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 Pablo Rojas
 Melany
 Diana Zapata

D: Hi guys! How are you?
P: Hi, very good.
M: Hi, very well thank you, and you?
D: I’m stressed from work, i have work a lot this week. I have a lot of work this week
P: And what are the plans for Saturday?
M: I have a party at night.
D: But, are you free in the morning?
M: Yes, in the morning I’m free.
P: I have an idea, Let’s see a movie!
D: Uhmm, What time does it start?
P: At 12:00pm. at noon
D: No! Please, It’s very early for me, I will sleep that day until 1pm because during this week I
have been waking up at 4am and Saturday is my day off

M: Ok, ok… 3:00pm. Is it ok?

D: Yes! It’s great!
P: What movie are we going to see?
D: I saw the trailer for “Ready Player One” and I liked it.
P: Oh it’s good election a good choice, it’s a Science fiction sci-fi movie.
M: Well, for me, it’s ok, science fiction a sci-fi movie, because I don’t like the horror ones
D: Jaja hahahaha, no problem in that movie there are no ghosts.
P: And after the movies that, are we going to eat could w ego for something to eat?
D: Yes, of course, because the movie finishes at approximately 6pm.
M: For me, it’s fantastic. What’s your favorite food?
D: My favorite food is Lomo Saltado and I know a good restaurant near the cinema, it's
called HIKARI.
P: That sound sounds good, I know we can also eat order "POLLO A LA BRASA" there, and
it's also my favorite food.
M: Perfect! My favorite food is Pollo a la brasa, too.
D: Well, guys, see you on Saturday at 3pm.
P Y M: Bye Diana! See you!!


P: It's 3pm and the girls have not arrived yet. Fortunately, I bought the tickets for the
function at 3:30 p.m.
D: Sorry, Pablo, the traffic is terrible on Faucett Avenue.
M: Yes, the city is becoming more congested.
P: Ok, no problem, let's go to the cinema.
M and D: Excellent!


D: The movie was very good, I liked it!
M: Yes it was good, but I like comedies more.
P: I liked it too, now we let’s go to HIKARI.


D: "Lomo saltado" was delicious.
P: If your plate looked really good, our Pollo a la Brasa also tasted good.
P:If you Think your dish looked really good, our Pollo a la brasa was very tasty
M: I’m very happy, it was an excellent day, what plans do you have for the weekdays?
D: I work from Monday to Friday from 6am to 4pm, then I go to classes from 5pm to 9pm,
my days from Monday to Friday are full.
P: Yes, of course I see, I only study in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
9am to 12pm; and on the other days I work part time from 3pm to 9pm.
M: Oh! I understand, I'm on vacation so I wanted to go out with you, but we'll go out next
P. Perfect! by message we plan Why don’t we plan where to go next week by text messages
during these days?
D: For me, it is very good, so I also get distracted. Take care, guys, I have had a great time
with you, bye!

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