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e Tru s t August 15, 2018 • 714.914.9797 • • VOL. 27 NO. 596


An Ode to America
I n Go


Father Christian Mondor, "The Surfing Pardre"
April 27, 1925 - April 25, 2018
Pastor Sumo sato, "Marine Safety Chaplin"
June 4, 1962 - March 11, 2018

hy are Americans so
united? They would not re-
semble one another even if Photo of the Week by Michael Latham
you painted them all one color! They
speak all the languages of the world
and form an astonishing mixture of
civilizations and religious beliefs.
On 9/ll, the American tragedy
turned three hundred million people
into a hand put on the heart. Nobody
rushed to accuse the White House, the
Army, or the Secret Service that they
are only a bunch of losers. Nobody
rushed to empty their bank accounts.
Nobody rushed out onto the streets
nearby to gape about.
Instead the Americans volunteered
to donate blood and to give a helping
After the first moments of panic,
they raised their flag over the smok-
ing ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and
ties in the colors of the national flag.
They placed flags on buildings and
cars as if in every place and on every
car a government official or the pres-

ident was passing. On every occasion,
they started singing: 'God Bless
America !'
I watched the live broadcast and
rerun after rerun for hours listening to
the story of the guy who went down
one hundred floors with a woman in
a wheelchair without knowing who
she was, or of the Californian hockey
player, who gave his life fighting with turned into a modern myth of tragic heroes. And to find an answer, humming songs and murmur-
the terrorists and prevented the plane from hitting with every phone call, millions and millions of ing phrases with the risk of sounding common-
a target that could have killed other hundreds or dollars were put into collection aimed at reward- place, I thought things over, I reached but only
thousands of people. ing not a man or a family, but a spirit, which no one conclusion... Only freedom can work such
How on earth were they able to respond united money can buy. What on earth unites the Ameri- miracles.
as one human being? Imperceptibly, with every cans in such a way? Their land? Their history? Cornel Nistorescu
word and musical note, the memory of some Their economic Power? Money? I tried for hours God Bless America
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he Miss Fountain Valley Scholarship cluding appearing onstage at the Competi-
Program is seeking contestants for the tion on Nov 10th. For more information
upcoming competition to be held on Sat- about the Princess Program, go to
urday, November 10th at the Saigon Perform- tinyurl/
ing Arts Center in Fountain Valley. The aim of Presale tickets for the competition on No-
the program is to provide educational Scholar- vember 10th are available for $25 each (Stu-
ships for the young women of our community. dent/Child $20) at the Fountain Valley
Young women ages 17 -24 can participate in Chamber of Commerce office located at
the competition and compete for a variety of 10055 Slater Ave, Suite 250, FV and at Alex
awards totaling over $10,000. We will be ac-
cepting ladies who live, work or go to school
in Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach and
Costa Mesa; and students from UC Irvine.
Our Title Sponsor, Hyundai Motor America,
provides the $5,000 Cash Scholarship for the
contestant who is crowned Miss Fountain Val-
ley, and will be on stage to crown the queen.
In addition to the Miss Fountain Valley win-
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will earn cash scholarships. Cash awards for
Talent, Platform and Community Service will
also be awarded. Los Caballeros
offers a one year Family Member-
ship and Mimi’s Jewelry donates
a custom-designed commemora-
tive diamond necklace for the

Among our many long-time

contestant sponsors are Foun-
tain Valley Regional Hospital
and Medical Center, HB

Auto Dealers Association,

Rainbow Environmental/Re-
public Services, Care Ambulance, Susan Accetta CPA Of-
Saurastri Real Estate, Fountain Bowl, Orange Coast Me- fice located at
morial Hospital and Seashore Pest Control. Please consider joining us! 8840 Warner Ave,
New to the group of Sponsors supporting Suite 204, FV. Tick-
the Program this year are The Kelly Os- ets at the door are $30 each
born Foundation, Lily Campbell Real Es- ($25 Student/Child)
tate, Fit Body Boot Camp, and many other You are also invited to an
Community Groups including the Foun- upcoming fundraising event
tain Valley Woman’s Club who will be on Saturday, October 6th
awarding the NEW Community Service from 8 to 10am at Apple-
Award at the competition. bee’s Restaurant in FV for
Anyone interested in entering the com- an “All You Can Eat” Flap-
petition or finding out more about the pro- jack Breakfast. You can
gram can go to the website at come meet the reining Miss Fountain Valley, Amy Tran,
In conjunction with the competition, meet this years contestants
there will also be a Princess Program & bid on fun items in our
for the younger girls ages 5 to 12 years Silent Auction and Raffle,
old's, participating in fun activities, in- all for a $10 donation.
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

Shown: The 2017 Miss Foun-
tain Valley Court Maaikee
Pronda, Amy Tran, Penelope
Jacobs and Lily Mooney

Amy Tran, Miss Fountain Val-
ley 2017. On March 4, 2017 at
the Saigon Performing Arts
Center, Amy won a $5,000
scholarship plus diamond pen-
dant from Mimi's Jewelry. Amy
is a CSULB student majoring in
Liberal Studies, and is a resi-
dent of Fountain Valley. Her
Platform is Sole Hope: Shoes
for Kids in Uganda.

Ist Runner Up: Penelope Ja-
cobs won a $1,500 scholarship.

2nd Runner Up: Maaikee
Pronda won a $1,000 scholar-

3rd Runner Up: Lily Mooney
won a $500 scholarship.

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Better Than Home Made - Family Made for Decades

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Lotus "Special" Sesame Bread See Dessert Menu Home Made Hot and Sour Soup

16883 Beach Blvd
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The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

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The Weak That Was

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There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order.

America: Home of the Free because of the Brave
Look for something positive in every day,

even if some days you have to
look a little harder. Dave Garofalo

My Son the Veterinarian
One Sunday, in counting the money in the $1000 is a lot, are you sure you can afford
weekly offering, the Pastor of a small church this? How much does he send you?"
found a pink envelope containing $1,000. It Good question:
happened again the next week! The elderly woman answered, "$10,000 a Whoever posed this question has really good insight
week." into the ironic double standards of modern society.
The following Sunday, he watched as Interesting question:
the offering was collected and saw The pastor was amazed. "Your
an elderly woman put son is very success-
the distinctive pink ful; what does he do
envelope on the plate. for a living?"
This went on for
weeks until the pastor, "He is a veterinar-
overcome by curios- ian," she answered..
ity, approached her.
"That's an honor-
"Ma'am, I couldn't able profession, but I
help but notice that had no idea they
you put $1,000 a made that much
week in the collec- money," the pastor
tion plate," he stated. said. "Where does
he practice?"
"Why yes," she replied, "every week my
son sends me money And I give some of it The woman answered proudly, "In Ne-
to the church." vada..... He has two cat houses, one in Las
The pastor replied, "That's wonderful. But Vegas and one in Reno '

signs What do you suppose would happen
If the Judge came into the courtroom
And everyone "took a knee"?

Just asking...
A SIGN IN A SHOE REPAIR In a Non-smoking Area: "We would be delighted if you send "Drive carefully. We'll wait.”
STORE IN VANCOUVER READs: "If we see smoke, in your payment on time.
We will heel you we will assume you However, if you don't, At a Propane Filling Station:
We will save your sole are on fire and will YOU will be de-lighted.” "Thank Heaven for little grills.”
We will even dye for you. take appropriate ac-
tion.” In a Restaurant win- In a Chicago Radiator Shop:
A SIGN ON A BLINDS AND CUR- dow: "Best place in town to take a leak.”
TAIN TRUCK: On a Maternity "Don't stand there and
Room door : And the best one for last…;
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

“Blind man driving.” be hungry; come on in
"Push. Push. and get fed up.” Sign on the back of another Septic
Sign over a Gynecologist's Office: Push.” Tank Truck:
"Dr. Jones, at your cervix.” In the front yard of a Funeral “Caution - This Truck is full of Po-
At a Car Dealership : Home: litical Promises”
In a Podiatrist's office: "The best way to get
"Time wounds all heels.” back on your feet - miss
At an Optometrist's Office : a car payment.”
"If you don't see what you're look-
ing for, you've come to the right Outside a Muffler
place.” Shop:
"No appointment nec-
On a Plumber's truck : essary. We hear you
"We repair what your husband coming.”
In a Veterinarian's
On another Plumber's truck : waiting room :
"Don't sleep with a drip. Call your "Be back in 5 minutes.
plumber.” Sit! Stay!”

At a Tire Shop in Milwaukee : At the Electric Com-
"Invite us to your next blowout.” pany:

We believe and practice being fully involved with the communities we serve.
This is essential in building good will, encouraging growth and above all staying connected in our backyard 5
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Chris MacDonald
On the road in Surf City
The Local News

Sizzling New Book
By Chris MacDonald, Writer/Photographer,
HB Ambassador/The Local News Columnist

on Walt Disney &
Disneyland Food
ome of my earliest memories to flip that flapjack in the air four times
were of all the fun our family had over an 8-foot-high ribbon.
at Disneyland. I looked forward to In 1955, The Golden Horseshoe of-
the exciting rides, the festive atmos- fered "tongue-teasing" beef and cheese
phere, witnessing the absolute joy of sandwiches, Chicken of the Sea Tuna
park-goers and the delicious food. Now Salad and more.
there's a spectacular new fact and photo- You'll see Walt's own handwriting de-
filled book on Walt Disney and Disney- scribing his favorite foods such as Roast
land food that has flared on the scene Lamb with Potatoes, Oyster Stew with
like a roller coaster car roaring into the Biscuits and his absolute love of coffee.
sunlight from inside the Matterhorn. You could purchase coffee all over the

"Eat Like Walt-The Wonderful World park for 10-cents (until after he passed
of Disney Food" by Marcy Carriker away).
Smothers is without a doubt a first class The author tells the story of how Walt
keepsake which will find itself on the hand-fed mice in his youth, while draw-
coffee tables of Disney lovers world- ing cartoons in Kansas City, Missouri.
wide. You'll go back to it all the time, en- Mice would look in his wastebasket for
joying different tastes, different stories, scraps of food. There was one critter in
different themes, different illustrations particular that he became attached too.
and different wows. It would eventually be named Mickey
It's not just a fascinating, comprehen- and become the most famous mouse in
sive full-color book about food and history!
recipes from Walt's early life to present Because of its size and content, this
day Disneyland, it's a treasure trove of mouth-watering, eye-pleasing, recipe-
photos—many unpublished—showing revealing book really puts you and your
Mr. Disney and illustrating his dreams, palate inside the park, making you hun-
his philosophy, his restaurants, his joys, gry and creating the desire to really visit
his family, his guests and his magic. Disneyland.
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

Although Walt was a simple eater Readers will identify with Walt as a
with simple tastes, "he knew that food photo shows him stooping over to pick
could be more than nourishment, it up trash and placing it in a can; sitting
could be entertaining, too," wrote the au- with his little grandson, Chris, and at-
thor. He really envisioned a California tracting a crowd, driving the Carnation
Food Revolution, where the food would Ice Cream Truck down Main Street.
be as fabulous as the fun at Disneyland. You'll delight with actual recipes, in-
When it opened in 1955, there were cluding Monte Cristo, Chili and Beans,
20 eateries at "The Kingdom of Good Clam Chowder, Chris' Cold Pie and so
Eating." Nearly 4 million meals were many more.
served that first year. His love of wieners I'm sure there's a little bit of Walt in
led to hotdog stands being placed everyone lucky enough to have ever vis-
throughout the park. More than 935,460 ited Disneyland. Even if you've never
hot dogs were sold that year! gone there, you will feel like you have
One of the all-time favorites was (and with the author's passionate work, which
still is) the Monte Cristo sandwich in the is as exciting as the fireworks over The
Blue Bayou Restaurant, where you Magic Kingdom. To find out more, go
watch happy adventurers embarking on to
the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. (My friend is Master Pastry Chef Paul
In 1957, the incredible Pancake Gauweiler, who performed his award-
Footraces began a seven year run—lit- winning "magic" at the Disneyland
erally. Women, outfitted in long skirts Hotel for five years and created the
and aprons, competed for $100 cash, amazing pastries for Club 33 for more
dashing down Main Street from Town than 20 years. He has operated The Cake
Square to the Plaza Circle. They carried Box in Huntington Beach for over 45
9-inch skillets with one pancake and had years.)
6 The information contained in this column does not necessarily
reflect the opinion of The Local News.
12 Best Cities
for Older Americans

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By Michael B. Sauter
he U.S. is on the verge of a massive surge of retirement in the coming years.
As of 2016, 14.3% of the population was aged 65 or older. That figure is ex-
pected to rise to over 20% in the next decade.
The rapidly-aging American population is currently changing the face of our
economy, creating urgent need for new medical services, retirement communities,
and recreational facilities and activities. For those millions of retiring Americans
who are looking to find a place to live out their post-work years, a warm climate is
often enough.
There are, however, many other considerations that seniors are keeping in mind
when choosing a place to retire. 24/7 Wall St. identified the best cities for older
Americans to retire based on an index of a dozen measures.
We included in our analysis the concentration of recreational facilities such as
golf courses and bowling alleys, the presence of doctors and dentists, and retirement
income. We also rewarded areas with already high concentrations of seniors, as they
are likely indicative of older residents there finding peers and facilities tailored to
Based on these factors, 24/ Wall St. ranked the 30 best cities for older Americans.

12. Wausau, WI
Share of population 65+: 15.9%
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 69.5
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 90.7 (top 25%)
Average retirement income: $18,537 (bottom 10%)
11. Jefferson City, MO
Share of population 65+: 14.7%
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 64.2
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 59.1
Average retirement income: $22,660
10. Lima, OH
Share of population 65+: 16.0%
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 66.1
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 73.3
Average retirement income: $21,182
9. Grand Island, NE
Share of population 65+: 15.3%
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 76.4
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 65.4
Average retirement income: $19,041 (bottom 25%)
8. Madison, WI
Share of population 65+: 12.5% (bottom 25%)
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 154.1 (top 10%)
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 112.6 (top 10%)
Average retirement income: $28,360 (top 25%)
7. La Crosse-Onalaska, WI-MN
Share of population 65+: 15.3%
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 119.1 (top 10%)
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 132.9 (top 10%)
Average retirement income: $20,613 (bottom 25%)
6. Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA
Share of population 65+: 15.7%
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 74.9
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 81.8
Average retirement income: $18,915 (bottom 25%)
5. Sioux City, IA-NE-SD
Share of population 65+: 14.6%
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 65.2
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 53.0 (bottom 25%)
Average retirement income: $18,361 (bottom 10%)
4. Ann Arbor, MI
Share of population 65+: 11.8% (bottom 25%)
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 118.9 (top 10%)
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 174.7 (top 10%)
Average retirement income: $28,981 (top 25%)
3. Sioux Falls, SD
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

For over 11 years, Colette’s Children’s
Share of population 65+: 11.8% (bottom 25%)
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 142.3 (top 10%)

Home has provided 2,000 homeless
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 102.5 (top 10%)
Average retirement income: $22,963
2. Iowa City, IA women & children with emergency
Share of population 65+: 10.7% (bottom 10%)
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 116.5 (top 10%)
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 163.5 (top 10%)
and transitional housing.
Average retirement income: $25,766
1. Rochester, MN
Share of population 65+: 14.8% Their mission: Colette’s Children’s Home
Fitness centers per 100,000 people 65+: 62.7
Physicians per 100,000 people 65+: 175.1 (top 10%) provides a safe and nurturing environment
Average retirement income: $26,217 where at-risk women and children can
obtain support & services needed to
achieve self-sufficiency.

(714) 596-1380
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Hypocrisy 101
People and Their Issues - Our Business... arah Jeong, the newest editorial board mem- when a cop gets killed by a rock or molotov cock-
ber of The New York Times, is also respon- tail or a stray shard of glass from a precious pre-
sible for extensive anti-cop and anti-men cious window.”
tweets. “Cops are assholes,” she said in 2015.
THE LOCAL NEWS is published on the 1st and 15th.
THE LOCAL NEWS serves the residents/business men The New York Times stood by Jeong
on Thursday after the internet surfaced
and women of Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and her old racist tweets, however her full
Twitter history reveals her ire was not
only directed toward white people. (RE-
Westminster, California with entertaining, informative
LATED: NYTimes’ Newest Hire Sent
Tons Of Anti-White Racist Tweets)
and objective looks at ourselves, neighbors and the
world as issues are debated, people interact socially and The NYT claimed that Jeong was “im-
itating” the behavior of people who ha-
politically and events take place locally. We also believe rassed her online, but this does not
explain why she was tweeting “fuck the
police” and encouraging people to “kill
that we should have fun and thank volunteers!
Award Winning Staff all men.”
A search for “cops” and “police” on
Jeong’s Twitter reveals an extensive history of anti- “If we’re talking big sweeping bans on shit that
Rex Gerlach &
cop sentiment and a lack of sympathy for police kills people, why don’t we ever ever ever ever talk
Jim Horton (Emeritus)
Internet Services: who are injured on the job. about banning the police?” a tweet from 2016 as-

1st Page Exposure In one tweet from 2014 she wrote, “let me know serts.
Sales: Account Manager:

Kevin Garofalo
Marketing Coordinator
& City Editor:

Nancy Gray
Graphic Design:

Photography & Freelance:
Stacy Nunley

He may have picked up on tidbits of sensitive conversations at moments the senator

thought she could comfortably speak to colleagues and staff
Chris MacDonald
Zero Hedge - Perhaps the most stunning part of the story is that he
Chris Epting, Cathy Green, Moe Kanoudi,
Jordan Kobritz, City of HB PIO e can only imagine the twenty-four hour remained in her office for nearly two decades, report-
media blitz that would be unleashed if this edly having contact with China’s Ministry of State Se-
All inquiries for Advertising and Editorial call (714) had happened with the Trump campaign, or curity for an unknown number of years during that
914.9797. Any omissions/errors in copy or advertising on anyone’s staff even remotely associated with Presi- lengthy period.
limited to in kind cost of actual newspaper space occupied dent Trump past or present. Though it’s unclear when his contact with the Chinese
by the error. Letters-to-the-Editor policies include: But when the story first broke in the middle of this state began, follow-up reports by local San Francisco
address letters to Editor at address below. Include your week of a mole working on behalf of the Russian Chi-
nese government on a powerful Democrat Senate Intel-
sources claim he may have been an unwitting asset.
The San Francisco Chronicle in a follow-up investi-
name, daytime phone number, occupation or company ligence Committee member’s staff, it passed in the gation reports:
affiliation, group or organization membership, should mainstream media with a yawn, and though slowly According to our source, the intrigue started years
those issues be appropriate. THE LOCAL NEWS gaining visibility still hasn’t been covered by some of earlier when the staffer took a trip to Asia to visit rela-
reserves the right to print all or part, editing for brevity tives and was befriended by someone who con-
or language. Reproduction in whole or part is strictly tinued to stay in touch with him on subsequent
prohibited without written permission. Subscriptions are That someone was connected with the Peo-
$35 per year, $19 for 6 months and $12 for 3 months. ple’s Republic of China’s Ministry of State Se-
Substantial copies of The Local News are direct-mailed to curity.
residents and businesses in our circulation area. Subscrip- “He didn’t even know what was happening —
tion sales are a major part of our business approach. that he was being recruited,” says our source.
“He just thought it was some friend.”
Home delivery is augmented by direct mail to specific Neither the FBI nor Chinese embassy has is-
local residents, business and officials. We encourage your sued official comment in response to the bomb-
support and participation. Seal Beach, Rossmoor, shell story; however, various reports cite
Los Alamitos, Surfside & Sunset Beach have Market investigators close to the matter who say the
the large cable networks or newspapers. mole was able to obtain little or nothing of substance.
Coverage with bulk distribution in Belmont Shores,
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) was “mortified” It’s believed that the advantage of Chinese intelli-
Naples & Cypress. Address correspondence to upon learning that a Chinese spy had worked in her of- gence placing a driver with the Chair of the Senate In-
fice for nearly 20 years. telligence Committee is that he may have picked up on
According to new details initially unveiled in a tidbits of sensitive conversations at moments the senator

Politico report on Russian and Chinese spies in Silicon thought she could comfortably speak to colleagues and
Valley, a staffer who was fired five years ago had man- staff.

630 Main Street
aged to stay on her team for nearly two decades likely One former counter-espionage FBI agent in the Bay
out of motivation to collect information related to her Area, Jeff Harp, told CBS San Francisco he believes

Huntington Beach, Ca 92648
long tenure on the Senate Intelligence Committee, for someone like Sen. Feinstein would constitute a key,

Office (714) 914-9797
which she maintains top-secret security clearance. high value target for foreign intelligence and eavesdrop-
Sen. Feinstein reportedly made the staffer retire upon ping:
being alerted by the FBI. He worked as her personal Harp pointed out politicians with access to classified
driver and clerk for her Bay Area office, as CBS San information are generally trained on what not to say and
Francisco relates: when not to say it. But he also noted when you have a

Dave Garofalo
On Wednesday, the San Francisco Chronicle uncov- driver behind the wheel day in and day out for 20 years,

Publisher / Owner
ered additional details in a column written by reporters there are more opportunities to slip up.
Phil Matier and Andy Ross. The column revealed that “Think about Diane Feinstein and what she had ac-
the Chinese spy was Feinstein’s driver who also served cess to,” Harp explained. “One, she had access to the
as a gofer in her Bay Area office and was a liaison to Chinese community here in San Francisco; great
Newspaper Print Policy: The Local News is a bi-

the Asian-American community. amount of political influence. Two, correct me if I’m
monthly print publication. Generally we try to publish on

He even attended Chinese consulate functions for the wrong, Dianne Feinstein still has very close ties to the
the 1st & 15th of each month. We go to press on the
2nd and 4th Thursday with a delivery date of the follow-

senator. intelligence committees there in Washington, D.C.”
ing each Friday. The only exceptions are those months

Feinstein — who was Chair of the Senate Intelligence And of Silicon Valley being a hotbed of Chinese es-
with 5 weeks. We distribute a 12 month production

Committee at the time — was reportedly mortified pionage, Harp continued, “They also have an interest in
schedule each January showing exact dates for news
and ads, print dates and distribution dates. Please see

when the FBI told her she’d be infiltrated. Investigators the economy here. How to get political influence here.
Annual Production Schedule for Specific Days.

reportedly concluded the driver hadn’t leaked anything What’s being developed in Silicon Valley that has dual-
8 of substance and Feinstein forced him to retire. use technology. All of that is tied to the Bay Area.”

