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Topic & mode: Date Presented:


Criteria Below expected level At expected level Above expected level Score
Topic introduced. Topic introduced clearly, and purpose of talk Topic introduced clearly and in an interesting
Introduction of was made clear. way. Purpose of talk was made clear. Outline
topic of points was given.
/1 /2 /3 /3

Sub-topic relates to main topic. Sub-topic relates to main topic, introduced Subtopic introduced clearly and in an
Subtopic clearly and purpose of talk was made clear. interesting way. Purpose was made clear and
relates directly to the main topic. /3
/1 /2 /3
A simple An eye catching An eye catching
webpage/PowerPoint/diorama/artefact/video/s webpage/PowerPoint/diorama/artefact/video/s webpage/PowerPoint/diorama/artefact/video/s
Visual ong to engage the targeted audience. ong that provides some images/links and ong that and provides many images/links and
information to engage and inform the targeted lots of relevant information to engage and
audience. educate the targeted audience.
/8 /15 /15
Inquiry question was poorly developed and did Inquiry question that relates to the topic. Inquiry question directly relates to the topic and
not relate to the topic. Question required Question required some effort to show their required thought and effort from the targeted
Inquiry minimal effort to show their understanding of understanding of the topic. audience.
Question the topic. Questions include comprehensions skills to
respond, infer and retrieve information. /15
/8 /10 /15
Has recorded the name and author of 1 or 2 Has recorded ALL the relevant details of 3 or Has a detailed bibliography in correct
Bibliography relevant sources. more relevant sources. alphabetical order of 3 or more relevant
sources. /7
/3 /5 /7
Historical Some historical terms and concepts used, Sufficient amount of historial terms and All historical terms and concepts were used
terms & sometimes used correctly. concepts used, mainly used correctly. correctly.
concepts /7
/3 /5 /7
Some eye contact was made. An interesting approach taken to topic. Speaker monitored audience and adapts
Techniques used to engage audience were Speaker used techniques such as visual aids presentation accordingly. An interesting or
Ability to minimal, or mainly ineffective. and props, anecdote, surprising facts, direct original approach taken to the topic. Speaker
engage and audience participation. used techniques such as visual aids and props,
involve anecdote, humour, surprising facts, direct
audience audience participation.
/4 /8 /10
Presenter occasionally spoke clearly and at a Presenter usually spoke clearly to ensure Presenter spoke clearly and at a good pace to
Voice: clarity, good pace. audience comprehension. Delivery was ensure audience comprehension. Delivery was
pace, fluency usually fluent. fluent and expressive. /8
/2 /5 /8
The vocabulary of the presentation was mainly The vocabulary of the presentation was The vocabulary of the presentation was
Vocabulary, appropriate for the topic. The presentation appropriate for the topic. Sentence structures appropriate for the topic. A variety of phrases
sentence content was occasionally grammatically were usually correct. The presentation content and sentence structures were used. The
structure, correct. was usually grammatically correct. presentation content was grammatically
grammar correct.
/2 /5 /8 /8
No visual aids were used; OR Visual aids supported the presentation Visual aids were carefully prepared and
Visual aids were occasionally appropriate and effectively. They clarified and reinforced the supported the presentation effectively. They
Use of visual related to the spoken message. spoken message. clarified and reinforced the spoken message.
aids The aids added impact and interest to the
/2 /5 /8
Minimal effort: the student appears to have put Satisfactory effort: the student appears to have Excellent Effort: the student appears to have
a small amount of time and effort into creating put some time and effort into creating this put lots of time and effort into creating an
Peer this webpage/poster/PowerPoint/animation. webpage/poster/PowerPoint/animation. I interesting and engaging
Evaluation found this presentation informative and learnt webpage/poster/PowerPoint/animation. I
some new things. learnt lots from listening to this presentation.
/5 /8 /10 /10
Not prepared. Has to stay in to complete the presentation after the due Prepared and ready to present on the set day.
Organisation date.
/-4 /6 /6