idea. no matter how great the choice is made and how wonderful the food is going to be.Well it is just exactly what it’s like. So after you have chosen the food. using a broad repertoire of simple imprinting techniques that mimic the way you first learned the beliefs you presently hold. Urge of setting goals is a conscious exercise. Then the odds are we will not. reasoning and the rest to craft a crystal clear picture of our dream goals. realising and achieving goals is a spiritual and non-conscious exercise. that is the perfect seed. nothing will happen. pump them to impeccable clarity and deliver them to our non-conscious faculties. knowing that you had make an excellent choice. then. we believe that because we think it. and will do it. it is important to utilise both parts of our brain. that most of us had never been taught how to do it exactly. We should start by using our conscious faculties. now what is missing? Actually we have not yet placed the order. we will act on it. In order to achieve our goals. intuition. you will start to imagine that delicious meal and will silently congratulate our self. Of course! We can choose what we think. We continue to tuck the napkin under our chin holding on the fork and knife ready in anticipation. to actually create and build our dream lifestyle or business. oh. the plate is still empty. unless we take those conscious thoughts. although we know what we want but nothing is being cooked back here! So talking about the glory of the conscious mind is that using the willpower and imagination. this will make the difference between setting goals and achieving goals. search and chose a thought from the Universe of possibilities is like sitting down in a restaurant and starting to choose from the menu.

logical. Simply craving the desire to achieve something does absolutely no good in and of itself. cartoons. or movies) came from Scientist Manuel Schoch’s research and observation . spatial. It is apparent that once you do that. receptive We have approximately 50. but impress that desire onto the centre of your brain as a set of instructions and you shall transform that desire into a habit of thought.000 thoughts per day. grasping.that when the brain is in a state of tranquility & observation. west. intuitive. a belief. creative. east. Mind Trivia's Most of us use less than only 10% of our brain potential although we have access to the rest. much in life is simple or has a simple (obvious) solution. 95% of those thoughts we had today are the same ones we had yesterday! That would make only 5% of thoughts we think are new each day. the brain lights up and we can access more information. no force in this world will be able to stop it from happening. scientific. “you cannot get what you want” and they are absolutely right because what you want has very little to do with what you end up getting. Whereas. you want all what you want and nothing can happens. Unfortunately. It's not a play on words. female.emotional.The Rolling Stones use to sing. Our mind is inherently complex and likes to complicate things. analytical Right Brain . We often miss what's on our nose! Left and Right Brain Relationship: Left Brain . The concept of a light bulb next to a person who have suddenly thought of an idea (in comic books. artistic. male. Are you thinking about what you're thinking about? Read that sentence again and read it carefully. .000 .60. People can typically remember about 7 (±2) items in a random list. We use more than 10% when we have a moment of creativity and inspiration. conceptualizing.

Reason must be awake and reflection applied.Quotes of the Famous . physicist Out of My Later Years If an idea's worth having once. it's worth having twice. F. it has.1996) Scottish poet "An Ordinary Day" Mental reflection is so much more interesting than T. The relation is mutual. both dispense with the necessity of reflection.S. it floats with only 17 percent of its bulk above water Sigmund Freud (1856 . Pirsig (1928) U.1955) German-born U. of course. W. Sigmund Freud (1856 . G. writer "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" In everything that is supposed to be scientific.1912) French mathematician and scientist La Science et l'Hypothèse .1939) Austrian psychoanalyst We should take care not to make the intellect our god. Hegel (1770 . powerful muscles. Albert Einstein (1879 . Robert T. Jules Henri Poincaré (1854 .1831) German philosopher "Reason in History" To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions. Tom Stoppard (1937) Czech-born British playwright and screenwriter Indian Ink I took my mind a walk or my mind took me a walk – whichever was the truth of it.Mind Insights The mind is an iceberg. Norman McCaig (1910 .1939) My life and work has been aimed at one goal only: to infer or guess how the mental apparatus is constructed and what forces interplay and counteract in it. It's a shame more people don't switch over to it. but no personality.S. To him who looks at the world rationally the world looks rationally back.V. They probably think that what they hear is unimportant but it never is.

