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Positional Status: This gives a planet superior independence during its dasa and
transit periods so that there is little influence of other planets.

a. A planet is said to have attained a positional status when no other planet

transits its star. or
b. Planet in its own star or by
c. Mutual exchange between planetary star lords.

Positional Status and Cuspal Interlinks in stellar systems

Post by elipsis � 18 Oct 2014

This topic is quite advanced, if you are not aware of KP system you probably won't
understand this. So I suggest you brush up your knowledge on KP. This slide: has enough info on basics. I
also posted one example by applying basic rules on KP here: ... 25#p203357
The depth at which you can look at your rasi chart is amazing, stellar systems like
KP can help you achieve a very high degree of prediction accuracy just by going
deeper towards the core of your chart. All the secrets of your life are hidden in
your rasi chart itself, you just need the right instrument to see deeper into
it....and you can do that not by splitting the chart apart into tiny manageable
bits but by truly navigating deeper, that way any information you extract will not
contradict the fundamentals of your chart.

Note that I am using a modified KP ayanamsa specifically meant to check the cuspal
interlinks but you can also use original KP ayanamsa

Positional Status: This gives a planet superior independence during its dasa and
transit periods so that there is little influence of other planets.

a. A planet is said to have attained a positional status when no other planet

transits its star. or
b. Planet in its own star or by
c. Mutual exchange between planetary star lords.

For example:

a. Jupiter transits the star of Venus

b. no other planet transits the star of Jupiter
c. Jupiter is the star lord of the cusp 1, 5, 9
d. Jupiter is the sub lord of the cusp 2 and 10.

This means the dasa or the transit of Jupiter will have an impact on the houses 1,
2, 5, 9 and 10

Cuspal Interlinks:

a. Cuspal Sub Lord (CSL) has a connection with 11 other cusps.

b. CSL, STL and SSL may also be connected to star lord (STL) or the sub-sub lords
(SSL) of a cusp

Ascendant, Planet and Transit potentials: To explain this I am going to have to

borrow an example from the text book.

a. Let us assume someone can drive a car upto 100kmph but the car can handle much
more than that like it can go upto 250. This means even though the car has the
potential to go upto 250kmph the driver can only handle upto 100.
b. In this scenario the driver can handle upto 200kmph but the car goes much slower
at 100 kmph. In this case, the driver is unable to make full use of his driving
c. Imagine both car and the driver can handle upto 150kmph but they can still drive
at that speed when the road isn't bumpy and weather is perfect.

Here ascendant is the driver, Planet is the car and transit is the road. If your
ascendant doesn't have the potential then you won't reap the benefits of a good
dasa period, even if you have the potential you must wait for the right dasa and
transit to take full advantage of your ability. If you can sing well you will have
to wait for the right opportunity in order to present your skills, that opportunity
may not present itself. But for some others even if they cannot sing they are
presented with unlimited it seems feels quite unfair when
someone less deserving reaps all the benefits but the truth is everyone is getting
what they wanted or deserved, its just that they can't tell why they are getting
what they like or dislike, many people ignore these questions but intellectuals
look for a reason through a variety of subjects. Unfortunately, this is where
astrology ends, it cannot go beyond the dead laws of nature...if you want anything
extra like a bonus you'll have to look beyond astrology.

How to derive at the potential of a cusp?

Positive Cusps: 1, 3, 5, 9, 11
Neutral: 2, 6, 10
Negative: 4, 7, 8, 12

This will apply to any cusp that you are analyzing.

To know personality features you look at the first cusp. Let's look at George
Clooney's chart who is been in the news lately. He is a very good artist who won an
Academy award twice for his brilliant performances.

Ascendant Potential:
a. 1st CSL is Mo in the 11th: This is a good placement, he is naturally inclined to
making friends and profits from the society.
b. Moon's STL Sun is the STL of the 3rd cusp with Sun being in the 2nd Cusp: This
may not be a good placement for the 3rd cusp since Sun is in the 12th to it....but
its neutral for the ascendant.
c. Moon's SL is Saturn who owns the cusps: 3 (CSL), 6 (CSTL): This shows that he is
inclined to working hard and slow in uptake. 6 is neutral from ascendant where as 3
is benefic.

To understand his acting ability we must check his 5th cusp and its relationship
with the ascendant
a. 5th CSL is Mo in the 11th
b. As before Mo has a connection to 3, 6 and 11th which is beneficial for the
ascendant and for the 5th cusp (11, 2, 7). Here the 11th cusp is opposite to the
5th making it negative for the 5th but beneficial for the ascendant. This means his
creative ability will be traded for profit.

From the above 2 cusps we can deduce that he can certainly benefit from Acting
career but its the planet during its dasa period that modifies these results. Since
I cannot go into every planet we will analyse the dasa during which he won an
Oscar. 10th and 11th houses determine some kind of social recognition for your
efforts, we will have to look into these houses whenever we deal with events of
recognition, reward or award from the society.
He won an Oscar for the best supporting actor in the movie Syriana on March 5 2006.

Dasa at that time: Ju-Ke-Ra

a. 10th CSL is Jupiter
b. Ketu is in the sub of Jupiter (10th, 4th csl)
c. STL of Ketu is Rahu (csl of 1, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12)

Potential of 10th
a. STL of Jupiter is Moon (1, 5, 12 csl/cstl)
b. SL of Moon is Saturn (3,6 cstl/csl)

1, 3 =positive
1, 6= neutral
5, 3= positive
5, 6 = neutral
12, 3= positive
12, 6 = neutral

10, 1 = negative
10, 5 = negative
10, 12 = positive
10, 3= positive
10, 6= positive

Transit Potential: On March 3 2006

Jupiter in Vishaka: 10th CSL

Sun in Poorvabhadra: 3rd CSTL (6th from 10th)
Mercury in Poorvabhadra: 10th CSTL
Rahu in Uttarabhadra: Saturn rules 6, 3
Ketu in Hasta: Moon rules 12, 1, 5

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As of Dec 2015 I am no longer active on this forum. If you have any questions
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very much enjoyed contributing on this forum.
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Re: Positional Status and Cuspal Interlinks in stellar syste
Post by elipsis � 18 Oct 2014

He recently got married to a human rights lawyer, this was his second marriage.
Supporting houses for the first marriage is 2, 7 and 11 and for the second its 9th.

Date of Marriage: Sep 27 2014 @ Venice

Dasa: Ju-Ra-Ma

a. Jupiter is the 9th CSTL

b. Rahu is 9th SL
c. Jupiter in the sub of Rahu
d. Rahu is the 7th SL

Transit Potential: On 27 Sep 2014

Saturn is in Vishaka: 9th cstl (Saturn rules 3 and 6): while this transit is bad
for the 9th cusp its good for the ascendant.

Positional Strength: Jupiter, Rahu and Mars

Points to remember: