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ACHS Chorus Fall, 2018

Michelle Sullivan, Director,, 632-7063, ext. 2151

Ron Vannoy, Director,, 632-7063, ext. 2151

ACHS Chorus Syllabus

Expectations and requirements:
*Participate in all rehearsals and concerts
*Participate in a cooperative manner
*Maintain an optimistic and positive attitude.
*Set high expectations
*Do not judge other student’s musical efforts.
You are responsible for your grade in this class. Your grade will be determined by:
1. Class Attendance and Participation – You are expected to participate in class each day.
Attendance and Participation determines 60% of your grade. If you come to class prepared and
do your best each day, you will receive a high grade. If not, your grade will reflect that.
2. Concert Attendance –Concert Attendance is 20% of your grade.
3. Class Assignments – You will be asked to complete assignments in music theory, sight-singing,
writing, reading, etc. Points for each assignment will be determined according to the difficulty
of each assignment. Class Assignments are 15% of your grade.
4. Experiencing music – You must attend/participate in one musical event outside of school.
Document any music experience and place it in the music experience drawer. Musical
Experience is 5% of your grade. Credit for musical experience can be obtained through:
a. Participation in church or community-related musical activities
b. Solo performance
c. Extra rehearsals
d. Concert attendance
e. Group performance (outside normal school activities)
Your average for the Aug. 27–Oct. 26 grading period will constitute 40% of your final grade.
Your average for the Oct. 30-Jan. 18 grading period will constitute 40% of your final grade.
Your final exam grade will constitute 20% of your final grade. If you are able to meet the ACHS
requirements for exam attendance, each grading period will count as 50% of your total grade. If
you are unable to meet exam exemption requirements, your final exam grade will be determined by
concert attendance and written exam.

Each student will be assigned a tuxedo or dress before the first concert. Rental on all outfits is $10.00 per year. If you lose or
damage your concert attire, you are responsible for the costs of replacement and repair. Please clean your concert clothing before
returning it. All students who turn in rental fees before Friday, September 15 will receive a chorus t-shirt. Let us know shirt sizes.

Certain behaviors are required for us to be successful.
1. Be in the room before the tardy bell rings
2. Refrain from talking during rehearsal time
3. No gum. Bottled water only.
4. Remain in your seat until dismissed
5. Be respectful to everyone.
6. Follow all directions.
NO CELL PHONES!!!!!! Students with cell phones during class will receive a grade of 0 for
participation on that day. In cases of emergency, please see the teacher.
If there is an emergency and you need to leave class, please ask the teacher for permission, sign
out (name, time and destination), take the pass and leave. When you return, sign back in and quietly go to
your seat. If leaving becomes habitual, the courtesy will be taken away. Do not interrupt class when
Only band and chorus will be allowed to eat lunch in the music department during
SMART Lunch. Students will be allowed to eat in the lower hall area and chorus room
only. No food in carpeted rooms.

To be successful in the chorus class, you must be in class on a regular basis. We will follow school policy
concerning final exams and attendance for credit. However, attendance will affect your grade. If you are not
here, you cannot excel in this class. The following is the make-up policy for days out of class. Unexcused tardy
from class will affect your class participation grade.
If you miss three days or less in chorus, no make-up assignments are required. For any days absent
beyond three, you will be required to attend one SMART lunch tutorial per absence. Failure to attend SMART
lunch tutorials will result in a grade of 0 per absence (excused or unexcused.)

Concert Dates:
Listed below is a tentative list of our Fall concerts. For any additional concerts not
listed here, you will be given at least two weeks advanced notice.

Sunday, Oct. 14 Concert, East Taylorsville Baptist Church 6:00 p,m.

Monday, Dec. 10 (TBA) Madrigal Feaste, Hiddenite Center(2nd only) 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, Dec. 13 Madrigal Feaste, Hiddenite Center(2nd only) 7:00 p.m.
Monday, Dec. 17 Christmas Concert, Three Forks Baptist Church 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, Dec. 20 White Christmas, ACHS Varsity gym during school

Other concerts, honor choirs, and workshops are listed below. Please note that
these are not mandatory for all students, only those who are selected to participate.

NC High School Honors Chorus Auditions – Thursday, Sept. 27

Mars Hill Choral Festival Auditions – Friday, October 12
Wingate Choral Festival Auditions – Before Wednesday November 1
North Carolina High School Honors Chorus – Saturday and Sunday, November 10 and 11

Field Trips:
During the course of the semester, we perform for numerous organizations,
churches, and schools around the county. Participation in any chorus field trip will be
limited to students who follow these guidelines:
-Only students who behave appropriately in class will be allowed to participate in
field trips.
-Absolutely no smoking, drinking, profanity, drugs or improper behavior will be
-Students must follow all rules and policies as stated in the Alexander Central
Student Handbook.
-If a student misses a class, the student will notify all teachers in advance of the
trip. Students are responsible for making up any missed work. It is entirely up to the
teacher to decide who should or should not attend any kind of special field trips. The
teacher has the right not to allow participation on these types of events based on
student conduct, academic performance, or musical ability.
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