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. croeso
We’re back with our biggest offering yet
and it’s sure to get you in the party mood
and have you celebrating all weekend long!

We’ve changed a lot since our first

march back in 1999 and we look
forward to celebrating with you again
next year for our 20th Anniversary.

Over the weekend, you can check out

our exciting new parade route featuring
the biggest number of floats, community
groups and businesses we’ve ever seen!

To help you make the most of

this magical weekend, we’ve put
together this Pride Guide so that you
don’t miss out on any of the action!

We hope you have the most amazing

and memorable weekend and look Dyma ni unwaith eto, yn fwy nag erioed,
forward to seeing you again next year! ac yn siwr o wneud i chi fod eisiau dathlu
a bod yn rhan o’r parti drwy’r penwythnos!
Much love,
Mae pethau wedi newid yn sylweddol
Team Pride Cymru. ers yr orymdaith gyntaf nol yn 1999 ac
edrychwn ymlaen at ddathlu ein penblwydd
yn 20 oed gyda chi flwyddyn nesaf.

Er mwyn i chi allu gwneud y mwyaf

o’r penwythnos a sicrhau nad ydych
yn colli mas ar unrhyw beth mae’r
manylion i gyd yn y canllaw hwn.

Gobeithio bydd eich penwythnos yn un

anhygoel sy’n llawn atgofion, ac edrychwn
ymlaen at eich croesawu eto flwyddyn nesaf!

Llond trol o gariad,

Tîm Pride Cymru


7 #proudtobeme

8 tips for a great pride

10 glitter cymru

12 kate hutchinson

14 parade

16 stages

19 the line up

28 with thanks
with Pride
Pride Cymru on
Saturday 25 August

In partnership with
A warm welcome to Pride Cymru 2018. I’m
looking forward to you joining us in the
largest celebration of equality and diversity With all that, how can anyone say that
in Wales. Not only are we celebrating our Pride is not needed? For as long as there
diversity but we are also inviting you to join is a lack of acceptance for our diversity, for
together to stand against the increasing as long as there is a lack of respect for the
levels of intolerance that members of the lives that we peacefully lead, then yes Pride
LGBT+ people are still faced with here is needed and it is as relevant now as it
in Wales, across the UK and around the was 30 years ago.
world. Our message this year is about
acceptance. It’s about recognising that My first Pride was in Cardiff. I had struggled
no matter what your gender identity, your from a young age with my sexuality
sexuality, your ethnicity, we are all human and with those feelings of guilt and
and we should all be treated equally and embarrassment that I am sure lots of
young people have gone through. I didn’t
with respect.
come from an accepting family and I
Since joining Pride Cymru two years ago, I
was afraid of what being who I am, really
have repeatedly been asked “Is Pride still
meant. Pride was the first time I felt that
relevant? Is it still needed?” and my answer
I was in an environment where I could be
is always that it absolutely is!
accepted for who I was and where I was
In May we commemorated 30 years since
not afraid to say that I am gay. I will never
the introduction of Section 28 and whilst we
forget that moment. I am honoured to now
have done away with that hateful piece of
be part of the team at Pride. As the new
legislation, and secured many of our rights
Co-Chair I will do my bit to help deliver a
under law, our communities are still faced
safe and supportive environment to those
with deep rooted challenges. .
out there struggling to find acceptance.
We live in a society that seems increasingly
Enjoy yourselves, look out for each other
divided in so many ways. Many of us still
and remember why we are all here. Happy
suffer Hate crime and abuse on our streets
Pride Cymru 2018!
and in other places that should be safe.
The type of discrimination faced by our
community goes far beyond acts of hate
or violence. Negative comments made
daily to members of the LGBT+ people and
confrontational behaviour that tries to
convince us that we are not valid. This kind
of behaviour we accept as “the norm”, that
it “goes with the territory”, that “it’s what
we are used to dealing with”, but when you
think about it, that’s just not right. Nobody
should have to live resigned to the fact
that they are going to be discriminated
against and be subjected to any form of
derogatory behaviour. Nobody should live
with fear of being who they truly are. Gian Molinu
Being LGBT+ is still a crime in 72 countries
around the world. What kind of message Vice - Chair . Pride Cymru
does that give to a young person struggling
with their sexuality or with their gender
r i d e
a t p
fo r a gre
Two of our volunteers, Lukey & Leigh, have offered some
helpful tips and tricks that they’ve collected over their years
volunteering at Pride Cymru...
1. Pack a small bag - You don’t want to be lugging a big bag around with you all day,
but you might want to carry some essentials - a jacket, cash and tonnes of glitter!