and I can't prevent myself from thinking.1852) My thought is me: that is why I can't stop. . and moralist The stream of our thought is like a river.479 BC) Chinese philosopher. administrator. I exist by what I think. On the whole easy simple flowing predominates. a log-jam occurs. Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 . "If one learns from others but does not think. Daniel Webster (1782 . one will be in peril." Confucius (551 BC . administrator. author "Time to Think" As followers of natural science we know nothing of any relation between thoughts and the brain. they'll hate you. on the other hand. John Fletcher (1579 . Charles Scott Sherrington (1857 . one thinks but does not learn from others.. He never is alone that is accompanied with noble thoughts. If. human thought is the process by which human ends are ultimately answered. Nancy Kline U.. and moralist Analects Mind is the great lever of all things.But at intervals. playwright. one will be bewildered.479 BC) Chinese philosopher.To take time to think is to gain time to live. stops the current. they'll love you: but if you really make them think. a set-back. thought without learning is perilous.1625)English playwright "Love's Cure" If you make people think they're thinking. except as a gross correlation in time and space. and novelist Nausea The Master said..1980) French philosopher.1937) Learning without thought is labor lost. and makes things move the other way. Don Marquis (1878 ..1952) British physiologist Man on his Nature. creates an eddy. an obstruction.S. Confucius (551 BC .

1910) U. Søren Kierkegaard (1813 .)) Many people would sooner die than think. . J.1955) Spanish writer and philosopher Partisan Review.1696) French essayist and moralist "Characters or the Manners of the Age" If man thinks about his physical or moral state. and we are more than seven thousand years of human thought too late. but.. he usually discovers that he is ill..We must dare to think about "unthinkable things" because when things become unthinkable. In fact they do. José Ortega y Gasset (1883 . thinking stops and action becomes mindless. and scientist Sprüche in Prosa (Rudolf Steiner (ed. but I'm thin inside. psychologist and philosopher "The Principles of Psychology" The supreme paradox of all thought is the attempt to discover something that thought cannot think.1995) U.1855) Danish philosopher "Philosophical Fragments" There is nothing either good or bad. William Fulbright (1905 . Jean de La Bruyère (1645 . "In Search of Goethe from Within" We must learn to explore all the options and possibilities that confront us in a complex and rapidly changing world. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 .S. William Shakespeare (1564 . on the contrary. Has it ever struck you that there's a thin man inside every fat man. just as they say there's a statue inside every block of stone? George Orwell (1903 . we think in order that we may succeed in surviving. educator and politician "Speech to Senate" I'm fat.William James (1842 . but thinking makes it so.1616) English poet and playwright Hamlet Act 2. Scene 2 We do not live to think.S.1832) German poet.1950) British writer "Coming Up for Air" Everything has been said. playwright.

you don't If you'd like to win. He sees it edited by a definite set of customs and institutions and ways of thinking. H. writer "The Call of Cthulhu" No man ever looks at the world with pristine eyes. Voltaire (1694 . Elizabeth Charles (1828 . P.1948) U. but think you can't it's almost certain you won't If you think you'll lose.1778) French writer and philosopher The brain is the means by which we think we think.1937) U. Julian Tuwim (1894 . Lovecraft (1890 .1896) British writer "Chronicle of the Schönberg-Cotta Family" The great consolation in life is to say what one thinks.1970) British philosopher and mathematician To know how to say what others only know how to think is what makes men poets or sages. If you think you're outclassed. anthropologist "Patterns of A man's life is what his thoughts make it. Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180) Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher "Literature" If you think you are beaten. you are . Ruth Benedict Culture" (1887 . I think. is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.S. and to dare to say what others only dare to think makes men martyrs or reformers – or both.Bertrand Russell (1872 . you've lost For out of the world we find Success begins with a fellows will It's all a state of mind.S. you are If you think you dare not.1953) Polish poet The most merciful thing in the world.

we recognize its value and cherish it.. As though I had found a treasure trove? From "Eight Verses for Training the mind" by Geshe Rinchen I have finally kum to the konklusion. which is a central theme of the instructions for training the mind. . They became accustomed to giving them full reign and this familiarity has carried over into their present life. Life's battle don't always go To the stronger or faster man But sooner or later the man who wins Is the one who thinks he can. Therefore.You've got to think high to rise You've got to be sure of yourself before You can ever win a prize. compassionate and altruistic. When I see ill-natured people. Anonymous When faced with ill-natured people. when such a rare opportunity presents itself.That is why they are like a precious treasure.. we will lack the opportunity to increase our compassion. that a good reliable sett ov bowels iz wurth more tu a man. People who are difficult to deal with offer us a precious chance to train ourselves to be loving. In this way we use adverse circumstances to support our spiritual practice. we should think about the fact that in the past they failed to see the harmfulness of the disturbing emotions which now overwhelm them. All of this accounts for their unpleasant conduct. If we are constantly surrounded by nice people who treat us well and by those that are in good health. Nor can they have created much positive energy. Overwhelmed by wrongdoing and pain. May I cherish them as something rare. than enny quantity ov brains.

