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Athlete-Designed Volunteer T-Shirt Contest

Are you artistically gifted? Do you think you could design a volunteer T-shirt logo? Would you like to see thousands of
SOMO volunteers wear something you drew? Well you should enter our athlete volunteer T-shirt design contest!

Every year, SOMO designs a new volunteer logo for the 18,000 T-shirts we hand out to volunteers at our events. For
our 2019 design, we want to give our athletes the opportunity to design the look.

You can either hand draw the logo or design it in computer program such as Microsoft Paint/Publisher, Adobe
Illustrator/InDesign, etc.

Design rules:

• The word “Volunteer” has to be incorporated somehow

o If using other words on the logo, “Volunteer” must be the largest and easiest to read
• Only use the front of the shirt
• IF you are hand-drawing the logo, turn in TWO different versions of the logo
o One that is just black outlines/drawings
o One with color
 No more than two colors other than black may be used
 No gradients
• Do NOT use the SOMO logo/globe in any way. We will place the approved SOMO logo when your drawing is

Contest rules:

• When finished with your design convert to PDF or JPG form, email it to with your full
name, hometown and age
• SOMO will select three finalists and add the SOMO logo to their designs at that time
• SOMO will upload finalists to Facebook and online voting will begin
o More details on online voting to come at a later date

Important dates:

• October 12: Submissions due

• October 22: Finalists announced/voting begins at 8 a.m.
• October 26: Online voting closes at 5 p.m.
• October 29: Winning design announced


• 1st place: Your design is printed on all 2019 volunteer T-Shirts and $50 credit toward SOMO fanwear
• 2nd place: $25 credit toward SOMO fanwear
• 3rd place: $10 credit toward SOMO fanwear

* SOMO reserves the right to slightly change your design to make it fit with our branding guidelines and so it can be printed
on T-shirts. SOMO will do this BEFORE it’s selected to move onto the voting round and will talk with you before anything is
changed to gather your input. *