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City Salon Buy any 2 products and receive any 3rd Free 301 Main St HB 714.969.1800

Hair & Beauty

Red Beauty Salon 20% off all Services (Limited Time Offer) 16511 Goldenwest #103 HB 714.375.0327
Liquor & Beer My Keg $5 off any size Keg 17871 Beach Blvd HB 714.847.0799
Beach Chiropractic Free Consultation Exam, 1/2 Massage on 19900 Beach Blvd HB 714.965.9577
1st visit
Medical & Fitness Yates X-Ray Company FREE Digital Consultation Values at over $250 9051 Mediterranean Dr HB 714.599.0399
Yoga Works 20% off 1st retail purchase and 2 wks of 301 Main St HB 714.960.9740
unlimited Yoga new students $30
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Printing discounts on additional printing
Newspaper & Media The Local News 25% Off any size ad 5901 Warner Ave #429 HB 714.914.9797
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Baci Restaurant 15% off entire Bill 18748 Beach Blvd HB 714.965.1194
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Capone’s Cucina 15% off entire Bill, weekend excluded 19688 Beach Blvd #10 HB 714.593.2888

15% off Dinner Food Service Excludes Mon 200 Main St HB 714.969.2233
Coach’s Mediterranean Grill night dinner specials, $5 off Bottle of Wine Mon
nights. Huge Happy Hour 3 - 6:30 pm daily,
50% Off Appetizers, Special Bar Prices
Cucina Alessá 15% Off: Tues & Sun. Happy Hour: M-F, 3-6 520 Main St HB 714.969.2148
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Fuzion 15% off your entire bill 7227 Edinger HB 714.377.7671

$3 Domestic pints & Well Drinks,
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Order Complete Dinner SAVE $3.00: Free Soup,

• NE
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10% off anything else
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20% Off All Appetizers (Dine In) from
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Sushi on Fire 20% off Food Bill M-F 2-5pm 301 Main St HB 714.374.8885

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SeaShore Pest Control $100 Off any Local Treatment.
16562 Gothard St #G HB 714.842.8003
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AIM Mail Center #64 15% off on All Services/Products 19051 Goldenwest St HB 714.698.9900
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Brian, Jillian or Kristen
Crown Cleaners 25% off Dry Cleaning 5935 Warner Ave HB 714.846.4221

Surf City Debt Relief 15% off total fees with enrollment into one 5267 Warner Ave #183 HB 657.464.9683
of our Debt Relief programs
Bella Vita Salon Boutique $45 Hydrating Aromatherapy
& Spa 301 Main St#108 HB 714.960.8100
Steam Facial

Join Us Today - A Promotion of The Local News! • 500 Merchants
to Sign Up - 50,000 Local Card Holders! CONTACT: - 714.914.9797 9
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WHY? player to player to indicate whose turn
Precision hair cutting and Beautiful hair color Why do men's clothes have buttons it was to deal. If a player did not wish
on the right while women's clothes have to assume the responsibility of dealing,
he would 'pass the buck' to the next
Men, women and children welcome
buttons on the left?
Offering complimentary neck shaves and bangtrims!
Scalp massage with every service!
When buttons were invented, they WHY?
were very expensive and worn prima- Why do people clink their glasses be-
rily by the rich. Since most people are fore drinking a toast?
right-handed, it is easier to push buttons
for ! on the right through holes on the left. BECAUSE


da ation Because wealthy women were dressed In earlier times it used to be common

l 0
to for someone to try to kill an enemy by

Ca 4-18
in nsult by maids, dressmakers put the buttons
e on the maid's right. And that's where offering him a poisoned drink. To
Comfree co women's buttons have remained since. prove to a guest that a drink was safe, it

became customary for a guest to pour a

small amount of his drink into the glass

4 -
of the host. Both men would drink it si-

multaneously. When a guest trusted his

20% off color services host, he would only touch or clink
the host's glass with his own.
10% off haircuts
10% off next time when you book next appt. today! WHY?
Why are people in the
public eye said to be 'in the

Invented in 1825, lime-
light was used in light-
houses and theatres by
burning a cylinder of
lime which produced a
brilliant light. In the the-
atre, a performer 'in the
limelight' was the center of

Why is someone who is
feeling great 'on cloud nine'?

Types of clouds are num-
bered according to the altitudes
they attain, with nine being the
highest cloud. If someone is said
to be on cloud nine, that person is
WHY? floating well above worldly cares.

Why do ships and aircraft use 'may-
day' as their call for help?
In golf, where did the term 'Caddie'
BECAUSE come from?

This comes from the French word
m'aidez - meaning 'help me' - and is
pronounced, approximately, 'mayday.' When Mary Queen of Scots went to
France as a young girl, Louis, King of
WHY? France, learned that she loved the Scots
Why are zero scores in tennis called game 'golf.' He had the first course out-
'love'? side of Scotland built for her enjoy-
ment. To make sure she was properly
BECAUSE chaperoned (and guarded) while she
played, Louis hired cadets from a mili-
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

In France , where tennis became pop-
ular, the round zero on the scoreboard tary school to accompany her.
looked like an egg and was called Mary liked this a lot and when she re-
'l'oeuf,' which is French for 'the egg.' turned to Scotland (not a very good idea
When tennis was introduced in the US, in the long run), she took the practice
Americans (naturally), mispronounced with her. In French, the word cadet is
it 'love.' pronounced 'ca-day' and the Scots
changed it into caddie.
Why do X's at the end of a letter sig- WHY?
nify kisses? Why are many coin collection jar
banks shaped like pigs?
In the Middle Ages, when many peo- BECAUSE
ple were unable to read or write, docu- Long ago, dishes and cookware in
ments were often signed using an X. Europe were made of dense orange clay
Kissing the X represented an oath to called 'pygg'. When people saved coins
fulfill obligations specified in the doc- in jars made of this clay, the
ument. The X and the kiss eventually jars became
became synonymous. known as
'pygg banks.'
WHY? When an Eng-
Why is shifting responsibility to lish potter misun-
someone else called passing the buck'? derstood the word,
he made a con-
BECAUSE tainer that resem-
In card games, it was once customary bled a pig. And it
10 to pass an item, called a buck, from caught on.
THE Local NEWS Community

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restaurants / entertainment / local events / something for everybody
Numbers Up
Mobile Home
Advisory Board
Member The City of Huntington Beach’s Adventure Play-
Recruitment ground is open for business, but come experience it
soon before it closes for the summer! Adventure Play-
The Mobile Home Advisory Board (MHAB) is ground is located east of the Central Park Library and
currently seeking applications for vacant positions is open from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Satur-
from Huntington Beach mobile home park own- day and is closed on Sundays. Adventure Playground
ers/manager. Board Members currently meet quar- will close for the summer on August 17. The cost is $4
terly in January, April, July, and October on the per participant and all adult chaperones are FREE.
fourth Monday at 6 p.m. to review mobile home The area features a rafting pond, an opportunity to
park issues and provide a forum for communication balance on the rope bridge, splash down the mudslide
on matters affecting the City’s 18 mobile home
parks. Anyone interested in obtaining an applica-
tion should contact the Office of Business Devel-
opment at (714) 536-5470. Applications are also
available online at

BJ’s Restaurants Inc. has been having great suc-
cess. The Huntington Beach-based business re-
ported net income of $16.9 million, up 76 percent
year-over-year, on revenue of $287.6 million, up 8
percent, in its most recent quarter. They have also
seen success in same-store sales with an increase
of 5.6 percent higher from the previous quarter and and build with hammers and saws. Adults are required
opened two new restaurants, including its 200th lo- for all children under the age of 12. Closed toed shoes
cation overall, in Albany, N.Y. During the quarter, like tennis and running shoes are a must for everyone
BJ’s paid down about $48.5 million in debt and re- entering the area. NO OPEN toe shoes or crocks al-
lowed! No exceptions!! Reservations are required for

Your Insurance Might Not Cover
purchased about $1.1 million of its shares. Shares
were up 5 percent recently to a market cap of $1.3 groups of 10 or more. For more information please con-
billion. tact Adventure Playground at 714-842-7442.

MARYALENE LAPONSIE riders can have limitations, such as covering only up to $10,000 per item, for
f you have a home or car, you need insurance. Yet, chances are good that example. If you can’t get enough coverage through your homeowners plan, you
you’re spending a lot of money on such coverage each month. And in all that may want to take out a separate policy specifically for your valuables.
fine print, there are likely exceptions and exclusions to that coverage that Standard homeowners policies don’t specifically reference terrorism but, as
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

might surprise you. your home insurance covers damage to property and personal possessions due
Do you really know what your polices cover? Here’s a little quiz to test your to explosion, fire and smoke, acts of terrorism are generally covered.
knowledge: Personal and commercial insurance policies have long-standing exclusions for
war as well as nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological attacks, according
WHAT IF YOUR $50,000 STAMP COLLECTION GOES UP to the institute. This is because damage from acts of war and the aforementioned
IN FLAMES WITH YOUR HOUSE? types of attacks “are fundamentally uninsurable,” the institute says.
The collection is unlikely to be covered unless your homeowners insurance Other common exclusions on standard homeowners policies include damage
policy has a rider specifically for it. Even then, your insurance company may from earthquakes, flooding and mold. To learn more, check out “Floods, Wild-
not pay the whole amount. fires and Earthquakes: Are You Covered?”
Insurance company Travelers notes that standard homeowners policies may
restrict payouts for valuable items, which can include: WHAT IF YOUR KID’S COMPUTER IS STOLEN AT COLLEGE?
Antiques Your homeowners insurance policy should cover your child’s belong-
Jewelry ings if he or she is a full-time students living in a dorm.
Furs Part-time students or those living in off-campus housing may need to
Firearms get their own coverage, however. Check with your insurance company
Silverware for the particulars of your policy, including policy limits, as we detail in
“How to Insure Your College Student.”
Some policies may
the contents of your AND RUINS THE ENGINE?
home to a certain per- Your auto insurance company should pay out the claim — buy only if
centage of the home’s you have comprehensive coverage. Many comprehensive policies cover
value. vandalism such as graffiti, key damage and, yes, even sugar in the gas
You should be able tank.
to buy a rider for high- Don’t forget that even if your policy covers the damage, your de-
value items. Unfortu- ductible will still apply to vandalism claims.
nately, even these
Digital Copy: • visit •

