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Tenants are expected to follow these rules, failure to do so may be considered a breach of the Rental Agreement.

1. Tenants are responsible for the conduct of the members of their household and their guests.

2. No smoking in any of the smoke free units (any adjoined property of St. Labre, 4-plex, duplex, 8 plex),
cigarette butts need to be disposed of properly, not left on ground.

3. Tenants are responsible for notifying housing supervisor within 3 days of any acquired pets, and may not
have more than (2). If you feed it, it becomes your responsibility. Pets must be kept current on their
vaccinations and a copy on file at the housing office. All pets must be under the tenant’s control at all times
and must not be allowed to roam freely.

4. Walks, driveways, steps and lawns must not be obstructed or unkempt. Tenant is responsible for all areas
from the street to the back of the property their home sits on. This includes watering and mowing of grassy
areas, inside and outside of any fence, and the fence line itself. The tenant is responsible for removal of
snow, ice, trash, debris and raking of grass clippings and leaves. If the area remains uncared for longer than
10 days, St Labre staff may do the work and charge the tenant $80.00 for the first hour of service and
$40.00 extra for every hour after.

5. Please conduct your activities, in and about your unit, in a manner so as not to interfere with the rights,
comforts or convenience of your neighbors. No behavior or activity that infringes on others right to
“peaceful enjoyment” of their home will be allowed. Your neighborhood has tenants who need to rise early
and go to work and children who need their sleep in order to do well in school. Therefore, there must be a
noise curfew from 10:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. You are expected to keep noise at a level that cannot be heard
outside your home.

6. No aerials, antennas, or satellite dishes shall be installed without permission. St. Labre no longer allows
satellite dishes to be mounted on the roof.

7. Unregistered or inoperative vehicles may not be kept on the property longer than (1) one week. If repairs to
a vehicle will take more than one week you must notify the Housing Office, and provide a date when you
expect the vehicle to be operative.

8. Trash containers are provided in the area of your home. All trash is to be in a plastic bag, securely tied and
placed completely into a trashcan. No trash is to be placed on the ground or on the can rack. Trash cans are
not to be removed from the racks. The truck driver will only empty trash cans that are in the racks. The
tenant should take refuse to the dumpsite, if it will not fit into the trash cans.

9. At the time you move in, your unit will be equipped with light bulbs and operating smoke detectors.
Residents are expected to replace light bulbs and batteries at their own expense. You should test your
smoke detectors every month.

10. Do not cut directly on your countertops; use cutting boards. Tenants will be held responsible for damage
caused to the countertops. (Burned, cut marks, etc.)

11. Do not affix air conditioner units to window seals (screws, nails). Damage resulting to windows will be
charged to tenant.

12. Rosebud County Ordinance No. 96.2 ​Maintaining a Nuisance Animal​ states: “Any person maintaining dogs
or animals that shall be barking, howling, whining, growling, biting or making any kind of noise, disturb the
peace of any person or persons shall be guilty of maintaining a nuisance.”

13. The speed limit on all streets is 15 mph. There are children every place. Drive with extreme care and

14. T​ he use of, or threat to use, a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm, assault, or threat to do bodily harm,
verbal or physical abuse, property damage, vandalism, theft, public intoxication, possession, sale,
distribution, or use of any controlled substance or any other offense against a person or property will be
grounds for ​immediate​ eviction.

15. The rental agreement is for persons listed in the Rental Agreement only, no one may live in the unit who is
not listed and approved in the Rental Agreement. A guest who stays longer than (2) two weeks, has stayed
too long, and will put the Rental Agreement in jeopardy. The Tenant is responsible for the actions of his/her
guests during the guests visit or stay.

16. Electricity, propane, and water are included in your rent. They are expensive to provide. Thoughtful
conservation of these utilities is required to keep your living expenses low. The option is individually
metered and billed utilities.

17. A service charge of $10.00 will be assessed for unlocking homes during non-working hours.

18. Tenants may from time to time request other housing accommodations due to changing family needs and
desires. Tenants in this situation who refuse offered housing that meets their basic criteria will be moved
back to the bottom of the waiting list. St. Labre generally will not place tenants on the waiting list for a
specific unit. Tenants must be in good standing with St. Labre before being considered for a transfer. St.
Labre expressly reserves the right to use its housing as best fits the needs of St. Labre.

19. St. Labre staff responsible for administering the housing assignments and concerns will do so according to
the guidelines set forth and with the best interest of St. Labre in mind. Unresolved matters of dispute
between the tenant and housing staff should be sent to the Housing Committee for review. This should only
be done after exhausting all avenues of the housing staff, i.e. Property Supervisor and Maintenance Director.
The decision of the Residential Committee on the review will be final.​ ​Please refer to the Housing
Committee Policy and Guidelines for the proper procedure in requesting a review. St. Labre is a community,
as a member of our community Always be kind. Watch for ways to be helpful. Protect the children
whenever and however you can. Honor the elderly and Slow down. Enjoy. Building a community is no more
than these things, thoughtful actions from ordinary people.


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