the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. unbiased towards any impression. but the wrod as a wlohe. act due to a certain cause.S. and more efficient than all other supernatural powers only created by the imagination. or should I say power. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy. and stay surviving despite many obstacles and problems he faces in life. it deson't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are. constructive. humorist. create his future. because of its unique characteristics and nature. destructive. Josh Billings: Hiz Sayings. speak sensibly. better. The mind produces all sorts of things that can be classified into either positive or negative thoughts to the point where there exists a clash between them. while negative thoughts are the exact opposite – unhealthy. reflects in full and precise details. isn’t it? The power of the human mind is so strong that it makes man possess an ability to mold his personality. and bad ideas being produced by the mind. Positive thoughts are healthy. and good ideas. These mind features help man generate 2 kinds of thoughts: positive and negative. and turn his dreams into reality – a power so real and even greater. huh? Summary and Conclusion There is something essential in man in which it is what it sets him apart from other creatures and creations in this world the human mind. The human mind does all these things. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef. It is comparable to a mirror in the sense that it is open and vast. Powerful. and is a potential for having everything already accomplished. build his destiny. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.Henry Wheeler Shaw (1818 . Amazing. This is what makes him behave properly. distinguishes clearly.1885) U. .

making them succeed over the negative ones. negative thinking is the way of viewing life’s worries. balancing one’s desires. it creates negative reality – still the exact opposite of positive thinking. and turns his sweet dreams into reality. there are a lot of people who lives by the thought “I can’t. On the other hand. This is how powerful the mind can be? It’s now up to us what reality we want to face. planning the day ahead. we can still train them to ignore negative thoughts and focus only with the positive ones. Thus. Choosing what kinds of thought to be acted upon depends on the individual’s way of thinking. he ignores positive thoughts and minds only the negative ones which are those that won in the clash. and turns his nightmares into reality. These ways include starting the day with cheers and smiles. Positive thinking is the manner of looking at the good and bright things in life. makes his future vague. builds his destiny without directions. negative thinking is not a hopeless case. if he is pessimistic.They fight against each other to win over the individual’s decision to which these thoughts would be taken into action. Only. builds his destiny with directions. It molds one’s personality with defects. being detached from the outcome. not all of us are optimistic. It will lead us in the right way in establishing a better life. the positive kind of thinking is what’s more preferable between the two. This is also where the power of the mind starts manifesting. and a lot more.” Luckily. As spontaneous as our minds can be. asking for guidance. Thus. Positive thinking creates positive reality in such a way that it molds one’s personality in good shape. doubts. . makes his future clear. In fact. if he is optimistic. Negative thinking just the same has its power. he only entertains positive thoughts. what kind of thinking should we possess? Obviously. Unfortunately. and fears. thus.

or simply a superhero to possess a power because you already have a power.Making these tips a regular habit will cause one to realize that looking at the bright side of life is not at all difficult. if he just made the right programming in his mind that he can actually do it. Where. he really will not. When one thinks with the mind. It’s “I can. in fact. making many friends. and eventually. Therefore. It’s like the voice inside our system that makes us do things in order for our thoughts to become real. It is easy plus it creates great outcomes. how powerful the mind is? You do not need to be a Superman or any of the X-men. then he will. And this is where will power comes in the one responsible for making things happen. being recognized by the society. plus the proper attitude. to become a superhero in your own ways. See. Some common situations that individual finds difficult to face include personality polishing. “I can’t” without even trying. Mind and will power is not at all distinct from one other. the body immediately does actions willingly to attain whatever it is in the mind. Thinking positively is only the first half of mind power. All it takes is the right way of thinking. he already concludes. finding true love. reaching goals in life. And what is the right way of thinking? It’s simple. . The other half is turning the positive thoughts into actions. In the event that he thinks he does not perform well in such situations.

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