Monkey See Monkey Do: Children and Parents
See Professional Athletes Do - They do!
The Vicious Circle of Elite Sports, Middle
Income and Lower Kids, the Cost of Sports on
Programs Combined With Less and Less Civility.
So We Get What We Have... Sports
Last month, parents of two 12-and-under themselves: Do I look like that jerk?”
girls’ softball teams participating in a USA A number of states have tried to address the escalating problem by increasing
By Jordan Kobritz Softball tournament in Kingsport, Ten- penalties for assault or passing laws making the abuse of officials a separate
nessee got into a shouting match when the crime. Those are mostly ex post facto actions while Barlow’s approach at-
parents of players on one team thought the umpire was favoring the opponent. tempts to prevent the offensive behavior from occurring.
Words led to pushing and shoving, which degenerated into an all-out brawl. Why the apparent uptick in such behavior in
Officials immediately barred the two teams youth sports? One cause may be the overall lack
from further participation in the 70-team tour- of civility in society. Another could be the in-
nament. creasing cost of youth sports, where participation
If you think the Donnybrook in Kingsport was on elite teams, including equipment, training and
an isolated incident, think again. Verbal, and oc- travel, can cost from $2,000 to $20,000 per year
casionally physical, abuse of referees nationwide per child. Such an investment can lead to height-
is rampant in youth sports. According to the Na- ened expectations by parents of their child’s ath-
tional Association of Sports Officials, the lack of letic ability, especially if a college scholarship is
respect of officials is the main reason that more the goal.
than 70 percent of new referees in all sports quit Given what transpires at the nation’s athletic
the job within three years. The turnover has led events, it’s understandable some members of
to drastic referee shortages resulting in an epi- the younger generation have no respect for au-
demic of cancelled youth games. thority. Parents who act badly set a poor example for their children, while kids
Like most of his brethren, Brain Barlow, a soccer official in Tulsa, Okla- who do nothing wrong – like the softball players on the teams banned from
homa, has repeatedly been the subject of disparaging comments from parents. competing in Kingsport, TN – suffer for the behavior of adults.
Barlow decided to fight back by creating a Facebook page, Offside, on which
he posts videos of unruly parents and spectators at sports events. Barlow has
Jordan Kobritz is a former attorney, CPA, and Minor League Baseball
received hundreds of videos from people who witnessed rude, disparaging
and aggressive behavior by fans, most of whom are parents of players, only a team owner and current investor in MiLB teams. He is a Professor in
fraction of which are posted on his site. and Chair of the Sport Management Department at SUNY Cortland
Barlow’s motive is clear: Shame the adults in question in the hopes they and maintains the blog: The opinions
change their ways. “I do it to hold people accountable — to identify and call contained in this column are the author’s. Jordan can be reached at
out the small percentage of parents who nonetheless create a toxic environ-
ment at youth sports,” he told The New York Times. “It’s a very visual deter- The information contained in this column does not necessarily
rent, and not just to the person caught on video but to others who ask reflect the opinion of The Local News.


Margarita’s By The Liter
Full Bar & Cocktails
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

c k O u t
Che ily
D a
• Long Beach

u r
Other Great Locations:

• Costa Mesa

S p e c ia l
• Lake Forest

• Santa Ana

a t O u r H
• Huntington Park

t io n
• Newport Beach

L o c a
• Corona Del Mar
• San Clemente
• Laguna Niguel
318 Main Street•Downtown HB
Digital Copy: • visit• The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797
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An Experienced Leader
in Heart & Vascular Care
At Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, highly trained,
multidisciplinary specialists share our commitment to quality
patient outcomes to provide a higher standard of care.
Our panel of expert cardiologists, interventional cardiologists,
electrophysiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons
treat a wide range of cardiovascular conditions, ranging from
the common to the complex.
 Open Heart Surgery
 Vascular Surgery
 Electrophysiology Services
 Peripheral Services
 Invasive Cardiology
 Non-Invasive Cardiology
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

FVRH was the first Orange County hospital to have a Chest
Pain Center accredited by the Society of Chest Pain Centers.
Only centers that meet or exceed quality-of-care measures
associated with diagnosing and treating heart attacks earn this
prestigious designation.

17100 Euclid St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Learn more about us at
I sure missed this on
my evening

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news........ I wonder
The below did not
appear in the press...
On Tuesday, April
white house
10, 2018, Nick Saban
and the Alabama
Crimson Tide foot-
ball players made the
most out of their
White House visit,
and much of it went
unreported by the
media. The entire ceremony was special, nightmare.
With past visits from sports teams, the but something amazing happened afterwards A group of Scott's teammates, white and
media did their best to highlight and prop up that the media is NOT talking about. black, gathered around Trump and prayed
anyone who would boycott the visit, but they After Trump lauded praise on Alabama for together in a beautiful show of unity.
were unable to write about that this time be- their amazing victory over Georgia in the Somehow the media missed this!!!! ON
cause NONE of the players boycotted! National Championship game, punter J.K. PURPOSE
President Trump welcomed the team on Scott took Trump aside and asked if he could P.S. A little added info: Punter J.K. Scott
Tuesday to celebrate their National Title that pray for him and the White House staff. was drafted by the Green Bay Packers this
they clinched in January of this year. What happened next is the media's worst year.

Why Did Russia

Sell All Their

US Securities
• Russia slashed holdings in US Treasuries
by 84 per cent from March to May
• Country is no longer considered major
holder of Treasuries with just $14.9B
• Sell-off did not seem to affect yields much,
having little impact on bond market
• Some speculate that US sanctions
prompted Russia to move out of Treasuries
The Russian government has sold off the
vast majority of its holdings of US Treasury
securities for reasons that remain mysterious,
in a dramatic move that experts are calling un-
A US Treasury report released on July 18
shows that Russian holdings of Treasury se-
curities declined by 84 per cent between
March and May, down to just $14.9 billion
from March holdings of $96.1 billion.
The report was issued quietly amid the con-
troversy surrounding President Donald
Trump's July 16 meeting with Russian Presi-
dent Valdimir Putin in Helsinki, dropping
Russia from the list of major Treasuries hold-
ers without comment.
Benchmark 10-year Treasury note yields
saw a spike during mid-May to a seven-year
high of 3.11 per cent, possibly indicating ex-
cess supply during the sell off. But yields
GREG RASA added to the workload of her colleagues. quickly stabilized, indicating that any Russian
You've probably fallen asleep at the Department DMV wait times in California can range from 2 bond dumping had little effect on the overall
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

of Motor Vehicles, and been thankful for the es- hours, 42 minutes on average in Los Angeles to 4 market or the US government's cost of bor-
cape from the interminable wait. Those plastic hours, 10 minutes in Sacramento. rowing.
chairs are sure uncomfortable, though. It would be The napper's name wasn't dis-
so much better to rest your head on a nice comfy closed. And it might be easy to fault
desk, like at least one DMV worker does. this person, because as accounts point reports that a state audit found one out, many medical reasons can cause
California DMV worker (or should we merely say people to fall asleep midday. The big-
"employee") took a nap at work every day for ger fault, it seems, would lie with her
nearly four years. Every day. For four years. It supervisors, in that she was not disci-
amounted to an estimated 2,200 hours of sleepy plined, reassigned, given part-time
time, and the audit placed the cost to taxpayers at status, sent to her doctor, or whatever
north of $40,000. (The audit has other tales of bad one might do to help this person, in
behavior by public servants as well.) spite of complaints from her cowork-
Doing the math on that, it appears they're only ers. The supervisor says she woke the
counting hourly wages paid the data operator. If employee many times per nap and es-
you count the lost productivity on the part of tax- timated she only lost 20-30 minutes
payers who waited in line a bit longer and were of productivity. The audit concluded
processed a bit slower because of this, the cost of that was "not credible."
these naps might add up to a far bigger number. The supervisors did make note in
And yes, the audit said her naps slowed down pro- her performance reviews that she
cessing time. She handled an average 200 docu- slept on the job, so ... there's that. Except, the audit Two days after Trump's July 16 meet-
ments per day, vs. her coworkers who handled an says she won't be disciplined at this point because ing with Putin in Helsinki (above), the US
Treasury reported that Russia had sold
average 560. So in other words she was less pro- the lapses weren't properly documented. off most of its Treasury securities in April
ductive in the hours she was awake as well. Plus The employee continues to work for the state, and May, baffling investors
the audit faults her work as inaccurate and says she the audit says. 15
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Pizza, Pasta OR D K UP
& Grinders!

Closed Monday
Open Tuesday thru Sunday 11am-9pm NLIMIT


REG. $20.99 ONLY $10.99 SAVE $10.00
Offer Expires 08/31/18

REG. $8.95 ONLY $5.95 SAVE $3.00
Offer Expires 08/31/18

REG. $19.95 ONLY $10.95 SAVE $9.00
Offer Expires 08/31/18


REG. $9.99 ONLY $4.99 SAVE $5.00
Offer Expires 08/31/18

The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

REG. $19.99 ONLY $10.99 SAVE $9.00
Offer Expires 08/31/18


REG. $9.95 ONLY $6.95 SAVE $3.00
Offer Expires 08/31/18


rare PIC

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Chicago Rush Hour, 1909

PHOTOS The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

Two Friends
Meet Unexpectedly
Childhood friends find themselves on different sides of
a demonstration in 1972.

