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Volume 52 - Issue 1

August 22, 2018
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How to DO back to school
without losing your soul

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What to do when your mandatory classes are full
By Sherina Harris She was told she should have waitlist and enrolled in a course he
woken up earlier. “I’m like, ‘What? knew he would get in, to ensure he
It’s a feeling Ryerson students These are required courses. Why got his loans.
know all too well; sitting in front can’t I get into them?’” He was able to take the course in
of a bright laptop screen at 6 a.m., This year, Stasyna added the his third year, but thinks he would
watching a grey circle spin in the courses to her course intentions have had a higher GPA and more
corner of their web browser. Many again, and was enrolled in them. confidence if he had taken the
students have compared Ryerson’s “I did literally nothing different,” course in second year.
course selection process to the Hun- she said. For students who find themselves
ger Games—but some are finding Not being able to enroll in a man- in the same boat, Rodríguez recom-
that the odds are not in their favour. datory course doesn’t just cause mends bookmarking RAMSS and
When it comes to enrolling in man- stress at the thought of needing to checking it often. “There’s always
datory courses, some students aren’t take a fifth year to graduate. Third- someone that drops, especially in
able to get in, either due to small class year global management studies the first week once classes start,” he
sizes, not doing course intentions or student Eduardo Rodríguez found said. “I’d advise, email the professor
seemingly, just plain bad luck. it caused financial stress as well. or go to their class and ask them.
Last year, then-second-year cre- Changing the number of courses he The worst they can say is no.”
This is the screen you know you will see at 6 a.m. on your course enrollment date ative industries student Lauren Sta- would be taking could jeopardize his Stasyna emailed her professors
| PHOTO: ALANNA RIZZA syna selected two art history courses OSAP loans when he had already and program advisors, but still had
in her course intentions that were applied with a certain number of no luck.
mandatory for her module in cura- courses. If he changed the number “Sometimes nothing can be done,
torial practices. When she got her of courses he had initially said he and I think with that you just have

How to get credit schedule, the courses weren’t on
it. Knowing a few other students
were having the same problem, she
was going to take, he might not get
the loan.
Rodríguez was waitlisted for an
to plan your courses and just take
them as you’re taking them and plan
for next year,” she said.

for a class you emailed her course advisors, who told
her it was too late to fix her schedule.
“We need to [take] these,” she told
elective from a mandatory table.
Although the course was meant to
be taken in third or fourth year, he
She also recommended talking
to other people in your program if
they’re having similar issues.

didn’t take her advisors. “If we don’t get these
classes, we have to take a fifth year
to graduate.”
had room in his schedule to take it
in his second year.
Rodríguez left his position on the
“You would think if a few people
complain,” she said. “Maybe the
system is the problem.”

Want to cut corners and cheat the system? If you’ve
got the skillz and the billz, then you can chillz Changing majors isn’t the end of the world
management during her first year of
By Alanna Rizza count challenge credits. In the G. studies last year. She said that busi-
Raymond Chang School of Con- ness management was too broad in
Would you like to get credit for a tinuing Education, certificate pro- terms of career options, so she felt
class that you haven’t taken? Would grams allow a maximum of two that she was not working towards a
you like to get even more out of all one-count challenge credits. fixed goal.
those unpaid internships? Of course But if you’re in the Ted Rogers “There were seven areas of focus
you would. School of Business Management, to choose from in [business man-
If you’ve ever sat through a class a part of the Faculty of Engineer- agement] which was a bit much for
thinking to yourself that you al- ing and Architectural Science or me,” said Khalid.
ready have the skills and knowledge the Faculty of Science, your courses Khalid says that business technol-
that’s being taught to you, then you cannot be challenged. As if your life ogy management is a unique blend
have a challenge on your hands. But wasn’t rough already. of business and IT, and this aspect of
it’s not quite the challenge you’re But for the rest of us, all you have the program appealed to her.
thinking of. to do is apply to challenge a credit Sometimes (or all the time) Ryerson can feel like a maze PHOTO: ALANNA RIZZA Both students now feel that they
(instead of wasting months of your are better equipped for preparing
life) and spend $175 (instead of hun- for their respective futures.
“What Ryerson dreds). By Urbi Khan you feel more comfortable with, and Salmon-Wright says that after
won’t tell you is First, contact the department of that it’s never too late to do so. she is done with her English pro-
that you can get the course you wish to challenge and Choosing programs can seem very Paris Salmon-Wright, a second- gram, she has many career paths to
credit for a class if then fill out the application form daunting and many people feel as if year English student, decided to choose from.
you already have that is available online. it’s the be-all and end-all. But little switch out of her first program of “I feel like I would love to teach
Some faculties may interview you do they know, it doesn’t have to be choice, journalism, during her first or go into publishing, and for grad
the skills” or ask that you complete an exami- like that. You may have chosen a year of university. She says she felt school I would continue with Eng-
nation to determine if you actually program that doesn’t fit with what distant and never fully enjoyed the lish literature or even head to law
Ryerson University allows “chal- have the necessary experience. you have in mind for your future journalism curriculum. school,” said Salmon-Wright. “I feel
lenge credits” if the student has After you’ve filled out the form, plans, or may be looking forward “I always found myself disliking like I have options and in journalism
gained skills and knowledge outside go to the Service Hub in POD 150, to your program of choice, but my journalism courses. I also really I didn’t.”
the classroom. For example, if a stu- and pay the fee. once you get into it, realize that it’s disliked the competitive aspect of Khalid says that she is excited to
dent has enough work experience If you don’t have the knowledge re- not right for you. Switching out of the program,” said Salmon-Wright. start business technology manage-
that the university thinks mirrors quired, you will be notified by e-mail programs is OK, and after all, you “A community and a supportive ment. “I am looking forward to the
a course’s material, the student can within two to four weeks that your need to study what you want to environment were never created IT aspect of managing a business.
get academic credit without taking challenge was unsuccessful. You’ll study. At Ryerson, or any university, and I never felt safe.” My ultimate goal is to become a
the class. also receive a full refund that will be switching programs is something Salmon-Wright says that she is business analyst and BTM is the
According to the university, only mailed to the address on your RAMSS commonly done. now excited for her English courses perfect choice for pursuing in career
mandatory courses that count to- account within four to six weeks. With the start of another new and that she adores her professors in that,” said Khalid.
wards your program requirements If your challenge is successful, the academic year, and with many stu- because she feels that she can discuss If you find yourself unhappy with
will be considered for a challenge course credit will be recorded on dents just starting their university any challenges she faces. your program, don’t be afraid of tak-
credit. your academic record as ‘CHG’ and studies and adventures at Ryerson, First-year business technology ing some time away from school, dip-
Most undergraduate programs al- will not be included in your grade keep in mind that you do have the management (BTM) student Fatima ping your toes in different subjects
low a maximum of five one-course point average. option to switch into a program that Khalid chose to switch out business and finding what makes you happy.


