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Q. What other options can CS/IN SH team explore to reduce CPO?

Currently, for major appliances – scheduled delivery is enabled where customers can select the date and time
of delivery of large items.

Below are the options which can be explored to reduce the CPO.

Options Take Away Benefit

Contact Number of the Helps in getting the right person for This reduces the number of times
person (who is going to contact because many a time the customer calls made to CS team
receive the product) person who orders and one who is
available for receiving the product.
Nearest Landmark This also reduces the time which get This reduces the number of times
wasted in finding the location customer calls made to CS team,
also increases customer
Option to reschedule the Currently Amazon sends out a message When option is given in the
delivery date and time to be in the morning on the day of delivery. portal/app, customer can update
provided to the customer till Grace period of 2-3 hours from the the reschedule date and time
one hour of the intimation intimation message should be given online instead of contacting CS
message for rescheduling team with order number
Estimation of traffic time This enables the delivery person to
using Google cloud estimate the delivery time and This reduces number of CUA/BUC
technology communicate the same to the incidences for example in places
customer like Bangalore

Whereas with little knowledge and great interest as customers and prospective well-wishers of Amazon, we
would like to add below observation to be evaluated further:

We studied reviews of washing machine for one of the famous brands and below is one of them (for e.g.):

We observed that few reviews were related to complaints about the person who is responsible for installation
of the machine.

To our understanding, this needs to be taken up with customer care of respective company on providing the
trained people for installation and demo.

Since customers look forward to Amazon for help because of the trust they have.
Problem statement:

What solutions can be devised to improve BUC&CUA DPMO metric which are tech solvable and cost
efficient for geographies like India?


Issues and solution regarding CUA:

Whenever the product is dispatched for delivery, customer is notified that the product will reach by “time”,
this creates ambiguity and forces the customer to wait for the delivery whole day. The lack of information
about the location of product is the major reason of CUA. This CUA can be reduced by incorporating live
location sharing mechanism with the delivery person. Hence, customer will be able to track the location of
the parcel whenever its dispatched.

Solution to decrease BUC:

To decrease BUC at the time of placing order the customer will be required to tell the working hours in case
the delivery place is office. This would help in scheduling the deliveries more efficiently and decrease BUC
since the order will be delivered in working hours.

Long Term Solution:

There is a solution to optimize CPO for all the deliveries made by amazon.

A cognitive system to predict optimum delivery time based on customer profile:

Data from customer:

1.Existing and new users will be required to give following details:

a) Name
b) Contact
c) Address
d) Profession
e) Age
f) Preferred day for delivery (Checkbox for mon-sun)
g) Working days and hours
h) Family members
i) If someone is available for delivery 9-5 mon-fri everyday

Using this information, the system will tell the day and time for delivery which would be most suitable for the

After analysing the accuracy of this model for a sample of customers the system could be implemented on a
larger scale.
Q. If CS Management should go ahead with specialty team, there are many dimensions that could be looked
at including (not exhaustive) competency building, increasing efficiency, outsourcing possibilities, lean
utilization and hiring an external team to evaluate and build the scenario better by looking at various aspects.
Can you help the CS team to build a cost efficient process flow to ramp up the implementation?

A. A speciality team to build better relationships with brands would be a great idea as it will result in focussed
operation in handling customer contact resolution.

Below diagram depicts a way of identifying bottlenecks in services for further smooth execution of orders as
well as to prevent future errors.

Check Customer Categorize Reviews Analyse to find out

Review (Bad Ones) major problem

Document an MOM Contact Respective

with authority and Authority to work
create SOP on solution

Let us take example of Bosch Washing Machine Case which is being sold on Amazon India Portal.

There are total of 659 reviews on the webpage, 509 being good ones and 116 being the bad ones. If we dissect
the bad reviews further we may find that service provided by Bosch is not effective. Though Amazon has
delivered product as promised, the after sales service is also critical for the organization. As currently, only
10% of large appliance market is online rest 90% is offline. Therefore, customer still has an option wherein
switching cost is ZERO. Thus, a bad after sales service would impact sales at Amazon.

Typical Set up of Speciality Team :-

Customer Call Contact 1
Brand Manager and Review
Analyst Customer
Contact 2

Typical Hierarchy of speciality team is depicted above. Customer calls will be handled by the customer contact
person. The calls and problem data has to be forwarded the analyst who will not only analyse calls data but
will keep looking forward to the reviews of the product. Analysing call and review data will provide insight into
the root cause every time which will be solved either at amazon end or brand end by the brand manager
depending upon the nature of the problem.

This three tier process will help us with data analysis, root cause identification and problem solving and
Problem Solving Structure :-

As stated earlier, Bosch Case involves issue with after sales service which involves product installation and/or
troubleshooting. In such situation Brand Manager must be the key person responsible to interact with Bosch
to understand the problem and come up with short term solution to address the issue and also work on long
term solution to prevent similar customer issue.

Take it up with
Identify the Constraints
Problem and Find

In our case, we can discuss with Regional Service Manager of Bosch to identify reasons of service delays. Say,
reason was manpower unavailability then we must sign an MOM for prioritizing manpower for amazon so that
our customer doesn’t suffer from failed after sales service. This example is just an illustration, based on
negotiation better deals can be arranged.

Amazon can itself hire manpower and train them at respective brands for service installation to make after
sales service better. This would increase amazon-customer bond strength and would drive large appliance