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Our guests today included our speakers

Tyler Krochmal, Joanne Larkin and

MORAGA ROTARY John Kenny, and honorary Moraga

Rotarian, Bill Eames and friend of
Moraga Rotary, Larry Tessler.
Bill Eames, the Pride of Iowa State
University offered a High Five and
August 21, 2018 wished that Wisconsin will not hurt his
team in their upcoming football game.
Next Celebration: August 28, 2018
Noon, Moraga Country Club Gary Irwin had a High Five for a recent
photo trip to the ghost town of Bodie
Program: Eric Moe, UC Athletics and with his wife, Carol.
Rotary Day Football Game on Sept. 29
Michele Robbins had three Happy
Greeter/Invocator: Al Simonsen Bucks and announced in celebration of
Aug 28 – Eric Moe – UC Athletics and Rotary Day Football Game Harmony Week and jazz band will be
on 9/29 performing at St. Mark’s Church this
Sept 4 – Chef Linda - Cooking with Kids
*Sept 11 – Steve Woreck – Travels in Japan Thursday from 7 to 8:30 pm.
Sept 18 – Fransena Harmon – Shelter Inc.
Sept 25 – Tony Eltringham – Battle of Atlantic
Oct 2 - Open
Debbie Roessler recalled happy times
Oct 9 - Troy Feddersen – Beer Making playing a rummy game with Mary Elena
Oct 16 - Open
Oct 23 - Rotary District Governor Visit
and Cliff. She was reminded of this
when helping Cliff move from the
* Dinner Meeting @ 6:00 pm – Moraga Country Club
second floor at Moraga Royal to a new
room on the first floor. Debbie gave
$300 to the Mary Elena Foundation.
President Ron Mucovich opened the
meeting with three clangs of the bell. Ron Mucovich had a Happy Buck for
Herb Wehmeyer offered an invocation the Oakland Athletics taking over first
noting that August gained a day from place in the American League – West.
February when Roman emperor
Augustus added a day to his named Roger Gregory had two Happy Bucks
month, so it could be equal to that of his for his daughter, Lisa’s program on
uncle, Julius Caesar for whom July was Lupus at last Tuesday evening’s Moraga
named. Herb noted that today is also an Rotary dinner.
Islamic holiday, “Eid al-Adha” which
celebrates the willingness of Ibrahim
(Abraham) to sacrifice his son.
Herb ended with a short prayer followed
by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Brian South told how he and his Kevin Reneau invited everyone to
wife, Suzy celebrated 17 years of attend the free burger and hot dog
marriage. Brian ordered flowers barbeque event Tuesday night
and they had a nice family dinner (8/21) at the Commons from 5 to 7
at home. Brian said the best thing pm. The event is a Chamber of
about Suzy is, “She puts up with Commerce event.
me.” The thing she likes least
about me, Brian said is, “Me not Ron Mucovich reminded everyone
getting to the lawn.” that tonight there is a regular
monthly Moraga Rotary Board
Doug Damaschino told how he meeting at Moraga Royal at 5:30
and Ann celebrated 57 years of pm.
marriage. What Doug likes best
about Ann is “She loves me.” The Lad Lynch noted that a total of $520
thing Ann likes least about Doug is was collected at the past two meetings
for the relief of California wild fire
that thing he does with the toilet victims. This will be a topic at this
seat. Doug and Ann had a nice evening’s monthly board meeting too.
dinner together with friends.

Jim Campbell and Linda had a 23- Debbie Roessler reminded everyone
year anniversary. The thing he that there is a dinner on November 2nd
likes best about Linda – “She has at the Blackhawk Country Club to honor
past Rotary International President, Rick
tolerated me for 23 years.” The King. Many Rotary luminaries will be
thing Jim thinks she likes least there, and tickets are selling fast.
about him is his “bad hearing.” Jim Tickets cost $150. Contact Debbie for
and Linda celebrated by having details.
dinner with the Renders at the
Moraga Country Club. Jim notes, ~~PROGRAM~~
“This is the first time in 15 years
we’ve been able to celebrate on Debbie Roessler introduced our
our actual anniversary. Working the speakers today. First up was Tyler
Krochmal, Senior Public Relations and
OMPA event interfered before this Communications Manager for Special
year.” Olympics Northern California. Tyler gave
us a broad overview of the many services
and activities the Special Olympics
• Special Olympics is the world’s
largest sports organization for
people with intellectual disabilities, she is his “Angel.”
with more than 5.7 million athletes
in 172 countries and over a million
• Special Olympics Northern
California serves more than 22,000
athletes through year-round sports
training and competitions in 14
sports; inclusive school programs;
and vital health resources.
• Special Olympics is for both
children and adults with intellectual
disabilities, with programs
available from age 2+.
• All Special Olympics programs are
offered 100 percent free of charge
to the athletes.
• The Special Olympics Healthy
Athletes Program offers health
services and information to
athletes who may face obstacles in
maintaining their best health.
• $100 supports an athlete for a John Kenny talking about Special Olympics
sports season. $250 supports an
athlete for an entire year of
• $0.91 of every dollar donated goes
directly to supporting athlete
programs here in Northern