We’re just as sweaty and nervous, we just hide it better
and think being older than some- Parnika “Ottawa’d” Raj
one else gives them all the power Katie “Where Are You” Swyers
in university.
Our issue this week is filled with Copy Editing
the things you want to know about Igor “Coding Since 1996” Magun
Ryerson but probably wouldn’t ask
your orientation guide. And while Editor-in-Chief General Manager
our writers and editors are connois- Jacob “Bahamut is my co-pilot” Dubé Liane “Cheeseless” McLarty
seurs of our occasionally-sewage-
scented campus by now, our advice News Advertising Manager
There’s nothing wrong with calling your mom every day | FILE PHOTO doesn’t come from nowhere. Behind Emerald “CeeBeeCee” Bensadoun Chris “Apple Initiate” Roberts
every recommended hangout spot is Raneem “MIA” Alozzi
dence, or with a hurried annoyance a shared memory spent there after Maggie “Fresh” Macintosh Design Director
By that made me believe they’ve been a study break, every coffee recom- J.D. “Border Patrolled” Mowat
Jacob around the bend a few times. mendation is marked by a time they Photo
Dubé Eventually I found my footing got Tim Hortons and immediately Samantha “Our Saviour” Moya Contributors
on campus—making friends, find- wished they hadn’t. Alanna “Wired” Rizza Valerie “Why Don’t You Come
ing local haunts and figuring out a At this point I hope the knowl- Deanna “Cotty lyfe” Krueger On Over” Dittrich
In my first year, my friends thought good system for writing last-minute edge that everybody else at Ryerson Izabella “MY CAT!” Balcerzak
I was a drug dealer. essays. But for a while it felt like I is as scared and sweaty as you are Online Sherina “Don’t Worry” Harris
While we were hanging out or was the only one who didn’t have it has filled you with an insatiable de- Skyler “Pepper Hater” Ash Urbi “Is This Article Even Biz
studying, I would answer a phone call figured out. sire to put yourself out there. Please Bryan “Pain in The...” Meler and Tech” Khan
and hastily tell them I had to leave. If you’re a froshie just starting do! Matt “Anytime Bro” Vocino
In retrospect, their suspicions out this year, chances are you feel Join a bunch of clubs, get em- Features Emma “Cool Beans” Sandri
made perfect sense, but in reality I the same way. There’s a million barrasingly wrecked by our Smash Sarah “F33ch” Krichel Victoria “Bathrooms Suck” Mc-
was just hanging out with my mom. little things nobody tells you about, Bros. pros, trip in public and don’t Murchy
She worked nearby, and I was des- from where to eat to how you can try to pretend it didn’t happen. You Arts and Life Libaan “The Man” Osman
perate for a familiar face (and some figure out if your program is right could even come work with us. Premila “Jet Lagged” D’Sa Denise “Not Your Niece” Pa-
free food). for you. Getting used to a new environ- glinawan
Sure, I was having a blast starting But always remember: Every sin- ment takes time. Luckily, if you’re Sports Zena “Preach” Salem
out at Ryerson, but everything was gle student at Ryerson has been in serious about spending the next four Peter “Maskless” Ash
still so new and terrifying. I didn’t that position. No matter how put- years or so here, you’ve got plenty of Christian “Steve Brule Club” Ryan This week’s annoying talking coffee mug
know what I was supposed to be do- together they may seem now, they it to spare. is here to say we are your student paper
ing or where to go, but it seemed like were as lost as you might feel right For returning students who al- Biz and Tech and we are here to tell your stories. We
everyone else did. Students would now. The only ones that won’t ad- ready know the drill, welcome back! Sera “Summer class” Wong are here to help you Fuck shit up!
walk by me with beaming confi- mit it are probably named Tyler Salad King is still here.
Communities The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s largest and
Lidia “Internshipland” Abraha only independent student newspaper.
It is owned and operated by Rye Eye
Fun Publishing Inc., a non-profit corporation
Nathaniel “Undead Sharkenbear” owned by the students of Ryerson. Our
Crouch offices are on the second floor of the
Student Campus Centre. You can reach
Media us at 416-979-5262, at
Mikayla “Whack-a-mole” Fasullo or on Twitter at @theeyeopener.

Buildings, buildings, buildings!
Some of them are ugly and some of them are nice. For this issue, we decided to take a look at some of the most talked about buildings on campus

Kerr Hall Student Learning Centre Mattamy Athletic George Vari Engineering
This is the building where you’ll have the one A big and shiny structure, the Student Learn-
Centre and Computing Centre
class you’re always late for because you cannot ing Centre (SLC) is known for its ability to
find it. It’s a maze. Literally. Besides that, the get every student to look at it. The building One of the nicest structures on campus, the The engineering building is one of the nicest
place also has tons of lockers and is attached has arguably become one of the staples of the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) is home on campus, with big windows that bring in a
to one of Ryerson’s gyms­—if you can find it. university. There’s a total of eight floors with to most of the athletic teams and your next ton of natural light and ample seating where
There’s also a pathway that runs to either the each of them having their own purpose. It’s workout. This historic sports venue features you can sit down and cram for tests. The
SLC or RCC. There’s a rectangle of grass right usually always busy but the stairs outside are a relatively new basketball court, hockey rink building has a mix of classes in its giant audi-
in between the four Kerr Hall buildings that’s the perfect spot for in-between class chills. and massive gym. There’s also a Loblaws at- toriums and tons of tired engineering students
called “The Quad.” It’s the best place on cam- You can find this building at the corner of tached to the building so you can grab a post to socialize with. It’s also right beside a Metro
pus to chill with a book or go dog watching. Yonge and Gould streets. workout snack. grocery store for quick snack runs.