2. Sun cream - hopefully it’s going to be hot, so sun cream is a must if you don’t want to
burn or get sunstroke.

3. Dress comfortably – use common sense when deciding what clothes and shoes to
wear. Grass might get muddy or dusty so don’t wear your best trainers!

4. Stay hydrated - make sure you take on some H20, especially if the weather is good.
You’ll thank yourself tomorrow!

5. Get creative, get involved and express yourself – this is Pride after all, and we would
love you all to get the most out of this weekend.

6. Request the Monday off work - you will be thankful that you did!

Pride Cymru is a great organisation that has shown us how to be the people we want to
be, without judgement and negativity. It’s helped us show unity and solidarity, not just
within the LGBT+ community but with allies as well.

This is an experience like no other, all wrapped up in the form of a fun weekend with
plenty of amazing acts to see, stalls to explore, a family fun zone and not forgetting the
parade through the city centre.

Be Safe! Be Seen! Be Proud!

#ProudToBeMe Lukey & Leigh

After two years of talks, events and some Glitter is for anyone who identifies as BAME
very exciting projects, Glitter Cymru is and LGBT+ who may feel invisible in society
heading to new heights and casting a much and want a form of validation about their
needed light on Wales’ BAME LGBT+ culture. identity. At our meet-ups we have a range of
We chatted with founder Vish, to discover diverse attendees, including asylum seekers,
just why it’s so important. international students and local residents.

Also, Glitter is about involving allies in our

I’m Vish, the Chair and founder of Glitter initiatives. Allies are anyone who isn’t both
Cymru. I identify as queer, British Asian and BAME and LGBT+ but wishes to support and
my pronouns are they/them. I also love understand the issues faced by BAME LGBT+
cooking and Britney Spears! people. Allies are important in helping to
amplify our voices in society.

What is Glitter Cymru?

What makes you Proud to be Me?
Glitter Cymru is a monthly social for Black,
Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people I’m proud after many years of self-doubt and
who identify as LGBT+. We currently meet feeling invisible to acknowledge that I exist
every 2nd Monday of the month at Cardiff as a Queer, Welsh, Asian individual and so do
University. many people like me – I take great comfort in
knowing I’m not alone!
When and why was Glitter started?

Glitter started in July 2016 and we came

about after hearing the frustrations of many
BAME LGBT+ people of not feeling welcomed,
understood and acknowledged by the wider
LGBT+ community as well as wider society. It
was clear that a safe space of needed for
BAME LGBT+ to be seen, heard and validated
and thus Glitter was born. We as BAME
LGBT+ people meet to provide support to
one another as well as discuss any issues we
may have. On top of this, our group is about
making friends and empowering BAME LGBT+
to own their voice and express it.

Who is Glitter for?