The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797 Digital Copy: • visit •

pin-up art


is amazing
Digital Copy: • visit• The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797
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Open to all Residents of Huntington Beach & Fountain Valley
Your Daughter will Perform on Stage at the MISS FOUNTAIN VALLEY Pageant!
Includes: PRINCESS TEA PARTY with Miss Fountain Valley,
TIARA, SASH, dance performance onstage &
One adult ticket to the Show on Nov. 10, 2018

Girls Ages 5-12 Yr. • Cost $100
Dates: Oct. 13 & 14 and Nov. 8 & 10, 2018
Register at
Seeking Contestants for the Miss Fountain Valley
Scholarship Competition
Accepting residents of Huntington Beach and
Fountain Valley. 1st Rehearsal is Sept. 10, 2018.
Ladies Ages 17-24 Years
Over $10,000 in Scholarships!
Competition will be held at the
Saigon Performing Arts Theater
in Fountain Valley on Nov. 10!
For more info:
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

IHOP - Downtown HB
200 Main St - Huntington Beach, CA
(714) 374-4553

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Where Are the Best-Run Cities in America?
WalletHub than in Flint, Michigan, the city with the highest 15. Billings, MT
he personal-finance website WalletHub at 10.3 percent. 16. Raleigh, NC
has released its report on 2018’s Best- & Fremont, California, has the lowest share of the
17. Rapid City, SD
Worst-Run Cities in America. population living in poverty, 5.3 percent, which
To determine the effectiveness of local leader- is 7.9 times lower than in Flint, Michigan, the city 18. Fort Wayne, IN
ship, WalletHub compared 150 of the largest U.S. with the highest at 41.9 percent. 19. Fargo, ND
cities based on their operating efficiency. For 20. Virginia Beach, VA
each city, WalletHub constructed a “Quality of 1. Nampa, ID
City Services” score – comprising 35 key per- 2. Provo, UT
formance indicators grouped into six service cat- 3. Boise, ID
egories – that was then measured against the 4. Lexington, KY
city’s total per-capita budget.
5. Missoula, MT
Best vs. Worst 6. Sioux Falls, SD
Casper, Wyoming, has the lowest long-term 7. Durham, NC
debt outstanding per capita, $657, which is 33.3 8. Lewiston, ME
times lower than in Washington, the city with the 9. Nashua, NH
highest at $21,862.
Rutland, Vermont, has the fewest violent crimes 10. Oklahoma City, OK
(per 1,000 residents), 0.50, which is 40.9 times 11. Las Cruces, NM
fewer than in Detroit, the city with the most at 12. Greensboro, NC
20.47. 13. Cedar Rapids, IA
14. Huntington Beach, CA
Fargo, North Dakota, has the lowest unemploy-
ment rate, 2.1 percent, which is 4.9 times lower

WW II Facts Philosophers
1. FIRST AMERICAN KILLED that was killed. of the Century
SOURCE: Historyfanatic
The first American casualty was Captain 6. FLIGHT ACCIDENTS ~ Steve Martin...
Robert M. Losey. He was killed in Norway on SOURCE: Historyfanatic Hollywood must be the only place on earth where
April 21, 1940. He was killed when a German Many planes disappeared during the war. you can be fired by a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt
aircraft bombed the Dombås railway station. U.S. Army Air Forces lost 14,903 pilots and and a baseball cap.
Lieutenant von Schmeling was the first Ger- SOURCE: Historyfanatic
man soldier killed. He was killed in Shanghai Air losses were very common during 1942-
in 1937. 43. It was statistically impossible for bomber
crews to complete a 25-mission tour.
SOURCE: Historyfanatic 8. AMERICAN POWs
Japan deployed suicide submarines called SOURCE: Historyfanatic
Kaiten (“the turn toward heaven”). 100 of 41,000 American servicemen were captured
these were used, with one suicide sub sinking during the war.
the USS Underhill.
SOURCE: Historyfanatic
The youngest U.S. service-
man, Calvin Graham, lied
about his age to get into the
service. He was later found
out to be 12 years old. ~ Jimmy Durante...
Home cooking. Where many a man thinks his wife
SOURCE: Historyfanatic
The insignia of the U.S ~ George Roberts...
Army’s 45th Infantry
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

The first piece of luggage on the carousel never
was the swastika. It belongs to anyone.
4. FINNISH SNIPERS was a tribute to the ~ Jonathan Winters...
SOURCE: Historyfanatic large Native Ameri- If God had intended us to fly he would have made
Finnish snipers were some of the deadliest in can population in the it easier to get to the airport.
the war. The USSR lost 40 men for every Finn southwest.
~ Robert Benchley...
I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad, I take
Japan is Not something for it.

Perfect But ~ John Glenn...
Unlike Any
As I hurtled through space, one thought kept cross-
ing my mind - every part of this rocket was supplied
Other Country by the lowest bidder.

J apan is a country which has a rich culture that
combines old traditions from the past cen-
~ David Letterman...
America is the only country where a significant
turies with today’s incredible technology. There- proportion of the population believes that profes-
fore, due to their unique place in both history
and the present, it’s little wonder that Japanese
sional wrestling is real but the moon landing was
life differs greatly from the one that we’re used faked.
to In fact, sometimes, this country surprises us
so much that we’d be forgiven for thinking that ~ Howard Hughes...
it’s from another planet. The following 16 pho- I'm not a paranoid, deranged millionaire. Dammit,
tos prove that Japan is unlike any other country. I'm a billionaire.
Japan has to have the most beautiful
manhole covers in the world
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Chris Epting

Only Local News chr is @ch r is ep

almost couldn’t believe what always seems so far away. Except live in a sort of protected paradise ple reminder that now is the time
I was looking at. My daughter at night. That’s when it hits you. here in Huntington Beach. to help. Now is the time to ask
said to me, “Did you see the That’s when you realize that fam- There’s no realistic way that fires what people need whether it be
fires?” The fires? Those were 30, ilies just like yours, barely 30 clothing, or food or water.
40 miles away. How Now is the time to reach out
could we see those here to strangers and remind
at the end of Edinger Av- them that we are all closer
enue near the Sunset than we think. The fire sea-
Aquatic Marina? She in- son in Southern California
sisted you could so we is brutal as we all know, but
both walked out and there there’s just something
they were. It was about 9 about it right now that
o’clock at night and off in seems worse than usual.
the distance towards the Maybe it’s the heat waves
Saddleback Mountains that have been rolling in
you could not only see the and out all summer long,
fire line, but the raging that oppressive feeling that
flames that were busy de- seeps into your soul when
stroying thousands of the temperatures lives
acres in the southern part around 100° and a strange
of the county and beyond. tropical humidity sets in.
I think we forget some- minutes away by will ever consume the city. Yet we So lets all think about what we
times just how close all of this car, are bracing for the worst. have a front row seat to watch the can do to help those displaced by
hits to home. That’s when it becomes obvious devastation in real-time. That’s the incendiary rush it seems to be
Yes, the skies become thick there are many local firefighters what got me thinking. Sitting here exploding all
with mustardy haze and snowy here from Huntington Beach are at 10 o’clock in the morning as around us. Go
ash. Yes, the sunsets become on that mountain as you watch it the earlier clear blue skies give look outside your
strangely prismatic, spewing pe- at night, fighting for their own way to that sickly brown and gray window. It’s
culiar shades of pink and purple lives and for everyone who lives haze that reminds you how close closer than you
and crimson. But the actual fires in the nearby communities. We you are to the Inferno, it’s a sim- think.

The information contained in this column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Local News.


Play it safe - never touch
anything caught in a
power line.

Margarita’s By The Liter
If an object gets caught in a power
line, call SCE at (800) 611-1911 to

Full Bar & Cocktails
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

report the problem.

e c k O u t
At Southern California Edison, an

D a i l y
• Long Beach

Edison International Company, we

Other Great Locations:

• Costa Mesa

want to help you and your family

S p e c ia
• Lake Forest
stay safe around electricity.

• Santa Ana

at O u r H
• Huntington Park

t io n
• Newport Beach

Lo c a
For more safety tips, visit

• Corona Del Mar

• San Clemente
• Laguna Niguel
318 Main Street•Downtown HB

Cookies, Cocktails & WOMEN

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Mexican Mice Cookies KATHARIne
Katharine Hepburn (1907 – 2003) Multiple
Oscar-winning American actress, Hepburn
starred in many successful films including
The African Queen (1951) The Rainmaker
(1956) and On Golden Pond (1981)
Katharine Hepburn is one of the most fa-
mous actresses of the twentieth century. In a
career lasting several decades, she landed
four Oscars – a record even today.
She was an unconventional Hollywood ac-
tress, fiercely independent and often display-
ing a standoffish attitude to the media.
Caryn Lerner took second-place in the Tribune’s Holiday Cookie However, her wide variety of roles and acting
Contest in 2000 with her cute Mexican mice cookies. skills made her famous on screen, and she
was ranked the greatest female film star by
the American Film Institute.

(Bob Fila / Chicago Tribune)

Cake Batter Martini
ute counts, as these Mexican mice cookies
prove. They took second place in the Tri-
bune's Holiday Cookie Contest in 2000. Their AOL.COM EDITORS 1 ounce white chocolate
creator, Caryn Lerner, said she adapted cookies Sprinkled, not stirred -- that's liqueur
made from a Mexican wedding cake dough be- how we're whipping up these Rainbow sprinkles
cause her nieces and nephews wouldn't eat them. delicious cake batter martinis Directions:
They changed their minds when the cookies in this week's episode of Cock- Place sprinkles on a shallow
reappeared in the shape of mice with mini- tail of the Week! This yummy plate that is a little larger than
chocolate bits as eyes, almond slivers for ears blend calls for sweet amaretto, the mouth of your martini
and curly Chow mein noodle tails. a dash of white chocolate glass. Fill a dip plate with
The recipe is excerpted from "Holiday Cook- liqueur and a handful of color- whipping cream and wet the
ies," a collection of more than 100 recipes of ful sprinkles for the most de- rims of the martini glasses. Dip
winning cookies from 25 years of the Tribune's lectable drink we've ever glass into sprinkles to coat the
tasted. edges.
annual Holiday Cookie Contest. We are featur-
Combine all ingredients in a

ing a cookie per week, leading up to the Dec. 2
announcement of this year's contest winners, to
3 ounces cake vodka
cocktail shaker with ice and
shake for about 30 seconds.
k ri
mark the second printing of the book, which was
published in 2014 by the Tribune with Surrey
Books. The book is available for $17 at
3 ounces white or clear
crème de cacao
2 ounces amaretto
Strain into martini glasses.
Fill to the top (touching con-
fetti rim) for rainbow streaked
C orne 2 ounces heavy cream effect.
The information contained in this column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Local News.

The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

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From the Editors of
E/The Environmental

Electric Bikes: Commuting Without Guilt
Ethan Goffman eration is simple and intuitive—where the gearshift normally friendly image, these vehicles are nimble when it comes to
Bicycling up a big old hill is on the right, instead one can easily kick the electric engine taking care of the city’s 140 thousand street trees. On hot
after a tough day of work can take a lot out of a body. At a into operation, starting with a tiny boost and accelerating to summer days and in the city’s further (and hillier) corners,
time of day when one just wants to have fun, or even collapse, full throttle. I felt as though I were flying up the little hill I the electric engines on the Riide bikes provide a needed boost.
a grueling workout might not be the best prescription. Even tried it on (although I never got a chance to go full speed). Of course, cars are still needed, since they can carry heavy
those who desire to help the environment while getting some My ride took place past warehouses and trucks, in Wash- tools and navigate through rain—but the bicycle fleet pro-
exercise might give up and simply take a car. ington, DC’s light industrial district. Yet there was something vides needed flexibility and means fewer cars purchased in
This was the situation faced by Amber Wason, a marketing unusual about this light industrial district—a bike lane sepa- the long run. The bikes “create less of a desire and need to
and urban transportation specialist in Washington, DC. Faced rated from traffic by a row of poles. This is part of DC’s new expand the fleet—but in a big storm or emergency, you still
with a brutal hill on her way home, she would often default network of bike lanes, some 70 miles all told, that makes rid- need a car,” says Thomas.
to the car, or have her husband pick her up after work. Then, ing a bike safe and inviting. The city has also pioneered bike- Wells is already on board, planning to add electric bikes to
on a trip to China she saw electric bikes—which can work as sharing, launching the first such system in the U.S. in 2010 the transportation options for the 350 or so people who work
conventional bikes but also have a small electric engine when to unprecedented success. in his department. “One of the roles of government, especially
additional power is desired. The proverbial lightbulb went off This is the result of a revolution in city planning, moving the department of environment, is to identify new entrepre-
in Wason’s head (hopefully a CFL or LED lightbulb). This away from a car centered paradigm. Wells explained the rea- neurial groups like this and see how it can help satisfy gov-
was the solution to her problem, and likely that of many other soning behind the changes: “We certainly had the era of de- ernment purpose,” he says.
people. signing the city around cars from the 1950s on.” In the past Riide so far has exceeded expectations. The company
Unfortunately, electric bikes tend to be heavy and rather decade or so, DC has been in the forefront of changes, “as launched on Kickstarter on January of 2014, with a goal of
complicated. In the United States, they are marketed to older cities like ours redesigned the public realm to not just walk, raising $50,000 and selling 25 bikes. “We hit that the first
people rather than the kind of young urbanites who are in- not just ride,” but employ a flexible mix. The bicycling rev- day,” exclaimed Wason. As of late January, Riide has 124 pre-
creasingly taking up biking. Amber put her head together with olution is one aspect of a city in which 38% of households orders “with very little marketing and promotion and zero
Jeff Stefanis, another young professional with a background now don’t have a car and 88% of new households are car- budget.” One third of these are in the local DC area, one third
in energy and entrepreneurialism, and they came up with free. in California, and the rest all over the United States and
Riide, a new company based in DC that produces and sells There is also an equity issue to providing multiple ways to Canada. Over the next year or two, the company plans “to
electric bikes. get around bicycles. Electric bikes, according to Wells, are cultivate and grow,” with “group rides, feedback, and im-
Riide’s basic innovation is to get rid of gears and keep the just one way to provide “more options for people can’t afford proved customer experience,” said Wason.
bike lightweight and simple. The proliferation of gears on a car, are not able to drive, yet want to safely, quickly get Electric bikes, then, are not merely toys or the latest cool
most bikes today makes repair and upkeep annoying and dif- around city”—even if those people don’t have the physical tool, but can become part of a basic (and extremely green)
ficult. The Riide also includes an innovation from the green ability to pedal up steep hills. For those who cannot afford to lifestyle. “Bikes more and more are not recreational,” said
auto industry, capturing the energy from braking and feeding arrive at work sweaty, an electric bike provides a clean, green Wells, “not even commuter,” but are becoming, for many,
it back into the battery. Fur- commute. part of daily shopping and other daily errands. Electric bikes
thermore, by keeping their Riide’s presence within the DC boundaries also reflects a can add a little boost to these tasks, while remaining part of
bikes simple, and by direct on- revolution in light industry, particularly related to high crafts- a clean, green lifestyle.
line marketing, Riide is able to manship, which is moving back into cities. “We’re rediscov-
cut the cost to only $1,800 per ering opportunities of manufacturing in urban areas,” says Earthwall® is produced by
bike. Wells, who lists other examples including microbreweries Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a
I got a chance to take a Riide and urban farms. registered trademark of
bike for a little spin and DC’s growing acceptance of bicycles (and the infrastruc- Earth Action Network Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit.
Riide makes electric found out just how nice an ture to go with them) extends into the city government. The
bikes fun,easy-to-use electric engine is. The op- SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO:
city’s Urban Forestry Administration has even purchased two
and affordable. Riide bicycles to add to its fleet of bikes and Segways. FOR MORE INFORMATION, OR TO MAKE A
“One way to limit the footprint and impact of a car is to do DONATION, CHECK OUT
it by bicycle,” explains John Thomas, Associate Director
of the Urban Forestry Administration. He adds that bicycles
not only save gas but also alleviate “heat island and air pol- The information contained in this column does not
lution issues cars create in an urban environment.” necessarily reflect the opinion of The Local News.
Besides fitting a forestry department’s environmentally

117 Main Street @ the HB Pier Republic vs. Democracy
n their infinite wisdom, the United States’ Founders When you have a country that encompasses almost 4
created the Electoral College to ensure the STATES million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to
Find Out More @
were fairly represented. Why should one or two even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319
Oldest Rock & Blues House densely populated areas speak for the whole of the nation? square miles should dictate the outcome of a national elec-
In Orange County The following list of statistics has been making the tion.
rounds on the Internet. It should finally put an end to the Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC,

argument against the Electoral College . Chicago, LA, etc.) DO NOT and SHOULD NOT speak

Do share this. It needs to be widely known and under- for the rest of our country!
stood.'s been verified and documented that those
3 PM - 6 PM
• There are 3,141

counties in the
United States.
• Trump won
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

3,084 of them.
• $2.00 OFF ALL LIQUOR • Clinton won 57.
• $3.00 DOMESTIC PINTS • There are 62
counties in New
York State.
• Trump won 46
of them.
• Clinton won 16
• Clinton won the
August Line Up
popular vote by ap-
prox. 1.5 million
08/17..................Back to the 80’s
08/18..................Top Shelf Shake votes.
• In the 5 counties
08/19 ...............Skunkdub @ 8pm that encompass
NYC, (Bronx,
Brooklyn, Manhat-
08/20 ....... Joe Blanchard @ 8pm
tan, Richmond &
Queens) Clinton re-
08/21 ..........Josh Wagner @ 8pm
08/23...............Karaoke Thursday ceived well over 2
million more votes
08/24............................Smalltime than Trump. (Clin-
ton only won 4 of
08/25 ......................Manila Fudge these counties;
Trump won Rich-
08/26...............Filmspeed @ 8pm
08/27..........Michael Dean @ 8pm Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted aforementioned 319 square miles are where the majority
for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country. of our nation’s problems foment.
08/28................Gearheart @ 8pm These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles. The Pass this on to those who still insist Hilary should have
24 United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles. won. This is why there is an Electoral College
On the Vine

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The Story
of Wine
David White
n his highly recommendable and lavish cousins: vitis rupestris,
This was the context in which the king of
book The Story of Wine, Hugh Johnson vitis riparia and vitis aestivalis. Of the four,
France had the brilliant idea of celebrating the
describes the winegrower as “a farmer and only vinifera is suitable for winegrowing and
first “battle of wine” in 1224. It was a type of
an artist, a slave and a dreamer, a hedonist and subsequent vinification. But, why?
wine “World Cup” that saw the participation
a masochist, an alchemist and an accountant.” To begin with, none of the others can accu-
of over 70 countries and wine regions, includ-
We couldn’t agree more, but would also add ing the most renowned ones in France. mulate enough sugar (up to a third of its vol-
that he or she embodies the continuation of an And who won? Cyprus! ume) or produce a sufficient amount of
age-old tradition. This is how it’s always been. suitable acidity. In order to so, vitis vinifera
Over the centuries, wine has played a lead- 3. Victor or Victoria? The gender of vitis must be grown in moderately warm latitudes,
ing role in international conflicts, advances in which extend from the shores of the Caspian
science, economics and commerce, and, of The vitis vinifera species has four distant Sea in the eastern part of the continent all the
course, moments of indescribable and absolute way to Western Europe.
pleasure, exquisite anecdotes and historical Alright, let’s move on to what really inter-
events. ests us. The gender of the vine. As with
many other plants, the wild vine produces
1. Water, tea and chocolate: challenging male or female flowers, but both gen-
times for wine ders rarely coexist within the same
The 17th century. Not only was wine the plant. This means a female plant will
most hygienic of all beverages, it was stor- only yield fruit if a male plant
able. Drinking water was scarce in cities. provides the pollen.
Spirits were not available. Nei- Male plants are al-
ther was coffee. Europeans were ways infertile,
living a golden age of wine. which is why
The advent of drinking farmers got rid
water in big cities, the of them. As a result, the
spirits distillation boom once productive female
and the arrival of new vines eventually grew
seductive products like infertile too, because no
coffee, tea and chocolate, male plants were around to
which were becoming readily fertilize them.
available in Great Britain and France, This is why, the (good) wine we
relegated wine to a secondary role for enjoy these days comes from vines
almost a century. that are hermaphrodites.

2. The first “World Cup” of wine
We now travel back to the High Middle
Ages. The wool and wine trade generated David White is the founder and editor of,
great fortunes among the keen merchants of which was named Best Overall Wine Blog"
Flanders, Germany, France and Great Britain, at the 2013 Wine Blog Awards.
and the Champagne region was hosting the His columns are housed at Grape Collective.
first international fairs. The information contained in this column does not
necessarily reflect the opinion of The Local News

Lemonade Stand Robber On the Run;
DNA Could Help Track Him
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

MONROE, N.C. (AP) — A teenager who held up a North Carolina WONDO CLASS. SHE SAID SHE INTENDED ON PATRONIZING
lemonade stand for $17 was still at large Monday, and authorities said they THE BOY'S BUSINESS WHEN SHE RETURNED, ONLY TO FIND
hoped to track him through surveillance HIM GONE AND A HALF-DOZEN PATROL
footage and possible DNA and fingerprint CARS ON HER STREET.
Neighbors were asked to check their BOY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME," SMITH
home security cameras for possible SAID.
clues, said Union County Sheriff's Of- SMITH SAID SHE SUSPECTS THE ROBBER
fice spokesman Tony Underwood. He MAY BE FROM HER NEIGHBORHOOD BE-
said a camouflage hat and BB pistol found along CAUSE THERE ARE NO STORES OR MUCH
with a metal cash box was found in some nearby OF ANYTHING ELSE NEARBY.
woods and could be checked for fingerprints and LOCAL RESIDENT JAMES CASTELLANO
DNA. The 9-year-old lemonade vendor said a SAID HE BOUGHT A DRINK FROM THE BOY
teenager wearing a similar hat and a black shirt SATURDAY MORNING AND SNAGGED ONE
pointed a black handgun at him and took his OF THE YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR'S BUSI-
cash box Saturday afternoon in Monroe, about NESS CARDS. THE BOY'S CARD DESCRIBES
30 miles southeast of Charlotte. HIM AS AN "ORGANIC LEMONADE STAND
"We think we are making positive traction" in OPERATOR, DESIGNER, DOG WALKER, REP-
the investigation, Underwood said. TILE CAREGIVER, LAWN MOWER, PROFES-
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Moe News Than You Can Handle From the Mailbag
Main Street Eyewear
Looks at Life Through

Moe Kanoudi
Designer Glasses

Jesse was a chicken plucker. That's right. He all in his head. He was a small child, skinny making people laugh, and laugh so hard they
stood on a line in a chicken factory and spent and meek. That sure didn't help the situation often had tears in their eyes.