Rogers Ted Rogers School of
The Cineplex Communications Centre
Victoria Building
Ryerson made a deal with Cineplex movie The RCC is home to Ryerson’s media stu- This is the place The Eyeopener, your beloved
theatres a couple years ago that let them use dents. It has three floors and tons of natural independent student newspaper, found bed If you’re a business student, this place is go-
the theatres as lecture auditoriums. You will lighting, but some classes have no windows. bugs last year. Ryerson says they’ve cleaned up ing to be your entire campus. Ted Rogers is
inevitably have a class in here and fall asleep This building is always cold, so if you have and there aren’t any bed bugs here anymore... way off Gould Street so it seems like it’s al-
on the comfy movie theatre seats that weren’t tons of classes here remember to pack a You’re likely to have some liberal elective in most off campus for other Ryerson students,
designed to keep you awake during a first- sweater. Also, be prepared to be an interview this building. The elevators are really slow but but it’s just next to the Eaton Centre. It has al-
year politics lecture. You’ll need your One- mule for the all the first-year students sent out there are stairs as well. The outside of Vic is most everything, so you don’t need to leave—
Card to pop into class. And don’t get too slick on assignment. a favourite spot for smokers on campus, but there’s a Starbucks on the bottom floor, food
thinking you can cop free movies, the theatre It’s not their fault, Ryerson’s all about “hands- watch out for Ryerson’s school skater boys place upstairs and always some TRSM student
employees do random checks for paid tickets. on” education so give them a hand, please. that practice down the road. groups handing out free stuff.

Your guide to surviving the Commute™

The TTC and Me: Stay vigilant, Ryerson How not to piss
people off on the
By Valerie Dittrich my streetcar at the intersection of TTC
Queen and Bathurst. I noticed from
Transportation hours can be useful the corner of my eye a man who
for tuning yourself out with the latest seemed to be pacing around me. By Bryan Meler
Mozart album. However, commuting Once the streetcar came, the pac-
can turn into a scary thing really ing man stepped on first. He was Using the TTC as a commuter is a
quickly if you don’t remain vigilant. then abruptly stopped by the driver, pain in the... It doesn’t matter how
Assault is a surprisingly common who denied him entry. long you’ve been riding North Amer-
occurrence on the TTC. Streetcars The man, clearly outraged, ica’s finest transportation system,
and buses warn against assault punched the clear plastic window we still all make horrible decisions.
against drivers with signs all over that sits in front of the driver’s seat. While they might be small, they do
vehicles, drawing to attention that He got off the streetcar, the driver in fact still piss other people off.
at least one TTC worker is assaulted was clearly shaken. So in the spirit of going back to
every single day. As the man walked off, he all of school and starting a schedule that
A 2016 report from the Toronto a sudden tried to grab my neck in a Exercise caution when traveling on the TTC I PHOTO: DIEGO TORRES SILVESTRO/FLICKR might require you to spend at least
Star states that over 4,000 crimes lunging motion. 15 hours a week on the TTC, here’s
have taken place on TTC buses I shouted at the top of my lungs I decided against reporting the Have someone to call and let them some things you should avoid doing
since 2010. The Star also reports and blocked his attempt. He stepped incident. Even though it was a dis- know where you are whenever you on the Rocket.
that between 2010 and 2015, there away from me. As I got onto the turbing experience, I didn’t have plan on travelling at night — espe- The Three-Seat Rule
were 577 reports of sexual assaults streetcar, the driver asked me re- the time or energy to deal with the cially if you’re not familiar with the If there are three consecutive
on TTC vehicles or property. There peatedly if I was okay. She then told consequences of an experience that area. You can also report any as- open seats, pick a side and don’t
were also 70 more reported assaults me that the same man had boarded lasted only seconds. sault in a discreet manner using the clog up the middle. It means no one
as of July 2016 alone. That rounds the streetcar she was driving a few Statistics can never indicate how TTC’s reporting app. is going to have to unwillingly sit
out to 124 assaults in 2016—and days prior, harassed her and at- often experiences like mine can take And for those who don’t have ac- directly beside you. And, it at least
many still go unreported. tempted to physically assault her. place, so it’s good to take your safety cess to a phone, remember to take allows you and one more person to
Personally, I commute back and Many of the passengers also asked into your own hands. Ryerson’s yourself out of any uncomfortable use the open middle seat to lay your
forth to school everyday on the 501 me if I was doing okay, if I was hurt WalkSafe program, which is a 24/7 situation. Walk to the next stop, bags until someone else needs it.
Queen streetcar. I’m so used to my or if I needed to call someone. I said security escort service, is limited to move to a different seat or consult (This rule also applies to urinals).
route that sometimes I forget that I was fine. College, Carlton, Dundas, Jarvis and the mandatory transit officer at your The Stairs & Escalator Rule
predators can still creep their way But despite being physically okay, Yonge Streets, so you’re not always subway station. If you’re slow on the stairs or just
into it. I felt unsafe. I took an Uber home going to be able to rely on this com- Taking the TTC doesn’t have to trying to chill on the escalator, stick
A few weeks ago, I was com- that night. I called someone and mon campus resource. be scary and you shouldn’t have to to the right. The left lane is a pass-
ing home from a work shift. It was asked them to stay on the phone That’s why I recommend this to be afraid of it. I only ask you to keep ing lane. Honestly, if you’re going
around 10 p.m. and I was waiting for with me until my car came. those who have a phone on them: your eyes peeled, Ryerson. the same pace as the person on the
right, it means you (rightfully) be-
long in the same lane as them.

