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1. Application for Registration duly filled-up

2. List of Officers and Members with their ADDRESSES.
3. MINUTES of Organizational/Reorganizational Meeting with ATTENDANCE SHEET.
4. MINUTES of Ratification of Constitution and By-Laws (CBL), its date of ratification with the
ATTENDANCE SHEET. (Note: This document is not required if the ratification is done
simultaneously with the organizational meeting and the same is reflected in the minutes of
organizational meeting.
5. Constitution and By-Laws duly ratified by the members.
6. Financial Report/Statement is the association has been in existence for one (1) year or more
unless it has not collected any amount from the members in which case a STATEMENT to this
effect be included in the application.
7. REGISTRATION FEE -P70.00 plus P15.00 documentary stamp = P85.00

NOTE: Documents 1 to 6 to be notarized.

All documents shall be certified under oath by the Secretary or Treasurer as the case may be and
attested by the President.

All documents supporting the application for registration shall be prepared in 4 copies; 1 original and 3
duplicate copies. (The original copy and 2 duplicate copies shall be submitted to DOLE and 1 duplicate
copy for the association.)