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Saturday Feb.

12, 2011

Priest: In the miracle of the feeding of five thousand people, our Lord
shows us that the Father will give us everything we need. Let us ask him
for all the gifs he can provide us. For every intention, let our response


1. That our pastors, especially the Pope and the bishops, may continue
to nourish us with sound teachings. Let us pray to the Lord.

2. That those who work to combat famine may be successful in their

effort to feed millions of starving people. Let us pray to the Lord.

3. That those who hunger for Christ may find the One Lord, one faith,
and one baptism. Let us pray to the Lord.

4. That the sick and the handicapped may find care, support and
conciliation from the family members. Let us pray to the Lord.

5. That the faithful departed may come to the eternal feast in God’s
Kingdom. Let us pray to the Lord. Let us pray to the Lord.

6. That all of us gathered here may we find the hunger within ourselves
and help us not to felt hungry for something more in life. Let us pray to
the Lord.

7. In silence, Let us pray for our individual intentions…..Let us pray to

the Lord.

Priest: Almighty Father, you have given us the bread from heaven as
food for our pilgrim journey. Guide our steps in the way of justice and
peace. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Saturday Feb. 12, 2011

5th Week in Ordinary Time

Mark 8: 1-10

Good morning my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. ..

Our Gospel today speaks about the instances that we find

ourselves in a “deserted place”. Sometimes we face problems with no
solution in sight. During such moments, our faith is put to a test. The
problems may be related to relationships, family, poor, health work and
finances. However the ways of the Lord are different. His miracles come
in the form of blessings. Blessings do not come only in terms of money
to meet our needs but also in learning to express our love and care for
people dearest to us. There are blessings of learning compassion and
humility blessings of sharing our resources and blessings of giving and
finding support and comfort for one another.

In this Eucharistic celebration, let us ask and reflect ourselves,

How have we experienced God’s blessings even when we are in the
difficult moments of our lives…

Let us all stand and sing joyfully our entrance song together with
our mass Presider Rev. Fr. Ariel Garcia.