The best podcasts for your shitty commute Really loud music
Early-morning techno listeners,
Nathaniel Crouch walks you through what you’ve got to listen to on your travels this one is especially addressed to
you. Just because you can bear lis-
Pod Save America My Dad Wrote A Porno Call Your Girlfriend Critical Role tening to a repetitive bass beat for
News and Politics Comedy History Hobbies an hour straight, it doesn’t mean
anyone else can. So for Pete’s sake,
please at least wear a toque (to cover
your ears) come winter time. And in
Hosted by four former aides to Presi- Only one podcast begs the question; Everyone knows the feeling when Join up with voice actors from what case this wasn’t obvious, please don’t
dent Obama with a rotating cast of if your father wrote a dirty book, you find a friend who will be by you love —Overwatch, the Aveng- hum, whistle or sing to the music
politicians, comedians and journal- would you read it? Hosted by Jamie your side for a while (commonly ers and Dragon Ball Z— as they band you’re listening to.
ists, Pod Save America is an in-depth Horton, James Cooper and Alice known as the “did we just become together in a Dungeons & Dragons Realize that doors don’t have
look into politics and press of the Levine, this award-winning podcast best friends?” feeling). There is now campaign that’s sure to tickle your stop signs
new age along with the challenges makes what should be unbelievably a podcast you and your BFF can fantasy. Led by legendary voice ac- Don’t block entrances and exits.
they face. Regardless of how up-to- gross and cringey into masterful vibe with. Two fantastic women, tor Matthew Mercer, the tales spun Yes, subway train doors make for
date you stay with our world’s cur- knee-slapping humor. Taking what Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, within the podcast become classics great mirrors. Yes, you need to send
rent events, this podcast is an easy most people would bury or pretend host the podcast, with new stories to rival the tales of Middle Earth. that final text. Yes, you should adjust
listen for those with all interest and never happened, Horton reads a to tell and great topics to discuss The story currently has over 100 your belt after paying your fare —
education levels in the world of me- chapter every week and it never fails each week. It’s a mood booster for episodes and is still being updated but just take a step to the side, take
dia and politics. Recommended for to shock audiences. Recommended those late night commutes. Recom- each week. Recommended if you’ve your time and enjoy Seth Rogen’s
whenever you need a few level heads for when you want your sides to mended for when you’re in need of ever been interested in hearing Mc- announcements while you’re at it.
to walk you through it all. hurt from all the laughing. a good story. Cree as a dragon. You’re doing everyone a favour.
Carry your bag in front of you
during rush hour
Stations and Stops to see If your bag resembles the fattest
nugget you’ve ever seen, take it off
While there are numerous stations connecting our city, there are a few that and hold it in front of you. Grab it
stand above the rest and that deserve some of your time to explore. by its hanging loop so you won’t be
rubbing against the person behind
#1 Glencairn: What Drake meant by Views you and to also enjoy a pretty decent
#2 Spadina: The Double Agent (code name 00Smelly) arm workout.
#3 Union: Can’t afford the escape room experience? Union provides at the Stay away from the blue seats
low cost of 3 bucks The blue seats are reserved for
#4 Pape: Where Greektown begins. You’ll need stretchy pants those who need them. So if you’re
#5 Woodbine: Lose all of your money to a bunch of ponies not pregnant, disabled or real old,
! ALERT: Uncharted territory past this point, traverse at your own risk simply back off.

How I learned to take care of myself, why you should too
Eye editor Emerald Bensadoun shares memoirs from her personal hell

It was a Wednesday night in January ticles, two classes and needed to be problems will be dismissed.
when my body was finally shutting at a work event at the Legislative It took me a long time to real-
down. Assembly. I also had several as- ize that there are solutions when
‘Is this the end?’ I thought, as I con- signments due, but handing them you’re feeling burnt out. As I went
templated the last seven months of in wasn’t possible when my health through my day, I noticed that peo-
my life in isolation and overex- started to deteriorate. ple were trying to help me (not that
haustion, weighing the pros and I’d made it four steps out of bed I listened). My inbox swelled with
cons of my situation. My life was at before I started seeing lights and emails from my professors asking
a standstill in front of a toilet. If I began to vomit. I should have gone if I was alright, recommending I see
died right now I’d be wholly unim- straight to the doctor, but I con- different specialists from different
pressed with my life, but at least I vinced myself I didn’t have time to equity centres. Most offered me al-
wouldn’t have to complete all of my be sick. ternatives for my assignments, some
assignments. Both sides made com- I’d stopped eating more than once even offering to fill out the forms for
pelling arguments. a day when I deluded myself that me to give me ‘incomplete’ grades—a Believe it or not, your mental wellbeing is as important as your grades |
I was working six part-time jobs hunger pains would keep me wired. last resort used by professors under ILLUSTRATION: ALANNA RIZZA
and taking the equivalent of six I hadn’t seen my friends and family medical or compassionate grounds
courses. Over the course of three in so long that I was waking up to in order to allow their students to only half kidding. get better, you’re going to have to
months, I slowly began to train my text messages from my brother ask- complete their assignments at their Then my stomach convulsed. take a few days off.”
body to sleep four hours a night in ing if I was angry with him. own pace. I wished somebody had Four hours later, I was sitting in I was devastated by my doctor’s
an attempt to make myself more On the floor in the fetal position, told me accepting help wasn’t a sign front of a doctor, trying hard not words, but in the days that I spent
productive—a decision that was met I counted to ten, lifted myself off the of weakness. Maybe I wouldn’t have to move the uncomfortable IV drip taking care of myself I learned to
both with delirium and an increas- floor, made myself presentable and ignored them all. protruding from my left wrist. appreciate them. I emailed my
ing swell of daily migraines. headed straight to school. When I’d arrived at the Legisla- “The good news is, you’re going professors back and made my first
Now, I meal-prep on weekends to To put it bluntly, I looked—and tive Assembly, I was greeted with an to be fine,” said the doctor. “But if appointment with Ryerson’s Cen-
ensure I can eat without having to felt—like microwaved shit. Every- unimpressed sigh and a disappoint- you keep this up, you could really tre for Student Development and
spend extra time searching for my body noticed. ed, “Is this job too much for you?” damage your kidneys. By the looks Counselling, and did my best to
next meal on or off campus during When you’re living in a super- and was promptly sent home. of it, you have severe dehydration. swallow my pride and accept Ryer-
the week. I make time for myself. I saturated job market, the average Feeling defeated, nauseous, un- When was the last time you ate?” son’s help.
get at least eight hours of sleep, eat apartment in Toronto is $2,300 able to see clearly and fairly certain I couldn’t remember. Memory How hard I worked was never go-
three meals a day and speak regu- per month and you want to succeed I was about to be fired, I collapsed loss, malnourishment and kidney ing to matter if I wasn’t able-bodied
larly with my profs—but that wasn’t more than you want to breathe, next to my toilet and awaited my damage; the little list of horrors ap- enough to see it. Sometimes we all
always the case. it’s easy to forget that taking care fate. Then my mom called. peared endless. He went on for a need a little help, and if I’ve learned
It was 4 a.m., my usual wake up of yourself is equally as important. “Mother,” I managed to enunci- little bit longer until he finally de- anything, it’s to accept it when it’s
time. I had four meetings, three ar- It’s even easier to believe that your ate, “I think I might be dying.” I was livered my sentence. “If you want to being offered.

