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As Mckenna wrote on his book “Real Time” we are now in the time of technology,

where its usage affects us. Almost all technology focused on compressing to zero the

amount of time it takes to acquire and use information to learn, to make decisions, to

initiate actions, to deploy resources, to innovate (Mckenna 1999). These technological

innovations have also highlighted the insatiability of mans‘ consumeristic culture.

It changes mans consciousness and gradually creates a totally new human

environment wherein the system of the public administration completely revamped.


Overall we should welcome the shift from the traditional public administration to

the market oriented public management as a good sign of a functional and healthy

government. It is a reactionary move made by the government from the people, by the

people, for the people to the needs of the time. It is a positive sign coming from the

government that shows their effort to establish a self-correcting institution: an innovating

systems that is capable of adapting to the current needs of the people, the same

Although an excessive treatment of the government as a private enterprise will

cause a corrosive effect to the real purpose of the existence of public administration.

The modernization as we know it cause breakdown of the institution.

What we really need is a moderate transition and reform in the public

administration in leaning towards a business like run or market based orientation.

We cannot stop the transition. Walsh argued that the new public administration

”is nothing less than a revolution in progress. Because it has been gradual,

and has involved a high degree of co-operation by staff…