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Amiantit FIBERGLASS Ind. Ltd.


Amiantit Fiberglass Industries Limited (AFIL) is a leading and active member of

Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company (SAAC) located in Dammam – Saudi Arabia.
AFIL was established in 1977 as a limited liability company with OCF/Flowtite as
Joint Venture. Since its establishment, AFIL has grown successfully and
becomes world leader in designing & manufacturing Fiber Reinforced Plastics
(FRP) Pipes commonly known as FRP, GRP, RTRP, RPMP Pipes.

AFIL manufactures FRP pipes by using fully computerized state-of-the -art

technology known as “Continuous Filament Winding Process”.

FRP pipes has many advantages over traditional material:

→ It is Excellent Corrosion Resistant

→ No Deterioration No Maintenance – Install it forget it concept
→ It has Good Electrical & Thermal Resistance.
→ High Strength to Weight Ratio
→ Light Weight – Easy Handling – Low.
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→ Excellent Workability
→ Easy Jointing.
→ Smooth Interior Surface.
→ Good Hydraulic Capability.

AFIL Produced more than 6000 Km of FRP Pipes and Spooled fittings. AFIL is
capable of producing following standard products:

• Diameter : 25 mm to 3700 mm
• Pressure : Gravity to 32 Bars (464 psi)
• Stiffness : 1250, 2500, 5000 Pa, 10,000, and
12,500 Pa
• Joint System : Couplings, Butt-strap, & Flanges.
Installation : Underground, Aboveground &

Apart from above, AFIL is capable of producing the products to meet the customer
requirements. One such example is AFIL production of 3700 mm diameter pipe with 53
mm thickness, which has never-ever produced by any other manufacturer in the history
of FRP Pipes worldwide.

3700mm dia. Pipe with 53 mm thickness

(5000 Pa Stiffness)

AFIL ’s Product is used for all basic infrastructure needs such as:

• Industrial Applications
• Underground Application
• Sub-Sea Applications

Apart from Pipes, AFIL also produces Aboveground & Underground Tanks,
Manholes, Inspection Chambers, and Spooled Fittings. AFIL is a ISO 9001-
2000 certified company and its product is specially designed and manufactured
conforming to National and International Standards such as:

• SASO (Saudi Arabian Standard Organization)

• AWWA (American Water Works Association)
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• ASTM (American Standard Test Methods)
• BS (British Standards)
• NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) USA for drinking water
• FM (Factory Mutual) for Fire Firefighting System
• UL (Underwriters Laboratory) for U/G Tanks.

AFIL has skilled manpower of over 400 people including 16 Engineers, and
more than 20 University Graduates. This local manpower and technology
combined with know-how from Flowtite, can even meet the most
challenging piping job successfully not only in Saudi Arabia, but all over the
world. Our services are not limited to traditional pipes’ supply only, AFIL is
fully involved with the clients/contractors from the design stage of the
project by providing all consultancy services such as, Stress Analysis,
Finite Element, Surge Analysis, andThrust Block Design etc.. coupled with
our field services (after sales Services) till successful completion of the

After Sales Services:

AFIL always support its customers throughout their projects by providing

comprehensive “After Sales Services”. AFIL Field Service Dept. plays a
vital role in FRP product’s installation. Installation sites are visited
occasionally by our well-experienced Field Services Staff and special visits
also made as per customer’s request to ensure that the product is installed
as recommended by the manufacturer. However, AFIL After Sales
Services is not limited to Product Installation only, we also provide Training
to Customer’s crew, Site Pipe Hydrotesting Assistance, and facilitate round
the clock emergency service as and when required by the customers.

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AFIL’s mission is to be the leading technology supplier in Engineering and
Manufacturing of FRP Pipes and Tanks by following our three main
1) Customers’ Satisfaction.
2) Safety as 1st priority
3) Continuous improvement in all aspects.

For further information, please call us on +966-3-847-1500 Ext. 1445 or e-

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