After years of working to implement equity at
Creating change takes advocacy the School of Journalism, Zena Salem shares
what she’s learned throughout the years
Attending an academic institution in different manners, especially visibly positive, while also putting your own. those who share similar challenges
means you get access to new ideas when you are a woman of colour. in all the emotional labour possible There is only so much students and barriers to be supportive, and for
and spaces—but it also means You might have to put more effort to explain to people around me that can do, even on a student union the indifference of those who may
learning how to navigate challenges in framing your actions. I was not here to cause chaos. level, but remember that with great not support your ideas.
faced by those institutions. You have to convince people I also learned the importance power comes great responsibility: My greatest piece of advice is
Your experiences here can you are here to seek support and of sugar-coating my words. you have the power to create to always remember that hearing
teach you a lot about how much help build an equitable system for Remaining respectful is important, change. Even though your power is “we must be inclusive,” is a great
you and your voice are valued those who face daily institutional but sometimes giving an opposing limited, it is still important to step to recognizing that inclusivity
and what standard they are held discrimination and barriers in perspective is mistaken for work with what you have and be is important, but that actual work
at, but you will also learn quickly navigating Ryerson. disrespect. Remember to always smart about how you navigate the needs to be done in order for real
that constructive criticism is not When it comes to discussing say it like it is—but to do it in a system. change to be consistent.
always constructive at Ryerson social issues and publicly discussing manner that will appeal to a variety In my experience, I’ve heard a Change takes time, but that
University. systemic racism, I found that I of different people, some of whom lot of “calm down” and, “you make doesn’t mean we should be taking
Student advocacy is looked upon needed to make sure I remained may have dissenting opinions to everything political.” Prepare for our time.

Finding support and services that will work for you
By Lidia Abraha on campus. Racialized Students Collective, the impacts of food insecurity for sustain a welcoming and respectful
These services offer great which focuses on eliminating racism all Ryerson community members community by and for trans people
Ryerson is known as the school of support for Ryerson students, but and xenophobia both on and off and RyeACCESS, which works at Ryerson.
social justice for a reason. Lively are not immediately advertised. campus, as well as the Centre for to reclaim our bodies and minds Remember: Nothing’s ever
debates are all too common on and Most students are unaware of Women and Trans People, which through advocacy, campaigns, perfect, and there’s always more
off campus grounds, with student the variety of equity services provides a safe organizing space outreach, education, and events. to be done—but even if you
advocacy taking centre stage in the on campus, which is why we’ve for self-identified women and trans The Sexual Assault Support don’t hear much about equity after
forms of varying levels of student listed them for you. people. Survivor Line also acts as one of frosh week, it’s important to make
government and Ryerson equity The Equity Centre on campus is Also inside the SCC is RyePRIDE, Ryerson’s six equity centres, with time to check out the equity
centres. If you’re taking your first located on the second floor of the which represents the Queer the last being the Trans Collective, centres, talk to the coordinators,
steps on campus in the coming Student Campus Centre (SCC) at 55 and Trans voices of Ryerson whose main goals are to create and take advantage of the support
weeks, you’re going to need to Gould St. The Equity Centre consists University, the Good Food trans-inclusive classrooms and systems available and at your
find the right support for you of six centres to choose from: The Centre, which works to reduce campus environments, and to disposal.

Moving your way through
Rye with mobility challenges
Matt Vocino gives his take on Ryerson’s most, and least,
accessible buildings across campus
Tens of thousands of students will arena—for the physically disabled.
start navigating nearly 50 build- The Rams Café has a number of
ings at Ryerson University in Sep- tables perfect for the wheelchair
tember. And although many won’t users, the gym is accessible and the
think twice about physically mov- main information desk has a low
ing about the buildings that make point for people sitting in a wheel-
up our campus, I will. chair to be serviced.
Getting around stairs and small 3. Rogers Communications Centre
spaces isn’t always easy for some- Being an RTA student, I’ve been
one like myself who is physically lucky to have most of my classes at
disabled and uses a power wheel- the Rogers Communications Cen-
chair. Founded as the Ryerson In- tre (RCC) at Church and Gould
stitute of Technology in 1948, cen- streets over the last three years.
tral buildings like Kerr Hall weren’t There are bang-bars on almost ev-
built with accessibility in mind. ery door, the classrooms are spa-
As a Radio and Television Arts cious and the building is connected
(RTA) sports media student head- to Kerr Hall via the bridge, which
ing into fourth year, I’ve spent the makes getting to classes bearable
last three years figuring out which during the winter months.
buildings are accessible, and which Even though it’s on my list, the
ones I should avoid. Here’s my list RCC’s accessibility is limited. Ac-
of the most—and least—accessible cessibility isn’t just about having
buildings on campus. access to spaces, it’s also about in-
Most Accessible: clusivity and equal opportunities
1. Student Learning Centre for staff and students with mobility
I’ve found the Student Learn- needs. There are countless tables
ing Centre (SLC) to be the most scattered throughout the RCC and
wheelchair-friendly building on they’re all relatively high, so I can’t
campus—despite the building re- sit and have a face-to-face conver-
ceiving a failing grade for accessi- sation with my friends.
bility due to the challenges posed Least Accessible:
to visually impaired students by The Rest of Ryerson
disability advocate David Lepofsky I’d rather be at the SLC, MAC or
in 2017. RCC than anywhere else on cam-
pus—especially over Kerr Hall. The
brown brick building that wraps
“Getting around stairs and around the Quad is a navigational
small spaces isn’t always nightmare. There are only three
easy for someone like myself elevators, meaning that detours are
often necessary for wheelchair us-
ers. And to be honest, I avoid the
The entrance alone makes the 200-metre stretch that connects the
building, the architectural master- RCC and SLC completely.
piece built in 2015 located at the Accessible features in and around
corner of Yonge and Gould streets, Ryerson’s buildings are part of
the most accessible one on cam- what attracted me to the university,
pus. The winding ramp allows me yet staff and students with mobility
to easily navigate on my own and issues continue to face barriers to
has an elevator at street-level that this day. Not all indoor rooms open
allows me to reach the main doors, with a button, so people with mo-
which can be opened with bang- bility challenges can’t always access
bars when the ramp is blocked. The a classroom on their own.
building’s spacious floors and study Most classrooms aren’t suitable
rooms feature adjustable desks for disabled students either, since
and social spaces, like the popular they don’t have desks wheelchair
“beach” floor on level six, have a users can easily pull up to. Be-
winding ramp. cause of these barriers, it’s become
2. Mattamy Athletic Centre tough for myself and other physi-
A few blocks north of the main cally disabled people to get across
campus, on Carlton street, the campus. Thankfully, groups like
Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) Access Ryerson are always looking
comes in second place. It opened to help the community members
in 2012, with a grand foyer that at Ryerson. Their intiatives and
has two elevators that can easily fit ultimate goal of working towards
a couple of wheelchairs. The three making the school fully accessible
levels above have accessible fea- has helped people (such as myself)
tures too. to get around. In any case, all I can
There are designated viewing hope is that sooner, rather than lat-
spots—two on the second floor bas- er, the campus will be 100 per cent
ketball court and four in the hockey barrier-free.