n so n
ch i
te hut
It’s 6 years later and I work for Diversity

Role Models, a charity that aims to prevent
homophobic, biphobic and transphobic
bullying in UK schools as well as volunteering
with several other organisations including
I am proud to be me. As a person, there Pride Cymru campaigning for LGBT+ rights.
are many things that make up me. I am I never planned to do the type of work
a musician, writer, gamer, charity worker, that I am now so passionate about. But it’s
daughter among them. I am a jumble of a sad fact that someone needs to do it.
loves, dislikes, insecurities, anxieties and
happiness. I am also trans, but that is just
just one small part of who I am, one thing In those 6 years since I transitioned, I’ve
in the big recipe that makes me, Kate. seen a huge increase in the visibility of trans
people. Trans on the telly, trans in the papers,
It took a lot of soul searching to find a place online. Trans people everywhere. Except that
where my sense of ‘self’ sat comfortably. visibility isn’t always positive. Sure, we now
Everything I would see when growing up have a few trans actors playing trans roles
would send the signal to me that I should on TV and in the odd film, but often when
never tell anyone about the way I felt you see a trans person in the media they are
regarding my gender. So I didn’t, apart often sensationalised, and their very identity
from an abortive attempt at transitioning in is always under the microscope. Those
the late 1990s, it took me until the age of 42 negative stories and portrayals, that doubt of
to find a time when I felt that I could deal a person’s identity, it has serious impact. It can
with what the world had to throw at me. increase prejudice and discrimination. I can
remember a few times having abuse hurled
at me in the street within a day of a negative
When I began my transition I had a plan. I programme on TV or newspaper headline.
had all my hopes and dreams wrapped up
in that plan. I was going to transition, get Recently there has been a rise in the
the healthcare support I needed for it, carry voices of a small group of anti-trans
on running my small business in North Wales rights protestors, supported by right wing
and live happily ever after in my little house media. They claim that the progression of
with my girlfriend and my dog. Happier that trans rights will have a negative impact on
I was finally living my truth. women. Please note that their definition
of women does not include trans women.
But the first time I heard ‘Ha ha, look at the This single exclusion sends a message to
tranny’ while walking down a local street on the trans community that this group of
the way back from seeing a friend, I knew protestors do not see trans identities as valid.
that wasn’t going to be the case. That may
have been the first transphobic remark I I won’t repeat here what has already been
heard but it was far from the last. I wonder covered in so many other places about the
if there will be a point in my life where I reform of the Gender Recognition Act, the
no longer hear them. If you have seen me suicide rates in the trans community and
speak you may have heard me talk about the fact these protestors seem to ignore
that old rhyme, ‘Sticks and stones may the existence of trans men and non-binary
break my bones, but names will never hurt people. Instead, I want you to think about
me’? Well names do hurt, names can have what these women want to achieve. At the
an impact that can kill. core of their arguments, they do not want
trans people to be recognised as their
authentic gender identities, it’s as simple
as that. They do not want trans women
in female spaces when they have always
been using them since somebody put a
gendered sign on a toilet door (I bet your
toilet at home is gender neutral). They are
trying to say that a trans person’s rights are
of less value than a cisgender person’s rights.

They are trying to create a hierarchy of

equality, where there should never ever be one.

Our world is a one of many different cultures,

colours, textures, ideas, beliefs and sounds.
That diversity is what makes the world
go around, we all have lives made up of
diverse experiences, we are all valid. One
oppressed group should never think it can
shout over the voices of another. Right
now, that is what is happening to our trans
community. So, I urge you to stand up for
your trans family, support them as they
continue to campaign for the basic human
right of being able to define yourself legally.

Kate Hutchinson
Trans Community Outreach Officer
Pride Cymru
d e
p ara starts at 11am!

Not only is Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend This year, we’re also introducing entertainment
returning with its biggest and best offering points spread across the parade route that
yet but the annual Pride Parade will also will allow visitors to experience a range of
be returning with a brand new route, giving talents and take in the festival atmosphere.
you more opportunities to get involved.
If you, your friends, your family, your
Starting on North Road, a convoy of colleagues, your local community group or
over 20 floats, corporate sponsors, even your great aunty Brenda want to get
local LGBT+ groups and services and involved in the Parade, then joing in! Whether
people from all across Wales will make you’re a group of 5 or 50, you can march
their way in a loop down St Mary’s St along with your LGBT+ siblings and help
and back up Westgate St in our longest create a memorable experience for everyone.
and most extravagant parade yet.
Open Day
15 September

ta g e
ret s
ca b a Make sure you head over on Sunday
night where Glee will be taking over
the stage for an afternoon of comedy.
Catch Maureen Younger, Aaron
This year’s Cabaret Stage will host Twitchen, Chelsea Hart, Jo Enright
over 30 acts from across the UK. and Robert White take centre stage
for some Pride themed belly-laughs.
From your local favourites to some
of the newest and most exciting
acts joining the scene, there
really is something for everyone.