The information contained in this column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Local News
his days pulling the feathers off dead chickens any. Yes, little Jesse had found himself.
so the rest of us wouldn't have to.
When he started to school, he was the object You know, folks, the history books are full
It wasn't much of a job. But at the time, Jesse of every bully on the playground. He was a of people who overcame a handicap to go on
didn't think he was much of a person. His fa- hypochondriac of the first order. For Jesse, to- and make a success of themselves, but Jesse is
ther was a brute of a man. His dad was actually morrow was not always something he looked one of the few I know of who didn't overcome
thought to be mentally ill and treated Jesse forward to. it. Instead he used his paranoia to make a mil-
rough all of his life. lion dollars, and become one of the best-loved
But, he had dreams. He wanted to be a ven- characters of all time in doing it!
Jesse's older brother wasn't much better. He triloquist. He found books on ventriloquism.
was always picking on Jesse and beating him He practiced with sock puppets and saved his Yes, that little paranoid hypochondriac, who
up. Yes, Jesse grew up in a very rough home hard earned dollars until he could get a real transferred his nervousness into a successful
in West Virginia. Life was anything but easy. ventriloquist dummy. career, still holds the record for the most
And he thought life didn't hold much hope for Emmy's given in a single category.
him. That's why he was standing in this When he got old enough, he joined the mil-
chicken line, doing a job that darn few people itary. Even though many of his hypochondriac The wonderful, gifted, talented, and nervous
wanted. symptoms persisted, the military did recognize comedian who brought us Barney Fife was
his talents and put Jesse Don Knotts.
In addition to all him in the entertain-
the rough treatment ment corp. that was NOW YOU KNOW "THE REST OF THE
at home, it seems when his world STORY"
that Jesse was al- changed and he There is a street named for him and his statue
ways sick. Some- gained confidence. in Morgantown, West Virginia, his place of
times it was real birth.
physical illness, but He found that he Jesse Donald "Don"Knotts(July 21, 1924 –
way too often it was had a talent for February 24, 2006)
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797


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N ew • U sed
Leased • Repai r s
Accessori es
I ndustr y N ews

Best Time of the Year to Buy a Car
Edmunds/ Ronald Montoya new models. In general, the more new cars "August and September are when we gen- holiday weekend. And here is a list of the
End of the Month there are coexisting with old models, the bet- erally see automakers make the most de- three-day holiday weekends, along with a
When the month is coming to an end, deal- ter the savings. cided transition into the new models," said brief rating of each:
ers might be a few cars short of a sales quota Least Discounted Months Edmunds senior analyst Jeremy Presidents Day: February is the month
that would win them a big bonus. Salespeople January Acevedo. "These summer with the smallest discounts off MSRP, so this
will have more motivation to make a deal February months correspond with a is unlikely to be the best month to buy.
with a buyer and might deeply discount cars, March bump in incentives, particu- Memorial Day: This holiday kicks off the
making up any money lost with the bonus. April larly low APR financing on summer buying season and is a solid time to
This is the time when you shouldn't sleep on Better Discounted Months the outgoing model year vehi- get a deal. It's also when you will have the
the car deal. Keep in mind, however, that if May cles." largest selection of outgoing models to choose
the sales team met its quota earlier that month, June Something to note: It's worth from. Shop around this time if you're particu-
salespeople may not be as motivated to give July looking at the incoming model- lar about a certain color or option package.
you the screaming deal you might be expect- August year cars to see what features Fourth of July: There should be a greater
ing. This is difficult to know ahead of time, September have changed and to get a feel mix of incoming and current-year vehicles at
but if you're in the midst of negotiating and Most Discounted Months for pricing. It's rare, but there this time. Worth taking a look at what's on the
the dealer offers you a super-low price, take a October have been instances when a car lot if you're unsure whether you want the car
moment to ask your salesperson why the November from the incoming model year from the outgoing or the incoming year.
dealer is willing to potentially lose money on December has had better incentives than a car from the Labor Day: This is the sweet spot in terms
this sale. If the reason makes sense to you, and January through April are generally slow outgoing model year, particularly if you're of selection and competitive pricing. Not the
the price is considerably better than your re- selling months and have the smallest dis- looking to lease. very best of the year in terms of savings, but
search says it should be, it could be a sign the counts off MSRP. In fact, the month with the you'll have more vehicles to choose from than
dealer is trying to make a sales goal. smallest amount off MSRP is February, with End of the Car's Design Cycle if you waited for the year-end deals.
If you're feeling nervous about buying in an average discount of 5.7 percent. Things get (before a redesign)
a short end-of-month timeframe, test-drive better in the summer months: The introduc- This happens when the manufacturer is Black Friday
the car in which you're interested earlier in tion of new cars drives down prices on the going to continue making a certain car model It's the biggest retail shopping day in the
the month and close the deal as the end of outgoing models. And finally, the discounts but is about to completely redesign it. You can U.S. And people have been known to camp
the month approaches. Also, many new-car improve the most the closer you get to the end see some serious savings on the outgoing de- out hours for deals on big-screen TVs and
incentive offers are good for a few days of the year. sign. True, you are buying a car without the other electronics. The same shopping fervor
after the month ends, which gives you a bit If you need a car in October and want to get latest styling or technology, but if you're more happens on car lots after Thanksgiving. In re-
of a buffer. the best deal, you might want to wait until De- bargain hunter than trendsetter, this might not cent years, automakers and dealers have been
cember, even though you'll run the risk of matter to you. offering more incentives, discounts and
End of the Calendar Year having fewer cars to choose from. This will "doorbusters" as a means of capturing some
If your primary objective is to buy or give you additional time to do more research End of the Car's Life Cycle of that retail excitement. Black Friday also
lease a new car at the best price possible, on the right car for you. You'll also be able to (discontinued model) signals the end of the model year, so you'll see
Edmunds data indicates that December's get more price quotes. Sometimes the manufacturer announces greater discounts on outgoing models.
year-end sales events will give you a "per- that it will stop making a car altogether. If you want to shop on Black Friday, you'll
fect storm" of savings. Best Day to Buy a Car There's potential in this situation for even big- need to do some pre-Thanksgiving planning,
You should look for a vehicle from the out- Early in the Week: This tip is more about ger savings. You should know that the car will such as getting a value on your trade-in, get-
going model year that has generous incen- the level of attention you can expect from a depreciate steeply if it's being discontinued, ting preapproved for an auto loan from your
tives. According to Edmunds data, December salesperson than about getting a killer deal. but if you plan on keeping it for a while, it bank or credit union, and taking some test
has the year's highest discount off MSRP (6.1 Weekends are typically the busiest time at a won't affect you. It's also worth looking into drives. Also, make sure you read the fine print
percent on average) and the highest incen- dealership. The salesperson might be juggling why the automaker pulled the plug on a given on any Black Friday deal ads that seem too
tives. In recent years, it also has had the multiple customers, and the finance office is vehicle. Is it a matter of changing tastes, or good to be true. If you're willing to brave the
largest inventories, with more vehicles from likely to be a bottleneck. If you show up on a was the car truly bad in terms of performance crowds, here are more tips for car shopping
the outgoing model year on dealer lots. Au- Monday or Tuesday, however, there will be or reliability? In recent years for example, on Black Friday.
tomakers and dealerships want to close the less foot traffic. You can ask plenty of ques- SUVs have surged in popularity and Ford has
Final Thoughts on
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

year with strong sales. They also want to get tions and the transaction should take far less since discontinued many of its sedans. Going
rid of the prior model-year cars that are taking time. In some parts of the country, however, further back, vehicles such as the Nissan Mu- When to Buy a Car
up space, so they're motivated. dealerships are closed on Sundays. And as a rano CrossCabriolet, never really found an As we've noted, there are many opportuni-
Each manufacturer handles the "sell-down" result, Monday is a pretty busy day of the audience and the Pontiac Aztek had a face ties throughout the year to get a great deal on
differently, so some car dealerships will have week. If that's the case for you, go on a Tues- only Walter White could love. a new car. It all comes down to your comfort
a better selection of outgoing year vehicles late day or Wednesday. with waiting, having less of a selection, and
in the year, while the pickings may be slim at Best Times to Buy a Car being willing to pass on the latest model. Ul-
others. Be sure to check Edmunds' Incentives Best Times to Buy a Car Three-Day Weekends timately, the best time to get a new car is when
& Rebates for customer cash rebates, low in- End of the model year It's hard to miss the inflatable eagles, goril- you need one and only after you have com-
terest incentives and lease specials. All the new model-year cars used to debut las and wacky waving tube men that dot car pleted your research.
in the fall, making the end of summer a good lots, to say nothing of ads that promise "rock- Figure your price on the car using Edmunds
Best Month to Buy a Car time to shop for leftovers. These days, how- bottom" prices. Does a "Star-Spangled Sale- tools, and factor in any incentives and rebates.
While the data shows that December is the ever, there is no unified new model-year sea- a-Bration" mean savings for you? It can, but See if there are any Edmunds Special Offers
best time of the year to buy, there are also a son. For example, we see cars from the be prepared for a busier-than-normal show- on the car, which can save you time and the
few other viable months. In other words, if upcoming model year debuting as early as room. Ideally, you want to do your research stress of negotiating. Watch for unexpected
you need a car in January, there's no need wait March of the current calendar year. Neverthe- and test-drive before the holiday and close the add-ons. Then make your deal. In the long
11 months to get a good deal. less, Edmunds data indicates that the end of deal on the weekend. Or, better yet, sew up run, this approach makes more sense than try-
The discounts on new cars typically follow the summer still is a sweet spot for outgoing the deal on the first weekday after the week- ing to predict the effects of weather, holidays,

Wow! FREE Buy / Lease a New Vehicle from any Beach Blvd of Cars Dealer &
a trend that coincides with the introduction of model-year vehicles. end. Here's a deeper dive into shopping on a and the seasonality of your car purchase.

a ils
PARKING Now that's a statement from a City that says loud and clear... Det alers
D e
PASS We Are Open For Business...and support our community partners. at
receive a 12 Month Official City of Huntington Beach Parking Pass...

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Born in the 1930s and early 40s, we exist as a The lack of television in our early years meant, Our parents were sud-
very special age cohort. We are the Silent Gener- for most of us, that we had little real understand- denly free from the

ation. ing of what the world was like. confines of

We are the smallest number of children born On Saturday afternoons, the movies, gave us
since the early 1900s. We are the "last ones." newsreels of the war sandwiched in between
westerns and cartoons.
We are the last generation, climbing out of the
depression, who can remember the winds of war Telephones were one to a house,
and the impact of a world at war which rattled the often shared (party Lines)and
structure of our daily lives for years. hung on the wall.

