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May 5 2010

Converted both spot

colors to cmyk.
Original cmyk values of
Pms 433 were c 33, m0,
y3, k95. Changed the k
to 85 so it would appear
grey when printed by
process method.
May 5 2010


Converted both spot Jan 23 2018:
colors to cmyk. added the three colors
Original cmyk values of to the swatch panel
Pms 433 were c 33, m0, (blue, dark gray & light
y3, k95. Changed the k
Saved as a pdf from the
to 85 so it would appear

orig eps.
grey when printed by
process method.

Jan 23 2018:
added the three colors
to the swatch panel
(blue, dark gray & light
Saved as a pdf from the Building futures for at-risk youth
TAY (Transition Age Youth) Academy orig eps.

provides trauma informed services to

youth ages 14-25. TAY Academy is a
one-stop center for comprehensive
services to support youth on their
San Diego Youth Services (SDYS)
journey to independence and self-
is a nationally recognized, non-profit
sufficiency. TAY Academy provides a
organization that has helped improve the
safe, inclusive home base with various
lives of more than 700,000 homeless,
levels of support.
runaway, abused and at-risk youth and
their families since 1970. Every day, we
Youth from all interest groups and
work to fight the tragedies of homeless
cultural backgrounds are welcome.
youth and youth in crisis. We administer
our programs from 15 locations throughout
San Diego County.

Mission Statement: to help at-risk youth

and their families become self-sufficient
and reach their highest potential.
A safe, inclusive, youth-led
HUB for transition age youth

For more information, please call:

(619) 232-8126 2220 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92102
(619) 232-8126
Funded by the County of San Diego
Health and HumanServices Agency and
Members of the San Diego Grantmakers
CONTACT Drop-in Center offers:

Drop in Center Access to basic needs including food,

hygiene, showers, laundry, small limited
(619) 232-8126 storage. Information and referral services.
Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 11pm - 3 pm Skill development workshops, computer lab,
expressive art, resource linkages and goal
Urban Beats planning support.

(619) 232-8126 x3507 Urban Beats offers:

Street Outreach An innovative artistic expression program for

Transition Age Youth (TAY) who are between
(619) 232-8126 x3512 the ages of 16 and 25. Engagement in mental
health treatment by creating and delivering
Redwood Housing TAY-focused artistic productions and social
media messaging.
(619) 232-8126 x3515
Street Outreach offers:
Youth Emergency Services
Resource information, shelter transportation
(619) 232-8126 and case management for runaway youth
PROVIDING and youth experiencing homelessness, up
to age 21.
Addressing basic needs Redwood Housing offers:

Alcohol and Drug misuse Short-term housing assistance to youth

Artistic Self-Expression ages 18-24, who have been the victim of
a crime and are working toward stable
Healthy relationships independent housing.
Life skills
Youth Emergency Services offers:
Resource linkage
Safe coping skills Emergency services for youth experiencing
homelessness, ages18-25. Including TAY-
Sexual health focused housing assessments.