We’ve got kings, queens, glitter and

gowns a plenty so don’t miss out
on this fairground of fabulousness.

t y sta

The Variety Stage sees a series of

transformations over the Big Weekend. On
Friday, it sees Cardiff’s legendary Bingo
Lingo take on Pride Cymru in a huge mash up
of outrageous fun! The rest of the weekend?
Well you can expect to feel like you’re in Club
Tropicana itself. We’ll be hosting everything
from the finest local drag acts to the
hottest DJs on the scene in South Wales.
m i ly a
Our dedicated Family area has
activities for all ages. With interactive
games, disco tots, arts and crafts
and a special appearance from Olly
Pike from Pop ’n’ Olly. Olly Pike will be
teaching children all about equality and
diversity in a fun and child-friendly way.

There’ll also be some Pride-style

disco fun courtesy of Discotots -
why should raving be left to adults?!

There’s plenty on offer at the Big

Weekend for the perfect family day out.

iral m
ain st
The Main Stage will be bringing you top
class entertainment from across the globe.
From 90s icons and Australian Idols to
Britney impersonators and world class
Theatre group, The Wow Bar Dolls and the
DJs - we have something for everyone.
amazing South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus.
Hosts including Ian ‘H’ Watkins,
Fasten your seatbelts - it’s gonna be a BIG
Claire Sweeney, Harriette Thorpe and
former Mr Gay Wales Paul Davies will
lead you through a day of non-stop
talent and super star performances.

We’ve got tributes to Cher, Amy

Winehouse, and the one and
only Donna Marie as Lady GaGa.

And it may be Saturday but give us

three scoops of fabulousness with all
the trimmings, because The Sundaes
will be dropping by for a tasty treat.

We’ve also got a mixture of local talent

with The Admiral Choir, Kinetic Arts

It’s the opening night of Pride Cymru’s Big

Weekend and we’re starting with a bang.

On the main stage Claire Sweeney

hosts an array of talent including the
powerhouse that is Angie brown, 90’s icon
Sonique and DJ duo supreme Flip and Fill.

You can also join fellow host, Drag

sensation Jolene Dover for her ultimate
90’s set that is not to be missed.

As if all that mainstage action wasn’t


enough, Queer Question Time are
bringing their topical debate panel to
the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.

Panelists include Welsh Labour MP Jeremy
Miles, Glitter Cymru representative Sash,
Plaid Pride’s Adam Price and Trustee of

Queer Britain, Stonewall founder and
allround amazing activist and LGBT+
powerhouse Lisa Power. (Register for a
free ticket at


Thirsty for more? We have Bingo Lingo
taking over our Variety Stage but put


those dabbers away as this will be a game
like no other. Think dance-offs, twerking,
joke prizes and some on-stage antics!

Last but by no means least you can also
bust a move at the unveiling of our ultra-
groovy Roller Disco tent. Lace up those

boots and let out your inner dancing queen!

Community Health Councils are independent statutory organisations that
represent the interest of the patient and the public in the National Health Service. We
are the independent NHS ‘Watchdog’ in Wales concerned with all aspects of NHS care
and treatment.

Your local Community Health Council consists of voluntary members who work to
ensure that the patients needs and views are taken into consideration in the planning
and delivery of local NHS services.

What do we do?
• We seek the views of patients and the public on local services and use that
information to inform our work with the NHS. We are the link between those that
plan and deliver the service and those that use the service.
• We inspect NHS premises and make recommendation for improvement where
• We scrutinise the NHS and work with service planners and providers to improve
the patient experience of services.

How Can We Help You?

• We provide information for patients and the public about local NHS services.
• We can support patients in their dealings with the NHS.
• We provide a free and independent advocacy service that offers confidential
support, advice and guidance for those wishing to make a complaint against the

Do you have any stories or comments that you would like to share with
us regarding NHS Services in Wales?
If so please use our free text service:
TEXT: CAVOGCHC to 62277 followed by your message and location.
We will forward all comments to your local CHC office. Thank you!

Have A And Wonderful Pride

Tri actor traws-rhywedd yn camu Three transgender actors step
i’r llwyfan. Maen nhw eisiau i chi out onto a stage. They want you
wrando. Pan fo gan bawb farn, to listen. When everyone else
gwrandewch ar y gwirionedd. has an opinion. Hear their truth.