Pounds of paranoia: The freshman fixation on weight
Gaining weight is normal for first-year students, but most of them freak out over the Freshman 15. Here’s why
technology management student her obsess over being a gym rat. to drop out once a week.
stepped onto a scale a few weeks
into his university experience he
said, he felt “horrible.”
“I didn’t want to get in worse
shape and gain weight, especially
since I was a commuter...I’d be sit-
A lthough he was first over-
whelmed by his weight
gain, Jaddaa said he later realized
“Gaining some weight in first- ting so much during my day,” she dealing with issues like doing well
year is bound to happen,” Jaddaa said. Vera, who became fixated on in school, working and addressing
said. “If you commute or you live going to the gym every single day, his acne were priorities he needed
on campus, you’re spending a lot of said staying in shape became a huge to put first. He also said freshmen
time away from home and this pe- priority in first-year. It was some- should learn to cook in residence or
riod will just be an adjusting period.” thing that motivated her. pack food from home so they avoid
Yet the idea of gaining any weight “It made me feel pretty bad when I constantly consuming deep-fried
made me stare at my naked stom- missed going to the gym for a day or carbs like he did.
ach in my murky residence mir- wasn’t feeling up to working out…
ror, secretly do squats in my room It definitely made me beat myself up
Overcoming the “Freshman 15” isn’t easy | ILLUSTRATION: SAMANTHA MOYA and above all, feel overwhelming way too much.”
If only someone had
guilt every time I consumed any- The pressure to either maintain told me, had told us,
By Maggie Macintosh should always opt to order from the thing other than spinach. I always or lose weight in first-year made that it was normal
Pitman Hall cafeteria’s salad bar. noticed my floor mates going to both myself and those around me for one’s weight to
T he trick is to always wear
jeans,” a high school friend
told me, half-jokingly, when we got
The Freshman 15 is a fairly self-
explanatory expression: The transi-
tion to university makes first-year
the gym, sporting rosy cheeks as a
sign of pride when they returned.
Was there ever elevator small talk
paranoid about gaining pounds.
Only now, far from a freshman, as
I enter my fourth-year, I realize the
fluctuate in first year

together on Thanksgiving week- students especially prone to gain- where the gym wasn’t mentioned? extent of useless fat-shaming there Maintaining healthy habits that
end. The conversation took place ing weight. Whether or not stu- A Sunday morning when I didn’t was towards myself, closest friends, make you feel good when you’re
in her walk-in closet in 2015, likely dents actually gain pounds—or lose overhear someone venting about my floor mates, strangers on cam- dealing with other stresses is impor-
having come up due to our nerves some—it’s a saying that puts even feeling fat after a night of drinking pus and others others we noticed tant, Vera said, looking back on her
about eating too much stuffing at more pressure on those already ner- and post-bar McDonald’s? had gained a few pounds. first year at Ryerson, adding, “Your
our holiday family dinners. It was vous about writing midterms and If only someone had told us that body will thank you.”
our first reunion since moving away essays, meeting friends in lectures As if uncomfortable it was normal for one’s weight to Taking care of yourself in first-
to separate cities for university just and during TTC delays. fluctuate in first-year, in university, year doesn’t mean you have to fol-
denim would convince
one month earlier.
“If you always wear stretchy pants
or skirts, you won’t realize you’re
A yman Jaddaa, who’s cur-
rently in his fifth year at Ry-
erson University, often chose fast
me that I didn’t need
a third serving of
and in general. If only someone had
said that yes, you should eat your
greens and take care of yourself in
low a strict gym regimen or miss out
on dessert every night. It means al-
lowing yourself some leeway on the
gaining weight,” my friend said. food—McDonald’s, Burger King pumpkin pie the cafeteria, but to still put lots of scale while you focus on the stresses
What she was referring to was a way and Popeyes—in his first year be- energy towards moderation, men- that accompany new studies. Pounds
to keep tabs on our waistlines so we cause it was cheap and convenient. Vera, a third-year computer sci- tal health and adjusting to the uni- shouldn’t cause paranoia. That’s not
could avoid the “Freshman 15”. As He said he didn’t even know about ence student at Ryerson, who asked versity workload over the size of to say any student should forget
if uncomfortable denim would con- the Freshman 15 expression until her last name not be published due to your jeans. Maybe then I wouldn’t about eating healthy, but that there’s
vince me that I didn’t need a third after he’d gained, what he calls, “the the sensitivity of the subject, said the have called my mom sobbing about no problem with forgetting about
serving of pumpkin pie, or that I Freshman 30.” When the business thought of the Freshman 15 made the stresses of school and wanting the jeans in your closet.

