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This workshop will introduce Physical Theatre Techniques applied to Contemporary

Dancers & Choreographers with the aim to explore and increase their initiative and
creativity and the chance to use them within a frame of an alternative production.
Theatre training based on exercises that generates creative answers from the
dancers to concrete scenic issues and explore their skills and limits. The results could
be subject to a deeper treatment. A work that prompts and fosters the needs from
the artists and its own world possibilities as well as explores the borders between
dance and theatre.

Carlos Rodero
Trainer, Playwright and Stage Director
Born in Barcelona in 1965. From 1988 He studied at La Casona, with Fernando Grifell Commented [C1]: Do NOT translate
and created the independent theatre company MOO TEATRE. Between 1993 and Commented [C2]: Do NOT translate
1994 he intensified his pedagogical activities and gave numerous courses and
workshops in Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. As
an actor he appeared in The Miser by Moliere and The Trial about the Donkey’s Commented [C3]: Der Geizige
Shadow, by F. Dürrenmatt. During these years he took part in Dramaturgic Commented [C4]: Der Prozeß um des Esels Schatten
Workshops in Sala Beckett given by José Sanchis Sinisterra. Rodero continued to Commented [C5]: Do NOT Translate
develop as a director as well with plays such as The True Friend by C. Goldoni, Frank
Commented [C6]: Der wahre Freund
V by F. Dürrenmatt and Witch Rebellion by J. M. Benet y Jornet. In 1995, he was
accepted into The University of Dramatic Arts of Barcelona. During these years he Commented [C7]: Frank der Fünfte

worked as a dramaturgics consultant with Modern Spanish and Contemporary Dance Commented [C8]:
Companies like Bubulus Danza, Increpación Danza, or Roberto G. Alonso Dance Commented [C9]: Der Hexenaufstand
Company. In 1999 left the country and traveled around Europe. At the end of 2000 he Commented [C10]: Translate it as Institut del Teatre
moved to Budapest, where he collaborated in the creation of the Company Baobab Commented [C11]: Do NOT Translate
and directed his first professional work in Hungarian called Three Wishes, in the
Commented [C12]: Do NOT Translate
Kolibri Theatre. In 2004 he adapted the novel The Mysteries of the Opera by Javier
Tomeo for the stage. It was dramatized in the Merlin Theatre. In 2006 Rodero Commented [C13]: Drei Wünsche

created the Independent Theatre Company MISERO PROSPERO Project. He wrote Commented [C14]: Die Mysterien der grossen Opern
and directed the play The Marvelous Five. Since then the company has shown many Commented [C15]: Do NOT Translate
theatre & dance productions like Excerpts of a Working Diary, Matruska, Orpheus Commented [C16]: Das wundervolle Quintett
Stomped in Dirt, Heartbreaking, Murder considered as Fine Arts or Costanza. As
Commented [C17]: Auszüge aus einem Arbeitstagebuch
independent director he showed productions like Jaj Carmela! in Pécsi Nemzeti [NOT SURE]
Színház. Besides two new projects —The Circular Ruins and Little Tales of Misogyny— Commented [C18]: Matrjoschka (Russische Puppen)
he continues with the workshop Physical on Stage already done in Hungary,
Commented [C19]: Orpheus in den Staub [NOT SURE]
Germany, France and Spain.
Commented [C20]: Herzzerreißend
Commented [C21]: Kunst des Mordes
Commented [C22]: Ay, Carmela!
Commented [C23]: Schauslpielhouse Pecs
Commented [C24]: Die kreisförmigen Ruinen
Commented [C25]: Kleine Geschichten für Weiberfeinde
Commented [C26]: Do NOT Translate