Tyler introduced Joanne Larkin, a

speech coach with Special Olympics.
Joanne told us about what it is like to
coach the various athletic teams.
Left to right – Tyler Krochmal, John Kenny and Joanne
Then John Kenny delivered a heart-felt Larkin
speech about what Special Olympics has
meant for him. John was wearing a few Barbara Bruner won the raffle but did
of his gold medals from various events. not find the green marble this week. She
His favorite events are golf and bocce was “So Close”!”
ball, but he also plays a mean softball.
John teared up when he told us how he
met his wife in Special Olympics and how
ROTARY BUSINESS GROUP ~~ Finally, Mike Mccluer was proud to
mention he has personally talked to every
Mike McCluer, shared these notes from business member and all are willing to be
the third Thursday (8/16) meeting of the involved in the Shelter Inc projects, an
Business Group: organization that helps over 2,300 people
including 1,000 children find self-
“We had 12 people in attendance including sufficiency. This is pending Board
our prospective new business member approval.
Ravi Singh. He told a bit about himself,
Moraga resident and his business at Anyone interested in attending future
Rheem Automotive of over 10 years. Gary meetings please contact Mike Mccluer
Irwin provided this membership lead.

Joy Alaidarous, Rotary District 5160 Cliff’s Corner

Assistant Governor for the Fab Five clubs
Annual Rotary Presidential Themes
was good enough to help our relatively
new members understand what the Rotary
Since 1955, every Rotary International
Foundation is, the benefit it provides
President has selected a special theme for
(Polio help, Peace Center, District/Int’l
the Rotary year. This year, our RI
grants helping many people in need
President, Barry Rassin from Bahama,
including our Sierra Leone orphanage,
picked the theme, “Be The Inspiration.”
etc.) and how people can contribute.
Over the past 62 years there has been a
wide variety of annual messages created
Ron Mucovich mentioned employee of
by Rotary leaders.
the month is coming back and great
opportunity for businesses to nominate an
The 3 shortest themes were “Act” in
1963-64, “Serve” in 1958-59, and
“Participate” in 1968-69. In 1982-83 the
Also most business members have
longest message was “Mankind is One –
attended our dinner meeting and provide
Build Bridges of Friendship
an intro and we encouraged business
Throughout the World.
members to come again and tell us more
details about their businesses, 5-10
In some years the emphasis was on the
minutes is fine
individual Rotarian, such as “You Are
Rotary” in 1960-61; “You are the Key” in
1985-86; “Goodwill Begins With You” in
1971-72 and “Put Life Into Rotary – Calendar of Future Events:
Your Life” in 1988-89. • Sept 9: Orinda Rotary: Dancing with the
• October 18: New Orleans/Zydeco
The focus was a very practical one in a Festival provided by Rossmoor Rotary.
few years when the President urged • October 23: Official visit of DG Jon
“Take Time to Serve” in 1980-81; or “Be Dwyer
• Nov 2: Tribute dinner for PRIP, Rick
A Friend” in 1993-94; “Lend a Hand” in King, with RIP, Barry Rassin and several
2003-04; or “Enjoy Rotary” in 1988-89. Past RI Presidents.
• May 17-19, 2019: District Assembly for
four districts at Peppermill Casino in
When Moraga Rotarian, Stan McCaffery, Reno.
was RI President in 1981-82, he promoted • June 1-5, 2019: Rotary International
the message “World Understanding and Convention in Hamburg, Germany
Peace Through Rotary.” When I had the
responsibility of selecting the annual MORAGA ROTARY DIRECTORS 2018-2019
theme for 1992-93, I chose the words, President Ron Mucovich
Co-Presidents-elect Debbie Koo &
“Real Happiness Is Helping Others.” Evie Michon
Past President Dianne Wilson
Co-Secretary Vickie Devlin &
Nearly all the Presidential themes tend to Evie Michon
Treasurer Lad Lynch
reveal insights into the personalities, Foundation Chair John Erickson
special interests and cultural experiences Youth Service Chair Rich Render
Public Relations Gary Irwin
of our Rotary leaders. Newsletter Editor Frank May
Community Service Chair Tony Schoemehl
Co-Chair, International Services Barbara Bruner
Co-Chair, International Services Linda May
Greeter/invocator schedule: Membership Chair Debbie Koo
Director at Large Mary Sue
8/28/18 = Al Simonsen Erickson
9/04/18 = Alka Mulakaluri Director at Large Roger Gregory
9/11/18 = Tony Schoemehl Director at Large Debbie Roessler
Advisor to the Board Jim Campbell
9/18/18 = John Erickson Advisor to the Board Cliff Dochterman
9/25/18 = Kevin Reneau
District Governor 5160 Jon Dwyer
President, Rotary International Barry Rassin

Newsletter Editor – Roger Gregory

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