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Each experimental report should contain the following items in accordance to the numbering as listed:

Please insert the LABORATORY REPORT SUBMISSION FORM as the front cover.

The table of content and number of pages should be in following format.
Note: Each page should be numbered.

Content Page Number
1.0 Summary
2.0 Results
3.0 Analysis & Discussions
4.0 Conclusions & Recommendations
5.0 References
6.0 Tutorial
7.0 Appendices

Give the summary (not more than half page) on the overall experimental report. Give brief
review on the objectives of the experiment, experimental procedures, main experimental
results and discussions which are deemed significant and finally conclusions obtained from
the work.

Record down and present each of the experimental data and findings in the table
Example table:
Flowrate (Q) = _____________________ L/s = _____________________ m 3/s
Section Using Bernoulli equation Using Continuity equation Differences

ViB = Ai = ViC = ViB-ViC
I h*=h8 hi = [2*g*(h* - hi )] = Di2 / 4 Qav / Ai ViC
cm cm m/s mm2 m/s %
A 530.93
B 366.44

7886x + 1.2 0.0 1. c.0 0.8 y = -0.2 1.4 0.2 1.2 0.6 Parameter X (unit) Figure 1: Relationship between X and Y c.8 1.JULY 2017 FLUID MECHANICS CLB 11003 5. Should be in one paragraph.0 1.6 0. Explanations of the referred table and figure must be presented below the table and figure. ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSIONS Note: Refer to the respective experimental procedure (Analysis and Discussions sections) to determine the extent of analysis and discussions required. or even experimental procedures for future work (if applicable). 9. All questions must be answered as required or else marks would not be rewarded for this section.4 Parameter Y (unit) 1. TUTORIAL Tutorial are the questions as given in the lab manual. Example Graph: 2. b. a. REFERENCES Details of published sources of material referred to or quoted in the text (including any URL addresses of any websites used).6 1. Present the data in Graph or Table form as deemed suitable with complete label and units.4 0. 8.4 1.6 0. Summary of the results to relate briefly the findings or results with the theory applicable to the experimental b.0 0. . discuss on your findings and relate to your theory and objective of experiment. Suggest improvements in apparatus or measurement procedure. CONCLUSIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS a. Based on the experimental results.7986 0.0 0.8 1. REFERENCES SHOULD BE IN COMPLETE FORM AS GIVEN BELOW. 7.

2. [Accessed 19th January. [Online]. APPENDICES A. [Online].C. [Date Accessed]. Internet Website: Title of the information (year) source of data. Example: BP (British Petroleum) (2007) BP Statistical reviews of world (2001) Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics. 2008]. McGraw-Hill. 2. LABORATORY REPORT SHOULD BE SUBMITTED DIRECTLY TO THE LECTURER IN CHARGE FOR DATE VERIFICATION. Please include the sample of calculation of data analysis and tutorial (for each formula that have been used for data analysis). IMPORTANT NOTE: 1. 4. New York. PLAGERISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL BE GIVEN ‘ZERO’. 10. . The references should be in following format: 1. Books/Journals: Authors or editor (year) Title. 3. LABORATORY REPORT SUBMISSION WITHOUT ATTENDANCE DURING LAB SESSION WILL BE GIVEN ‘ZERO’. b. p229.JULY 2017 FLUID MECHANICS CLB 11003 a.M and Van Hess H. LABORATORY REPORT SHOULD BE SUBMITTED THE FOLLOWING WEEK (7 DAYS) AFTER THE EXPERIMENTAL IS CONDUCTED. publisher. The references should be arranged according to the author names in alphabetical order. Available from World Wide Web. Available from World Wide Web: http://bp. ANY LATE SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT AGREEMENT OF THE LECTURER WILL RESULT IN 50% DEDUCTIONS OF THE OVERALL MARKS. chapter or page number Example: Smith J.