We are the last to remember ration books for Computers were
everything from gas to sugar to shoes to stoves. called calcula-

We saved tin foil and poured fat into tin cans. the
We saw cars up on blocks because tires Which of the following sion and the
weren't available. names are you familiar with? war, and they
1. Monica Lewinski threw themselves
We can remember milk being delivered to our 2. Bill Clinton into exploring oppor-
house early in the morning and placed in the tunities they had never
3. Barack Obama
milk box on the porch. imagined.
4. Adolph Hitler
We are the last to see the gold stars in the 5. Jorge Bergoglio We weren't neglected, but we
front windows of our grieving neighbors whose 6. Winnie Mandela weren't today's all-consuming family focus.
sons died in the War. 7. Vladimir Putin
8. Linda Lovelace They were glad we played by ourselves until
We saw the 'boys' home from the war, build 9. Saddam Hussein the street lights came on.
their little houses. 10. Tiger Woods
They were busy discovering the post war
We are the last generation who spent child- world.
You had trouble with #5, right? So you
hood without television; instead, we imagined know all the criminals, murderers, thieves,
what we heard on the radio. We entered a world of overflowing plenty and
sluts, whores, and cheaters, but you don't opportunity; a world where we were welcomed.
As we all like to brag, with no TV, we spent know the Pope?
our childhood "playing outside" . LOVELY, JUST LOVELY We enjoyed a luxury; we felt secure in our fu-
We did play outside, and we did play on our
own. tors, they only added and were hand cranked; Depression poverty was deep rooted.
typewriters were driven by pounding fingers,
There was no little league. throwing the carriage, and changing the ribbon. Polio was still a crippler.

There was no city playground for kids. The internet and GOOGLE were words that did The Korean War was a dark presage in the early
not exist. 50s and by mid-decade school children were
ducking under desks for Air-Raid training.
Newspapers and magazines were written for
adults and the news was broadcast on our table Russia built the Iron Curtain and China became
radio in the evening by Gabriel Heatter. Red China ..
We are the last group who had to find out for Eisenhower sent the first 'advisers' to Vietnam.
'"3+25#/-00+ ourselves.
Castro set up camp in Cuba and Khrushchev
…a part of the greater HB Union HS District
40+ Years of Service to the As we grew up, the country was exploding with came to power.
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

We are the last generation to experi-
Communities of Huntington Beach,

ence an interlude when there were no
Fountain Valley, and Westminster
The G.I. Bill gave return-
ing veterans the means to threats to our homeland.
We offer job training Also offered:

get an education and
in pharmacy •Adult English as a

spurred colleges to grow. We came of age in the 40s and 50s.
technician, computer Second Language

The war was over and the cold war,
software, digital •Exercise (Yoga,

terrorism, global warming, and per-
media arts, medical Dance Aerobics,
VA loans fanned a housing
assisting, and other Low Impact

boom. petual economic insecurity had yet
careers and a Aerobics, Zumba)

to haunt life with unease.
full-time Counselor •Brain Fitness

Pent up demand coupled
who can assist you Program for

with new installment pay- Only our generation can re-
in planning for Older Adults

member both a time of great war,
•Art, History,
ment plans put factories to
your future.
Personal Finance,
$.5*1,45(1* 3& Home Arts,
work. and a time when our world was
17231 Gothard St., and other secure and full of bright prom-
New highways would bring ise and plenty. We have lived
Leisure Classes
Huntington Beach •HS Diploma or
92647 GED program jobs and mobility. through both.
(714) 842-HBAS •Parent Education
The veterans joined civic We grew up at the best pos-
( - 4 2 2 7 ) •Parent Smart

clubs and became active in pol- sible time, a time when the
(located just south Preschool and

itics. world was getting better. not
of Warner and Toddler Classes

OV High School) (Parent Education)

$)4) 6...,*'-4,5+36 The radio network expanded
/126-6/3006#(*5+30561/6!0-4454 from 3 stations to thousands of We are the Silent Gener-
%5256"5256/126&13 stations ation
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New 2018 Honda PRICES
for per mo
+ tax
3,999 due at lease signing, If you can find the same
on approved tier 1+ credit. new Honda for less within
Closed-end lease for 36 months. Amount due at lease signing includes 5 days, Norm Reeves will
1st payment, $0 security deposit, tax, license, and fees. Drive-off example pay you the difference or
based on 7.75% tax rate. Actual amount may vary. 12,000 miles per year r
Summe buy your vehicle back.
with $.15 per mile thereafter. Offer extended to 9/4/18. Honda

New 2018 Honda New 2018 Honda New 2018 Honda VIP IMPROVEMENT
Auto CR-V LX 2WD
Auto HR-V LX 2WD
Auto Take advantage of great
benefits when you trade up
Lease for Lease for Lease for

199 199 149
to a new Honda today.

$ per mo
$ per mo
$ per mo
+ tax + tax + tax

5-Day Trial Exchange: 5-day or
500-mile exchange for equal or
lesser value when vehicle is in
the same condition as delivered.
2,999 due at lease signing, $
2,999 due at lease signing, $
3,499 due at lease signing, 5-Month or 5,000-Mile Warranty:
on approved tier 1+ credit. on approved tier 1+ credit. on approved tier 1+ credit. Covers engine components,
Closed-end lease for 36 months. Amount due at Closed-end lease for 36 months. Amount due at Closed-end lease for 36 months. Amount due at manual and automatic
lease signing includes 1st payment, $0 security lease signing includes 1st payment, $0 security lease signing includes 1st payment, $0 security transmission, and axle assembly
deposit, tax, license, and fees. Drive-off example deposit, tax, license, and fees. Drive-off example deposit, tax, license, and fees. Drive-off example components. See dealer for copy
based on 7.75% tax rate. Actual amount may based on 7.75% tax rate. Actual amount may based on 7.75% tax rate. Actual amount may of limited warranty.
vary. 12,000 miles per year with $.15 per mile vary. 12,000 miles per year with $.15 per mile vary. 12,000 miles per year with $.15 per mile
thereafter. Offer extended to 9/4/18. thereafter. Offer extended to 9/4/18. thereafter. Offer extended to 9/4/18.

Parking pass provided by the City of Huntington Beach. To receive the beach parking pass, a new
s for
Ask Uls! vehicle owner must: 1) complete the voucher with Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Huntington
GET YOUR Beach authorized personnel; and 2) take the voucher, bill of sale, and photo ID to either the
Community Services Department, Civic Center – 5th Floor, 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach,
CA 92648, or Moorehouse Lifeguard Headquarters, 103 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach,
ANNUAL BEACH PARKING PASS! CA 92648 within 30 days of automobile purchase to redeem the voucher for a beach parking pass.
Beach parking pass valued at $150. Offer expires 8/31/18.

2014 Honda
$15,411† 1plus tax and fees
at this offer
• Less than 80,000 miles • 182-point certification Stk #995274, VIN 705880, Auto, 4 Cyl 2.4L,
• 12-Month /12,000-Mile Limited Warranty^ 56,878 Miles
• 7-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Warranty^ 2015 Honda
• SiriusXM® free three-month trial period CR-V LX 2WD
$18, 256† 1plus tax and fees
at this offer
2015 Honda
CIVIC LX SEDAN Stk #995279 VIN 713187, Autol, 4 Cyl 2.4L,
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

32,087 Miles
$13,452† 1 at this offer plus tax and fees
2015 Honda
Stk #995301, VIN 545910, Auto, 4 Cyl 1.8L, ACCORD EX-L SEDAN
46,917 Miles
2015 Honda
$18,923† 1plus tax and fees
at this offer
CIVIC LX SEDAN Stk #995164, VIN 032679, Auto, 6 Cyl 3.5L,
$14, 793† 1plus tax and fees
at this offer
32,663 Miles
2015 Honda
Stk #995240, VIN 545790, Auto, 4 Cyl 1.8L, CR-V EX-L 2WD
$20, 492 † 1plus
20,498 Miles tax and fees
2015 Honda at this offer
CIVIC LX SEDAN Stk #995220, VIN 524010, Auto, 4 Cyl 2.4L,
$14,997 † 1plus tax and fees
at this offer
43,846 Miles
^See dealer for copy of warranty.
Stk #995297, VIN 547553, Auto, 4 Cyl 1.8L, †All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges, any dealer document processing charge, any
24,840 Miles electronic filing charge, and any emission testing charge. All vehicles subject to prior sale. See dealer for details. Offers expire 9/4/18.

Maintenance Service
Discount up to
75 Off! **
• $10 off service between $80-$149.99

888-409-4577 • $20 off service between $150-$299.99
• $35 off service between $300-$499.99
• $50 off service between $500-$649.99
19131 Beach Boulevard SE HABLA ESPAÑOL CHÚNG TÔI NÓI TIÊNG VIÊT • $75 off service $650 & up
Huntington Beach, CA 92648 888-639-0717 888-567-5232 **Honda vehicles only. $75 maximum discount. Not eligible for tire purchases. Must present
coupon when order is written. Limit one coupon per person. Not valid with any other offer. Plus
tax and any hazardous waste fees. Valid only at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Huntington
Beach, 19131 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, 888-409-4577. Expires 8/31/18.
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2018 Mitsubishi
Eclipse Cross 1.5 ES
2018 Mitsubishi
Mirage GT Hatchback
2018 Mitsubishi
Outlander Sport

STOCK# S18204 / VIN Z041348 STOCK# S18045 / VIN H003730 STOCK# S18242 / VIN JU008806

2018 Mitsubishi 2018 Mitsubishi 2018 Mitsubishi
Mirage G4 ES Sedan Outlander ES CUV Outlander Sport 2.0

$10,199 $17,799 $15,499

STOCK# S18236 / VIN HF11078 STOCK# S18156 / VIN Z046763 STOCK# S18004 / VIN Z002050


BL2012 N
2011 VolkswagenS

Chevrolet 2015 smart fortwo 2014 Mitsubishi 2013 Chevrolet
Cruze ECO electric drive Passion Lancer ES Captiva Sport Fleet LS Tiguan SE

6,988 8,988 9,988 9,988 10,988
STOCK# S8580A STOCK# S8835P STOCK# S8808P, STOCK# S18455A STOCK# S8652A
VIN C7386636 VIN FK831643 VIN U008383 VIN DS592481 VIN W544444
$ $ $ $ $


2012 Chevrolet 2016 Kia 2016 Ford 2015 Ford Fusion 2015 Kia
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797

Volt Forte LX Fusion SE Energi SE Luxury Optima LX

11,988 12,988 13,988 13,988 13,988
STOCK# S18422A STOCK# S8785P STOCK# S8739P STOCK# S8730P STOCK# S8788P
VIN CU10255 VIN G5503353 VIN G5128940 VIN R173722 VIN G483618
$ $ $ $ $


2480 Harbor Blvd • Costa Mesa CA 92626

All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges, any dealer document preparation charge, and
any emission testing charge. Financing in lieu of factory rebates for all advertised vehicles.
*Must finance through Mitsubishi Motors Credit of America to qualify.
All dealer added accessories at retail price. Offer good through close of business Thursday 08/30/18.
The Local News, August 15, 2018 714.914.9797 Digital Copy: • visit •