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Geometry CPS Mrs.


Phone: (508) 529-2130 ext. 1314

Course Description:
This year primarily consists of the study of plane and coordinate geometry
of basic geometric figures including area, perimeter, surface area and
volume. This course will include preparation for the MCAS exam.

Pearson Geometry Online Text: (accessible from home computer or iPad)
Home computer login at; iPad: Pearson eText for
Schools App. Please contact me if you DO NOT have internet access at

Extra Help: I will be available for extra help after school & during breaks
(by appointment). JUST ASK!!!

Approximate Grading:
• Classwork: You will be expected to work the whole time you are in class &
will need to demonstrate your work at the end of each class. Class work
will vary in points values between 4-20 points per assignments.

• Homework: Homework will be assigned after most classes and will be due
the next time our class meets. Each checked homework will be worth up

• Quizzes: Quizzes may be individual or partner and could be announced or

unannounced. Point value of quizzes will be between approximately 20-50
points each for announced quizzes. Unannounced quizzes will be done
periodically and count between 5-15 points. Quiz Rewrites-for up to
half points back will be allowed on quizzes but not tests.

• Tests/Projects: Tests will usually be given after each chapter/unit and

will count between 80-100 points. Two Problem Solving projects will be
assigned per year.
• Google Classroom: We will be posting homework assignments and other
important dates/important documents on Google Classroom. Please join
our Google Classroom with the following class code:
D block: i0ewjjj E block: 6mxvi45
(zero not letter o)

Calculators: Unfortunately, even though our iPads and phones have built-in
calculators, we will need to each student to have either a TI-30XS scientific
calculator ($15) or a TI-84 graphing calculator ($100) – this graphing
calculator is required for the next two years and most likely in college.
MCAS does not allow iPad or phone use and students need to get used to
their own calculator’s functionality.

Absence: If you miss a class for any reason, (illness, field trip, band
practice, etc.) It is your responsibility to make up any missed class work and
homework. Your student handbook explains time allowances for such

Cheating: Any form of cheating will of course not be tolerated. If you are
caught cheating, you will receive a zero on the assignment, I will call home
and report the incident to administration and National Honor Society if
applicable. Please note that talking during a test or quiz will be
considered cheating (even if you have passed in your assignment). Also
note that whether or not you benefit from the cheating you will have the
same consequences. Please see me or your handbook for further

IPADs: IPADS should be brought to class daily & be fully charged. We will
be accessing videos, assignments, our text as well as demonstration/graphing
applets. Students will be allowed to use IPAD APPs to take notes (text or
voice), photos of important facts or problems done on the whiteboard.

Inappropriate IPAD use: No taking pictures or videos of anyone (including

me) without prior permission. No taking control of the Apple TV without
permission (this will be considered a class disruption and dealt with
accordingly). No texting, tweeting, snap chatting, face timing etc. during
class & of course the school acceptable use policy must be followed. You
need to stay on task while you are in class-if something comes up and you
need to look something up JUST ASK!
Cell Phones: Cell phones will not be allowed in class at any time! If I see or
hear a cell phone it will be taken from you and turned in to the office (per
the student handbook). If it is out I will assume you are using it (texting,
checking messages, taking pictures, etc.).

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