The eight types of SLC studiers
Asterisk (*) is for floors that will let you book rooms to study/meet in

By Maggie Macintosh chatter in the Starbucks line-up or Need to brush up on math or
the elevators’ constant dings. practice English? There’s likely a
Study spots in the Student Learn- Floor Two: helping hand on floor four. This
ing Centre (SLC) are hard to come The Grounded Studiers green-coloured floor is for healthy
by during weekdays, so you can’t This floor connects the SLC and the studiers who are proactive and
always be picky when it comes to library via a cement walkway. Bake open to asking for help when The floor of the Starbucks Studiers | PHOTO: SAMANTHA MOYA
the themed floors. Another student sales tend to happen on this con- they need it. (Students can access
could snatch an empty desk, maybe necting floor. Humble studiers, who learning supports of all sorts, both beatboxing, breakdancing or chat- sary to blast Drake anywhere and
the only one in the entire building can’t find a seat on the chairs embed- individual and group sessions). ting instead. It’s all about socializing. everywhere on campus. There’s
(often the case during midterm sea- ded in the stairs, can be found on the *Floor Five: If you can nap despite noise, there also a moderate-sized room desig-
son) in a second. cold floor outside the library, where The Study Buddy Studiers are also some bean bag chairs and nated for masters students on this
On the rare occasion you do have it’s surprisingly comfortable. One of the flashiest looking floors, weird human-shaped chairs you floor (don’t bother sneaking in,
a choice—perhaps a weekday night Floor Three: the fiery fifth-floor was made for can lounge on. You might want to it’s only accessible via masters On-
or weekend when countless com- The Mysterious Studiers students who prefer to study with check them out if you have breaks eCard).
muters are on a subway ride home What happens on this floor most of a desk and don’t mind others mur- between classes, an 8 a.m. or a long Floor Eight:
or sleeping in the suburbs—there the time, nobody really knows. Does muring, snacking on Tim Hortons commute home to bed. The Social Studiers
are eight electric levels to choose anyone really even study here? (although that’s often unavoidable *Floor Seven: The highest floor is appropriately
from. Mysterious sessions and portfolio no matter what floor you’re on) or The Silent Studiers named “The Sky.” There’s a ton of
Floor One: showcases happen inside the event blasting Drake (welcome to Ryer- The only thing you’ll hear on the sunlight throughout the day so it’s a
The Starbucks Studiers space and there are about five ran- son). There are rows on rows of quiet floor is the footsteps of stu- bright place to study when it’s drea-
Ideal for those who want to cop a dom desks, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever desks that have small privacy “walls” dents walking in and out. Please ry. Students mostly go to this floor
caffeine refill or study snack, the find a spot. Best to pass on this floor that can be removed, perfect for don’t stay on this floor if you’re go- to study with friends and meet up
first-floor has a lounge area beside altogether unless you like a study study buddy sessions. ing to talk or prepare for the wrath with group project members be-
the SLC Starbucks with leather seats, space that’s unpredictable and po- *Floor Six: The Not-Actually- of silent studiers. They will stand cause of the round tables and study
tall chairs and community tables. Be- tentially near an event you can pro- Studying Studiers up to you and it’ll be uncomfort- rooms with a whiteboard wall.
ing on the main floor, there’s always crastinate at. Also known as “The Beach,” this able for everyone. Students who like The collaborative rooms, which are
lots of activity, so it’s best for stu- *Floor Four: space is used by students who say complete silence, this is your haven on a bunch of lower levels too, can be
dents who don’t mind overhearing The Healthy Studiers: they’re going to “study” but end up away from those who feel it neces- booked via the Ryerson mobile app.

Getting off Gould and getting your groove on
enly sing along to “Mr. Brightside” the Queen St. Warehouse at 232 Queen
by The Killers at least once dur- St W., and the El Furniture Warehouse
ing the night. The best part about at 410 Bloor St. W.
The best places to get it on, off campus... Depending on what your vibe is The Cave is that you can get in for If the vibe is “I’m here, I’m
free with student ID, so remember queer, I’m going off tonight” the
to include your OneCard in your place is Crews & Tangos. Crews
clubbing essentials from now on. is a drag bar and a great introduc-
The Dance Cave is at 529 Bloor St. W. tion to nightlife in Toronto’s bus-
If the vibe is “I’m already fail- tling gay village. The place is in an
ing school so I might as well get old house with sweet DJs holding up
dumb, drunk and rowdy,” the solid dance jams in different rooms.
place is the Madison Ave. Pub. The best part about Crews are the
Affectionately known as “the Mad- queens that take the mainstage each
dy,” this place is your classic, grimy night and light up the house with
but well-loved university pub. Ev- their lip syncs. The line for the place
eryone at the Maddy knows exactly can be a little long sometimes, but
what they are there for, which is it’s worth the wait. Even if you’re
pretty much to get plastered. not feeling yourself, Crews is a good
The Maddy is at 14 Madison Ave. place to drag yourself to for a little
If the vibe is “I’m a broke stu- pick-me-up dancing.
dent and I want to be surround- Crews & Tangos is on 508 Church St.
ed by other broke students so If the vibe is “I’m sick of grimy
This could be you, being a cool university party student getting lit on a Friday night | PHOTO: CREAVTIVE COMMONS I don’t feel as broke,” the place student clubs, need to take part
is Warehouse. You’ll hear about in hip Toronto culture and need
By Premila D’Sa tive list of all the places you could hit But then add decently priced beer Warehouse in your first 10 min- something that looks good on
up around, but off campus, based on and popcorn to munch on, sprinkle utes at Ryerson, and for good rea- the ‘gram” the place is The Drake
Here’s the deal: It’s really easy to get the vibe for the night. in some buzzed Ryerson students son. It’s really close (lucky for you Hotel. Not related to Toronto rap-
stuck in the Ryerson bubble. When If the vibe is “sitting down, and that’s the Imperial. froshies we’ve got a location right per and unofficial Ryerson mascot
you’re a Ryerson student, the entire grabbing a beer and drunk ram- The Imperial is at 54 Dundas St. E. on Yonge this year. Back in the day Drake, this affordable but bougie-
city of Toronto suddenly becomes bling with your friends,” the If the vibe is “sweaty dancing Ryerson students had to make the feeling hotel is always guaranteed to
the stretch of Gould Street from the place is the Imperial. It’s a cosy to all the emo pop jams from dreaded trek to Queen Street) The be bumping. The place serves great
Rogers Communications Centre to pub that’s barely off campus (right middle school,” the place is The main perk of Warehouse is that ev- cocktails if you’ve moved past the
the Student Learning Centre. May- down Bond Street). If you’re way Dance Cave. The Cave is a fun erything on the menu is $6 which cheap student beer phase. It’s got a
be Ted Rogers on the days you’re too zoinked to navigate anywhere little dance club above Lee’s Palace, means you have more money left sweet rooftop perfect for some “can-
feeling adventurous. Don’t make with your friends, this is the spot. a historic Toronto concert venue. for drinks. The Warehouse is where did” Instagram moments. The line
the mistake of going to a school in Almost everyone that heads to the There’s usually a line to get in, you’re allowed to be an embarrass- for the place is long, especially on
Toronto and not learning anything Imperial goes right upstairs to a so get there early or dress for the ing university student because ev- the weekends, so head there a little
about the city. Get off of Gould. floor called the library. Imagine weather and get ready to wait. The eryone around you will be one too, early. The Drake also hosts sweet
The best way to plan a night out that you had a rich grandfather, Cave plays a mix of radio hits and so go for it. live music events in its basement
in the Toronto is to decide what who had a fancy study with book- old school jams and you will defi- Warehouse has three locations: The floor, the Drake Underground.
your vibe is. And so, here’s a defini- shelves and old leather couches. nitely have the chance to drunk- Yonge St. Warehouse at 336 Yonge St., The Drake Hotel is at 1150 Queen St.W.

