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(Program Admission – 2018)

Raven Robinson, Doctoral Student
Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3: Stage 4:
Conceptual In Progress Submitted for Published/Accepted/Presented
Thinking/Planning Review/Revise/Resubmit
Research Interest I: Cultural Responsiveness
Richards, J. C. (2015). Creating and sharing annotated
bibliographies: One way to become familiar with
exemplary multicultural literature.
Reading Improvement, 52(2), 61-69.
(published as contributor
, Robinson, R.)
Robinson, R, Jacobs, J., & Haberlin, S. (2018, Feb.).
Introspection through the Arts: PSTs’ beliefs/practices
within a clinically-rich, culturally diverse and community-
based field experience.
Paper presented at the Association of Teacher Educators
(ATE) Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV.
Robinson, R. (In progress). Exploring teacher-
student relationships: Urban schools’ in-service
teachers perceptions.
Research Interest II: Motivation
Robinson, R.(2018, Mar.).
Exploring teacher-student relationships: Teachers’
perceptions of relatedness with elementary students. Paper
presented at the University of South Florida’s
Interdisciplinary Symposium on Qualitative
Methodologies (ISOQM),
Tampa, FL.
Robinson, R. (2017, Oct.). Game-based technology:
engagement in the elementary science classroom. Paper
accepted for the University of South Florida’s Graduate
Council (GSC) Research Gallery, Tampa, FL.
Robinson, R.(2017, Oct.). Game-based technology:
engagement in the elementary
science classroom. Paper accepted for the Southeastern
Association for Science Teacher Education (SASTE) Annual
Meeting, Pensacola, FL.

Robinson, R.(In progress).

Elucidation of the golden thread: Exploring
relatedness among pre-service teachers and students.

Robinson, R.(In progress). Exploring teacher-student

relationships: A multiple case study of teachers’
relatedness with elementary students.
Research Interest III: Teacher Education
Garin, E., Burns, R. W., & Robinson, R. (2017). Teacher
inquiry in professional developmental schools: How it
makes a difference. Journal of the National Association of
Professional Development Schools 10(4), 1-4.
Haberlin, S., Jacobs, J. & Robinson, R. (Under review). Multiple ways
of reflecting: Teacher candidates’ introspective use of the arts in a
clinically-rich, culturally diverse field experience. Teacher Education &
Burns, R., Davis, D., Hooser, H., Jacobs, J., Krause, M., Latzke,
R.,Robinson, R.,Willson, A. (2018, Mar.).
Supporting the Next Generation of PDS Teacher Educators.
Paper presented at the National Association for the
Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) Annual Meeting,
Jacksonville, FL.