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GOROVSKY LAW REQUESTS OF THE MISSOURI ATTORNEY GENERAL Nicole Gorovsky of Gorovsky Law, LLC, was an Assistant Attorney General, a State Prosecutor and a Federal Prosecutor before going into private practice to represent crime victims including survivors of sexual abuse, in civil lawsuits. Today, Gorovsky requests that Josh Hawley, the Missouri Attorney General, take action following the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report about the abuses by priests in that State and the systemic cover-up that the Church used as a playbook to protect their institution, Having worked on many cases of clergy abuse in Missouri, Gorovsky believes that the same abuses Cover-up schemes are happening here in Missouri. She asks that Hawley take the following steps to aggressively fight for the children of Missouri: Work with Missouri law enforcement, local prosecutors and the grand jury in a coordinated effort similar to the one used in the investigation in Pennsylvania to investigate abuses by the Church, Launch an investigation with an eye toward a potential State civil lawsuit against the Church for negligent misrepresentations, battery, childhood sexual abuse, tampering with witnesses and evidence, aiding and encouraging crimes and other torts, Coordinate local prosecutors in the counties of the four Missouri Diocese (St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and Jefferson City) to run an investigation using the grand juries in their counties. Work with local prosecutors to prosecute bishops for child endangerment. Work on legislation to extend statutes of limitations for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Join with other Attorneys General to create a national coalition to investigate abuses by the Roman Catholic Church in America with regard to childhood sexual abuse. Coordinate with Federal Prosecutors in Missouri to investigate potential Federal Crimes committed by the Church including aiding and encouraging the interstate commission of crimes. by moving predator priests to different states and countries to commit further sexual abuse, violations of tax laws, insurance fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, and RICO. Create a Division of the Missouri Attorney General's Office to specifically investigate and provide special prosecutors to work to reduce childhood sexual abuse at institutions such as churches, schools and universities in the State of Missouri.