Drama fytholegol newydd gyda A new mythical play with songs,
chaneuon sy’n trafod diroedd Bullish negotiates ancient
hynafol a newydd ym maes and new territories in trans-
rhywedd a hunaniaeth traws- masculine gender and identity.


Wedi’u berfformio yn Gymraeg a Saesneg \ Performed in English & Welsh.

Dewch i groto Connie Orff wrth Take the stress out of the
iddi gnoi cil a chwerthin ar holl stress-tive season with
boen a phwysau’r Nadolig. Connie Orff.


Mae’r seren cabaret a’r This opera and lycra loving
carwr lycra yn ffrwydro ar cabaret sensation storms into
lwyfan Caerdydd gyda’i waith Cardiff with his latest work,
diweddaraf, Icons. Icons.


Gan ail-ddychmygu The Ugly Family friendly glamour and
Duckling, bydd y sioe deuluol glitz takes centre stage in
ddisglair a glamoraidd yma’n this reimagining of The Ugly
hawlio’r llwyfan. Duckling.

*Perfformiadau cynorthwyedig ar gael. Ewch i’r wefan am fwy o wybodaeth

Assisted performances available. Visit website for details

i’r Chwilfrydig
029 2063 6464
Mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni yn Gymraeg

for the

HHHHH “All hail the drag queens

of ballet! They are drop-dead fabulous
and an international treasure”

“Tutu delicious!”
029 2063 6464 16 & 17
Mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni yn Gymraeg
you be
a Foster

without whom Pride Cymru

s to

wouldn’t be possible.
Come and see us

at Pride Cymru,

25th-26th August
Or contact us: 02920 464348
. d i o l ch
tha nk you
As a not for profit, volunteer-led organisation, Gan ein bod yn fudiad di-elw wedi’i arwain
we rely on the support of numerous gan wirfoddolwyr rydym yn ddibynnol ar
businesses and individuals, without ewyllys da nifer o fusnesau ac unigolion ac
whom there would be no Pride Cymru. hebddynt ni fyddai Pride Cymru yn bodoli.

All year round, our commmittee Trwy gydol y flwyddyn mae tîm y pwyllgor
team works relentlessly to offer a yn gweithio’n ddi-baid er mwyn cynnig
range of events and projects that ystod o weithgareddau a digwyddiadau
help promote LGBT+ life in Wales. sy’n helpu hybu bywyd LHDT+ yng Nghymru.

We also work with a variety of strategic Yn ogystal, rydym yn gweithio gydag

partners and local LGBT+ charities and amrywiaeth o bartneriaid strategol ac
services to help foster a collaborative elusennau a gwasanaethau LHDT+ lleol er
environment that promotes the mwyn meithrin amgylchedd gydweithredol
rights of all LGBT+ people from a sy’n hybu hawliau bob unigolyn LHDT+
range of backgrounds and areas. ag ystod o gefndiroedd ac ardaloedd.

Our corporate sponsors, who work so Yn ogystal, mae gwaith hael ein noddwyr
generously with us, have also helped corfforaethol wedi ein helpu i greu’r
shape us into the organisation we mudiad sy’n bodoli heddiw, ac heb
are today, and without this support, eu cefnogaeth ni fuasai dathliadau
important celebrations of LGBT+ culture pwysig o ddiwylliant LHDT+ fel y
like the Big Weekend just couldn’t happen. Penwythnos Mawr yn gallu digwydd.

So thank you to everyone who has Felly, diolch i bawb sydd wedi chwarae
made us what we are and we look rhan yn ein llwyddiant ac edrychwn ymlaen
forward to doing it all again next year! at ail-wneud y cyfan eto flwyddyn nesaf!

Fertility Network UK is the nation’s
leading patient-focused fertility
We are here at Pride to provide free and impartial help,
support, advice and understanding for anyone affected by
fertility issues. For anyone considering their future fertility,
trying to become parents, facing the challenges of
childlessness or people successful after fertility issues
for anyone needing help to access NHS-funded fertility treatment