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Budget Billing Procedures

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 1 Purpose
 2Overview
 2.1Customizing
 2.1.1Customizing CRM
 2.1.2Customizing ISU
 2.2Transactions ISU
 3Technical information
 3.1Budget Billing Plan
 3.1.1CRM
 3.1.2IS-U
 3.2Payment Plan
 3.2.1CRM
 3.2.2IS-U
 3.2.3Events
 3.3Payment Scheme
 3.3.1CRM
 3.3.2 IS-U
 3.3.3Events
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General information on ISU Budget Billing Procedures are to be found here .


 Customizing CRM

 Customizing ISU
Transactions ISU

Transaction Short Description

EA61 / EA62 / EA63 Budget Billing Plan: Create / Change / Display

EA61PS / EA62PS / EA63PS Payment Scheme:: Create / Change / Display

EK92 / EK93 / EK94 Payment Plan: Create / Change / Display

E61D Delete Budget Billing Plan / Payment Scheme / Payment Plan

Technical information

Budget Billing Plan

 Functionality like IS-U transaction EA61EX.

 GENIL-Component:
 Component: ISUBBP
 Package: CRM_IU_IL_BBP
 UI Component:
 Component: IUICBBP
 Package: CRM_IU_IC_BBP


 Function group: EA61EXR

Payment Plan


 GENIL-Component:
 Component: ISUPP
 Package: CRM_IU_IL_6X_BBP

 UI Component:
 Component: IUICPP
 Package: CRM_IU_IC_6X_BBP


 Function group: E325R


Event Short Description

ISU_SAMPLE_R941 Calculate Proposed Amount

ISU_SAMPLE_R942 Check Change Reason for Changing Amount

ISU_SAMPLE_R943 Default values for Payment Plan Creation

ISU_SAMPLE_R944 Distribution of cumulated amount on contract level

Payment Scheme

 Introduced from CRM release 7.01.


 GENIL-Component:
 Component: ISUPS
 Package: CRM_IU_IL_6X_BB
 UI Component:
 Component: IUICPS
 Package: CRM_IU_IC_6X_BBP


 Function group: EA61PSR


Used events are IS-U events. Further information are to be found in WKI pages for IS-U Budget Billing Plan Procedures in
sections "Master Data" and then "Events".

Related Content

IS-U Budget Billing Plan Procedures

Recent Notes

Note Short Description

2395952 ICWC BBP/PS: The payment scheme change is saved incompletely - ERP

2395934 ICWC BBP/PS: The payment scheme change is saved incompletely - CRM

2388534 ICWC BBP/PP: BBP View shows multiple sum lines

2386222 ICWC BBP/PP: Payment Plan Type not assigned during the budget billing plan creation

2378840 ICWC BBP/PS: Exception raised after PS change cancelled

2345306 ICWC BBP/PP: Inactive Payment Plan incorrectly sorted

2317031 ICWC BBP/PS: The amount can be changed over limits

2236580 Allow changes to Budget Billing Plans for past periods

Note Short Description

2236579 Data Dictionary changes for SAP Note 2236580

2232711 ICWC BBP: No attributes of BBP are read

2226915 ICWC BBP/PP: Incorrect cumulative amount of Payment Plan lines

2213108 ICWC BBP: Inconsistency of domain values in CRM and ERP

2205346 ICWC BBP/PS: Exception raised after PS change cancelled


KBA Short Description

2351697 ICWC Budget billing plan items not summarized within period

2244133 ICWC and ISU: missing customizing table for payment scheme

2199758 ICWC payment plan created although not saved

2199660 ICWC Change of budget billing cycle not displayed

2004554 ICWC Button "Change amount" after creation of a payment plan does not work

2000596 ICWC Budget billing plan items (amount and due dates) are not changeable

1976191 ICWC Transaction launcher for EA63PS does not work