Top Rams Teams to Watch
Continuing Software Courses

Studies at
Ad o b e A f t e r E f f e c t s By Christian Ryan in 2015-16, they should find extra
Ad o b e I l l u s t ra t o r motivation in the farewell season

Women’s Volleyball: Ryerson’s of their all-time scoring leader in
Ad o b e I n D e s i g n women’s volleyball team grabbed Sofia Paska.
Ad o b e P h o t o s h o p headlines in 2017-18, claiming the Pro-tip: Just like with many other

UNIVERSITY Ad o b e S o f t w a r e f o r C r e a t i ve
university’s first U SPORTS national
championship at the completion of
Ryerson teams, the women’s and men’s
teams play in tandem, so arriving
Design an undefeated season. While their early guarantees you a full evening of
games have historically had lower at- basketball.
tendance numbers than some of Ry- Men’s Soccer: A season of adver-
A u t o d e s k M a ya erson’s other programs, this season sity still ended with the Rams men’s
Blender provides a chance to see a piece of the soccer team placing among the best
university’s history in action. in OUA competition. Despite for-
R ev i t A r c h i t e c t u r e The team’s home opener takes feiting several wins due to an aca-
Rhino 3D place Wednesday, Oct. 24, against demic violation, the Rams rallied
the Brock Badgers, a key OUA (On- to claim bronze in the OUA Final
S ke t c h U p tario University Athletics) rival. Four. Fresh from a team-building
User Interface and User Men’s Basketball: Off of two trip to the World Cup in Moscow
consecutive silver medals in the U over the summer break, the Rams
Experience Design SPORTS Final 8, the Rams men’s are back with eyes on OUA gold
V i d e o E d i t i n g w i t h Ad o b e basketball team enters this season and a shot at the national title un-
with something to prove. Typically der coach Filip Prostran.
the Rams’ rowdiest and best-attend- The Rams’ soccer teams have the
We b A r t a n d D e s i g n , ed games, make sure to arrive early distinction of being the most diffi-
with your game face on. cult team to view in home games.
J a va s c r i p t F ra m ewo r k s
The season opens with a local Without a field downtown, home
grudge match against the U of T games take place farther north at
E x p l o r e Yo u r C r e a t i v e P o t e n t i a l Varsity Blues on Friday, Oct. 26. Downsview Park. However, with
Women’s Basketball: One thing the new extension to TTC Line 1,
A r t . D e s i g n . N ew M e d i a CONTINUING
STUDIES you will learn very quickly is that supporting the team has never been
E ve n i n g s . We e ke n d s . O n l i n e Ryerson has a strong women’s bas- easier.
ketball culture behind coach Carly Pro-tip: The easiest game for Rams
C o u r s e i n f o a n d r e g i s t r a t i o n : o c a d u . c a /c o n t i n u i n g s t u d i e s Clarke. While the team is coming fans to reach are U of T home games at
off two early playoff exits, after Varsity Stadium, with the first taking
winning the school’s first OUA title place Sunday, Sept. 2.
Ryerson_Sept2016_QuarterPage.indd 1 8/1/18 11:28 AM

Tuesday, Sept 4 The Ryerson Students’ Union
Street Festival presents:
Gould St | 11am-6pm

Wednesday, Sept 5
Campus Groups Day
Gould St | 11am-3pm
Week of
Sex in the Ram
Ram in the Rye | 4-7pm

Open Mic Coffee House
Thomas Lounge, SCC | 5-9pm

Thursday, Sept 6
The Warm Up
Ram in the Rye | 11am-2pm

Block Party All Events Are Free & All Ages
Ram in the Rye | 2-11pm

Friday, Sept 7

Parade Meet Up
Lake Devo | 1-2pm

58th Annual Parade

After Dark

Post Parade Paint Party
Lake Devo | 3:30-8pm

The Ryerson Students’ Union strives to create accessible and
inclusive spaces for all of its members. If you have any accessibility
needs, e-mail as soon as possible.
For more info contact Events Coordinator, rsufb ryesu ryesu

2018 marks our 10th anniversary! From our tenants

10! and employees, past and present, to all our amazing
shoppers, we’ve come a long way in 10 years.

SEPTEMBER 5TH FREE* beverage and treats (7:30am-9:30am)

SEPTEMBER 6 TH LIVE mural artist and music (11:00am-3:00pm)
FREE* food sampling from our
restaurant and food court
tenants (3:00pm-5:00pm)

SEPTEMBER 7TH FREE* photos and digital
graffiti wall (10:00am-6:00pm)
*While supplies last. Free beverages, treats, food samples, photos and giveaways are
on a first come, first serve basis in the lobby.

Visit for full details.

It’s been one amazing journey. Come celebrate with us.